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Is there something really positive that you would like to share whit pt happening today? or negative? Smile Smilie

Since i was the one who got the bright idea to waste precious database memory i get to go first Elf Winking Smilie

Im feeling very positive today Smile Smilie The weekend is coming up and today i don't have to do a thing Smile Smilie i can just sit back and relax Big Smile Smilie perhaps read a little too Smile Smilie
I've already blown an hour writing sweet nothings here today and now better get on to the word games in The Ivy Bush Tavern and in Current Games. Orc Grinning Smilie
I shall go positive I think, as I wouldn't want to steal the first negative post that Vir will most definately want Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Positive. I'm feeling much better from the ghastly flu I've suffered from in the past week and a half, maybe two weeks, and each day I feel better, so I'm looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and having this cough deteriorate Smile Smilie
Not exactly today, but in my thoughts right now...

I found an eight week old kitten on my way to work on new years eve - heard something crying and found it covered in oil and other nasty stuff and hiding in a drain in an industrial area. With the help of another girl off the bus I caught it. Black and white with grey/green eyes, extremely skinny with a purr that should belong to a much larger cat. I carried it the twenty minutes down the street where both turn off to go to different companies, it didn't even try to get away. Then after a bit of discussion she took it to work with her (she works at a cat food company, so a bit more useful than my work for a kitten) No one ever claimed it - so she found a home for it. I'm waiting to hear what his name is.

That kitten has made my life better for this year, makes me smile everytime I think of it.
Good thing you found the kitten Smile Smilie
I was a bit grumpy about another busy week but as i get my morning started im finding that im eager to get this week over whit because this should be my last really busy week for a long long time Big Smile Smilie
I am happy today! My 10 months old daughter has her fifth tooth showed up.

Pary Smilie

One must enjoy simple things in life I guess!
Awww, how sweet! Now you made me want to hurry home to my little girl. Smile Smilie She is 16 months.
Beautiful day!
I am happy again.
Not much to worry about.
Life is too short to be sad.
I am just a man.
A man on his way.

Cheers for all tears
And for the sorrow,
And for the years
They used to follow.

Cheers for all friends
And for the foes!
Whatever ends
May come with those.

Cheers for all loves
And for the hate!
They always glow
If not in blaze.

Cheers for us all!
May we be blessed.
Nights always fall
But then come the days!
As I always say, pessimism is realism. Always expect the worst, or even better, nothing at all, and you shall limit the number of disappointments life throws at you.
And I say "Better cry for lost love than for no love at all."

And more: "The wounds are only for true warriors. It is what makes the difference between Heroes and all others"
It is a happy day today. Happy Elf Smilie The computer expert was here today and he was able to retrieve a hard copy of a stock spreadsheet from my old computer before it crashed once again.

I needed that spreadsheet to determine how much capital gains tax I will owe next year that needs to be paid this year (probably this quarter), as I won't be reinvesting in a comparable stock, because I don't trust the market now. I wouldn't have sold this stock, in fact I didn't: it was bought out from under me by a consortium of Canadian and Australians who took the utility private. I did make money on the deal, I just would rather have held it for the duration.

The computer expert took the old CPU to his shop to see if he can diagnose the problem and possibly refurbish it for my grandson's use.
really positive today but not now.........nothing to do....boring..... Big Laugh Smilie
Try this and you will feel better
thanks i did it...... it's relaxing.......
positive today.......Mangoos season here...tasty Mangoos.
I love Mangoo-juice... Can I have one fresh, pls!?
Pretty good day, got an A on some tests. Orc Grinning Smilie
seems a positive day for an Elf, a hobbit, and even for the Dark one......
"I love Mangoo-juice... Can I have one fresh, pls!?"

sure..... Alcoholic Smilie
Hahaha. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Uuugh! Thanks! Elk Grinning Smilie (I've made myself one Mangoo-juice at home, though where I am living Mangoo is considered exotic fruit)

Now I am in positive mood! This time of the year I am usually bit lazy and sleepy, but not today... today I feel like I can cross the Earth side to side in single day. And all thanks to you, mates!
aghhhhhhhh, that mangoo juice really hit the spot. Alcoholic Smilie
i am positive these days and i have one reason for it. "it's really PT"....... Tongue Smilie
If anyone have time to spend for his/her favorite things, i think that person is Happy. like me i like PT and when i am spending time here i am happy/positive. Happy Elf Smilie
Well I am terribly happy to be alive. Like Loss I suffered a horrible, frightening virus and I was not allowed antibiotics because I already had them during the flood in our house due to the infection I got from the mold. And I was not allowed to have any antihistamines. I cannot even remember about a week. I struggled to breathe, I was so weak I could not walk and it just seemed to get worse and worse, until yesterday.

Today I feel very weak but am getting about nicely and oh the world is so beautiful and it is glorious to be alive .

Poor Loss, feel well, take the best care of yourself.

Ah Vir, if it would not make you gag, throw yourself upon the floor in a fit of ..of..well I don't know what.. I should give you a hug and an Elven kiss on the forehead. You poor poor dear. Smile Smilie
So nice to have you back around, LeeLee! I hope you will come more often these days. PT really is missing your ideas and comments.

I'm happy and truly positive today, now that I see LeeLee here.
I truly feel sorry for you and loss, leelee. Shocked Smilie
"Life's Good!". I found myself another job and it sucks alright, but I am back in the game. It feels good.
In finland we have started to celebrate "Vappu" (Im sorry I don't know how to translate itSmile Smilie )
Lots of mead and good food Big Smile Smilie
Life is good Big Smile Smilie
The only bright spot i see in my future is that we will finally be done with these dreaded TAKS tests (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills; which are standardized test that every student in the state takes...) at the end of the week and I can actually be through with studying and hours of tests... Boring Smilie
Positive. Today before I went to school I checked the weather and saw we were going to get thunderstorms. So I dressed in swim trunks, a nylon athletic shirt, flip flops and carried the one book I needed in a small plastic bag. I looked like an imbecile for my first class, but then it started pouring sheets of rain for four hours and even people with umbrellas got soaked running from class to class on campus. Meanwhile I simply strolled along and watched.

Also i got an A on a test in a physics class I never attend and had no idea how to do the problems. God, I love multiple choice tests. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Am positive at the mo, have only two weeks left working here at Lodore farms, then I get two whole weeks off, the most time I've had off in a row in prolly 3 years. Then we move down to Kauri and I start my first management job.......ohhh money money money. Plus Ill only be milking 140 cows, so I'll be home nice and early at night. cool bananas.
I'm + today because this is the first week in about... 24 weeks? ... that I have stayed within my budget! ’’’’!
That means I can go to the Black Horse Pub (Barcelona's version of the Prancing Pony) this weekend and celebrate properly!

Oh, also, I rejoined PT today, which is a positive thing. I'm Anilorak2.0, not only because I can't remember my old password, but also because I was overdue for an upgrade Wink Smilie
I am positive, because we had a half-day of free time at school! I got to witness a teacher vs student basketball game (teachers won 42-40...) in which our baseball coach was playing. He looked so funny out there, you should have seen it! Very Big Grin Smilie Best day of this year!
I am happy today! I will have a whole week holiday! Great, hm?!
I am happy today too. The sun is shining; there is no breeze; and the temperature outside is 72’ F. I have the window open for the first time since last Fall. Happy Elf Smilie

(Of course it is supposed to cloud-up over the weekend and be miserably cold and wet all next week with storms coming in off the Pacific every few days.) Orc Sad Smilie
Not so positive today. I just got news that a fellow student drowned yesterday..... He was only 15 years old. Though, as they say, "The good die young......" Very Sad Smilie
I am so sorry to hear that, Gimli. No parent should have to outlive their child and my heart goes out to this young person's family.

Overall, I feel quite positive tonight. I just got home from a lovely visit with friends.
Orc Sad Smilie
"Shine trough pain and grief,
Oh, candle bright and warm!
Light to lead beloved souls
To their eternal home!"

I will say no more today! Gimli's post made me think on how dangerous our life's are.
If you can read this, you are still alive and shouldn't complain about all the crap life has dumped on you: consider the alternative. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I'm always happy to just wake up in the morning!
I'm positive today. We started doing football plays, drills, and workouts on Monday! Only 87 days until football! Big Smile Smilie
I'm feeling positive as all my Law module exams are over! hooray! Elk Grinning Smilie
I am positive, because I get to miss school tomorrow for a field-trip! Yipee!
If you can read this, you are still alive and shouldn't complain about all the crap life has dumped on you: consider the alternative.

...what, you mean Heaven?

Actually, I have been sick for several days now but I will say on the positive side:
1) I'm not so ill that I can't eat, and a friend came over with soup and a movie to watch with me this afternoon

2) I have plenty of people to cover for me at work, so I don't have to worry about anything

3) I'm catching up on old episodes of Star Trek Smile Smilie
Im not positive as I have to get a tetanus injection Wary Smilie so that I can go on a weeks volunteer conservation "holiday"
I am happy today! First day I have things back to normal after a big big mess at work, which kept me away from PT for almost a month!

Let's celebrate the easy way of living! Elf Smilie
I'm happy today: the sun is finally shining again’this has been the wettest May since records have been kept here (for only about 150 years)’and the forecast for this weekend is with few clouds and temperatures in the low 70s’F.
I'm positive today even though I didn't get much sleep last night and am pretty tired. I got a sewing project done this week and on it's way to Australia and did some actual work on the sewing book I am attempting to write.

We are having a fantastically beautiful and green spring here in Colorado, too. The wildflowers are just lovely!
Sewing book?, hey that sounds cool, what sort of sewing book? my Mums a machinist so I have I bit of interest.
I've done quite a bit of counted cross-stitch and crewel work after I learned Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier did needlepoint. Rosey was one of the LA Rams' Fearsome Foursome American football players back in the sixties. He was guarding Ethel Kennedy when her husband Robert F. Kennedy was shot in 1968 and he wrested away the gun from the assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. I saw it on TV as it happened, my wife and I moved our TV in the bedroom and were watching the wrap up of the California Presidential Primary election.

Anyway, after that sad digression, I have a bunch of counted cross-stitch pictures hanging on my walls. My sister wants the one I did with ivy and various butterflies surrounding the words, 'Nature is the visible garment of God.' I've told her I'll will it to her.

I'm happy today, the Mariners are leading the Twins (baseball) and our local Puma football club has a record of 5-0-2 putting them currently in first place in the United Soccer League PDL Northwest Division and they are heading into Tuesday's U.S. Open Cup match against Portland of USL Division I.
Quite positive at the mo, my second week at my new job and so far so good. Really noticing the difference between being a worker and being a manager. Not just in the work load but I must have unconsciously made an adjustment in my work ethic (which has always been good) I don't seem to be as worried about having a full hour for lunch or working a little bit longer at night to get a job finished.
Oh, and I finally got a new Aquarium after 6 years, so I'm feeling quite chuffed these days.
I am feeling positive today. the fires rage on, we have only had a tiny amount of rain twice in three months and the air is still full of smoke.
But I have not become ill from the smoke as before and that is wonderful. I noticed last night the air seemed cooler, it was like a miracle and I felt so peaceful.
So I am grateful for life, for the privelege of walking, talking , breathing and writing down thought. Life is wondeful .
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