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Yes I confused Fred Saberhagens sword series with the one staring the trans-located gamers; I found both series were good. I don't know if I still have the sword books.

Have you read Evangeline Walton's 'Four Branches of The Mabinogion? They aren't rousing cliff-hanging swashbucklers like these others, but they give us tale of the Welsh Mythology in a quite readable form. They were written in 1936; I have Ballentine's 1974 boxed set of paperbacks.
Thought that might be it. Since I got online I've discovered Rosenberg has done several more novels with focused on the three sole survivors of the infamous Last Ride of the Warrior. Not Exactly the Three Musketeers seems to set the tone.

Hadn't heard of Ms. Waltons book, but I'll add it to the list.
Im reading :The Davinci Code by Dan Brown Smile Smilie Its really exciting...
Yes, but the saga of Pierre Plantard is so much more interesting, and The Da Vinci Code is to it what the Trilogy is to the Silmarillion (though in retrospect, that comparison is somewhat odious.) Read all about it:

The Not So Secret History of the Priory of Sion

I can at least give the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail credit; they actually BELIEVED (and had reason to) they were using "historical facts" while Dan Brown had every reason to know better.
It isn't a hoax. There IS a priory in Sion, that beautiful town in the Swiss Alps.

Visit Sion
Ok , ok !! Dont spoil my fun reading it Smile Smilie
I'm still reading Book 4 of LotR. Last night before I fell asleep: Faramir woke Frodo up to ask him about the black creature that was midnight-skinny-dipping in Faramir's pool without an engraved invitation. Anborn wanted to make a pincusion out of Gollum; Sam thought, 'Yes please.'; Frodo whispered, 'Please don't!''; and Faramir queried, 'Why not?'; and Gollum said, 'Yum! Good Fishes.'

I can only read a few pages of this before I fall asleep; something about there no longer being a secret about what happens next to keep me awake.
Yes, but now there's anticipation. Though I'm forced to confess, even with the introduction of Faramir, I find Book IV the most tortuous one. I mean, the depths of Mordor, Minas Morgul and Shelobs Lair. Ick. I spend the whole thinking, "just a litte further, and The Battle of Pelennor Field. Just a little further.... " That was a near thing; if Lan and Galad hadn't shown up with Thom in the nick of time--oh, wait, wrong Pelennor.... ;-p
Ah, 'Wheel of Time'... 'Knife of Dreams' was a good read.
Now I am reading ’A Game of Thrones’ by George RR Martin. It’s strange and strangely addictive Smile Smilie
I am currently reading Knife of Dreams and am rapidly losing the will to live. How many cliffhangers, and stupid mistakes made by people who should know better, can he squeeze in? All repetitive, all predictable and all getting a tad boring. But having invested so much time in reading the other 10 books I feel it a waste if I didn't stick with it to the bitter, bitter end. Oh please let that be soon!

Oh gosh, another kidnapping.... another smoothing of silk riding skirts....
Ambushes don't count as kidnappings. And as to the other, what can we say? Jordan got into fantasy like 95% of the rest of the world, I imagine, reading some guy who spends a whole paragraph decribing a hole in the ground. ;-p Now, if you wanna talk predictable, well, that's how I wound up taking AGoT back to Half Price Books and trading it in on Not Exactly the Three Musketeers. In fact, your general criticism seems more apt there; it was a well enough told story, except I can count the people who aren't insane, stupid or both on the fingers of one hand. But it was a well enough told story--until he left us with a pretty massive cliffhanger of his own. Meh. Meanwhile, KoD is still, IMHO, the best book in the series since ACoS. Though I concede that's a sort of backhanded compliment.

However, rest assured, Vee, we've been promised that, in between trips to Mayo, A Memory of Light WILL be written and finish the story. Near as I can tell from Jordans last blog post they've pretty much got all of his stem cells they're going to get so I assume they'll start killing off bone marrow so they can replace it soon. He's definitely taking the right, feisty, attitude, and I fully expect him to lick this thing. Down on my knees with fingers crossed....
Well, that's that finished. Phew! And only one more to go, you say? Halelujah!

One of the main gripes Ihave about Jordan's writing is that not only does he people the stories with far too many different characters, diluting the many plotlines impact, but he embellishes each character so much that you think there must be something important going on here and then *splat*, the character is killed. Oh dear... those nasty Seanchan/Aiel/Taribanders or whatever. And all the detail itself is detailed. I don't care if the fortieth man from the left in the tenth row back is wearing a green silk jacket with purple plumes on his red hat and a scar on his face. More than that I don't care if his green silk jacket has orange embroidery or his purple plumes are made from the feathers of the Urdygurdy bird or even if his red hat was a gift from the Empress herself (may she live forever) or that the scar was received in a hell fight leaving 300 men dead... if they guy is going to die on the next page I don't want to waste time getting to know him that well.

And as for the main characters. For goodness sake, those 3 lads are connected. Have they not yet realised what that means. Swirling colours, seeing each other - no, let's just ignore it and maybe it will go away. Gateways! Now there's an idea Rand. Nip through one and see how your mates are doing.

What's that Mat? You won't kill women? But half the soldiers attacking you are women! Get a grip man.

One to go, one to go, one to go....

Wiggle Smilie
You like the "Game of Thrones" Galenhir? Wait till you see the rest of the books. I love em!! I just read the newest one, and i cant WAIT for the next one. It should be come soon i think...

Oh, im currently rereading J.M. Auel's Children of the Earth "The Shelters of Stone", that's the last one in the series...i think. Very nice book.
I don't care if his green silk jacket has orange embroidery or his purple plumes are made from the feathers of the Urdygurdy bird or even if his red hat was a gift from the Empress herself (may she live forever) or that the scar was received in a hell fight leaving 300 men dead...

Gee, thanks for the spoiler. I think.
No, the spoiler is when I tell you that Rand wakes up in the shower...

I still think the whole "can't kill women" thing is a South Carolingian thing, I mean, some people try to palm it off as "oh, that's just the Two Rivers. " Yeah, it's just the Two Rivers... and Altara... and Far Madding... and the entire Borderlands. What does that leave, exactly, Ilian and Tear? Yes, I'm ignoring everything west of the Misty Moun--er, Mountains of Mist, not to mention Ghealdan and most of Andor, but you get my point. As for the rest, well, I like detail. Besides, you know how embracing saidin or saidar brings everything out like an intense acid trip. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie And Jordan has a habit of hiding stuff in that, stuff like Grey Men and Whitecloack crossbowmen. He's not nearly as hard on characters as Martin is reputed to be (dunno; I lost interest after the first one because I couldn't bring myself to care about such resolutely self destructive and myopic people.) The detail's not the problem, the problem is that after ACoS there's been very little else. But admit it: Blossoms of Fire are cool, yes? And know, I don't know why NO ONE in this series wants to communicate with ANYONE else.
im reading a combination of textbooks for school and Dragonsinger - Harper of Pern by Anne Mc Caffrey
No, the spoiler is when I tell you that Rand wakes up in the shower...

I reckon WOT is going to end with Rand getting creamed, followed by a lovely scene in which his three damosels are fighting over his corpse.

Prior to that, Perrin will already have perished, followed by Faile and Berelain fighting over his corpse. Only Mat will survive the ordeal, only to choke in a piece of meat during the victory celebrations.
I loved Anne Mc Caffrey's Dragon series books, especially those with a musical bent. I was disatisfied after the found the old landing spot of the original colonists, but that is just me.
So many comments, but where to begin?
Vee I agree with you, the series does feel as though your being dragged through the mud on account of all the detail, but I was experiencing the
rapidly losing the will to live
sensation in the now-middle part of the series. You got to admit, the books themselves are improving... slightly Smile Smilie
I'm sure I've said this somewhere before on p-t, but the Belgariad series (and the books that follow it) by David Eddings is amazing, even "w00t-able" Big Smile Smilie
And Etharion; that's spiffy, I'm glad to hear the rest of the books awesome!
I'm reading Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander. I do think it's a shame that Russell Crowe played the lead in that movie though because I can't get him out of my head, and I really do not like him. However, I must admit that he did play the part, (from what I can tell so far), pretty well.
Could we define "middle part of the series?" Everyone I've spoken to think TSR and TFoH rocked (they typically tie for overall favorite) and that LoC was quite good, too; I used to be down on ACoS, but the third time through I liked it a lot more. However, TPoD was, IMHO, the WORST book in the series (I give it a 2, mostly because I can't give a WoT book a 1) and WH and CoT weren't much better, as far as I'm concerned. So I guess it depends on whether you mean the "early middle" of the "late middle" whether I agree. Personally, I see it more as the first half being very very good and the last half much less so (though I do think KoD is easily the best book since ACoS. )
I have no idea of the titles or order of books. All I know is that I liked the first 4 better than the rest. It doesn't help to have a gap of ages between each book, giving me plenty of time to lose the plot and forget all names and faces.
I never forget names, I just forget what all these people did. But I guess that's a good thing.
Frodo, Sam, and Gollum finally got to the Cross-roads before I fell asleep last night or this morning as it was. I will get back to WOT when Sam has the Gate slammed shut in his face at the end of Book IV. Happy Elf Smilie
Morambar, I think of book five-ish through book eight when I refer to the 'now-middle' of WOT.
I think Grondy has found one of the best series to re-read. Tolkien is the master. Big Smile Smilie

(eek, bad typing job)
*growls, snaps* I still say TFoH is the pick of the litter, just slightly edging out TSR (and, again, this seems to be the bone of contention for Jordan loyalists; is TFoH just a leeettle better than TSR, or vice versa?) And I don't want to say too much about book six since it's next on Grondys list, but all heck broke loose, "with sexy results." Though I suppose one could make similiar arguments about TSR. But LoC was the one where I finally realized the depth of my emotional investment in the characters. Too bad Jordan had to go and spoil all that with The Saga of Perrin. YARG!

For my part, Book IV of the Trilogy was always something I endured to get to Book V; it would take an act of will for me to stop right before my favorite part after all the grim drudgery of Mordor and the horror of Minas Morgull. Naetheless, enjoy and enjoy. And I apologize in advance for The Path of Daggers....
Mind you, 'Jordan loyalists' has a different meaning in Britain than in the US. A whole different meaning.
Right, they're known as 'Jordan tories' on the western side of the pond. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
"I'lll mention it to my [Aes Sedai]" since she says she works for Labour. Assuming I ever see her again.... *cries*
For goodness sake, pull yerself together man! 'She' is not an Aes Sedai. They don't exist. 'She's' probably a 59 year old hairy construction worker anyway.

Come back to the real world.
All things of which I'm quite aware; I've only ever been carried away by fantasy in regard to the Professor. Though typically I express it in the semi-standard form "she's probably a 350 lb. middle-aged balding guy named Chuck." Naetheless, it is possible, even common, for the denizens of wotmania! to "Bond" each other by mutual consent.
Especially if they use 'Krazy Glue'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Tonight I start reading the 987 pages, not counting the glossery, of Jordan's Lord of Chaos.
Coolness, enjoy, and yeah, since that's one of the few I bought in paperback (something I was recently able to rectify) I can relate; it's a HUGE book, even by WoT standards (though IIRC the paperback of TFoH was slightly longer, just over 1000 w/ glossary.) The scuttlebutt is Jordan was told by doctors after LoC that his body wouldn't let him maintain the intensity of the writing schedule and attention he set indefinitely, and that's why the wait between later books was interminable (I believe it was close to two years before ACoS, and we anticipate a similar delay for the mammoth that will be the tentatively titled A Memory of Light.) Again, with the previous two, I think these three are the best in the series. There's less of the Boy in a Mans World perspective we saw in early books; now it's more of a Come and Take It mentality on the part of our heroes, and watching them grow up, and truly grow, is one of the great pleasures of the series, even when I don't always like the way they do it. Randland is anything but static, both in its internal dynamics and its characters, which just adds to the realism. Have fun.
Just finidhed The Davinci code , I thougth it was a very good book to read so I will start reading Angels and Demons when I get it in the mailSmile Smilie
So, you've finished the Da Vinci code? In that case, welcome to excommunication!
I'm reading Naturopathic First Aid by Karen Barnes, ND, which provides short and snappy explantions of medical herbs, chemicals, vitamins etc. Also, I'm reading Herbal Medicine by Laura Washington, ND, which has lots of nice pictures in addition to the easy tea recipes. And there's still Herbal Remedies & Homeopathy from Life Basics, which has no pictures at all, but covers many medical terms and chemicals which I don't even know. But it does provide a very detailed description of plant use.
Interesting reading CloveressSmile Smilie IM also into herbes , I work as a nurse and as a carehelper and find it very interesting what herbs can do healing us and I like to read of different medical terms as well. You go on girlSmile Smilie
Vir I dont know what you mean , are you being sarcastic again ? Anyway I liked it a lot and maybe my spelling is wrong again Smile SmilieDont know...
Meh. Don't even get me started on the non-plagiarized work whose main characters name is composed of the names of the writers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. I can give them some credit; THEY had no reason to believe they were writing anything other than fact, but I can't get past Dan Brown prefacing his fiction with a statement it's based on "facts" that were nothing more than the fever dream of Pierre Plantard. I kinda feel sorry for ol' Pierre; as confidence games go, the student has surpassed the teacher. For one thing, he WON his court appearance, somehow, rather than having all the sordid details of his contrivance come to light.

Meanwhile, what does it say about me that as I read Cloveress' post I found myself thinking "Brown, definitely a Brown; who'd've thunk it?" Now whenever I see a post from Cloveress I'll think of Verin.... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
So then, I take it you are not going to watch the movie?

Meanwhile, what does it say about me that as I read Cloveress' post I found myself thinking "Brown, definitely a Brown; who'd've thunk it?"

What, she's family of Dan Brown?! It really is a small world... ;-P
I read both of Dan Brown's books and enjoyed them for the fiction they are. I'll see the movie too. I found that Sharan Newman's The Real History Behind the Da Vinci Code to be a good debunker of most of the "facts" in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. If the Church of Rome made her book required reading, it wouldn't need to ban the movie. Wiggle Smilie
You're likely right, Grondy; sadly, it's so much easier, apparently, to ban a book than require it's reading. But at the last second, I'm veering away from that out of consideration for site policy. And no, Vir, I'm not planning to see the movie; regardless of what the Crown found, I think it's artistically as well as historically dishonest. As I said, at the very least the main characters name is plagiarized from those of the REAL authors Brown supposedly didn't plagiarize. Beyond that it seems like a possibly decent mystery woven around someone elses deeply flawed research, research the other authors had no reason, and Brown every reason, to suspect. At the time of the earlier books publication PIerre Plantard hadn't made the mistake of appropriating a confidant of the French President involved in his own scandal, a mistake that brought down Plantards whole house of cards when he was deposed on the other case and forced to admit he'd made the whole thing up as a swindle. All of which was a matter of public record when Dan Brown decided to use the "facts" revealed as anything but as the basis for his novel. "Bad research" and "swindle" pretty much sum up the Priory of Zion, and I can hardly blame the Vatican for being upset anyone would take it seriously.

Without recourse to the book of which Grondy spoke, and at the risk of incensing the publishers of Brittanica (already irate that a recent independent experiment found Brittanica and Wikipedia to be of equal detail and accuracy) please see the following:

My earlier comment regarding Cloveress was, of course, a reference to an Ajah rather than an author.The Ancient, Half Century Old, Priory of Zion
I think the Vatican is merely upset because of the fact that the "based on facts"-tag at the beginning of the book isn't removed. Since it clearly isn't, it should be removed.
Yup, that's my issue as well. It's very misleading, and I've lost track of the people I've encountered who believe "well, sure, the mystery is just fiction, but the FACTS on which it's based are historically documented!" Well, no, they're not, or, more to the point, they ARE historically documented as fabrication and fraud. In particular, I understand the REAL Opus Dei is rather incensed at what they view as defamation of character. Maybe Brown should've been sued for libel instead of slander; I understand British libel laws are MUCH stricter than in the States, to the extent that even if what's printed is factually accurate it's still libel if the intent was to impugn someones reputation.
Maybe Brown should've been sued for libel instead of slander; I understand British libel laws are MUCH stricter than in the States, to the extent that even if what's printed is factually accurate it's still libel if the intent was to impugn someones reputation.
Problem is they might win and be awarded the grand sum of one pound sterling, leaving him laughing all the way to the bank.

I'm currently reading Alisa Kwitney's The Sandman: King of Dreams. She was an assistant editor of the early Sandman graphic novels (comic books) written by Neil Gaiman. He also wrote the introduction to this book, which is a retrospective, and has many colored pictures from the originals series.
"Brown, definitely a Brown; who'd've thunk it?" Now whenever I see a post from Cloveress I'll think of Verin....

Of course...I bet he wasn't seen for about four months after going into the Library...although I didn't know men could be...

I am CURRENTLY reading The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan...The eighth insatallment in The Wheel of Time...What will Rand do next.?.?.?.?
Hmmm, ah, what next after TPoD... well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. That's my least favorite book of the series, by far, and, surprisingly, it took a while to figure out why: no Mat. BOOOO!!! Rand does begin to get a little busy in the next few volumes though, if not as busy as most of us would like. Have fun.
I am reading New Spring by Jordan. I must say, it is nice to read about Moiraine during her 'Accepted' years in the tower! However, if I had one grievance to list it would do with the quote on the front of my copy:
"Robert Jordan has come to dominate the world Tolkien began to reveal."

Alas, I believe the Times strayed from the truth in writing that...
I started reading The Hobbit again , anyone heard of it ?
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