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Thread: i need a cool REALLY evil lord name - seriously!

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Well said Jesi!!!
And the only disney stuff I like is the recent stuff with Pixar, which is d*mn impressive. Oh, and Escape from Witch Mountain, though I have no idea why.
And perhaps if I was Happy, I might like Disney, but I don't think so.
Heck I for one am all for being happy, but only if you like being happy. Cause if you don't like being happy, trying to be happy won't make you happy.

Hmmm...Well that made no sense what so ever.

Now that I've confused myself and problaly you too, I'm going to try to think of an evil lord name.How about Retrath...or not.

Of course, If you can't pick an name that's perfect youcould choose one that's kind of Ok, and just say that's what some call him, because no one had dared to speak his real name for so long, it was forgotten. Big Smile Smilie
Hakuna Matata actually is "no worries" in some real existing language.
And I love Disney. Jungle book was great, just as the Lion King, Fantasia, Aladdin (the genie = lol!), Snow White (awwww), etc. And without Disney there would be no Mickey Mouse which would be awful.

Jesi & Plast: if you're not happy, you're simply pessimistic. (means that YOU are missing sth, namely, being happy)
*gives high five to Chika*
Yes! Thank you Tommy! Someone's on my side... Big Smile Smilie
well actually pessimisn is very close to realism. i should know!
pessimism isn't really seeing the worst in's more of "Not" seeing the best or the most positive aspect of things
im perennially pessimistic...but i dont see the worst in things....
realism is seeing the "milder" aspect of positive and negative things..spose u get a huge promotion....realism = ok how long is this gonna last? ......pessimism = hmm yeah good but how much more work will i have to do? im so dead!........optimism = im gonna goto heaven!!!
and that concludes this week's sermon....check back next week!
Can't miss sth you never had Tommy Sad Smilie
how about Derayne, Erayne, Rayne.....
Was a good try though Jesi, you got further than I did Smile Smilie
I'm very ashamed to admit that... I haven't read Douglas Adams since junior high, and I remember nothing except 42. It's sad.
well put an M instead of S in sauron and u'll have Moron, and Vader sounds like wader, waiter, etc...the point is that they sound cool when said originally. And i can even have it pronounced er-ine if i wanted to...
whatever...Erayne the dark Lord. still one of the good choices....Miarkan, letseee...

Well, I like it, but it makes me think of Buffy TVS. Ethan Rayne, and all. God, I need sleep if I'm pointing that out.

hey i dig Buffy too!
it's a rather sick obsession of mine. But i love buffy. i'm not ashamed of it. and i do not date anyone who doesn't watch the show!

i coudn't be bothered to read all those previous posts so i'll just jump in. I'm really bad at coming up with names, cos i suck at creative writing so i don't even try. i usually think of ppl that i actually know.. if i need a name for a villain than i names of ppl i really hate. e.g. Dominic, Gavin, Sam, etc.. but i guess that doesn't really help, does it?
Wayne, Dwayne, Blayne..... Wink Smilie

No seriously, if you make the character good, then the name don't matter do it? I mean, Daft Wader? And Melko (orig Morgoth from Lost Tales) Rubbish, without the character, once you get to know the character, the name sounds scary as f***. Build him up, then mention his name and you're rockin' and rollin'.
Well, Plastic's right once again. But I still think Erayne sounds kinda good-ish. One of those knights in shining armours or a cowboy on his white steed, galloping in to save the day again after murdering some poor Red Indians. At the end of the day, it's your story & your Evil Overlord though, so whatever.

And I thought the Evil Overlord Asp-Airy-Gus & the deadly pride of Dandy Lions would have worked. You guys need to take a chance every now and then. Wink Smilie
Erayne sounds too much like Elaine and there are too many Seinfeld-connotations to that name.
How about Zourg?
oh wait, i think that's been used before, in fifth element?
yupp actually have thought all that's occurred to me several times that the name doesn't matter. if a character is well built, up, even a Lord Bingo will sound deathly, if he's known for, say, reaving people of their souls and making them slaves for all eternity....people will come to fear a Lord Bingo even then!
and Erayne [pronounced Erine] is pretty good...think of it
ok kinda corny....but the point is emphasized
Taint my feet? Sounds nasty Wink Smilie
Could be if the slave's drool is acidic or caustic. Or if the slave is a red dragon. Big Smile Smilie
And what of Douglas Adams Almighty Bob?
Erayne? naah. Not scary enough. Lord Reulen? Lord Bummer? Lord Bracken? Big Smile Smilie
Not good at all, I suppose. Slyhuim? Kahb’m? Big Smile Smilie Moyber? Vzequi? Smile Smilie
What is it with SF/Fantasy writers that they won't use any names that you might have a chance of pronouncing? All those XXvqevnhtydns and the like get right on my nerves. We need more Bobs and Brians and Steves! Big Smile Smilie
Bob? Bob the Mighty? Bob the Terrible? Bob the Destroyer of Worlds? Bob... the Killer Certified Accountant of Doom? Plastic, hon, maybe you should think about this.

This is not meant as an insult to all the Bobs out there. I'm sure you could all be mighty and terrible if you wanted to be.
Then you probably haven't read Books Four and Five of "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" trilogy. Book Four, "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" is my favorite. Smile Smilie
Nope. Always meant to though. That is a great title. Someday....
hey coincidence! i just started Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy about 3 days back! it's awesome so far!
yeah i know what u mean, plastic...they have these complex derived names that by the time u finish saying it, ur 70 years old!
as said b4, the name doesnt matter.....i needed a simple sounding name, and erayne kinda fit the bill.....suggestions are open....though only simple sounding ones...and which SOUND NICE!
anyway, Hitchhikers is great! love the whole Improbability Drive bit!
hey here's a really good example for 'why the name doesn't matter"
Philip Pullman's dark lord guy is called Lord Asriel [i've heard he turns out to be the devil in the end??]....Asriel sounds like Ariel, or Galadriel, and is really feminine......but apparently he still made a pretty good dark lord guy!
I so didn't like Philip pullman. Got told to read Northern lights, it really sucked. And Asriel is really just a derivation of Azrael, the original Angel of Death so not that clever really. But it doesn't sound that evil does it? Reminds me more of Aslan the Lion Big Smile Smilie
Reminds me of Gargamel's cat on The Smurfs.
or azaelia, the pretty pink flower...

Erayne doesn't seem so evil because most people, when you read it, you pronounce it like Elayne...when it's pronounced e-rine, it's more promising, but it reminds me of ermine - the little weasely-looking thing. Not to be picky, though... Big Smile Smilie
i thought the original name of the devil was Azazel, ...i havent heard Azreal so far.
yeah i havent read Philip Pullman...coz me [the prejudist one] read the blurb of amber spyglass, and it started out like this "Will is the bearer of the knife"....and i was like "WhatEVER"
i just realised i have Beowulf, The Volsungs, and the Niblungs, and so am gonna read those after Hitchhikers
when i first saw "Lord Asriel" i thought "Shouldn't it be Lordess or something?" but the build up is pretty good i heard, so it still manages to come off as a dark lord name
I haven't read Philip Pullman Trillog either, but I have them on tape. Got sucked into the first one and had to buy the rest. Should have bought the books instead, much cheaper; course they can't read you to sleep as satisfactorily as the tapes. Not a bad story, kind of dark, ending was acceptable but not Disney. Smile Smilie Think the titles are: "The Golden Compass", "The Subtle Knife", and "The Amber Spyglass".
ok it's either Erayne, Mehran, Mernak, Mahren, Miarkan, Miaran
personally i think Mehran and Erayne sound the best
Mehran kinda sounds yknow Indo-Iranian.....Central European....+ that was a name i contorted out of a Vedic name for a constellation!!!
oh I like Mehran...sounds kind of like my sister's name, but that's ok because she's pretty evil anyhow Big Smile Smilie
ok self-realisation
Mehran sounds too much like it's either Mahran, or Erayne
You could find a foren name that sounds evil, like Kazuya or Dimitri...
Anne is a pretty evil name... oh no, wait, thats just my dads new girlfirend. She's like a Ringwraith in a flower patturned apron with a butt the size of Yorkshire. Scary!
i thought all u had to do to get those characters was to goto "character map" and type the code.???
Kahb’m would do nicely. Or Azrael. Big Smile Smilie
Sorry Sauron, but those two names don't fit either. I do like Mernak, or sth like that. Smile Smilie
Kahb’m...nice one. Big Smile Smilie Or Kerhbang, Bhom or Kerphlat..

btw, how do you do ’? I can get ’ and ’ but not ’.
Okay, how do you get your two Ungy? Those are the two I often find I need most, as well as the ~ mark found in Spanish text. Is it just the character set your computer comes with or is there an ansi code replacement that you can plug into your text?
Well sometimes I type in Portugese or Russian so I have those fonts available. I installed them from Windows help - go to 'fonts-multilanguage support' and it gives you a choice of what you want to install. To navigate between different fonts/languages, you just press 'ctrl-shift'.

The ’ & ’ comes from Portugese, click ' then the vowel, or click on shiftkey then ' then vowel, respectively.

~ is:- shift then `(top left hand, next to 1) then spacebar.

(you could get them in Cyrillic too but in doesn't show up on PT - I think you have to change your view)

[Edited on 6/2/2002 by Ungoliant]
Thanks, I'll try it soon. Smile Smilie
Hey thanks Sauron, that worked beautifully.

Ungy: I used start, find, Files, "character map", find now, and found :/Windows/Charmap.exe which I double clicked on. Pick the letter and symbol you need, copy and paste where you need it. Your way works fine if your are working in a whole foreign language but for the occasional umlot, the Charmap is simplest once you get its location down.

Note: I'll may be deleteing this side track a down Windows 101 a little later.

Ignore the above note, this is a tavern, Windows 101 can stay unless someone thinks it should be a separate topic under info or some such place.
[Edited on 11/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
Duh...silly me! Thanks, Sauron for the tip. Cool Smilie I should have thought of that! You're right Grondie, it's much, much easier for the occasional accenting.
I just have them on my keyboard? Big Smile Smilie Is a lot easier:
’ ’ ’ ’ ~ ’ ’ etc
A keyboard does make things easy for you... Big Smile Smilie
no probs!
Um, usually in normal Windows, such as Win95 or 98, Character Map is located somewhere in Accessories......(Start-Programs-Accessories) and in some it is under "System Tools" which is under Accessories
either way it's simpler...once u get a few important codes down pat, u hardly ever need to refer to the
i know a lot of things by-heart, it's useful
btw, a simpler way for the "’" character is Alt+424
hope u got it!
Hmm. I used to memorise the codes during the dark days of WordPerfect Big Smile Smilie, but there wasn't as many character as in MsWord.

Sauron, how do you get the characters to come out when you press Alt + 424? My pc just bleeped at me when I do that. Sad Smilie Do you have to activate quick keys or something?
Oh btw, Sauron I remember you saying in the forum that you're Indian. 2 questions:

1) Have you read Ramayana
2) Who did the best English translation?

I need to get my own copy - last time I read it was in college. Great book!
You could try thinking of an evil word in english, then looking it up in a latin dictionary. Hey *shrugs* it could work.
Ungol, yeah I've read the Ramayana [in English coz hardly anybody understands Sanskrit]
and I've read 2 versions in english
u can try either of these if u manage to get hold of em
Ramayana by Kamala Subramaniam
Ramayana by C.R. Rajagopalachari
i found the first one much more interesting, but that's probably becoz i did the 2nd one in school
i prefer Mahabharata though
anyways, to halo black, already did all that
that's how i got stuff like "Deorc", "Deorach" etc......[look up "dark" and check the origin]
hey ungol, i didn't turn on anything to get Alt+424
sometimes, very few, in fact, MS Word wont let u type special char.s on ur own, in which case u can select from the "Symbols" box in MS Word
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