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Grondy thinks there is a household of animals living in Texas that really have done a most marvelous job in the training of their humans. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
But I love cats, too. I like the cuddle factor and that purring thing is just so calming. I'm not much for mean, violent dogs or aloof, hissy cats

I also love nice, trustful cats which like to cuddle and to purr... but my cat Maia does NOT like to be handled and I had to accept that! And it was a great lesson: I had to tell myself that she is a living being, and not a fluffy toy produced for my amusement. If I want to be her friend, I must respect her wishes!
And of course she has many other ways to showing me that she likes me! Lying on her back under a lamp just beside my computer and purring in the most delightful way is one of them... also exposing her belly to be stroked as a sign of ultimate trust... cpming when she is called by her name...

I am glad Alfirin that you liked the names of Elwe and Melian for your kitten, but of course you must see them first! I am waiting for the continuation of their story!
Cats suck. Go Dogs! Thanks Wink Smilie
Cats... You either love 'em or you hate 'em.

I hate 'em. Cat Smilie Lighening Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Shocked Smilie Disturbed Smilie Shaking Head Smilie Super Scared Smilie
Cat haters in PT!!! How horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We used to have a tortoise shell cat that we named Perc, because her bubbly purr was a little erratic like a percolating coffee pot. Cat Smilie
Lighening Smilie <-- Cat haters

Cat Smilie I have two cats, Buckley and Mary. Both female and both RSPCA rescuees.

They couldn't have more opposite personalitys: Buckley is a burly, street-wise tabby and Mary is a long hair grey tortise-shell who is frequently startled by her own shadow. Mary can almost always be found asleep on a bed or in the driveway. Buckley cannot be found unless she wishes it.

My biggest problem with Buckley is that she occasionally likes to stalk birds, although she almost never manages to catch one. We have a resident honey-eater in our garden who I think is more than a match for her anyway.

I dont think it would even occur to Mary to catch and eat a bird. Those things arent sanitary you know!

As might be expected, these two cats have a severe personality clash. If anyone has any suggestions to end conflict between cats, I would be most appreciative. Smile Smilie

Also, has anyone ever encountered a long haired cat that does not like to be brushed? It's supposed to feel nice, isn't it?
Also, has anyone ever encountered a long haired cat that does not like to be brushed? It's supposed to feel nice, isn't it?

I think they have to get used to it, maybe the brush is scary and feels strange?

We have a pitch-black shorthaired really strange cat-lady. Rescued from a cat-shelter where they named her Blackie (how imaginative Wink Smilie ). Her tail hangs over her back and almost hits her in the head instead of standing straight up, and the tip of the tail has a life of it's own. Other than that the tail seems fine. She refuses to eat her food if it has to small pieces, but eats it anyway if she gets hungry and we're not watching. She perfers the soapy water on the shower-floor rather than the fresh water in her bowl (lion by the waterhole?). She's afraid of strangers and is a bit anti-social, she never comes to us to cuddle, we have to fetch her. She also has a healthy respect for cars, the faster they go, the faster she runs away from them. But then again.. If the car moves slowly so does she. She has a reflective (is that the right word?) collar 'cause we where worried she'd get run over since she is invisisble in the dark. . Quite scary at times when she sits outside the window miau-ing and two huge yellow eyes, a red tounge and white fangs are all you see! (Fangs are the long, sharp teeth right?)

The collar has a smal bell and the pet shop lady said it would scare the birds away so she wouldn't be able to catch it. We didn't belive it would and it doesn't work either. The bell only makes sound when she runs! How rediculus! But I guess it makes some people happy to belive that their cat is just a purring fluffy pet who wouldn't kill any nice birdies even if it could. Wink Smilie

Enough rambling from me. Your turn!
I like cats, but I love dogs more. Big Smile Smilie
I would guess that anyone who hates cats has simply met all the wrong cats. Just like those who hate dogs can usually trace it back to a negative experience or experiences. Then there are the people who just hate animals in general. NEVER trust someone who hates all animals or someone that all animals hate. They are, certainly, heartless people.

I love both cats and dogs... and birds and fish and lizards and snakes and frogs etc, etc... If I had the time, money and room I'd have a veritable zoo.
mmm... kitty thread ...
I love cats. I like the way they move, they are so graceful(if not overfed)...and my kitty in particular. Puuka(Fluffy) is her name and she is a perfect stripey little angel. I thought she won't be so cute when she grows up, but she is Kiss Smilie

How was that for cat loving stretch?

I always wanted a toad. I like those brown ones you can meet in gardens... Very Big Grin Smilie

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My cat is scared of balloons!
My cat, too, Halo! To tell the truth, she (her name is Maia) is both fascinated and scared by them. And she is particularly fascinated when I am inflating the baloon with my breath in front of her. She stares and stares and stares. And then when I finish and let the air go out with that characteristic funny noise, she is yet more fascinated! It is almost as good as playing with a feather (her favourite toy!).
As for toads, Orange, you should visit my garden this summer. There was such an enormous quantity of toads of all sizes, you cannot imagine! And I had both brown ones and beautiful green ones. And on one evening I found a large toad eating voraciously cat food from the bowl of my cat!
By the way, do you know that dry cat food is a delice for tits?
By the way, do you know that dry cat food is a delice for tits?

Orc Going Huh Smilie I'm guessing you mean blue tits, or long tailed tits. Birdies ya know. At least I'm hopeing your talking about our feathered friends Orc Grinning Smilie
As for my cat (Lucy/Lulu) she's scared of most things. Especial small children. She was abused by her last owners childern, the used her as a toy car. They used to grab her and push her along the carpet, its a wonder that he legs weren't broken. Orc Sad Smilie
By the way, do you know that dry cat food is a delice for tits?

I'm guessing you mean blue tits, or long tailed tits. Birdies ya know. At least I'm hopeing your talking about our feathered friends

I like kittens but not adult cats as much. they kill little birdies and little animals. I have the equivalent to a mini-zoo. i have 2 dogs, a bunny, 2 gerbils, a pet mouse, 7 zebra fish and 1 molly fish, I also have a easternt painted turtle Smile Smilie
The Molly could be any number of species in the genus Poecilia... most likely Poecilia latipinna or maybe P. velifera. Very cool fish that give live birth. If you get another molly of the opposite sex you'll have lots and lots of babies. Of course, chances are good that the parents will eat them... Does best in neutral to slightly alkaline pH of moderate hardness. A tiny bit of salt doesn't hurt either. Omnivores that definitely need a little algae in their diet. Very closely related to guppy's BTW...

The Zebra fish I'm guessing are Brachydanio rerio. Very fast, busy fish that never seem to sit still. They like fast moving water with a neutral pH, but otherwise unpicky about water conditions. Egglayers, but they frequently eat the eggs just as fast as they lay them.

Sorry. I was bored and I like fish Big Smile Smilie
Well, I think I have already mentioned that we have a zoo too. I love all animals, and I do agree, never trust someone that your animals don't like. We have a house gecko, a mexican king snake, 2 hamsters - that just had babies tonight. Wink Smilie (so far only 2). Three Fire bellied toads. 2 dogs, and 10 cats.

I have one cat that is really skinny but soooo clumbsy. It is so funny. But two of my fat cats (Lucky and Cookie) are the most graceful cats in the world. I don't understand, but love to watch them. I only have one long haired cat, and he HATES to be brushed. But Lucky likes to be brushed.

I have 5 males and 5 females. 5 are black and white, 2 are grey and white, 1 is siamese, 2 are tabbies, but different colors tabbies.

My long hair cat is named Dax. He is almost solid black with just a touch of white in a triangle shape on his lower bellie. He has 6 claws on each of his front paws and 5 claws on each of his back paws. He also has a squeeky little meow. He likes to hunt birds, but does not usually catch them unless one of the other cats hurts the birds first. I only have 2 others that do catch birds. Only my male cats are allowed to go outside.

Well, I could go on all night about my kitties. so I guess I will stop babbling now.
WOW! Cat lovers unite. Big Smile Smilie

Then there are the people who just hate animals in general. NEVER trust someone who hates all animals or someone that all animals hate. They are, certainly, heartless people.

This is something that I have always made a point of believing. I avoid people who do not like animals, and I am wary of those who profess to like animals, but don't actually have any pets. I am always impressed by people with a large number of pets. Big Smile Smilie

There are only two types of animals that I cannot abide: spiders and ferrits (It's a long story).

Cat grooming:
I think they have to get used to it, maybe the brush is scary and feels strange?

I am using a grooming glove for my cat (makes doing the tail much easier). It is much more efficient than a comb and I thought Mary would like it, but she frowns and nips at it, just like she did at the comb. I will perservere though, since if she is not brushed regularly, she gets hairballs (yick). I believe that she may have been dumped for this reason, her previous owners too lazy to brush her as a kitten and as an adult, she would have been constantly vomiting.

Mellie: How do your dogs feel about living with 10 cats? And a snake??? How big? Is it poisonous?

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I hate dogs!Cause one butchered my cat 2 weeks ago-It took 2 hours of surgery to keep him alive and he's got a scar the size of a carrot..... ( I like cats Cat Smilie Especially when they catch mice and bring them home !!alive!! and 'deposit' them in the bath-tub! Big Smile Smilie ,like mine does.
Well, I think I have already mentioned that we have a zoo too. I love all animals, and I do agree, never trust someone that your animals don't like. We have a house gecko, a mexican king snake, 2 hamsters - that just had babies tonight. (so far only 2). Three Fire bellied toads. 2 dogs, and 10 cats. mom yelled at me for 3 hours when a few years ago i brought a lizzard home(she likes pets except reptiles and rodents( Big Laugh Smilie sorry for that,Plastic).But I have chickens,if that counts.......

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There are only two types of animals that I cannot abide: spiders and ferrits (It's a long story).

The spiders I can understand. Since discovering the extent of human suffering that can be caused by the Brown Recluse spider (necrosis of the flesh, wounds that never me, it's horrible) I've been a bit of an arachnophobe myself.

But ferrets? I had two ferrets, Kit Kat (AKA Baby) and Kody (AKA Dammit!). Alas, they've moved on to greener pastures now, but they were certainly two of the most entertaining and endearing pets I've ever had. One thing I'll say, they certainly lived up to the ferret reputation of being thieves! I used to find my boots at opposite ends of the house ( no small feat! Ever seen a 4 pound animal carrying size 13 boots? Steel toed no less!). And I once found my keychain in a windowsill. Very Big Grin Smilie

It's a common misconception that all ferrets smell bad. If they're descented (ie, have had their scent glands removed) and are bathed weekly they have no odor at all.

They also have a reputation for pugnacity. I certainly never had this problem but any animal can be made mean if it's treated improperly.

I think much of the problem comes from people buying ferrets with the impression that they are a cage animal. They are NOT! A ferret is as much a house pet as a cat or a dog and require as much, if not a little more care. The females MUST be spayed or they will die if not permitted to mate. The males should be neutered or they can be intolerable. It is illegal to own unspayed or unneutered ferrets in the US unless you have a special license to breed them.

Well, there we go, another perfectly boring Prog-post LOL!
Go on, Prog, animals are never boring, and I envy you your ferrets! I think that weasels, stoats and martens are fascinating and beautiful. I am proud to have all these three species (wild ones) in the country house in which I spent a large part of this summer. The house martens are even living in the loft of the house and are active in the night which is very very attractive for anybody sleeping upstairs!
Returning to cats, in 1999/2000 I had a fascinating experience of watching day by day the development of two young kittens since the moment of their birth during the first six months of their lives. A large part of wonderful, strange and funny events which have occurred during that period has been registered by me by a video camcorder. Unfortunately, one of my cats died young of a sudden illness (even the surgery could not save her), but the other one - Maia - is a healthy lively cat lady, with a white face under a funny cap of black, and with beautiful yellow eyes the colour of honey. When she is asleep, she looks like a pretty Japanese doll.
I learned a lot about animal behaviour when watching the development of these kittens. It was fascinating to watch how differently they perceive the world around us. How fascinating they are by all sorts of HOLES, always trying to discover what is hiding insiide - and I am sure that it was absolutely spontaneous, ands NOT an imitation of the behaviour of their mother! Some of their plays were really funny: putting small bits of meat into my shoe and then taking them away again, or hiding a bit of a calf bone (supposed to be very healthy for their teeth) on my bookself, among the books. Or putting a paw into the bowl with water and then watching how the drops are falling back into the bowl, one by one, and splash, and splash!
On the topic of people who love animals but have no pets, I think you may find that they are a lot more responsible, and better people than those who surround themselves with pets that they cannot afford to look after, and don't have the time to spend on them. I only have the one dog, but I am constantly plagued with guilt that any illness he gets is dealt with by my own home remedies (entirely improvised) as i can't afford the vets bills, and that he spends entirely too much time bored out of his mind as I'm a very busy man.

In fairness to me though, I didn't want the ****ing dog in the first place, he was kind of dumped on me, and we do muddle through alright considering, and I have gotten awful fond of him over the last 5 years or so.

However, back on topic, I find animal lovers without pets to be perfectly trustworthy people, and in fact more so than those people you see who have houses full of stinking, skinny as hell, howling pets that scream neglect at you just cos they love their animals so much. Most of them would be better of being put down (not a joke for once).
I am actually also a petless animal lover, because my paremts "borrowed" my cat Maia and are VERY unwilling to give her back 9arguing that I am working too much, and she would be unhappy during my absence). Of course this is only a half of the whole truth, they are simply so fond of her that they want her for themselves. And as I can see that her company makes them much good, I accept that situation.
I rather agree with Plastic - if somebody is trying to make happy too many animals, sometimes the whole business ends by making them really unhappy. One of my friends has a friend who is keeping 15 cats in a very small flat. They all must get pharmacological treatment for calming down, otherwise they would fight all the time...
I rather hope that your dog won't be seriously sick, he is still young... but if I were you Plastic I'd start to make economies to lay aside the necessary sum... just in case... Big Smile Smilie My cat Maia had a very serious renal problem when she was still a young kitten and I paid quite a lot to the vet for her treatment... but I am rewarded so muich by seeing her healthy, happy, playing with all sorts of objects and evidently enjoying life very much!
Call me a heartless git, but my Dog's so old now that I kind of view it as a bad investment, why prolong the inevitable? You can't get pet insurance on a dog over 10 now (Rambo's 12 now) and he's had a pretty good life really, I just feel I could make it better than I do (a lot like working single parents must I'd imagine). If he were a younger dog then I'd have him fully insured, but as it is, I expect if something really serious happened to him I'd get the money from somewhere, like I said, I'm really very fond of the old fella.
I know exactly where you are coming from Plaastic.
The last time my cat, Sindal, got sick I went prepared to have her put down and out of her misery, as she has ongoing health problems due to her age. I took a little box for her remains and lots of kleenex for me. Well, the short and long of it is I came out with Sindal very much alive and my bank account skinned. I hope the poor dear thing just dies in her sleep some day, because as long as there is breath in her, I will undoubtedly trott her off to the vet. And believe me, they see me coming. Sad Smilie
At one time I used to have seven tropical aquariums with around a hundred fish and also had about twenty white mice. The male mice I used to keep in an open topped wooden box, and I was always amazed they never escaped. On morning I discovered the truth, however, and found all the mice were using the whole room as their cage, and were returning to the box to sleep during the day. This arrangement worked okay until I discovered the females were doing the same thing and I was suddenly faced with a population explosion.

Now that I work at sea for up to a week at a time, I am unable to keep pets because I think they might starve to death between meals.
That made me think about my clever ants. I had once in my lab a large colony of African ants which were supposed to live in a set of large artificial nests. And it were so during the daytime! But on one very late evening (almost at midnight) I discovered that when the light is out they are going out quietly out of their nest and are roaming freely in the lab and even going outside to the main corridor! And then in the morning they were always back in their nest, kind like little lambs... Happily there was no risk that they would breed outside the nest, because only workers went out and anyway the whole bussiness stopped in winter... vut you would never guess from their behaviour during the day how very nassssssty they were during the night!
I'm glad most of you like cats, cos I just love 'em! I like dogs too, but only the bigger ones. The little nasty ones can go to hell for all I care.

I have one lovely big cat called Sam, he's about 9 years old and he's black and white. He's normally just lazy, but nowadays he got back alive apparently. He actually succeeded in breaking one of my mum's best vases, but never mind. Big Smile Smilie He's fun and cute and fluffy and cute and elegant and cute and smart and cute. Big Laugh Smilie
Go on, Prog, animals are never boring, and I envy you your ferrets!

Prog has Ferrets? COOOL! I love ferrets, my dad keeps them and takes em to shows and writes newspaper articles on them. I used to have two of my own, Twinkle and Cinders (aka Cinderella, queen of stench), but they got old and died Orc Sad Smilie
Prog has Ferrets?

Prog HAD ferrets. Mine too, got old and died.
BTW, you can see a picture of my cat, China, in the thread "What do you look like?" which Plastic was kind enough to host, despite his disdain for felines. Thanks Plastic!

She's the one between the two pics of the ugly guy and right next to the terribly overweight dog who is, in fact, named Taz.

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Okay you guys, you asked for it.

Allyssa's ferrit story:
When I was a little girl (did you guess this is how the story would start?), my Grandmother kept chickens in her back yard (she lived in a country town, where this is allowed). She was a farm retiree, so having livestock really meant a lot to her. My grandmother was a kind, gentle soul and kept her chickens solely for the eggs. She also had a pet bantam rooster, that had flown in one day and never left.

One day new neighbours moved in next door. They kept ferrits for the purpose of hunting - they were not pets. One night, the nasty little brutes got out.

The loss of the chickens was not really such a tragedy, they are, after all readily replacable if looked on as a commodity. But I shall never forget how upset my Grandmother was, having found the chickens and the bantam that she regarded as pets with their throats torn out.

I don't know whether you all consider that a valid reason to hate ferrits, but it is a strong basis for me.

Now, about my cats. Buckley is aporximately 5 years old, and Mary is three. They still hate each other, but touched noses for the first time recently. I am taking this as a positive sign.

Does anyone have any clues for stopping cats from clawing furnature? My previous cats werent clawers, but Buckley is a demon. She even does it to provoke me, I am sure. If I am late with her breakfast, she takes it out on my lounge or best rug. Sad Smilie
The reason why ferrets were originally domesticated was for pest control on farms...mainly rats and mice....better than terriers I hear. But my ferrets were not trained that way and they wouldn't have hurt a fly. Like I said, it depends on how an animal is raised and trained. Dogs, especially terriers, have long been used for the same thing. And don't you think if a cat was large enough and so inclined, it would kill a chicken as well?

Anyway, as for the clawing problem, China is declawed. I know, I know, some people say it is cruel. But she really doesn't seem to mind at all. I felt horrible when she came home from the vet though. Her paws looked terrible! But they healed up, she's fi9ne and so is my furniture Big Smile Smilie
I can imagine very well your childhood shock and I understand now fully your feelings about ferrets. When I was a small child, I was shocked in a similar way: with my brother, I happened to be close to a place where our neighbour was killing two chicken for food. Result: a permanent psychical trauma. To this day both myself and my brother never eat chicken meat, unless it is absolutely inevitable!
As for clawing, my cat Maia is a hopeless case, keeps clawing at everything she likes, and we can do absolutely nothing about it! This summer she invented a devilish method of making me stand up from my chair before my computer and opening her the door to the next room. When she discovered that even the most desperate vocalizations are inefficient, she started to steal close to me and then suddenly jump and thrust her claws into my thigh. When that technique proved to be successful (I finished always by exclaiming some prophanity, standing up and opening her the *** door), she gradually perfectioned that technique and finished by stealing quietly to my side, then suddenly jumping up and thrusting her claws into my waist, and during a short painful moment dangling at my side and tearing my poor flesh with all her 4 kg weight! And she had such an innocent face! I think that she really thought that my wild squeals are quite amusing! The only thing to do was to grind my teeth, tell her very solemnly that she is a BAD cat, and NOT to open her that door! Luckily, she learned rapidly that I am not letting her to manipulate my any more in this way and she stopped doing it... and I learned to make more attention to her vocalizations and let her out before she starts her dirty tricks!!
I LUV DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like cats all that much but thats bcuz our neighbors is scary and always hisses at every1. my dog acts sorta like a cat but more like a dog cuz he's sweeter than cats!
do we have a dog thread on this website? if we dont, then i'm gonna make 1!
I LUV DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like cats all that much but thats bcuz our neighbors is scary and always hisses at every1

He probably doesn't like dogs... Wink Smilie Most of the cats are nice and some of them even friendly.
My cat likes to play fetch like dogs do. Not with ball though but with piece of wire. When she wants to play she puts it by my feet and says 'maa' or something...
Her vet said something about cleaning cat's teeth. It sounded kinda stupid so I didn't pay attention to it. Poor cats who experience it. What do you think?
RE Cat Clawing Furniture: A True Story

Our cat Perc took a liking to the green velour seat coverings of an antique settee and chair set, that my then mother-in-law had loaned us when we had first set-up our new home. When I say a liking, I mean as a favorite place to sharpen her claws. Needless to say, this was a situation that couldn't be long endured, so we took Perc to visit the Vet, and left her there over-night with written instructions to remove her front claws only--the rear ones being necessary for self-defense. Time passed...

... And the hours continued to tick by. The next afternoon we received a phone call from the Vet, who said that when he opened her up, he found she had already been spayed. We acknowledged this, saying that he had accomplished that operation on her, only two years previously. The next day we retrieved poor Perc and a week later she was up and about, as good as new.

Oh, how did the story end? Well, let's see, a couple weeks later, Perc had her front claws removed by that same Vet, and we continued using his services on all our pets. However, for some reason he never sent us the bill for that declawing nor for the aborted second spaying. We did have to have the furniture set re-upholstered before we returned them, but the cost was comparable to the original estimate for the declawing; my mother-in-law remained happy; and I have had a very funny tale to tell--always leaving the Vet un-named out of kindness to dumb animals. Elf Winking Smilie
De-clawing just sounds soooo....painful. I think I will try lavender oil. Big Smile Smilie
Not only vets do such things, Grondy, alas!
I was once waiting in the corridor in an urgent medical aid building (I had to make a rtg photograph of my foot - there was suspection that I broke a bone). I waited anxiously for the "sentence" of the doctor and then I have seen (and heard) the following scene: a very angry middle-aged man was waving his rtg photograph in front of a very annoyed medical sister.
"This is not my rtg, sister! You gave me a wrong photograph!"
"I repeat, mister, that you are mistaken! This is YOUR photograph!"
"How can it be MY photograph if I had a photograph of a broken leg, and you are giving me now a photograph of a SKULL?"
This was EOD of course (the sister went at once to search the photograph of his leg!) but I thought that the man had much luck to get a skull instead of a leg! If he had got another leg, nobody could see the error!
guess we dont have a dog thread on this website? fine then i'm gonna make one rite now!
Ok, I am going to try one more time to leave a post on this thread. In the last 3 days I have tried 3 times. Today is my 4th attempt. Something has happened each time, and it has just disappeared into cyberspace. I don't know why, and not sure I want to know either. I will admit once it was my fault, I clicked the back button instead of Post Reply. I know not very bright, but you have to remember I am a blonde sort of. lol

Allyssa asked if our snake was poisionous. No, Ra is not. I would not allow that in my house, with a young child. There are a couple of pics of him on Matthew's website. Ra was my Christmas present to Matthew 2 years ago.

My dogs and cats get along for the most part. There are a few problems but not too many. I put most of that in the dog thread that Crystal started.

In my first post here, I state "I have 5 males and 5 females. 5 are black and white, 2 are grey and white, 1 is siamese, 2 are tabbies, but different colors tabbies. " That is not entirely correct. I only have 1 tabby, the other is a calico. I knew it was wrong when I wrote it, but I could not figure out where I screwed up.

Allyssa, I am sorry that you had such an awful experience with ferrets. The tame ones that are pets are much nicer than the ones that killed your grandmother's chickens.

I also have a ferret story, but mine is kinda funny.

I have never owned a ferret, but one of my ex-boyfriends did. Tim had a blonde ferret that he named Kiki. She was sooo cute, and I just loved her to death. One day, he had taken her to the vet, and afterwards, came to the store, where I was working. I was the only one there at the time, and there were no customers in the store. So, I was playing with Kiki, when a man came in. She had gone done the inside of my shirt and was crawling back out when this man saw her. He was 6'3' or 6'4', weight-lifter/football player and almost as wide as he was tall. All muscle, and no fat on his body. He wore a size 18 shoe, and I am not kidding because I had to find him a pair. The man could have stepped on my head. Anyhow, when he saw Kiki, peaking out of my shirt he, freaked out. He started stammering "Whhhaaattt issss thhhaaaatttt?" I told him that it was not a rat and just a ferret, named Kiki. He would told me to get it away from him and almost started crying. He was shaking so bad that I was really worried about him. I had to give the poor ferret by to Tim, and make sure they left. Afterwards, I went in the back and got the man a glass of water and a wet cloth to put on his head. It took him a good 5 -10 minutes before he was breathing normal again. I have never seen anyone so scared of an animal before in my life. Especially not a full grown giant of a man. That is something I will never forget Ever!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to have a ferret, because I do like them, but like everyone said, you can have too many animals. We can take care of the ones we have now, they are all healthy and none of them are neglected, but there is no way that we can afford anymore. We have reached our limit.

Thanks Eryan!
Elwe and Melian do sound quite nice... But I do prefer to see the cat first and then name them - so I'll let you know how it turns out, ok?
Wink Smilie
Oooooh! Cats and dogs! I love cats and dogs! Their delicious! Anyone for some sweet and sour kitten? How about cruchy dog legs? Heh-heh-heh! Smoke Smilie

Sorry, couldn't help it. Actually, I love animals. Some are dinner, but not cats or dogs. For myself, I'm a big guy, 6'3", 250 lbs, bearded and furry, kind like Beorn. I also tend to howl at the moon... but I digress. I very much tend to like bigger animals that can play. Mastifs, St. Bernards, Labradors. I love the playful, loyal attitude of dogs. But I love cats, too. I like the cuddle factor and that purring thing is just so calming. I'm not much for mean, violent dogs or aloof, hissy cats.

I had 2 dogs, a Lab-russian wolfhound mix. Yeah, he got real big. Called him White Sox, He was gold with a white belly and 4 white paws that the white went half way up his legs. He had a rust-red stripe on his back that lead to black tipped tail. He was big and dumb, but loved to play! Really friendly. Really good at frisbee and rabbit hunting, too.

My other was Streudel. She was a beautiful black and cream white huskie-shepherd mix with electric blue eyes. Loved folks and other dogs and loved to play. Incredibly strong. She saw a dog in the lake once and as big as I am and as hard as i tried... Despite my best effort, I went into the lake. It was funny. She was only 40 lbs. All sled-pullin' power. All wet owner.

*sigh* I miss my puppies.
Returning to cats and their claws... Do you know that cats have scent glands on their paws? The secretions of these glands are used for territory marking. Luckily we humans cannot perceive this as an odour (and luckily we cannot perceive as well yet another secretion, produced by scent glands located in the face!). When a cat is thrusting his claws into the leg of his owner, he is actually showing him much affection - he is marking him for his own!
I am bearing on my body plenty of scars of cat claws (made mostly by my kittens when they were still very young and very playful). They used to climb up my legs like if I were a tree, or to use my face (when I was asleep) like a starting platform for particularly daring jumps (I did NOT like it, but what on Earth could I do?). For me a cat without claws is like a rose without thorns - claws and cat clawing are just a part of cat nature!
For me a cat without claws is like a rose without thorns - claws and cat clawing are just a part of cat nature!

Which is why I can't fathom why people keep them. Smile Smilie
A happy cat purring when caressed and a happy dog wagging his tail and looking at you with loving eyes... both of them make me happy, too!
They still hate each other, but touched noses for the first time recently. I am taking this as a positive sign.
Nose-touchin IS a good sigh Allyssa! They only give eskimo-kisses to someone they really like. Maybe peace is near? Wink Smilie

My Blackie has never clawed up our furniture, just a couple of "am I alowed to do this? I'll give it a try". She has never clawed us either! (maybe because we got her when she was 3-4 mounths old so she wasn't as playfull). She does however love to claw the plastic-lid on our laundry basket (but that's allowed). She is outside when we are at school and a few hours befor we go to bed. She needs her claws to teach those teenage neighbour kittens a lesson and to hide in the tree when the big black and white male picks a fight with her.

Cat's also mark their owner in a less painfull way, they have scent glands in their face (by the ears?) and ( I think) by their tail too. So they do that nice sneeking and rubbing against your feet to mark you as theirs. "This is my human, it came to me, it's mine, my prrrrrrrrecius." (Sorry, just HAD to write that.. I think it's an illness.. Tongue Smilie )
"This is my human, it came to me, it's mine, my prrrrrrrrecius."
Yes, we do not own our cats, they own us. Happy Elf Smilie
Cats definately own their humans! I think my two might be fighting for possession of me, since Buckley has claimed my son and Mary my daughter; that only leaves me to fight over. Big Laugh Smilie

I fear that peace may still be a long time comming, since they were hissing and chasing each other this morning. At least Mary is beginning to fight back instead of just cowering under my bed. I am hoping that eventually this will evolve into mutual respect and tollerance. Wink Smilie

Another 'cat-issue' I have at the moment is moulting (southern hemisphere-ians only at this time of year). Even Buckley, who has short hair, had two handfulls-worth removed with the grooming mitt. I was shocked - nearly enough to make another cat! Just goes to show you, even short hairs need a brushing now and then. all I need is a spinning wheel and I can make myself a nice knitted scarf or something. Big Laugh Smilie
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