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Pixie Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie I get told that i look like Catherine Zeta Jones (Chicago) and Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek) due to my dark hair and eyes. Not bad really Smile SmilieLink Title
A few people have said I look like David O'Hara (Stephen the crazy Irishman in Braveheart, one of my favorite characters in what might be my favorite movie). Yes Father I'll tell them. The Almighty says i'm much prettier than this man! AHAWHAHAAWHAHAWH! Who do you look like? The Almighty also says don't change the subject and answer the........................! (If you saw the movie you know what comes next and if you havn't seen it...... DO SO! Or you may be struck by lightning!) of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite characters in the movie too! Very cool. Are you really a crazy Irishman?
Am I a crazy Irishman! Havn't ye heard the rumors about me (That's right! I know about your little detours from decency! Making fun of poor ar-37, why did I just refer to myself in 3rd person, in the chatroom! Shame on every last one of you! Shame!) Depends on who you ask. I'm actually American by birth and Southern by the Grace of God, with Scottish and Irish history. Mostly Irish though, I'm watching the credits to Braveheart right now, It was on TV. How strange! So, technically, I'm not exactly Irish (Unless some of yall out there on that Blessed Little Island will accept me, same goes for Scotland. That would just be the Blessed half of a Much Larger Island).

An Eruwen, since you like Braveheart so much your my new bestest friend. Serves you right for having something in common with a freak such as my beautiful self.

As for being crazy, most people that know me in person say I am, I talk to myself sometimes (But does that really make me crazy? Everyone talks to themselves in their mind. Talking to yourself outloud just shows good public speaking skills, and self-security) Some people even say I break that whole, saying your crazy means your actually sane, rule. But how sane can someone who wants to be crazy be, and when I say I'm crazy I normally just mean that I'm so weird I seem insane. I don't think I'm actually insane, just a little or more so weird. Maybe one day they will lock me up by mistake. Then I'll prove to everyone I'm sane! Unless I like it ther! Then I'll stay and rule the entire looney bin with an iron fist! And it'll be called Tyler's or Billy's House of Oddness and Padded Walls, with barbecue and caffeinated drinks. Everyone has to wear wranglers, a kilt, or a leine, and will feast on the blood of our tri- hourly sacrifice of the blood of huma.......... sorry, I got carried away again. Yall are gonna have to get used to that. I'm also very, very random. As if you didn't know that.

What I'm saying is that I'm almost Irish, and almost crazy. If you don't think either of those are correct descriptions for me, say what you want. As long as you only talk to yourself in your mind. If your out of your mind then talk to me, I enjoy the company of those outcasted from society because of their apparent strangeness. Meanwhile, ROCK THE KILT!
I would say I ressemble a young Errol Flynn others may disagree but they our fools
Turin, you look like Brad Pitt?

Where in British Columbia are you again?

(Note to self: Go to Mapquest and look up the quickest route to B.C.)

When my daughter was younger, she looked soooo much like Drew Barrymore in E.T....scary, really...
i was kidding about that brad pitt thing. I don't resemble him at all. I can't recall ever being told i look similar to anyone famous. I've had girls tell me i'm sexy, although i personally don't think so. I've had a number of girls obsess with my baby blue eye, it was one of the best things about me.
I've had a number of girls obsess with my baby blue eye, it was one of the best things about me.

What do you mean, your eyes were the best thing about you? You sound as if you have changed the colour of your iris.
When I had my hair permed, I used to get told that I looked like Elizabeth Shue all the time, even though I have brown hair and brown eyes and she's blonde. I do, in profile and 3/4 profile more than straight on.

And I'm more than pleased to be told that I look like "you know, that girl in Adventures In Babysitting". Smile Smilie
Ive been told by friends that I look like Nicole Richie (off the "Simple Life") but I dont think so lol
This one is unbelievable but I've been told that I look like Ralph Fiennes. But still I'm glad not to be compared with that blasted son of a witch Hairy Potty.

Now I don't want to look like Ralph too because the news reached my ears that he's acting in one of the Potty movies. Why? Why am I not left alone by Hairy Potty? *boohoo*
Why? Why am I not left alone by Hairy Potty? *boohoo*
Mayhaps there is something about your appearance that resembles Professor Snape. That's meant to be a joke son, not as an insult. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I've heard from several people that I look like Winona Ryder..To some point I agree, but I only look like her when I have short hair, and I haven't had that since I was..15? Oh well..
This is as one might expect. People mostly look like good looking actresses and actors. That and the more entertaining comic responses. I find I'm more interested in seeing an image of the original of the dorsal Francis the Talking Mule (which I do remember, but only on TV, not in the original release.) than those who replicate the beautiful.)

The original actor who played Adam Dalgliesh on BBC, shown in the US on "Mystery," what's-his-name, Roy Marsden. But he's better looking and has hair.
I'll tell you who I get told I looked like - MY MUM AND BROTHER!!!!! The nastiest things that could ever be said. Mum is kind of overweight and not that good-looking, and hey, who likes to look like their sibling?

But I know who I most look like in terms of movie stars. ME!!!! Well duh, I'm a movie star. I was in the school play as one of Tinkerbell's helpers when I was six!!!! Everyone else dressed up as fairies, and I dressed up as an elf. Not a Tolkien elf, one of Santa's ones. HAHA!!!! And I was in the whole school performance when this dude goes back in time and sees the first Olympics. I was Barbara Kendall. All I did was pretend to windsurf. Is that what she does, or have I remembered wrong? And not long ago I was Egeus, a fairy and Quince in our Fourth Form Midsummer Night's Dream.

Well, If Looni can become a movie start by acting in a school play, I guess I'm already an established rock star. Anybody wants autographs?
I've been told by alot of people that I look like a mix between Jay, Silent Bob and Jack Black(recently played in the movie Scool of Rock) except for the fact that Silent Bob and Jack Black are both kinda fat and I'm not, but I do play awesome guitar like Jack Black!
What do you mean, your eyes were the best thing about you? You sound as if you have changed the colour of your iris.

Well this one time i was tripping on LSD, and i gouged my eyeballs out with....

ok i'm kidding, i had a spelling boo boo... my bad.

I'm confused Lord Aragorn, you say you've been compared to potter, but yet you say you're Indian, am i correct? Potter is white!
I'm confused Lord Aragorn, you say you've been compared to potter, but yet you say you're Indian, am i correct? Potter is white!

True. But I'm whiter than most Indians. My skin is quite fair. Not as fair as the Europeans but then fair in the terms of average Asians. Well, anyways, how does skin colour matter? My facial features are like Radcliffe's version of Potter. How can I help?
Well, within the past week I've been told by five different people that I look like the girl from Braveheart -- William's wife that gets killed. Hmmm...
I don't know all people here keep on telling me that I look like Dulph Lundgren but I don't, propably it's only because I'm quite big, with short cut hair and got eastern european accent, they still must remember him from Rocky LOL ;-)

(Grondy merely removed some hard stops that messed up the format.)
I've been told today i look like John Turturro, but with brown hair.
Well in name only John Wayne !!! (Marion Morrison)

In Italy on holiday last year, a lady said I looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor (can't see it myself) but my mum is her double - always has been. Soooo maybe ..... lol Big Laugh Smilie
I used to have that dissheveled hair-style and gold-rimmed round glasses before I got fed up of being pointed at and called "Harry Potter" (especially in the lobbies of any theatre I went to see a movie since Philosopher's stone had just come out) But after that disaster, I changed my appearance.

At least you are older. I have been told about the resemblance soooo many times
and to top it all off. I am less than a year younger than him. I am the right age!!! The only thing i am missing is the British accent which of course my sister is using as much as she can 24/7 (No offense meant to anyone there) I guess it doesn't help having been hired to act in 7 plays already but still it is annoying. I did the same thing though as you, Changed glasses and people are finally atarting to learn to not call me mini potty.
but hey, I'm satisfied with being called Sean.

It is nice to know I am not the only one
I look like 'Maria' in 'West Side Story!!' No, actually, I'm not THAT hot. Close to!!! (or maybe not) But we can dream!! This is the internet, isn't it? So I look hot. Really. honest. Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
No one is doubting you or saying you are not. So... I will say you are what you want to be on and ofline and leave it at that because if I say much more i will reveal the secret on how i was able to live while being called Harry Potter Which of courseI did not live through and created a whole new outside personality and i have said too much already. and..................and................ I will shut up now.
I have been told about the resemblance soooo many times and to top it all off. I am less than a year younger than him. I am the right age!!! ........... I did the same thing though as you, Changed glasses and people are finally atarting to learn to not call me mini potty.

Aah! A brethren in the midst. I totally and completely understand your sorrow and pathos, my friend but you can only have all my sympathies for that. Die HP! Die!
I read the book then forget about it. On the otherhand my sister is a fanatic.
People have told me that i look like Anne Hathaway from the Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted. i have brown hair, but i don't think i do. One Eye Smilie
A teacher of mine said I looked like Rory from the Gilmore Girls and only called me Rory from that day on. Anyway, I can't see any resemblance, and none of my friends can... but that guy is a freak through and through, so I better not think about it.
Yeh that teacher sure is a freak, if he can sit through an episode of the Gilmore Girls... :-O

But anyway to stay on topic, i look like Ben Affleck...
Ben Affleck huh??
Some people, when we first meet say that I look like a younger Jennifer Aniston... but I don't see a resemblance... my sister is identical to her though
my sister is identical to her though

Shouldn't she be identical to you?
Ok, I look like my dad (God rests his soul Sad Smilie )... and my mom always said he looked a lot like Alain Delon when he was my age, but from the photos I've seen, I'd say only a bit... Rolling Eyes Smilie

Oh, and my brother told me last year, when we were at one of our friend's weddings, that I look like Al Pacino. (a very young Al Pacino, but still... *shrugs*) It must've been the fact I was pondering on something when he looked at me, I guess. I like both actors so I don't mind the comparison.

I am sorry for you, LA86; it's really bugging when people keep comparing you with someone you don't like! Be strong; Harry Potter will eventually end his adventures! Big Smile Smilie Winking Smilie

I don't really look like any actor, but people always ask if my sister and me are twins, which where not, some people think where twins and some peple think we look nothing alike. I think we look nothing alike, she's older and we have differnt hair colors. ~Irima-Arwen
For my last post, it's I don't look like any actress, I by accident put actor. ~Irima-Arwen
You know, it's possible to edit a post. Quite a handy tool, if you ask me.
And now a days the word "actress" is passe; they are called actors regardless of their gender, so it doesn't really matter which word you write if you are female as long as you don't look like Lassie or Mr. Ed. Orc Grinning Smilie
Be strong; Harry Potter will eventually end his adventures!

But looking at the rate at which the books are coming out, I would say there still is more than a decade left.
I read that J.K Rowling planned to stop after the seventh book or so.
I've read all of J. K. Rowlings books so far, I think she should stop writting them, maybe just end with the one coming out real soon. ~Irima-Arwen

And yes, I had just figured out how to edit a post after I wrote the correction reply, yea you probably think I'm stupid.
Dunce Smilie
I think JKR once said she wanted to write eight potter-books because of the great success. I'm not quite sure if that's true... there were also rumours about harry dying at the end, but there are no official comments, of course.
A woman on the bus told me that I look like Kate Hudson today...I don't agree, but I can't say I wasn't happy. Smile Smilie
A lot of people say I'm a short version of Liv Tyler. My hair is a little shorter though, and curly. But a lot of my friends say I have her "look." Plus, I can get really emotional and work up a fake cry, and I can nail her teary-eyed look. Smile Smilie
I think that i resemble (sadly) John Travolta
They say I look like Bernadette Peters...
I have posted earlier who I look like but going back to siblings, my Sister and myself really do look alike. We both work in different parts of the same hospital and I have had several people stare at me asking me how I moved so quick (they had just seen my sister he he) they do look really confused.

One little lady said to my sister - you do work really hard my dear (I had worked through the day and my sis worked that night and the lady was an in-patient) the lady said "but you didn't have your glasses on this afternoon". The thing is I'm 6 years older and everyone thinks she's the oldest Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Six years is quite a large age gap for identical twins; your mother must have been quite put out about the whole thing. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Imagine being in labour that long - ouch
Imagine being in labour that long - ouch

Tony Blair might have some experience with that.
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