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Thread: Tolkien being a prophet of Eru??

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As Aule mentioned the fact that the Valar could be the gods mentioned in the polytheistic religions, so could the whole LOTR triology be the true account of what is told in the Bible. Or at least some twisted retelling of a tale not yet recorded.
If I were to adapt Tolkien's mythology to represent that told in the Bible, I would have Il’vatar alone as God, with the Ainur as Angels, Morgoth still being Satan, the fallen angel. Elves don't really seem to fit in separately from Men, so I shall say that Elves and men combined make up the Humans in the Bible. If we then turn to the Qur'an, which shares much of its fundamental mythos with the Bible, we can see that the Valar and certain select Maiar are similar in number to the Prophets of Allah. This, however, presents a problem, because in Muslim belief structures, Angels are higher than all prophets, who are holy men. We can, however, then equate the Valar still with angels, and selected Maiar with the Prophets. If the Maiar are prophets, it can be noted that, just as Jesus pbuh is considered one of the Allah's highest prophets, Gandalf is one of the highest of the Maiar. Gandalf's apparent death at the hands of the Balrog and reappearance to the Fellowship can been seen as representing Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection. Unfortunately, the Christian view of Jesus as the son of God is here lost. I may add more if and when it comes to me.
Wow, great theories! As for Tolkien being at least inspired by divinity ... well, geniuses often are, right? Either we call this divinity God, Allah, Jahve or Eru, does it really matter? I've never met a better portay for Him in any religion (just my thoughts here!). I think Tolkien caught the very essence of divinity: smth totally different from Humans, that Humans can hardly (or can't) understand!

And Aule about people not beliving you is probably because this is the first time the've been introduced to this and they've been thinking of J.R.R. Tolkien as a fiction writer that they won't let anything else into their minds or give any other theores a chance.

HobbitHomie05 this has nothing to do with people believing me.....this is a theory of my own....and I don’t believe in this....I am just hypothysing(still can’t spell it)
and trying to get different perspectives in life!
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