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Thread: PJ's Merry and Pippin

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[quote="Ringdrotten":degmfks2]I suspect there was some irony hidden in that comment <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />[/quote:degmfks2] Correct, Sir Eldorion; the more I dwell on it the further I am sliding into the puristcamp and wishing someone would do a purist fanfilm on the scouring.
You should talk to Tinuviel about that. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> IIRC she had an idea along those lines.

I myself was deeply disappointed and puzzled at the Aragorn, Arwen, Elrond thing in the movie. In the book they are all devoted to one another and there is no question of Aragorn's love for Arwen and his sure understanding and dedication to his calling , he knows it from his very young man hood and it is understood lady Arwen will marry him and that is the end of the matter. I just hate, hate, hate great changes like this because it truly undermines the integrity of the story and should be called something else then. Changes, small ones for artistic sake perhaps, but sweeping changes in the actual intent and understanding of the body of work by the author, the CREATOR of the piece is so depressing and senseless and garbage to me, no matter how wonderfully it plays on the big screen.

I rather like PJ's version of Merry and Pippin, but understand the frustration of some people too.

Though, I think they bring some well needed humor and color to a history that could easily have been very dark and depressing on screen, for people who might not have read or understood the story before the movies were made.

In my opinion, they also help telling us something about the light heartedness of hobbits, and why they later prove so hardy against the dark forces.

I love PJ's Merry and Pippin and find them quite charming, but I deeply agree that they are not really like Tolkien described them.

Oh come on..the book didn't have humor?What was that bath scene where they were splashing water like fountains?

Merry was a bit more sober than Pippin alright but they both had prankster qualities.Like following Bilbo and finding out about the ring plus planning Frodo's flight.I found them awesome in the book and similarly awesome in the movies.Three cheers for Merry and Pip.

And Elessar,welcome.I love your avatar for obvious reasonsSmile Smilie

Introduce yourself in the new member's thread or make a thread of your ownSmile Smilie

Thank you, Odette, I will. Wink Smilie

Ah me, I feel rather like Gimli after he met, fell in love with and was swept away from the lady Galadriel, having nothing but three strands of her hair to suffice for a long long time.

I just love this thread, and as I read along I fell in love with all the smashing people that contributed and were from the other site. So brief was our time together and then, just like that they are gone and we have but the threads they graciously bestowed upon us. How I wish they would come back. I hope they are happy wherever they are now. Sad Smilie

I believe I chanced upon Eldorion on FB and they have a different forum now apart from the one merged with PT.And it's newly started out but going steadily.So yeah they are doing well Leels,not to worrySmile Smilie

Shhhhh! I'm not supposed to be here, I'm from that other site here doing some undercover reporting for the News of the Pure. But I just wanted to break cover to thank you for your very kind words and wishes.

I understand you have been kind enough to allow our revered and beloved Admin (best say that in case he somehow sees this!) to put a link to our new forum on one of your threads. I am sure there are folks here who could happily be members of both and you are welcome to come and visit us in Forumshire anytime and try the buckie, or duckie if you prefer and have a read of the local papers- I'd avoid the Archet Bugle though it does not have a good reputation. I'm certain you will be warmly welcomed by the regular cast of eccentrics and fun folks. And although I didn't like to say, it is a tad quiet round here.

Welcome, Pretty Tyrant. I hope you find some interesting threads to share in the forums. Smile Smilie

That's very kind of you even if I have already fallen foul of the myriad of laws you operate here! Perhaps be safest if I just sit quietly in a corner and sip my buckie and observe. Anyone got a cocktail umbrella? (from the  amount of members and users compared to the amount of new posts this would seem to be the norm anyway so I should just blend right in and its good to get some peace and quiet away from the other place, what with it being so noisy).

I still come by and browse this site from time to time, but I'm afraid that some of the recent threads have made me feel rather unwelcome.  I understand that Planet-Tolkien wants to be "family-friendly" and I respect that different sites have different values.  However, when a link to YouTube can be deleted but demeaning insults towards members of the old based on our tongue-in-cheek posting culture (the sarcasm apparently went entirely over the head of at least one person) are apparently allowed, I'm going to keep my distance. 

Thank you for the kind words, Leelee Smile Smilie I sort of feel bad I didn't come and say hi earlier now! But for what it's worth, we are doing fine over at the new forum Wink Smilie Still, now that I've worked out the password and everything (something I could've done months ago, but better late than never!) I'll pop in a little more often Wink Smilie

May I make a request while we are on the subject of the old forum. There was a thread on there, sadly its exact title escapes me (perhaps some of the other former members may help here) but it was a collection of Wisey's Channeled Poetry. Brilliant, witty, creative and now very sadly missed. If you still have all our old threads (and many have never appeared despite fine promises at the time to the contrary about that, but I will let that pass in the spirit of friendship) I would be hugely grateful if you could either reinstate it or make it available to our new forum so we can reinstate it. Some things are too good to be just lost in the ether.

And thankyou in particular Leelee for your generous spirit to us other site members. We girls should get together for a good old fashioned girls night out- you seem very creative and from your postings around this site dedicated too, both admirable qualities. You should pay us a visit sometime, I'll get Admin to lay out the red carpet and we can have buckie with Queen Tinuviel and make it a proper girls do. We can dance round our handbags all night long!

Hi Eldorion.  Im sorry that you feel un welcome, and I'm also sorry that it may have been me who made you feel this way.  My comments, on another thread (I think) were not only aimed at you and no I did not pick up on the sarcasm in the thread. Perhaps that's my failing.  However you must understand that unlike other sites this one is not a repository of trash talk regarding PJ.  I have strong feelings regarding changes to the wonderful JRRT world, as do many other members of this site.  These changes can of course be discussed and debated, but lets do it in a civil way.  PJ regardless of what anyone on this site is a huge JRRT fan, and his works are his vision.  All I (and I think some other perhaps older members of this site)  expect not to see is crass insulting, unreasonable talk, even if laced with sarcasm regarding anybody.  I hope you remain a member and join in further discussions with everyone.

Regards,  Brego

Feel free to e-mail Taz (our owner and programmer) about the missing threads. The rest of us CMs have nothing to do with the transfers, so going straight to the source is probably smart. (Also, I'll be leaving for a long vacation soon, so I probably won't be able to deliver msg back and forth. If that should be needed.)

Happy Elf Smilie

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