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and as we all know ears arnt supposed to
be ballet dancers the poor hobbits started worrying if they ...
were able to get it rigth since everyone else seemed
to get bored. So the yongest hobbit called Faramir Took
whom also was the best dancer , started to giggle during
the orcs' belly dancing in bright yellow dresses
because those dresses were very tight and very short, so
his face blushed every time he looked at them and
realised in his heart of hearts that he fancied....
taking belly dancing lessons himself. But...
as this was a typical orc sport his hobbit family ...
refused to pay for his lessons as the orcs obviously
wanted a lot of money for their lessons, although they
wernt all that good at teaching anyway. They prefer to
just eat the tasty little hobbits when they come to ...
light.So instead of having lessons the guy had to
supply another activity to hobbits that involved
some mental training so they all would be able to ...
know the way of orc dancing even better than
the orcs themselves who looked really awkward anyway, but that
presented a problem because orcs you see..
are always a problem.So little Took decided to leave
the country and go on a real adventure. without dancing ...
Because he had always wanted to find that special blue
stone that was said to make a top dancer out ...
of anything with more than one leg so he...
thought he could open a dancing school for ...
orcs or maybe a to buy a grinder and
he thought to himself, 'why am i obsessed with dancing?'he came to the conclusion that.....

(i would just like to say that this is my 200th post but you wont see that i have 200 beacause id have done a few more since you will have seen this hahaha but im very proud!! Orc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning Smilie )
wandering in woods is rather unpleasant even seeking blue stones
as they cause bad acne to the feet and theres...
always that possibility of running into
...debts asking doctors to heal the spoiled legs...
or replace that pair with those from green dancing frogs
as the colour of those goes best with all kinds
of clothes that usually were meant to be worned of
anyone and anything but black widow spiders who were too ...
deeply in mourning to wear anything bright and cheerful when
their queen died of starvation because all of food she
had only her favourite socks left and she could not
afford new ones so she had to borrow some from the
centipede who had a few pairs to spare, though the
guileful creature gave the queen three different socks and afterwards
they got mixed in the wash and the colours were
unrecognizably changed so they gathered a council in order to
decide what she should be wearing at the winter festival
. 'A Census of Snowflakes' was the theme of this year's
festival due to the queen's lover's decision to
to wear a silver lace tutu, spangled with sparkling crystal
stars and shiny white pointes embroidered with golden figures of
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