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Ok-to be short-my cat caught a mice,'deposited'him in the trash can,s****ed in the kitchen and then climbed up the table and chewed on my sandwich.he's starting to get on my nervs.

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This summer I collected quite a lot of "cat wool" when brushing Maia. It is so delicate, I also need a spinning wheel! I am not joking, I heard about people which actually HAD knitted scarves out of cat wool!
Yes, Grondy - cat possess us and not the inverse! I one cread that an ideal cat owner is someone who is wholly willing to become a devoted slave of his cat - and he will be rewarded by having a kind, benevolent master!
An old joke about the difference between cats and dogs... you must know it, but I will repeat it, "just in case"...
A dog: "These people are so very kind, they take such a care of me, they are giving me such nice food and everything I want... they must be gods!"
A cat: "These people are so very kind, they take such a care of me, they are giving me such nice food and everything I want... I must be a god!"
Cats... nearest thing to GOD on legs..or so THEY think Wink Smilie

My Bobbi is a manx, 11 months ew days ago..oh dear I forgot to celebrate it. No wonder she is sulking.

Bobbi shares a website with a few cartoon pics, dog photos etc.

She is my pride and joy and life would be meaningless without her.

Her antics are legendary in our circle of friends, from chasing the dogs, to ruling the roost. Bobbi is all character.
Very cute, star... Big Smile Smilie And I think you might be able soon to see a piccie of my own cat on Plastic's site. I think... Smile Smilie

Remember a Garfield cartoon in which both Garfield and Nermal (the little cat) appear. So Nermal says to Garfield: "You got it all for yourself here, haven't you?" "Oh yes," says Garfield, "Jon feeds me, strokes me, cleans my cat-toilet and my basket." "And what does he get back for all that?" "He can call himself my 'boss'." Very Big Grin Smilie Just what cats are like... Big Smile Smilie
I had a cat called Bob... till he got run over... *sniffle*
But I'm getting 2 kittens from the RSPCA soon - 1 girl and 1 guy... any name suggestions?

Oh - and speaking of cats reminds me of my all time fave book when I was little: 'My cat likes to hide in boxes'
*the cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway, but my cat likes to hide in boxes!*
I love that book!

*goes off singing - the cat from spain flew an aeroplane, but my cat...*

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Here's somehing:

A cat and a dog:
the dog:-wow,these humans,they feed me,they take care of me,they protect me...they must be gods!
the cat:-wow,these humans,they feed me,they take care of me,they protect me.....I must be God!

the cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway
Poor cat! I know a kitten who got stuck in the doorway.. Didn't survive.
The cat from Norway got killed in the doorway, but my cat likes to sleep in a laundry basket lid. (Yes, I'm from Norway. And my humor is lousy this early in the morning, sorry.)
What about Tolkien names for your kitten Alfirin? For instance, Tuor and Idril? Or Strider and Arwen? Or Sam and Rosie? Or Elwe and Melian? (Beren and Luthien won't do I'm afraid... somehow I feel they are not fit for the cats!),
I swear that when I buy a new cat (when and if that is) it'll be called Luggage. Very Big Grin Smilie

I like Figaro for a cat. Or Chopin. Or even Wizzie. (< Wizard)
My Grandad used to have a cat called Elvis,. It was the most vicious and evil thing I have ever meet, No birds would land in there garden as it used to kill them, dogs crossed the road when they meet it (I once saw it attack and best an German Shepard) and it used to stalk post men across the roof tops and claw them. My grandad was a postman and had to collect his own post as they all refused to deliver to his house while it lived.

Rabbits are cool though and there nearest eveloutionery relative is the cat as they are leoporids! My rabbit Sprout is alos Vicious and evil. She protects my dad from the family and even though she is female try's to hump his arm. She is a two foot mass of Muscle, teeth, claws and dewlip (old english rabbits have a fat pouch under there chin).
Can't be doing with greesy fured smelly dogs though don't mind them if there clean though.
it used to stalk post men across the roof tops and claw them.

Rabbits are cool though and there nearest eveloutionery relative is the cat as they are leoporids! My rabbit Sprout is alos Vicious and evil.

Stalk postmen!!! Yikes, i'm staying away then.

And Sprout? Tell me do you read a lot of Robert Rankin books Ross?

And my greasy furred smelly dog has just gone off in a huff. Oh well, might wash him tommorrow...
And Sprout? Tell me do you read a lot of Robert Rankin books Ross

Nope all my pets have been named after foods with the exception of my first Rabbit Bilbo(was meant to be samwise but my brother is thick)we had to sneak her home when my dad finally discovered her he said it was to cold(in July!) so she became a house rabbit and was renamed Dumper (guess why?)

Since then I've had two Ducks Cheese and Quackers (I know terrible pun), Three Guinea Pigs Turnip, Biscuit and Humbug and two Rats Porridge and Syrup. Plus the evil one Sprout ruler of the living room carpet.
it used to stalk post men across the roof tops and claw them

Don't worry Elvis Died about ten years ago, birds now land in the garden. I'm also guessing you're a postie?

Taz put my cat on the internet! She's so cuteSmile Smilie

[Redigert den 29/11/2002 av Amari’]
Such a cute pic, Amarie. I am tempted to caption it: "Just keeping an eye out for the Nazgul".
Hahaha! You do that! Big Laugh Smilie
Hahaha! You do that!

Yeah I'm male and it might be the lord of them.
Haha! Lovely picture Amarie! You have a cute cat! Cool Smilie
Yeah I'm male and it might be the lord of them.

She doesn't like strangers, so he'd run away from you no matter who you are. Wink Smilie
No mine doesn't like that either. Weird isn't it? He likes all attention he can get, but not from strangers. Cats are weird. But fun! Big Smile Smilie
My Maia doesn't like strangers, too. This autumn I had a visit of a couple of my freinds from England, great lovers of cats. On one evening we were all in our garden until it was very late and dark and finally we decided to go inside. Jenny came to fetch Maia and to my great surprise Maia allowed Jenny to take her in her arms and to bring her home. And them when already inside she suddenly discovered that she is in the arms of a stranger! She hissed, made a horrible Nazgul-like screech and a strike with her forepaw, and then jumped away in great panic. Happily, Jenny was not touched by her claws, and she understood very well her fear. I must add that as a young cat Maia had quite a lot of very bad experience with strangers as she needed quite a lot of vet treatment (had a renal problem which was mistakenly diagnosed as epilepsy!). Now all is over and she is perfectly healthy, but still she is very distrustfull of strangers and of medicine smells!
Had it with Cats, all last week my girlfriend's Cats have been stealing Rambo's doggy biscuits, and he won't stand up for himself. Poor doggy...
(Yeah Ross, I'm a postie)
Poor Rambo! But you WILL show us the piccie of the cat of Tommy, Plastic? She is waiting so patiently! Big Smile Smilie
I thought it was cool that the Pheonicians defeated the Eygptians by using cats as shields. Cats were that holy to the egyptians that they laid down there weapons rather than risk striking a cat, they were promptly slaughtered. My solution to the problem take rubber swords then you wouldn't kill the cats!
My solution to the problem take rubber swords then you wouldn't kill the cats!
But had the Egyptians won the battle over the Phoenicians, we wouldn't be here today because all those butterflies wouldn't have been able to flap their wings. And then who would feed all our poor hungry kitties?

Angry Elf Smilie Thou must not mess with time: Transmatting rubber swords into the past to change the outcome of a battle and the subsequent history, is against the precepts of the Campaign for Real Time*.

* For information about the Campaign for Real Time. see Chapter 15 of Life, the Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams.)
Thou must not mess with time: Transmatting rubber swords into the past to change the outcome of a battle and the subsequent history, is against the precepts of the Campaign for Real Time*

Drat foiled again, I've just bought share in the really lethal rubber weapons industrie, can I interest anyone in a rubber spear, trident, tank, no anyone anyone.
No wonder the Egyptians thought the cats were gods, siddenly their foodchambers were rat- and mice free and the cats walked around without a sound, all calm and kingly-like. Wink Smilie
If we are speaking about cats and ancient history, one of the most disgusting stories of hatred and revenge is cat-related: once upon a time a mighty Persian eunuch Bagoas ordered to kill the king and then to use his bones to make knife shafts and to give his flesh as food to palace cats!
Well, how nice of him to think about the hungry kitties in all his bloodlust.. *shutters*
Well that's a perfect example of positive thinking and always trying to see the bright side Amarie! Big Smile Smilie
I just had a look at your cat Amaie, it's a net curtain nelly, well metal blinds.
Yes it is Ross, I allredy knew that. *teasing*

We had to keep them down and closed all the time, becuase when the owner upstairs and their vistitors parked right outside our livingroom and could look us straight in the eyes. Not very pleasant.. And they came and they went ande they came and they went.... I never thought it was possible for one family to drive that much in one day!

But now we've moved to the city. Here we have no traffic, no need for blinds, a wiew of the fjord and mountains, a little grassy lawn and sane house-owners. And two neighbour cats who seem to belive they live with us no matter how often we throw them out..
I have a new Guinea Pig Yogurt (who I rescued - yeah) and a view of the river Irwell (prototype of the river Ankh)
I love cats and dogs!
We have 4 cats: the oldest and friendliest one's name is Tumbles, he's 15yrs old and when you pick him up he puts his paws round your neck like he's hugging you AND he can purr and meow at the same time. Our cutest cat is 9months old, her name is Figaro Smile Smilie and she looks just like pinoccio's cat Figaro.
My Cat Likes To Dane To The Beach Boys... Orc Going Huh Smilie

I'll be sure to tell you the full story later... No I must go visit a sick friend. Bye! Smoke Smilie
Thats kind of weird all my pets like music as well, My Guinea Pigs all chirrup to New order my rabbit grunts to the beatles and my rats both used to squeak to the pixes!
I had once a boxer female dog (I won't write a "bitch" because it won't pass anyway!) who was simply mad whenever I played a sort of toy plastic trumpet. She was at once howling in a most funny way and we made a merry band together!
Look, it seems that the word "bitch" will now pass the filters! But perhaps it will disappear once posted? W will see!
My friend has a dog tiggs who used to howl if you did, it was cool you would spend all day laughing at it just howling along with you!
Hi cat lovers!
Go and see the pictures of the cat of Tommy! The link is in the thread "What do you look like?") in the "Prancing Pony".
I love seeing all these animal stories. Not sure where to post this lillte story. It goes either in the cat thread or the dog thread or even both. It has both types of animals in it. Well in the dog thread I posted that we had a NEW addittion to our family. No'L is a 9 week old puppy (see dog thread for what type and why we got her, if you are interested.) Anyhow, Matthew was afraid to sleep in the bedroom with me, since our large dog Nala was in the house while it was raining. The first two nights we had No'L he slept on the couch to make sure there were no fights. The 3rd night Nala went back outside. He was still kinda afraid of how she would do if he slept in the bedroom with me and she did not have anyone to cuddle. So, to solve that problem he brought Jett (another dog) and No'L into the bedroom. Normally, that is a NO! NO! for Jett. But Matthew was worried about Jett getting jealous of the puppy. I woke up to get something to drink about 5 am and looked at our water bed, and really had to fight not to laugh and wake everyone up.

Matthew was asleep in the middle of the bed, No'L had been between us. When I got up I had to move Freeloader (a cat) who had been asleep on the other side of me. Stray Cat was asleep on the other side of Matthew's head on the pillow with Jett just as close to Matthew as he could get, just inches away from Stray Cat and Cookie Monster (another cat) at the foot of the bed. It was really funny because Freeloader, Stray and Cookie are in the bedroom, because they don't always get along with the other animals in the house. And Stray and Jett hate each other!!! When I crawled back into bed Freeloader got right back in his spot next to me. None of the others even noticed that I had gotten up, and the bed was really warm and cozy.

There were no fights and no messes in the bed room after everyone started waking up a few hours later. I was just amazed. I wish I had been awake enough to think of getting a camera for that. It would have been priceless.

Last night, Matthew slept in the bedroom and Nala, outside, and Jett and No'L in the living room. There was much more room on the bed. So, I think Jett and No'L will be ok from now on together.
It is always nice, to see cats and dogs living in harmony! When my kittens were still very, very small, I kept them in my room in the country house where I am spending summer. Our neighbour has a dog, a very nice corgie, who is so fond of my mother that he is spending a lot of time with her, in our house. He is very nice and friendly, but nevertheless I thought that he should not meet these very young kitten, especially when they were all alone (thei mother was often away). And on one day I forgot to shut the door of my room and the dog jumped in! I entered the room at once, greatly excited... and I found him devouring voraciously cat food from the bowl of their mother! He ignored the little cats completely!
OMG Eryan, at least the dog did not get ill. That is always a good thing.

Ok, Allyssa and I were talking else where and I told her a story about some of my cats. She said that I should share it in here. So here it goes.

Here is a story of 2 ferral (ferral means wild and not tamed) cat rescues. Both were brought to me by a male cat, named Lucky. Lucky had been abandoned (Jerks!) by his owners that had been living in the apartment below us when they moved. So, of course I was feeding him. (I am very good at taking in stray cats) Well, Lucky came up to my door, so I put out a bowl of food. He looked at it, sniffed it and walked off. I was shocked, but left the food there. About 15 minutes later, here came Lucky again, but with 4 little kittens trailing behind him. He carried each up the 10 or 12 steps to my door, showed them where the food was, sat down and waited till they had finished eating! Then he got up and ate. I could not touch any of them, and was surprised that they could eat solid food. (They were so tiny and young) I have no idea what happened to their mother, but Lucky makes a great father. lol Well, after they grew up a bit, Lucky chased the males off, and one of the kittens was killed by an aweful dog. (I cried when I found out). The last one I was able to save, I got her in my house by leaving a trail of food, to a pet carrier, and I took her to be spayed. (I even got it done free!) Well, they told me that she would have to stay in the house for 2 weeks. She decided that she liked it inside, and 8 years later we still have her. She is still ferral, and we can't pet her or love on her, like the rest of our cats, but she has relaxed around us a bit. If I can catch her in the bathroom, I can pet her and brush her, but that is the only time. She is so soft and has a beautiful purrr.

The other cat Lucky brought me was older and had kittens, I tried to rescue the kittens, but couldn't it. But I did finally get her in the house and the same situation occured. We had her for about 5 years, but she got sick and died. After she had been in the house for 4 months. She had another set of kittens in my kitchen cabinet. (I still have 2 of them) I have no idea who the father of those kittens could be. I had had lucky neutered and my other male was only about 3 months old at the time hers were born. I keep saying it was imaculant( no clue how to spell that) conception. She remained ferral until the day she died. Her kittens have grown up to be beautiful cats and are not ferral, but very loving and sweet. Lucky is still around, and every time a new animal comes in the house he takes care of it. I wish a lot of human father's (some mothers as well) would take lessons from him. He is the BEST parent an animal could have. He likes dogs too.


Oh, the first cat in the story, her name is Brown Mama. (I know not a very good name, but we were not going to keep her and did not want to get attached) Well, she jumped in to my chair with me last night. I was so excited, and it was really hard for me not to move. She sat on the arm of the chair and just looked at me. I gave her a piece of shrimp and after it was gone, she got down. You would thing that after having her for 8 years, I would be able to pet her. At least she got in my chair. I was so happy.

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Go and see the pictures of the cat of Tommy
I have, and love the pictures.
a very nice corgie
a corgie, really? They are sooo cute, and not to common around here. One of my friends had one, Sugar, and she was like 16 or 17 years old when she died. I still miss Sugar a lot. She got along great with Stacie's 7 cats.
Grondy thinks there is a household of animals living in Texas that really have done a most marvelous job in the training of their humans.
I think that is a very true statement Grondy. We don't own them, they own us! At least they are well taken care of and happy and we surpisingly have very few fights. I have a Schmoo, sitting in my lap as I am typing this by the way.

[Edited on 14/12/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
That particular corgie is absolutely sweet, the most good-natured dog I ever met! His major sin is that he is extremely voracious. However, he did not beat the record of dog voracity. That was made by another dog of our neighbour when he was still a puppy. On one memorable day he swallowed a part of a rosary of my aunt, a piece of faeces of my pet turtle, and half a jar of very strong smelling paint for painting walls! And he even was not sick afterwards!

[Edited on 15/12/2002 by Eryan]
When I was thirteen my neighbours and my family took in a stray cat Cooking Fat (reverse the initials and imagine your a northern english bloke) it used to sleep on my shed watch my bedroom and follow me on my paper round. It used to chace of any cats that came near me it was cool.
We also took in another stray It was a manx cat so we called it Douglas. One day he went missing we searched for him for days, then my mum went to do the laundry and he had been sleeping in the washing basket and wasn't very happy about being woken up.
*sobs* and *wipes tears from eyes*
I just heard the saddest Christmas song on the radio. I couldn't find an MP3 but I did find the lyrics on the net.

I love both cats and dogs... and birds and fish and lizards and snakes and frogs etc, etc... If I had the time, money and room I'd have a veritable zoo.

At my house we've had a lot of animals. Fish, birds, snakes, a tarantula, lizards, a turtle, cats, dogs, and a rabbit.

Currently we have two cats. I used to have my own cat, named Dale, after Dale Earnhardt, but he ran away, that was almost two years ago. He ran away about a week before Dale Earnhardt died. Anyways, back to the cats we still have. We have an orange cat named Tigger. He's kind of fat, and very affectionate. Once you start petting him, you better keep it up until he's tired of you petting him, otherwise he'll bite you. Our other cat is a calico, she's not as affectionate. Her name is PITA. It stands for Pain in the ***. My mom named her, cause she's so cranky sometimes. The only time you can pet her is when she wants you to. She's somewhat smaller than Tigger and she's a pretty cat, just kind of cranky.
*sobs* and *wipes tears from eyes*
I just heard the saddest Christmas song on the radio. I couldn't find an MP3 but I did find the lyrics on the net.

*Birsts out crying and hugs her own cat so hard that she nearly squashes it*
Halo: Waaaaa! I hate thats song! The kitty snuffs it! Why couldn't it have had a happy ending...CHRISTMAS IS MENT TO BE HAPPY!
Lucy the Cat: Maow! *Translation: help...can't...breath!*
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Today I was reading an article in the paper about the most popular christmas gifts for pets.

Cats: catnip filled toys, wind up mouse, toy balls, special cat food, cat christmas stocking.

So what is everyone getting their cats for christmas?
(Mine will get some left over chicken bones - and believe me, that is what they like the most.)
Don't have a cat, But my guinea pigs and rabbit will get rodent chocolate and locus beans.
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