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Hello all! I am a female from Wisconsin and living it up at 17.... looking forward to getting to know all of you better!
welcome to Planet-Tolkien! Smile Smilie Hope to see you around...
If anyone is still wondering...I am a male.
I am a 18 year old.
I am a Michigander or a Michiganian.
Are there any other Michiganders or a Michiganians out there?
I think you can all tell by my name that I'm a female. I used to go by the name Windycloak, but then I decided it was way too nuetral, so I began using Cloveress.
*raises hand* Female.
You're female?? I thought you were definately masculine!!
But ... but ... I haven't even called myself "Lord" yet. *looks around in dismay* Not PT too!

Yesh, and for the record, "iel" is a feminine name ending in Sindarian.
Hmmmm...."lord"... that sounds like a mighty name...I might use it... Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I am Lord Ari! You shall fear me!
I am Lord Cloveress, all shall revere... wait, this sounds just a bit wierd....
yea, come back down to the ground, mighty lords! I

me is female, in case that's not known....
me is female, in case that's not known....

No. That was not known till now! And I'm a male. I think I'll make quite an ugly female Tongue Smilie
And of course everyone already knows i'm female..
I shan't ever come down and you can't make me! :P

*stares at Miruvor*
And of course everyone already knows i'm female..

We do now!!! Elk Grinning Smilie
I shan't ever come down and you can't make me! :P

That's the spirit, Rapunzel.
I'm not Rapunzel, I'm Lord Ari. Raevyn is Rapunzel, but she's not here right now. She's off being evil, conquering the world: that whole chestnut.

(Anyone want to go through this thread and mark up who's a lad and who's a lass?)

Miruvor: Are you sure you're female? Wink Smilie
Cloveress (moves up beside Din as both stand among the clouds on mount Olympus): *stares at Miruvor* *goggles* *eyes widen each moment* *gapes* *glasses fall down face*
SHOUTS: "WHAT???!!!" How can you be female? My mind vision of you was a definately-cool guy, and now my mind's filled with my grandma wearing overlarge amounts of lipstick and mascara.

Of course Vir/Mir is female, you can tell from her gentle spirit and the amount of Olando Bloom posters on the wall. And there's a nice Barbie doll-ish version of Legolamb surrounded by candles and... long, nasty needles?
*ambles to another cloud muttering* Why do I always picture people as men around 70?

Ha. I have a big poster of Legolas on a door, as well as two smaller ones of Orli as Legolas and as himself, and then small postage stamp sized pictures of him in several different movies. And an action figure of Legolas. I'm not as obsessed as I was a year ago ...
(Anyone want to go through this thread and mark up who's a lad and who's a lass?)

that would be really useful... at least for me who is very bad at guessing people's gender, age and other stuff like that... but it's a lot of work...

me is female, in case that's not known....

No. That was not known till now!

has someone expected me to be male?? Look Around Smilie that should amuse me... Juggling Smilie
If someone wants to spend the time going through this thread making the list and PM it to me, I'll split it by gender, alphabetize the two lists, and use them to update the first post in this thread. Probably I'll bump the thread to the top of the tavern to make it more usefull.
Then we can eagerly await all the replies saying, "I'm a boy not a girl."
ok, I thought about it and I think I'll try and do so... but give me a few days time... I've also got other things to do. Look Around Smilie
I'm waiting to be surprised.

And Din, you're not the only one picturing seventy-year-old men around here...
by now I've got a kinda list from this thread, but there are only about 75 members, so I'll stroll through the threads a bit trying to find more info. are you also interested in things like homecountry or year of birth? I could try to get it in... at least as much as is known from threads like the party tree or the where are you all from?-thread. and of course any kind of info is welcome, just tell me your stuff if you like to....
I think the simpler the better, for the forum doesn't recognize tab settings, and automatically makes multiple spaces single. So a many columned matrix is just too easily messed up during the transfer, speaking from experiance.
ok, so I'll send you the gender info I got within the next few days so you can put it in...
'k When I signed up I was an idot and choose a Male name
*smacks head* so just to clear things up i'm female Big Smile Smilie:
When I first entered PT I went directly to the forum and simply didn't notice the Introduce yourself section, so till now I'm being here too much of incognito and my conscience tells me it's rather impolite of me.
So,I bag your pardon. Puppy Smilie And let me use this thread to correct this situation.
I'm female, born in 1984 (it hasn't become a secret yet), in a Russian city called Voronezh (500 km southeast from Moskow).Finishing our city's University and going to get a diploma of a mathematician.
As the LOTR was first published in Russia only in 1991, my mom bought me the three books that year, but I didn't read them that time and afterwards while we were moving house the books disappeared somewhere. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost.
So I read LOTR for the first time only 2 years ago, but after that I have completely fallen in love with it. As, I suppose, all the PT members did.
Sorry for such scoffing at the topic Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
So,at last I've introduced myself. But, I heard somewhere,a wizard is never late.
yeah Tiger, what were u thinking? though could be worse, some ppl seem to think i'm male and find it necessary to ask and that's with a name like Arwen =P
Anyone besides Arwen, guess what I am!!!

Duck Smilie
(and I'm not a duck...)
An Elf!
A female frosty winter-werewolf? (I thought it more tasteful to work around the b-word here, more diplomatic, don't you know.) Elf Winking Smilie
I was thinking of a walrus...
Yay! Grondy and Dineniel are right; Clover, meesa no walrus, remember? I'm an elf!

though could be worse, some ppl seem to think i'm male and find it necessary to ask and that's with a name like Arwen =P

So you're female? Wow.
Anyone besides Arwen, guess what I am!!!

Considering your handle, i thought you were Fordaetha, Ice-Queen of R’k.
Today I edited the first post in this thread to add the gender list that Ithil compiled for us. Thank you Ithil. Happy Elf Smilie

Now if you think we have got you in the wrong niche, or if you are missing and want to be added, PM me and I'll correct or add you to the list.
im male and from England (short but i said it anyway!)
Val is male? Gosh sorry Val for, uh, the gender mixup. I keep on thinking of Val and Vee as sisters for some reason...
There are so many considerations you have to take into account when choosing a name. When I chose Valedhelgwath, which is Sindarin for Power-Elf-Shadow, I didn't think about the shortened Val appearing feminine.

Actually, as edhel is pronounced ethel, I'm in double trouble. Maybe I was a wench in a past incarnation.
I havent seen this thread before, but now that im here...
i can set the records straight for all those (if there are any)Elf With a Big Grin Smilie who dont know me, or cant tell my gender. Orc Smiling Smilie

Im male, 17 years old, and i come from Croatia.
Everyone knows you're male, Ethy, your name is just so masculine. And Val, WHOA for the naming business. Power-elf-shadow? I never thought of it that way...didn't even notice the elvish words in your name...*runs off to get the Silmarillion* But now I recognize "val" and "edhel". Man, my elvish is really going downhill...
'Power-elf-shadow' discloses nothing about a gender to me.

After all, 2 of the Power-elf-shadow Rangers were female - the pink and yellow one, i believe.
Well, this is the first time I've stopped in this thread. From what I can gather, Mir is confusing people (his lot in life), and Cloveress is confused. Clover, there's a picture of Val on the Council page...obviously male Animated Wink Smilie . And I suppose it's fairly obvious that I'm female.
Yes, most readers know that the suffix "-wen" means "maiden" in Tolkien's works.

I think that JRRT should've made it "-wench", though. That would really eliminate all doubts.
Actually, "royal wench" might fit for "Arwen."
Hey sorry to interupt your convo on wenches..... but Grondy i know that Turgon Linwelin is male and from England
Me is a Mayd from the UK - but I not on the list
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Got The Blues Smilie Very Sad Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
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