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wizards, because they were his favourite...
food, especially stewed. That's why there were many wizards invited
to the festival. but only few of them ever came
and none ever left.

On March first, in the North Farthing,

Sorry, that was eleven words, but I needed them all to start a new line, which you may ignore if you choose. However, then this just becomes another 'Finish the Sentence Fool' thead like the original in the Green Dragon Tavern.
a tiny yellow dog with grey ears and a pointy
tail that stood upright like a barren flag pole at
the queens chair,was yelling at the bird who came
flying right towards him, avoiding a crash only by
using its tail to bat the silly bird out of
the galaxy. while the dog was feeling terribly strong and
a little thirsty, so wearing his shaggiest coat, he entered
an irish pub located at the main street and ordered
a double Pedigree tapping his feet nervously and looking around
to see if his partner was in the room.Suddenly
he saw a termite who asked, "Where's the bar tender?"
No one responded , so he walked out of the door ....
lloked around, saw a giant catipellar which cased him to
ask his dog, "We aren't in Kansas anymore, are we?"
the dog shook his head sadly and proceeded to
the red door , which lead them into a quiz from
Grondy, from which they earned lots of Pseudo-Silmarils which they
tried to exchange for something actually worth something
so they could buy some of the nicest rings from....
the crazy elves who lived down the street who gaurenteed
their watches were genuine replicas made in China by the
"tinkering" bread of elves. out of the 3 breeds of elves, the....
black shadow appeared from behind the little girl who spoke
in a thundering voice: "Who are these huge
men "Are you trying to frigthen us ?"asked the great
leader of the tiny mice who was cowering under a
table , made by the unknown master from the forest of...
Jelly baby trees, which grew on the other side of....
the Snowy Mountains crossed by way of Chilly Pass and
Pepperroad.If ever come across you will see the finest
stand of prickly pears that you have ever seen. Also
the singing banjo player joined the chorus line to enhance...
the surrealness of the moment and sense of deja vu
since she felt that she had past there a year
when i young hobbit came and joined in with a dance....
specially made for the hobbits , everyone had to bend their
knees and elbows awkwardly to look sort of like Gollum...
coz that's how you do the funky chicken, the craziest....
dance ever seen in these part of the woods since
Melian did her 'Dance of the Seven Veils' to trap
the flu bug so no-one would catch it again... (, .)
Even so most of the floor was covered in ink
So the dancers could tell where they had been, by
a complex process of elimination consisting of a complex pattern....
having to do with chicken legs, blood, and rune stones(.,)
because of this , no one deared to walk into the
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