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Thread: I Can't wait a whole Freakin' Year!!!!

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I want to see Rohan, and Helms Deep and loads of other stuff, and what else gets left out. I need more to complain about!!! Feed my frenzied rantings Mr Jackson!!!

my thoughts exactly!
Welcome to the forum Evenstar_Elfstone. Smile Smilie

Now at least we have the trailers to view. If you haven't seen them, check Nervous under The Green Dragon Tavern and see Allyssa's post of 15 JUN 2002 for a long trailer link and also in the Downloads under General in the menu there on your left is a link to a shorter trailer. Be prepared to wait for these to download, they can take many minutes and you will need QuickTime 5 to view them. Cool Smilie
Hours on a 56k, and unviewable if, like me, you can't get QT5 to install on your PC as it has an attitude problem.
Hi Evenstar, glad you like frenzied rantings.
Hey Evenstar!

Is there a new one on the site now? Must check if so. Big Smile Smilie
Hey Plastic, did you get one of those TTT countdown clocks for your computer?
Nope, I changed my mind since then, I can wait now.
Countdown clock??!! I want one!! Where can I get it?
Well you could probably leave the one on up and running all the time if you have broadband. Might be kind of silly though. Wink Smilie

Ask Taz if could put one at the top of our home page. We had one for the FOTR as I remember. Smile Smilie
It's still months away! First the DVD release and then a bit later another DVD release (as i've read in some other thread) and offcourse another harry potter movie and finally The Two Towers!!!!
yihaa it's going to be a good christmas this year Smile Smilie

Have you seen the trailer? they did the encouter with Gandalf the white pretty good he looked very much like Saruman Smile Smilie.
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