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I wonder what will the new, unmarred Arda would look like? I hope they are more pretty-looking mountains with snow covered tops and large amounts of Metals,Marble, Granite, Crystals and so on rather than ugly mountains and dried up hills.I will like some more forests that are either Decidious, Tropical or maybe even Fir and Spruce Forest..In Morgoth's Ring it says something about that Gold is an evil metal because Morgoth put part of his evil into it. So in the New Arda I think we have to say goodbye to Gold
(bye bye!) but I think they will be alot more Mithril(a nicer and harder version of Platinum(Horray!) )Also I think they should be more rivers, streams, full of top quality drinking water, as long as more lakes, waterfalls, (even though dangerous) rapids. And also I will like some more White marble and Mithril in the new Arda.Also would humans look like the Dunedain or even the Elves? I don't know but when I die I'll go to Eru Illuvatar and I'll wait to the Last battle comes and the Remaking of Arda.
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