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Thread: I Can't wait a whole Freakin' Year!!!!

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lol Big Smile Smilie
This is the smiley you mean, Chika? Big Smile Smilie
You're doing great, Gondy. I can't see how anyone could feel insulted by you (unless of course they misunderstand smileys Wink Smilie ). Smile Smilie
Let's all be merry again, and come have a drink on the new year. *drink
**** it, lets all have a *drink and forget about it!
Hoho, Golly thought Halo was a he! Perhaps now she'll understand when it happens to her again!
And magnet did look like another spammer, s'not his fault we've had a load of the gits before
Yeah. But let's not start the whole thing over again, shall we? Wink Smilie
Are you Golly? Or's that Gollum? Big Smile Smilie
Now there's a good point, I'll have to stop calling Ungoliant that now, cos I'm bound to want to call Gollum that after a while. Hmmmmmmm..... Ungy doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
And i was defending Magnet, not criticising him!
Oooh. You were defending magnet? Another misunderstanding! Wink Smilie
Lol. I wouldn't start with Ungy, no. Or Goliant. Ungo? Lia? Nt?
Big Smile Smilie
Again, Plastic? Who else mistook Halo for a bloke? Erm, sorry Halo - but I rarely run across females on Tolkien sites with 'neutral' nicks. Usually you'd get a wet name like Arwen or Lady Jessica or something. Shelob would be a dead giveaway though, although I don't reckon anyone would want to use that as a nick. Sad Smilie

Why don't you call the both of us Golly - imagine all the fun we'll have soothing ruffled feathers when Gollum takes offence at insults aimed at me! Wink Smilie

And don't worry, Grondie, we love you as you are. You're doing a mighty fine job there - we've been guilty for not telling you how much we appreciate your input too! So here's a drink from me, mate! *drink

[Edited on 1/1/2002 by Ungoliant]
*Rolling in warm fuzzy feelings* Thanks gals and guys.
Anytime, pal Smile Smilie

Hey, sure! Smile Smilie
And another great idea from Golly here! :P
I think we have lost the thread here, but 'tis hard to keep on topic about a movie that is 350 days away from our sad eyeballs. Sad Smilie
I was referring to the occasion upon which Taz mistook you for a bloke ungangooly-gooly--gooly-gooly-gotcha- gin-gan-goo-gin-gan-goo. That's not shorter is it, bugger!
Taz thought I was a bloke, eh? Don't remember that... Smile Smilie
Hey, thanks, Allyssa! Smile Smilie

And to prove how perceptive I am, I never thought that you were a man, either. Wink Smilie
I don't think you were there when Tazzy made his mistake, I laughed heartily! Have never yet got one wrong, as I can tell the difference, Women don't talk as much bollocks!
So Ungoliant you're a woman??? never new that....
But you conveyed it pretty well nonetheless! *applause

So any more hidden women around?
Nor latent ones even. Smile Smilie

I had guessed wrong about Halo, but don't think I foot-in-mouthed-it, at least not on that aspect.

And When Taz missed with Ungy, it was just hilarious; you could see his crimson befuddlement without looking. Its all right Taz, we all make mistakes. Smile Smilie
Not sure about Boring. M or F Boring?
I believe Boring is a bloke.
And I could be a latent woman, I'm currently talking to a psychiatrist about it though. Wink Smilie
*very hurt nobody's ever thought he was a bird.*
Have I been discovered yet? No? Then keep it secret... Big Smile Smilie
You're a belgian*!

This morning when I went to the toilet i could stand peeing without making a mess so that makes me male... well they can make a mess when standing still and peeing though..

And not being sure what to make of me isn't uncommen.. only last month someone thought i was a woman, when i was standing in front of him (and I wasnt wearing a dress and high heels at that moment)

*prolly wasn't spelled correctly
Do you often wear high-heels and a dress then Boring? Wink Smilie
And Belgian was spelt correctly, probably wasn't though and neither was uncommon. Wink Smilie
I never thought you were a bird Plastic, 'cos you were too busy looking down the Corr's cleavages when I joined. Boring was a bloke for sure, 'cos he was drooling over some Star Trek female. Ditto for Taz. So I knew that you were all blokes, except for the girls, that is. Or lesbians Smile Smilie
Prolly was done on purpose... I hoped the first to react on it wouldn't get it but well since you answered there wasn't any hope for baiting....

And i actually never wear high heels and dresses it difficult enought only with a dress or high heels

did i drool over some star trek female? Big Smile Smilie

and why couldn't a non lesbian woman drool over some "tar trek female"? just to make fun of us?
Always wanted to be a Lesbian.......
And I know remember exactly when you joined Ungoliant! Twas when i moved my PC from the bedroom to the studio, 5 houses ago!
So that makes it what...a year ago? At least you're settled now, Plastic.
You're not telling me Plastic has actually settled down, right? You must be kidding! :P
Boring: I hope I never meet you in public with either high heels or a dress (assuming you are a bloke) Big Smile Smilie
I do hope I've settled down, I don't really want to be evicted again! It's nice here.
Besides, it'll be hard on Rambo to have to move yet again...stay where you are
Lease is up yet again next month, so we'll have to see.... and Rambo's getting his last legs out of the box as we speak.
What does that mean...he's getting old or about to piss on the carpet?

You ought to be a gypsy you know. Get a caravan & park yourself somewhere. When they evict you, just hitch up the horses & go someplace else - I've always wanted to do that. Sounds terribly romantic. Aaah...fresh air, open fields...
my parents keep threatening that once my sister and I are out of college, they're going to sell everything and get an RV and park themselves in my driveway 6 months a year and my sister's drive 6 months a year...I keep trying to concinve them that they'd like the gypsy lifestyle better than hanging out in my yard... Big Smile Smilie
Always fancied the travelling life, but I can't live without all my stuff (of which there is an enormous amount) so I couldn't. Plus I don't drive (really, I just can't do it) so it's a bit impossible.
And I thought Rambo (who is 11 now, so no spring chicken) was about to carp it last week, but his colds cleared up and he can eat again now, so he's put his last legs back in the box for later.
Thank God! Rambo is still with us! I can't imagine what it must feel like to loose a pet. Never happened to me before (never had a pet before) but I know I'd cry my eyes out! Smile Smilie

Don't think I could travel around the country without having anything of your own like a computer, a library full of books, a nice warm bed, central heating, a stereo, a teddy bear (these are all things I can't live without + my cat). Big Smile Smilie
Poor Rambo! Keep him indoors, heard it's pretty cold over there right now...I didn't know dogs could catch colds though.

All that I ever need to survive would fit into a rucksack. Except for I'm waiting for them to improve on the digital book design (& make it cheaper) before I run away with the gypsies. Smile Smilie
I can't go anywhere without at least one instrument, and then I can't ever pick which one. Obviously my Piano's a bit cumbersome, and I can never decide which Guitars I could leave behind, and I wouldn't want to leave my record collection or my TV either! Bit of a stayathome me (read: Hermit!) And losing a pet is much harder than a family member if you ask me. But Rambo's back to his old annoying self now, life in the old dog yet.
Then I'll wait another month before going to see the fellowship again! Big Smile Smilie
That would be just great!

My local movie reviewer in an article last month mentioned the Ents as something that had been "cut out of the movie" along with Tom Bombadillo, Old Forest etc. Hope it was a false rumor? What has anyone heard? Is Peter Jackson on record here? You might as well have left out Merry and Pippin if there aren't any Ents! And the destruction of Isengard?
Do not fear, the Ents are here!! At least John Rhys-Davies has been cast as the voice of Treebeard (as well as being Gimli still) and the CGI is nearing completion.
Local movie reviewers often don't know diddly Big Smile Smilie
oh good, the Ents are in...*sigh of relief*

I heard the same rumor, so apparently some moron is just running their mouth when they don't really know anything.

I don't think they could cut the Ents, anyhow...way too intergral to the story.
Probably me, or maybe the 'nut gatherer', drumming up controversy. Wink Smilie
*rings up all the movie mags he can think of*
Yes hello, I hear that PJ is going to kill off Frodo and Sam in Ithilien and let Gollum take over ME as a new and terrible dark lord. Also, he marries Arwen after killing off Aragorn with a poisoned fissssssshhh. Yep, s'all true go ahead and print it, I'm a close friend of Pete's.......
Faramir and Gollum.. interesting couple but i really can't see it. I thought Gimli would be more his type.
Gay Gollum! :o Surely not! *runs off to think up some more lies*
OK, thanks for the clarification. Much relieved. In fact, I managed to find another website which had an early script of the meeting between our young hobbits and Treebeard. Excellent if true!!
Is this the thread we were talking about what they would leave out? I found this blub in Entertainment TOnight's website:

''There's a scene where [Gollum] takes us through marshes, and within these marshes are dead bodies floating underwater in these ethereal lights, tempting Frodo,'' says Elijah Wood. ''It's pretty wonderful.''

sounds like the Dead marshes we were worried would be cut from the movie (of course, they wouldn't have let him chatter about it if they thought they were going to cut it out...)
Oops! I'm sorry if I have mis-led you Faye. Half of my speculations about what they would leave out or who they would have do something instead of someone else were made tongue-in-cheek.

I believe it was Boring who said no Director in this day and age would ever dream of leaving out the Dead Marshes and thus pass up an opportunity to shock us; they will be included in the movie. Smile Smilie
Besides, Gimli did mention the marshes just before Boromir tried to steal the ring. And then got offended and all when Aragorn told him to get some rest.
So the marshes are in. The Ents are in, never had any doubts about it. Who else would destroy Isengard and hold Saruman captive? Tom Bombadil? Big Smile Smilie

Good script though. Rofl!
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