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Thread: i need a cool REALLY evil lord name - seriously!

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Thanks sauron, I'll try to find the translations you listed. Smile Smilie

How's Mahabharata though? I've never read it before, but I've heard from people that they prefer it too. What is it about - and do they have the same characters as Ramayana? Can I assume that the same people did the best English translations?
Generally Mahabharata is more of an epic than Ramayana, coz it is more down-to-earth, the wars fought are more interesting, and it has 5 heroes instead of 1 or 2
in the mahabharata, even the 5 heroes [pandavas] make very human mistakes, unlike Rama [in ramayana] who is supposed to symbolise the perfect man/
yeah they did the same translations too
Try using Old English. I did that and found Awedan which means go mad.
Is that what it means then? Cos it's very similar to Aiwedan which was Radagast the brown's name in Valinor. I always said radagast was a nutter.
Hey! I like Radagast!
But that would be a cool name, wouldn't it. I still like Kahb’m though... Tongue Smilie
How can you like Radagast? He doesn't do enough to even warrant an opinion!
I like the underdogs. Big Smile Smilie
he's friends with birds and other small animals...that's got to make him a good guy, doesn't it? Cool Smilie
Poor Radagast. An innocent who just happens to be a wizard. Somebody goofed. Do you suppose St Francis of Assisi plays into this somehow?
Angel Smilie
Yes, Tolkien didn't write in his letter to Wozname, his esteemed colleague at that other university:
... I've been meaning to say something about Radagast. Any coincidence between him and St. Francis of Assisi was unintentional; actually I modeled him after John Doolittle, DVM, hero of print and screen.
Tongue Smilie
Good one Grondy!
I never said Radagast was a bad guy, I just think anyone who spends too much time talking to animals and trees is a bit suspect mentally speaking. And Rambo agrees with me... Wink Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie
So now I know why you're always picking on me! :P
What about Quetzalcoatl or Tezcatlipoca ?
They sound quite evil although Quetzalcoatl was not evil....but Tezcatlipoca was an evil wizard-god that tempted Quetzalcoatl! hehehe
Those are Aztec gods aren't they Aule?
I've always loved mythology, especially Greek mythology.
How about the name "Hades"? He was not evil though but since he was controlling the land of the dead (underground) he had a bad reputation.
Dis is also a good evil name.
how 'bout Dauron Cool Smilie
Just kidding, a good name for an evil lord could be "Lord Madron" or "Dralon" or just "He"
How about Count Gitbag Von Swampbreath?
how about the evilest name ever Very Evil Smilie
How about Mebaablo? Or Biaphisto?
Those are cool names Very Big Grin Smilie
P.S. If someone wonders then yes I have put the names Baal, Diablo and Mephisto together and made me a whole new spawn of evilWink Smilie Muahahahaha Very Big Grin SmilieVery Big Grin SmilieVery Big Grin Smilie
Oh and yes Vampyr they are Aztecan gods.....Big Smile Smilie
Akrnsarkh Bad! Smilie
I have no idea what it means. It just randomly popped into my head like so many random things do and sounded evil.
Sarcaz, Exclade, Garodar, Marukarr, Extmidon

just my ideas....
My daughter thought of this name...I thought it sounded evil:Sevinul(suh-vee-null)
cide means death if that helps any


or Malikath

Abbadon is good too.



I dunno.





Nox Excessious






that's all I can think of.

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