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Oh, he is in the White Council alright. Galadriel herself has called him the wisest Elf in Middle-Earth.
That was to keep their family relationship on an even keel. What she really thought remains unpublished, though she may have whispered it to Gimli after his arrival in Valinor. Elf Winking Smilie

Celeborn undoubtedly was included as one of the "and other lords of the Eldar" of the passage in The Silmarillion in which it named the five major members of the White Council and told of Galadriel wanting Gandalf to be their leader in lieu of Saruman who was ultimately chosen for that position. This is all found in the last chapter called 'Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age'. (On page 360 in my paperback copy with the picture of Feanor and the three Silmarils on the cover.)
Galadriel was one the one who wore the pants in the family though. The met in Doriath when she was Melian the Maia student learning magic from her. Celeborn did love Galadriel, though I think she was a hard woman to live with. Imagine spending an eternity with a woman to quote Aragorn, It is difficult to decieve her and it is dangerous to try. There is in her and in this land no evil lest man bring it himself. She knew of Boromir's lust for the Ring. Thats why Frodo offered it to her.

Sauron feared her with good reason, she may of said the Celeborn was the wisest elf. She without a doubt was the most powerful and one of the oldest Elves in Middle Earth. Since Galadriel took part in The Debate of the Noldor after the Silmarils were stolen by Morgoth. She was the only one of the Noldor nobles to survive the First Age. That was the reason that the Valar did not allow her to return to Valinor until after the Third Age. Shes the original scarey elf chick! :P
Going back to one of the Original points of the thread - 'Could Sauron beat Morgoth in a fight, both at the hieght of there powers'?

Simple answer - No. Not even if Sauron had thrice his normal power.

Melkor was the Most powerful of all the Ainur, and originally was more powerful than all the Valar put together (remember that he managed to defend himself against all the Valar prior to Tulkas coming to there aid).

Even after Melkor had spent much of his power into the world he was still the most powerful of the Valar.

Sauron on the other hand is an average Maiar, who could not beat even Eonwe the Maiar (greatest in armed contest) at the height of his strength.
Also although Fingolfin did wound Morgoth, they were pretty feeble wounds, the greatest of which was stabbing Morgoth's foot.

As a complete estimation I would say that Melkor was about 5-6 times more powerful than Sauron, and he was much bigger.
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