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You post places or characters from Tolkien Legendarium

What you post depends on the post before.
The post before is either a character (say C1) or a place (say P1)

Option A : you choose a character (C2) :
- C2 must be the same race (*) and have either direct family relationship with C1 (wife/husband, mother/father , son/daughter or sister/brother) - or they have shared a common story (this is to open the game a little bit though I admit it may make it confusing)
The only exceptions of the "same race" rules are he few inter-races wedding in the Legendarium (eg Thingol/Melian , Aragorn/Arwen)

- C2 must have travelled in P1 and C2 must be different race than the character posted before P1.

Option B : You choose a place (P2).
Here it is easy : C1 must have travelled in P2. Place should be specific enough.
But you cannot post a place if previous post is a place too.

(*) Here are the races I suggest : valar, maiar (including istani), elves, humans, dwarves - let's consider hobbits as separate from human ...

OK - I admit it may be a bit difficult to catch by reading - but keep in mind that westron is not my natural language ;-)

Examples :

: incorrect because elf<>human

Cirith Ungol
: correct: frodo has travelled Cirith Ungol
Sam Gamgee : incorrect because same race as Frodo

: incorrect (Frodo hates ice-skatting)

Dol Guldur
: incorrect : 2 places

: incorrect because these 2 elves do not have 1st degrees family relationship and share no story

: correct

There are probably some dead corners in this game which are interestesd to explore (I have a few in mind ...)

Aniway I am opened to suggestion if you feel the rules are too confusing...


here I go :
Cirith Ungol (her house)
Samwise Gamgee

I think we need a few more examples in the first post to better show us the pattern. Because I'm guessing here. Also Cirith Ungol was the house of Shelob, the many-times-removed daughter of Ungoliant.
Rosie Cotton

Rather interesting game but the instructions are not so clear
I re-wrote game rules and put them on the top.
I move one from the previous post

Bag End

Kili (visiting Dwarf)
Fili-also a visiting dwarf
did I do it right?
Bilbo [host]
Elrond (owner)
E’rendil - Father
Valinor (his journey to)
Yavanna (lived there)
Aul’ - married to
Dwarves - (sons of)
Kheled-z’ram - The lake near Khazad-d’m. Durin-the-deathless saw 7 stars reflecting in the water that took the shape of his crown.
gimli (traveled there)
Frodo (also travelled there)
Drogo (Frodo's daddy)

Right? Am I doing this properly? I'm still a bit fuzzy on the rules...I'm sorry.
I think you have done it correctly Laurel.

Brandywine River near Buckland (Drogo fearlessly drowned there, boating on it.)
Here I am supposed to post a character that is NOT a hobbit but who travelled here (this is to remind the rules ...).

hmmm. not that easy. I'll go for King-Witch of Angmar - Captain of the Nazgul . Think it is mentionned in UT that he stayed here for a while when the nine were looking for Frodo. Is that correct ?
Weather Top ( Am I correct ? )
Elendil (stood there waiting for Gil-galad)
Isildur (Elendil's son)
Sorry Mellon, the sword Narsil is neither a C (character) nor a P (place). So if I understand the rules correctly, you need to come up with the name of a close relative of Isildur (other than Elendil), a member of a different race who has visited Weather Top, or a place Isildur has visited.
Sam Gamgee
Rosie Cotton (married to)
Bag End
Lonely Mountain
Lake Town
The Master (ruler)
Bard - not a relative, but involved in the same story
Fili (rested in Lake Town)
Mirkwood/Greenwood (travelled through it, more than once if I'm extrapolating correctly)
Numenor - went there as hostage
Elendil (hailed from there before it was submerged.)
Annuminas (his city)
Anarion (his youngest son)
Minas Tirith

... well here I have to recal one specific aspect of the rule of this game (that is supposed to make it harder some times) : when you post a character after a place it must NOT be the same race that the character before the above place - and I this case of course the family relationship is broken - in this game "place" is the mandatory mean by which you shift race
I guess rather than a bunch of what not to dos, we need a string of maybe ten or twelve correct responses separate from the rules so we see an example of how it is supposed to work. I only say this, because I'm still confused. Elf Confused Smilie
we need a string of maybe ten or twelve correct responses separate from the rules so we see an example of how it is supposed to work

... well sorry for the confusion. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Here it is. Places are in bold to highlight shift of race :

Gimli (son of)
Sam Gamgee (travel to Moria and is not a dwarf)
Rosie Cotton (wife)
Bag End
Gandalf (been in Bag End and is not a hobbit)
Elrond (not an istari-maiar)
E’rendil (father)
Elros (son of - though a men ...)
Sauron (not a man)

Hope it helps.

Back to last post: Minas Tirith
Peregrin (Pippin) Took (told the locals he met there he was a hobbit not a Man.)
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