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Thats a joke not politics; and the appropiate reply is: "You think he's suffering from labour pains, he's just the father, consider how Mother England feels!"

Moderator Smilie I'll delete this my post if anyone feels it is in bad taste.
I think that's really funny - good one Grondy but think about it don't you think it would be fair for men to experience labour pains - just once so they knew what it felt like. Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

But we do, Mayd..... We have to put up with women, and that lasts a lifetime, not just a few hours.

The saying is true.... Why do men generally die before their wives? Because they want to.
Wait Val, you're not a woman????????? *faint**

But hey! We women aren't that bad to men. We just happen to like mushy stuff more...
Wait Val, you're not a woman????????? *faint**

Not the last time I looked. The Val part is Sindarin for Shadow. It's not meant to be short for Valarie.
Wait Val, you're not a woman????????? *faint**

Oh my, Cloveress, you sure have developed a taste for having a PT member's gender wrong...
I think that's really funny - good one Grondy but think about it don't you think it would be fair for men to experience labour pains - just once so they knew what it felt like

I've heard the male equivalent to labor pains is kidney stones.

And Val, grrrrrr! Men have to put up with women, yeah right! *grumble*grumble* Oh, I think we definitely "put up" with our fair share from men.

But to get back to this thread -- A woman got on the elevator with me yesterday and jumped back. She said, "OMG, I thought you were Jodie Foster. I was about to ask you for a role in a movie."
People tell me I look like Frodo in LOTR, but somehow not like Elijah Wood
And Commodus in Gladiator, but similaryly not like Joaquin Phoenix.
Wow to look like Frodo.
I am always amazed at how people perceive things. I have been told equally over the years that I look like Olivia Hussey and also Kate Winslet, how that can be I cannot understand. But total strangers will just say "Oh you look like Olivia Hussey, oh you look like Kate Winslet"
I like to think I look like me. Smile Smilie
I'm told that I not only am a Donald look-a-like, but that I have the same dialect as mr Duck!

Life isn't always fair! Chicken Smilie Elf Confused Smilie Chicken SmilieChicken Smilie Elf Confused Smilie Chicken Smilie
As if. I am sure you are adorable and donald has a fine mind, he just struggles a little with temper. But then who wouldn't h aving to put up with some of the things he does. Smile Smilie

I've never been called a celebrity look-alike.But my friends and sports-tutor say I've an Elven build.

Recently I took a photo of myself,made it real creepy with shadows and all..a friend said I look like female "Hannibal Lecter".

So there you go lol.

Hmm, this is a rather touchy subject with me. To me, the moment people come up to you, swig their fingers in your face and tell you you look just like someone, well I feel then I have no special identity.

But, oh well, it is either 'You look just like a blonde Olivia Hussey(Romeo and Juliette) or you look just like a younger blonde Elizabeth Tayler.(How it hovers between those two all the time I have no idea.) But personally I think I look like me.

George Clooney (when I was too lazy to shave for a week or so). And, leelee, I can only hope that no matter the changes that occur with the years, that you will always look like you.

Well at least no one since last summer has bothered me about looking like Cate Winslet. I think her face is harsh and Elizabeth's too. Olivia is truer, but I am still me. One summer I was in a ski village visiting some friends and in one week people told me I looked Jewish which I am, Greek, Italian and French. I felt like putting a bag over my head. I think when you are with several people of an ethnicity they will always see you thru that slant. I mean I can't possibly look all that at the very same time.

Vir you said you resemble Brad? That is very interesting. That is some where in the ball park of how I imagined you. I have seen Thorin Oakenshield, he is extremely tall and handsome. And I have seen our dear Loss, and I think his sister? and oh my word, they look like a fabulously beautiful Norse King and Queen . Unbelievable chiselled faces with gorgeous eyes. I just stared and stared at them.  I think every one is gorgeous in his or her own way, a more honest gorgeous than Holly wood, because there it is , natural and real.

People usually say I look like Ellen Page under certain lights. I think its more of the way I talked and they likened it to Juno. LMAO

Mum says I look a bit like Susan Pevinse from the Narnia movies and a bit like Arwen from the Lord of the Rings. 

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