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Thread: i need a cool REALLY evil lord name - seriously!

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serious suggestions only
Schlomber Jast
The Grondmaster Big Smile Smilie

Morgoth isn't an evil name his name was Melkor, the name Morgoth was given to him bny the elves after he had stolen the silmarils Smile Smilie

thats difficult... there are only few ppl whom can create totally new (not based upon excisting stuff) and good names...

You can always call him "HE-who-must-not-be-named" or "You-Know-Who" Big Smile Smilie
Taz? Plastic Squirrel? (always wondered what that meant, btw) The Skwerl? Big Smile Smilie
No, seriously, what's wrong with Sauron anyway? Sounds evil enough, and pretty original, cos I haven't seen anyone around here with a name that sounds really evil, except you. Smile Smilie
Schlomber Jast??? What's that supposed to mean??? Sounds funny, but not evil, really...
Boring: you are among the few who can create totally new and good names... Luckily you don't live up to your name! Smile Smilie
Lol! Big Smile Smilie
I'll check out Squirrelworld then, hoping to come with an explanatoin here soon...
How about G.W. Bush? Big Smile Smilie (not meaning to insult the American believers) Smile Smilie
Nah, I checked out Squirrelworld once and didn't see any explanation.

Romanian names always scare me to death. Vlad Draku, or Dragan something
Evil overlord names are always good if they don't roll nicely off the tongue...consanants in odd places, and letters that aren't used so much seem to show up a lot...ex: Morgoth - g's aren't often in the middle of names (except for, like, George), same deal with Melkor...Dubya - b and y next to each other - haha...
yeah the lord name is not for my account .....for it will always be either sauron or sauron666 but it's for this book see
yeah Melkor was a good evil name....
hey Ungoliant, give me a few more suggestions of Romanian names...sounds pretty good!
and chika, thanks for the rules!
meanwhile, i keep looking at all these scandinavian language translation sites to see if i can contort an evil name out of some dark word somehow!
how about ERAYNE....or ERAYNOR
or MIARAN......though i recall hearing Erayne somewhere else.....
hmm...NENCONOR ?

How about G.W. Bush? (not meaning to insult the American believers)
No offense taken Tommy, I voted for the other guy. Our great American judicial system cast the deciding vote for GWB; however, I suppose politics like religion should be left at the door of this fine establisment for the well being of all participants--except for the occasional friendly jab. Big Smile Smilie

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Indeed. The romanian names sound great! Miaran sounds too much like Marian... No good, really. Smile Smilie Unless you have a really witchy mother-in-law with that name, of course... Big Smile Smilie
G.W.Bush is too damn stupid to be an evil overlord, I don't think he can even tie his own shoelaces. Big Smile Smilie
still searching romanian translators
how about SEKELATOR....or SEKELTOR
any one of these?
SEKELATOR....or SEKELTOR sound too much like Skeletor from the He-Man cartoons. Trust me, people will remember.
They will... MORTZARN sounds good though. You only have to put in a G somewhere... Wink Smilie
Nah, sounds like Mozart. 'kay, Romanian names:

Bogdan Mara, Dragos Stroe, Ciprian Draconescu, Vladimir Radulescu, Radu Dragomir, Ion Dragan, Gheorge Dragomir, Razuan Raducanu, etc. Just put 'em together & you'll get some really scary sounding names!

Dracul means 'devil' in Romanian (but also means a title awarded received by Vlad's daddy). There's also some ancient Romanian - well, Moldovian - monasteries called Moldovita, Dragomir, Agapia, etc.

Not scary enough? Then try Russian. (Damn, no Cyrillic fonts here!)
Well, 'to destroy' in Russian sounds something like Razrushat, pronounced Raaz-rhoo(as in a cow's moo)-sh’t

Looked through my Russian dictionary for some morbid & spooky sounding words, here are some:
Devil in Russian = Chiets (ch-yet)
To put to death = kaznit (kaz-nit)
decompose = razlagatsya (raz-la-gat-s'ya)
evil = zlo (z'lo)

Enjoy yourself, sauron! Wink Smilie

hey thanx ungol [i just realised ungoliant in short is ungol, as in kirith ungol!]
really cool names....
yeah btw, i tht sekelator sounded like skeletor, but it didn't occur much to me, as in romanian sekela.something is the "reaper"
i was seriously thinking about's a contorted MIARAN and doesnt sound like Marian!
Romanian rules!
happy new year, children of the dark
hey i typed it wrong...its actually Sekerator, not lator. anyways here are a few contortions out of those romanian names ungol gave me!,
Danmara, Dracon, Raazruan, Zlokaz, Dargovaan, Dargonos, Aegon, Kazhmet, Miarkaz
romanian enuf for ya?

Nicely Romanian with a touch of Russian I think. Wink Smilie

Although I'd rule Danmara out - ever since Mara Jade became Mrs. Luke Skywalker, the names Mara & Jade have been out of bounds for all evil overlordsSmile Smilie

And I'm not too sure about Miarkaz either - the kaz ending is nice, but Mia is too girly & fluffy - as with anything that has the two vowels i & a in sequence. eg Diana, Tiara, Mazda Miata etc.

The rest are ok - good luck with your book!

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Sekerator is ok. Sounds cool! Just like Zlokaz and Raducanu. What about Kaznit? Does sound great! Smile Smilie
Love that russian stuff!
When did Luke and Mara get married?
well, if you have a girl evil person, then Miarkaz is great...Dargonos is cool, I like that one.
Ok, Miarkaz would be ok for a evil overlordess...uhm...evil overlady doesn't sound quite right, does it? What ever Wink Smilie

Kaznit is dangerously close to Kermit, now that I think about it. Big Smile Smilie

Mara married Luke about 3 years ago, after Zahn's duology...oops. You didn't that, did you...Sorry.
Well. That's ruined that one for me Golly, cheers! Any movies I haven't seen yet that you want to tell me the end of?
And Kermit, he'd make a great evil lord, I can just see him in a huge black cloak cackling evilly.
yeah actually the Kazhmet thing i got from combining kaz [russian or romanian something] and sekhermet [egyptian god]
yeah i'll change Mia but i definitely would luv an overlord name beginning with M.....[+ my name also begins with M yay!] but M names really sound deadly yknow!
what about MERKHAZ!
will try everything and see which one is the fastest to say and will be rememberable, and also sound gothic ....then hopefully arrive at one!?
Sorry Plastic. And I promise not to tell you that Chewie died either.

Merkhaz sounds a lot better, although I agree with chika - Dragonos is much cooler. Good luck!
Oh thanks Golly! (Alright I knew that it was even on Newsround when that happened)
And is that as in Meer Cats, those cute little prairie dog type things?
Oh, that's ok then. Mind you, I wished they had killed off Han or Leia instead. Poor Chewie. Lucas is a speciest!
Should of killed Luke, he's a whiny little twat! And Lucas doesn't write the books, s'not his fault.
lucas? that would be a great evil darklord ruler of all... star warsthingies name..

Have you ever been in there star wars ride in Euro Disney? it's really great.. I just love C3PO when he's talking french Smile Smilie

as for darklord names.. they have to be like curse words, roll over the tongue nicely and assorb some agression..
Probably sounds more of a poof than he already does, Boring.

Hey! Leave Luke alone! Mad Smilie And Lucas does get final say you know - book doesn't go out until he approves.

Nice idea Wolf! And we'd all like to be happy wouldn't we.......Sad Smilie
Alright then, he's a git, but it wasn't his idea was it? And Luke is a twat. Very much so. You can't kill Han cos he's the coolest good guy in the thing, and you can't kill Leia cos i still haven't got the whole dancing girl scenes thing out of my system.
You can't kill Luke 'cos...'cos...'cos he's the shortest bloke in SW! Then the pc crowd will get upset, and Lucas will have to put in more Ewoks in AOTC. And that's something I *don't* ever want to see! :P
ATOC or more Ewoks?
Bloody Ewoks! And Pleeeeaaaaaassssse can we kill Luke, he's such a moralistic little gimp! AT least Han was only in it for the money and the chicks.

no no no...they are not the same...pessimism is seeing the worst in things (ie the glass is half empty)...realism is seeing the reality of things (ie the glass has water in it) can fool yourself just as easily by always seeing the worst in things as you can by always seeing the best.

just found that list i made on new years eve it starts with - be more positive.....that blows that one doesnt it!!

LOL Big Smile Smilie Good try, Jesi, though.... Wink Smilie
Oh alright, kill Luke then. Knowing the SW novels, they'll probably bring him back anyway.
Since I don't know what this crap is all about, (me thinking it's SW again) I am forced to return to the topic.
Let's see an evil lord name that begins with M... Hmmm... MMMMilk? Big Smile Smilie
Merkhatz sounds too much like Meer cats, since Plastic suggested that. Hakuna Matata for me! Big Smile Smilie
Hooray! I can Kill Luke! And isn't Hakuna Matata a sort of vegetable dish?
Hakuna Matata is from the Lion King...Pumba and Timone sang it while Simba was growing up...what a great song..."it's our problem-freeeeee...philosophyyyyyy....Hakuna Matataaaaaa..."
Noooooo!!! HATE DISNEY!!!!!
why? is it coz of traumatic experiences with disney figures? like a rogue Lady (that k9 thingie) attacked you?
I have no idea what you're talking about there Boring, but the reason I hate Disney is... Well, have you ever watched any of those godawful crappy musical animations? I mean really? They're ****ing awful! People and animals bursting into song for no reason every two seconds? Never happens.
that's no reason not to watch it...Tom Bombadil sings do the hobbits and lots of other characters in LotR, and you still enjoy that...
Yeah but it's a book and I can flip through it and ignore the singing. Plus it's not so bloody cheesey and annoying and nicey-nicey-nice. f***ing Disney!
I like disney. It's nice and it's happy and there's always a good ending. Cinderella is my favorite thing ever.
I like disney. It's nice and it's happy and there's always a good ending. Cinderella is my favorite thing ever.

You see, it's people like you that make me so cynical. Nice! Yuk! Happy? Don't make me laugh. Cinderella? I've got all their albums but I'm not proud of it.
I didn't like Disney much, except for Sleeping Beauty. I loved the evil witch! Was very sad when the prince killed her. Sad Smilie
Happy? Don't make me laugh.

what is wrong with happy?
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