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Read the book again me son, as long as you have to wait. Cool Smilie
I must admit I am also dying to see Two Towers now, The Fellowship was stunning!
you could still go a couple of moths to the cinema and errr... you could download the movie, when visitting the cinema becomes to expansive
Boring, you have got Stranger! Oh, so have we all!
And I've been reading the book again for over a fortnight now (going for a slow reading prize!) I've not even left Lorien yet (hangs head in shame) I wanted to be able to shoot the movie full of holes as I watched it. It worked too!



Damn you and your uppercase Ps Taz
I can't even say damn anymore!!!!!
I really want to go to the movies again! And I can't wait a whole other year to see the next film. And two years to go for the third one! Helllp!!! (where is the emo-list? I can't learn them all by heart, can I?)
I can't wait for the video to come out! I guess we'll just have to wait...
Oh, don't be so bloody negative, Plast! You're driving me around the ****ing bend! More to complain about, I can't believe it! Wink Smilie
I like complaining! It's what keeps me happy! Even if they'd followed the book exactly, and done all my favourite bits properly I'd have found something, if only Enya, to complain about. So I'm afraid I'll just have to drive you round the ****ing bend Tommy, sorry!
there's nowt wrong with a bit of grumbling - keeps you on your toes. and Jackson better not bugger about with Treebeard or i'll have his guts for garters.

Oh, let the old squirrel bitch, Tommy. That's part of his charm, innit? Hmm, can't find the emoticons either Tommy, where are they?
Hmm. I can't say b*tch?
Taz has hidden the smiles. The only way to see them is to click on 'edit', then they show up. I'd ask him to put them on the reply page too, except I'd rather he first try to kill the bug what keeps eating our forums. If you don't agree with this, use the feedback form and I'm sure he will get them back in the right place.

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Can't say **** fuck damn bitch mother fuck er ot anything!

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*shout Now you are in trouble!!! *Plastic So open wide, 'cause its soap time.

I've had to bother Taz *taz and ask for control of the X button so our little ones aren't subjected to the language of the above posting. Mad Smilie

[Edited on 22/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
Well, now we know we can see *some* words Smile Smilie ....and too bad you've temporarily lost your Orc smiley Grondie, otherwise you could have looked pretty fierce there. *ungoliant
ooops! Sorry, I thought the clever editor thing would have got shot of that, I'll see to it before Tazzy spots it!
Hows that mate?
Well I am turning up now thanks to Grondmasters emails.

May I just say to you Plastic, how long has it been since you me, ungoliant, grondmaster and others have been waiting for some new people to come to the forum? A long time right... We now have a great mixture of people in our community and more joining all the time. I am sure I don't have to tell you to watch your language so we don't loose any of these valued tolkien board members.

Don't test the board please, lets just keep it tolkien and try and build up our members.

Thank you Grondmaster *taz

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Ooooh! He was so hopping that he said it twice; said it twice he did.

At least, *Plastic you didn't have to face that new Flaming Tanar'ri, Balor, Balrog. That bugger was scary. (I suppose it got lost with the rest of the old forum.) :o

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Never saw it, it must have only been there briefly. I'm really sorry, (still can't believe it doesn't recognise THAT word). And I'm very happy that we're up and rocking and rolling with all these new members, I don't mean to offend (much) sorry to anyone who had to see that!
*washes out mouth with bleach, ends up drinking it*
**** that was really ****ing horrible!
Well Back on topic... I think The Towers will be very unlike the books it will be changed all lmost everywhere. I'm convinced of that after seeing the movie! there will be no huorns there will be no gandalf.. there will be lots of elf lead by arwen and there will be lots of aragorn
In your DREAMS! Be carefull what you wish for, for you might get it. Big Smile Smilie Dear God, I hope it ain't so. Say it an't so Joe. Please! Else we will all be having NIGHTMARES. Arrrrrrrgh!!!
Sure it will, Grondie. The first movie is a trick you see - they make it as close as possible to the first book to keep the fanatics happy, and then use the positive reaction from the fans as an excuse to chop and change the Two Towers to their heart's content. That's what I think anyway - gives me an excuse to stay negative 'bout the movie.

[Edited on 25/12/2001 by Ungoliant]
There is no ****ing WAY that Gandalf is gonna get cut out. And there's definitely gonna be Ents, so logically, there will probably be Huorns as well.
Keep your knickers on *Plastic!

If the 2nd movie turns out crap, then there's always the Phantom Editor! *ungoliant
Didn't that turn out to be Kevin Smith in the end?
What's the Phantom Editor? Who's Kevin Smith? Why don't I ever know what you all are talking about?
The Phantom Editor was someone who edited the Phantom Menace into an 'improved' version - basically he removed most of Jar Jar's lines. And Anakin's "Yippies!", and turned the movie into what a hard core fan thought TPM should really be like.

Kevin Smith is a hotshot director who did...dunno...who was the main suspect. Although last I heard, his website offically denied him being the Phantom Editor. Dunno whether he's admitted to it recently or not.

My hat goes off to whoever the person is. At least if the film turned out to be not quite to my liking, I can always pray that the PE might be tempted to fiddle with it. And he keeps the directors on their toes. Smile Smilie
Kevin Smith is the director of the funniest movies to come out in the last few years. Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. If you've never seen them, go out and rent them now!!!
...Why don't I ever know what you all are talking about?
Chikakat, it has something to do with your still being in the process of gaining your education. Some of us old farts--The Sqwerls in his mid-twenties (I believe his mother said he was born old); the spider ladies pushing thirty-nine, again; and I've celebrated twenty plus anniversaries of that age--we have the luxury of a few more years of experiance and seem to have developed similar likes and dislikes. Which is probably why we enjoy each others company here on the forum. You shouldn't worry about not always being on the inside; what you should worry about, is some of our weirdness rubbing off on you. Big Smile Smilie
hahaha...thanks, Grondy...Big Smile Smilie
PTM isn't that old though ... (1999)

okay I hadn't heard of kevin smith before either.... that must be that educational part Grondy was talking about...
Nah, that's to do with not being an obssessive Movie fan who watches everything he can get his greedy little mitts on!
And my mother said I was born cynical, not old (she's very diplomatic like that). Wink Smilie
lol! Big Smile Smilie
I'm glad there's someone like chika over here, someone like me! Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Smile Smilie
Oh well. I'm wondering what they'll do with Gandalf and Treebeard... I hope they leave Gandalf in, they have to! Right? Smile Smilie
And if there's no Treebeard in the next film, then the film sucks already! grrrr!
don't worry, he's kind of integral to the plot, plus I saw some CGI Ents a while back, it'll be fine......
I dont see how they can possibly make the rest of the movie without Gandalf.

It will flop without him.

So do you think Arwen will bring Aragorn his sword? I mean now that he has apparently rediscovered his path and all.

I hate the rebellious Aragorn. Tolkien must be turning over in his grave like a rotisserie

[Edited on 3/1/2002 by Allyssa]
There's prolly little left to turn over.. maybe a few hungering wurms...
Rotisseried Professor........
Plastic Squirrel

You worry me a little sometimes!
*but says it with a smile*
Ungoliant, I never mistook you for a man if that makes you feel any better.

I'm sorry to hear that... You ca always ignore thing you don't like, Works fine for me.. okay it does hurts sometimes when it bites you in the ass Big Smile Smilie

as for the abusive langage well it have set off a few ppl in the past... Smile Smilie

[Edited on 30/12/2001 by Boring]
*with angel's face*
What people, Boring? Big Smile Smilie
What abusive language, Alyssa? Big Smile Smilie
I think Aragorn already has his sword, so there's no need for Arwen to bring it to him... Wink Smilie
Alyssa is going to be back to read this, right? Smile Smilie At least I hope so... Smile Smilie
Please don't go Alyssa!!! Grondy'll lighten up after a while, he's just jealous cos he's only managed to get to see the movie today!
And I've never been serious on this Forum in my life!
"Reconsider baby..."
Come back! Baby come back! Wink Smilie
Allyssa, you should seriously stick around...everybody just takes a little getting used to...Grondy's really a nice guy...and we all offend each other now and again...don't worry about it.
Chika's right, Alyssa. We were so happy to have some new members that stuck here. You can't leave us now, just because you don't like some people... When you get to know us all really well, you'll see we're not so bad... And like Plast said, Grondy's just being the moderator, that's all. He's a nice guy, just like all the rest here (some of them are girls or women, but that doesn't matter, right?) Smile Smilie Just hang on! Wink Smilie
Sorry to hear that you're offended Allyssa, and would miss your posts, although I still haven't seen where Grondie had insulted you yet. Maybe you're being too sensitive? I'm sure nothing malicious was intended. I mean, I've read some of your posts to Halo_Black that *could* be construed as aggressive, but I don't think that he has taken offence.
Indeed, and since when did anyone ever manage to keep any topic ever on topic? It just doesn't happen. Smile Smilie Though well done for trying!
honestly, probably it's mostly a misunderstanding. For example, I was annoyed for a bit when I was first here (actually, by Grondy - haha) becuase I thought he was being mean to me, when in fact, I misunderstood a smiley. I thought it was a mean and angry smiley and got all offended, until I looked at the smiley list and realized that it was actually a grinning smiley that I misinterpreted becuase of its eyebrows. He didn't mean anything unpleasant. That might have been what happened here, too...

So, yeah...I hope my story helped. :P Smile Smilie
*Rends clothing; dons sackcloth; applies ashes.* I am sorry if I have offended anyone; it was not intended, and I do apologize for any grief or misunderstanding I may have caused. If I say something you don't like, or feel I have put you or someone down, feel free to complain. Upon descerning my errors will try to correct them. Mia cuppa (sp?) Sad Smilie

I was out of line with the ad submitter; I should have welcomed him and diplomatically asked that he pay us a return visit. This job came without a guide book and this forum is my first and only online bulletin board experiance. I'm tryin people, just sometimes very. But I do love you all, even when I take the occasional dig at Sauron, 'cause he refuses to stay dead. Smile Smilie
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