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Dol Guldur
I messed up with Dol Guldur which was two places, sorry

Thr’in (not a Nazgul and was held captive and died in Southern Mirkwood, specifically in the dungeons of Dol Guldur, but Mirkwood should still be the current place of record)
Moria - went there to fight the orcs of moria
Angband. Let's assume that the Balrog from Moria - Durin's Bane - has been in Angband in the 1st age. More than probable though never stated.
Morgoth its principal inhabitant
Manw’ S’limo
Varda, his wife(?) for lack of a better term for their relationship.
Taniquetil - She and Manw’'s home
Ungoliant feasted there on that Day of Infamy.
Bilbo Frodo's nephew, assuming they both made it to Valinor and visited the mountain; though maybe their relationship isn't near enough for the rules of the game. So maybe I should choose Ol’rin, who we know did leave/return there and is not a hobbit.
Bilbo was Frodo's Uncle Smile Smilie

Lotho - Hobbit of The Shire, and though a Sackville-Baggins, still a Baggins
I knew that; though sometimes when I get this far I'm so tired my mind wanders. Orc Grinning Smilie

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins: Lotho's Mum.
hardbottle - lobelia before she married was a bracegirdle from hardbottle
Otho Sackville-Baggins I assume he courted the Miss Bracegirdle at Hardbottle prior to their wedding. That was a mean one: as we can't have two places in a row and all we know of Hardbottle is that was Lobelia's family home.
Bag-End - went there to chat with frodo the day after the great party.
Thorin Oakenshield hired a burglar there
The Lonely Mountain - was once a dragon zoo
The Elven King participated in a skirmish that took place there amongst five armies.
Mirkwood - the king's garden
Bilbo teased spiders there
Misty Mountains - partied there
Azog Orc King of Khazad-d’m who was killed there by Dain II.
Bolg - his ugly son
Beorn slew him in the Battle of the Five Armies.
The Carrok- his property
Kili in his travels, made a landing there.
Dis - his mother
Thrain II her father
The Balrog moved there when Beleriand sank beneath the waves and remained an inhabitant there until the end of the Third Age of Middle-earth.
Utumno - before moving to the above location he lived there
Melkor made his first fortress there.
Valinor - he attacked the trees with a friend there
Ungoliant was that friend
Helcaraxe - passed there on her way to Middle Earth
Fingolfin also passed through the Grinding Ice, later after the burning of the ships by F’anor.
Tirion Upon Tuna - lived there once
as did his brother Finarfin
Middle Earth - went to exile there
Galadriel - Finarfin's daughter also in exile there.
Celeborn - married to her
Caras Galadon = the site of their court in Lothlorien
Rumil - lives there
Haldir his brother also lived there
Anduin - accopanied the fellowship there for their departure
Gimli morned his leaving Lothlorien and the White Lady, Galadriel as the Fellowship floated down that river.
Glittering Caves - was trapped there during the battle of Helm's Deep
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