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They just took the 't' and 'e' out of my name [Kateri] and made Kari's
I had no idea the name Kari was used anywhere else then in Norway! Its a common used name here. Kari and Ola Nordmann (Kari and Ola Norwegian) is a frase used to describe the avarage, typical norwegian. Mostly used to simplify things in newpapers and such. Like instead of "Results show that the avarage norwegain female likes apples better carrots", they can say "Kari Nordmann likes apples better than carrots." Or they use the names to show how to fill out a form or how your name will appear on you creditcard and such.

It's sort of like Tom, Dick and Harry.

KARI (1) f Norwegian
Norwegian form of KATHERINE

Mellie just edited the url to get it to work.(I hope)

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That is so cool, Amarie. I found that very interesting. Kari, spelled that way is not a very common, over here. There are a couple of actress out there that have the same name. I have no idea where they are from though. Thanks for telling me.

'Lo there Aki Hana, nice ta have you here with us! Cool Smilie
Andrea, my sister and her daughter share a birthday. Kari is exactly 19 years older than Ashlee. Their birthday is February 13, one in 1976 and the other in 1995. I think that is soo cool. What is even more amazing, is that was Kari's due date. I have never met anyone that had their baby on their due date. I asked our doctor, and he said that Kari, is the only one that has happened to since he has been in practice.

My great grandpa was born on Jan 6th, and so was my grandpa (his son), my uncle (his son) me, and my 2 of my cousins (twins). Kinda strange, but it had to happen eventually with a family as big as mine! Big Smile Smilie The weird thing was that my great grandpa died at 64 on Febuary 9th, the day I was due, and my mom had me at 26 years old!

(yes, Kari and I had the same doctor for a while. No, my parents had no imagination either, at least they used it all up on my name. They just took the 't' and 'e' out of my name [Kateri] and made Kari's. They also gave us the same middle name. Rae. What is even worse is that when we each got married, we married men with the same last initials. W. So our initials are KRHW for the rest of our lives.)

That's really neat Mellie! I wish I had a sister named after me! Wink Smilie Remember when I told you my grandma was named Kateri, I discovered it's not Kateri, it's Katima, but I was close! We just call her grandma Katie.
O, and welcome to PT Aki_Hana! Waving Hello Smilie
I had no idea the name Kari was used anywhere else then in Norway!
I first heard the name Kari in the summer of 1958 when I saw the Cinerama movie Windjammer in which the Ear Worm
Kari waits for me at home, oh Kari waits for me.
I see her standing there beside the restless sea.
Kari waits for me at home, tho' I must sail the sea.
I'm a sailor born to roam, while Kari waits for me.
It was the major song in the movie which was the record of a training cruise of the full-rigged S/S Christian Radich from Oslo across the Atlantic, through the Carribbean, to New York and back home again. I loved that song and having just graduated from high school, the movie made an impression on me.

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So is Kari just Carrie written differently or? In Norwegain its K’ri. K’rie. Something like that. Grondy knows. Wink Smilie Christian Radich is a beautiful ship.
Here is the link to pictures of the S/S Christian Radich.

You can hear the Kari song if you click on the movie link and then the bottom movie picture on the right of the resulting page. You may want to go the their home page if you want to read it in English.
*gimli checks*

Yup.. still dwarven... Wink Smilie
I am male.....and I hope no one thought otherwiseTongue Smilie
I'm a guy too.
I’m guessing most of you already knew I’m female, if you didn’t know that before atleast you do now! Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie

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Well...since evryody ask me if I'm a girl in the chatroom Mad Smilie ...I thought I could come here to say...I AM A BOY!!! Tongue Smilie
I hope all of you will read that and stop asking me if I'm a girl or so
Well...since evryody ask me if I'm a girl in the chatroom
Well my friend, if you used Florian as a nick in chat and not just Flo you probably wouldn't have that problem! Wink Smilie
Florian,that name reminds me of flowers and flowers reminds me of a girl,so I sorta thought you where a girl.... Wink Smilie
Naw, Florian is a guy's name like Dorian and Loren, but parents who saddle their male offspring with flowery names may as well name them Sue. And if one calls oneself 'Flo' then they set themselves up for misinterpretation.
Not as bad as my mates new baby they've called it Logan Tyler (as in wolvie and durden) They may as well of called Bully me please.
Loren? Don't know about that name but Florian doesn't sound like a girl to me, but I guess it depends what names you are used to and where you are from. Like Jan and Odd, two Norwegian male names wich have quite different meaning in English...

From :

ODD m Norwegian
Possibly derived from Old Norse oddr meaning "point of a sword".

JAN (1) m Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish, German
Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish and German form of JOHN.

JAN (2) f English
Pronounced: JAN
Feminine form of JOHN

Feminine form of JOHN
No thats Johnella Wink Smilie
Florian,that name reminds me of flowers and flowers reminds me of a girl,so I sorta thought you where a girl.... Wink Smilie

I thought that too Fea! Lol, that's ok though, I'll store that in my memory and remember your a boy Flo
To bad about that Florian! Wink Smilie We know your a male now!

Everyone around here knows I am a male...right?? Paranoid Smilie
Are you sure? Wink Smilie
Me? Oh yes , I am quite sure. Just as long as everyone else is! Wink Smilie
I am male.. 27 wisconsin
Thank you everyone for responding to this thread. Dont forget to either PM me and let me know your Birthdays or put them in the Party Tree.

I have 400 people on my list and 223 of them have told me their locations. lol

One is from Ank-Morpork on the Discworld too!!!

Out of all the USA people, 6 I don't know where in the US they are from but Purtell, is the only one that is from Wisconson. Wooo Hoooo!

My UK, people only 12 have told me where they live, and 16 are still a mystery.
Mellie, did you find out if anyone here was from Iowa?Happy Elf Smilie
I am male.. 27 wisconsin
Welcome to our forum Purtell; hope to see you around more often. Happy Elf Smilie
LadyF it looks like I only have 3 listed for Iowa. Can you guess who they are???
Mellie,hehe I've spent the last 10 minutes wondering who it could be and then I figured out what you where saying Wink Smilie
lol LadyF, hehehee, I think that would be your family.hehehehehee
LadyFeawen - USA - Iowa
LadyElanor - USA - Iowa
Excelsior - USA - Iowa

Does that help???

[Edited on 10/6/2003 by MelliotSandybanks]
Well, in case you don't know, as far as i know i'm female. I'll let you know if i find anything different out Big Smile Smilie
Mae govannen!

Male, 22, Romania ... If u want to know more, just ask!

P.S.: Mellie, could u, by any chance, tell me who the other Romanians are, so I may contact them? thx
Well , it'll be a big surprise for all PT, I'm sure, but I'm actually a boy!!

P.S : Mellie, where are the other french in PT??? Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
When I first came to PT in January I gave lots of confusion as to my gender because of my name, Yavanna... Yeah, that is a female Vala. But c’no is like commander in Quenya, and it is also my name in Quenya (Joel means Jehova is God or something; Commander). Anyway, I cleared everything up. When I was asked I told everyone I am male, which I am. Then after my 2 or 3 month hiatus I come back and start talking about my ex-boyfriend in my Journal. What was that? people are probably asking. I though C’no was a guy. Yeah, I am, a guy who likes guys. A guy who likes guys with a girls name? Strange. And unlike that poor orange I heard aobut in these posts I am not a fruit, well, kinda, but I'm not flamming (or in otherwords I am not so extremely gay that I act like a girl).

On the age, I am 16 and loving it. Oh, and Florian, I'm not french, but I do speak a little french. More than a little, but I'm not bragging. Anyway, hope I cleared everything up.

Nice introduction Cano_Yavanna,hope you stay around! Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie
now that is what I call clearing things up Cano_Yavanna! Wink Smilie
I’m sure that noone who has read your reply at this thread will be confused again. I hope they’ll not be atleast. Smile Smilie I hope I can get to knoe you better sometime! see you around!
Welcome back C’no, you've been missed. Now it's time to brush up on your Quenya. Wink Smilie
Thanks, I missed everyone here. I am trying to remember my Quenya, but thus far I can only remember "lanta-" and I don't even really know what it means. I think it is "to fall". Ardalambion here I come!
Seriously??? You do?? wow, I'm really impressed... but since speaking other languages than English in the forums, you could come to chat some time... I'd be glad to talk with you!!
Big Smile Smilie
Moderator Smilie Chat and Journal entries should be done in English only too, except for the occasional snippette or during the Languagge Guild's chat-room sessions. We don't want to allienate anyone by forming language cliques.

You are, however free to post your Private Messages in non-English Happy Elf Smilie
I am very new, very female, very Minnesotan, and very silly!!!! Tongue Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
ooo, and I’m very pleased to meet you HobbitHomie05 Wink Smilie hope you like PT! Big Smile Smilie
Howdy HobbitHomie05, glad to have you aboard. Happy Elf Smilie
I am very new, very female, very Minnesotan, and very silly!!!!
What a great combination! Welcome to PT! Big Smile Smilie
does anyone know any other people from Minnesota or am I the only one!!!! which I doubt is true!!!! Wink Smilie
I'm a male (Short and clear ain't it?)
Since there was one that thought I was female(do I come of as that?!?) I will state the truth here and now: I am male and a 17 year old one Wink Smilie
(do I come of as that?!?)

No, I don't know how someone thought that you were female. You certainly don't come across as one! Big Smile Smilie
Aul’,sorry about that... Elf Winking Smilie
Since there was one that thought I was female(do I come of as that?!?)

Don't worry mate, I didn't...What kind of girl could call me "bub" everytime we talk...Wink Smilie
HobbitHomie05, welcome to PT Cool Smilie
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