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Never, you blasphemor!
I used to have a goldfish named 'Babbles,' which was short for a mispronunciation of 'Babelfish.' Two weeks into my fish's life, I discovered the correct pronunciation, but Babbles stayed 'Babbles' because 'Babels' just doesn't have the same ring to it. Big Smile Smilie Then my sis took my fish and renamed it 'Fishie' anyhow. (She claimed I killed her fish - also named sis is a creative one - even though she was the dummy who forgot to feed it. My poor Babbles died shortly after she took posession. Coincidence? I think not.)

Also, every year at the 4H fair, I campaigned for a rabbit, but I never got one Sad Smilie
I have a pseudo-pet bird. He is actually wild, but seems to think that my back yard belongs to him, so he almost qualifies as a pet.

He is an Australian Eastern Honeyeater. He has brown speckles, darker on top than underneath, a sharp beak, and dangly red cheek baubles. He looks so like he is wearing earings that we call him an Earring-bird. He lives in a neighbours gum tree with his harem of three females. He is fiesty and aggressive, and so far neither of my cats has ever come close to making a meal out of him. He enjoys the nectar from the flowers of my gravillea, which he defends obstinately from pruning shears.

I call him Trojan, because he clearly imagines himself 12 feet tall.
I once had two birds they were ducklings. there mother had abbandoned themn because they were ill so I took the home and looked after them. Cheese and Quackers, bad pune I know. they still did eventually die but at least they were warm and feed for a week.
I had a cockroach named Bob frequenting my flat up until my gf decided to kill it. She didn't believe me that I was keeping him as a pet. Also I have many many spiders named Boris, again, they are frequently killed by visitors. used to have rabbits, gerbils and hamsters, found that they all breed far too voraciously so I don't anymore.
We used to have a common spider who was in our bathroom named Harry. Amazingly he lived for about eight years, until I realised I was a guillable fool!
We had some mice a few weeks ago, no they weren't pets, they came uninvited. They aren't here anymore though! Heh heh heh Very Big Grin Smilie
They do Bob alot. Your a Ranger
Well, I think everyone at PT knows how my family and I adore animals. I addition to our cats and (3) dogs we also have 3 Fire bellied toads, 2 hamsters (we had 3, but one died last week. *sniff* and wipe a tear off my cheek.), a gecko and a snake. I use to have pet rats as well, but that was before I got married.
i'm glad there is another Rat love Very Sad Smilie r out there Melly, I used to have Two. Porridge and Syrup. Syrup Died off Cancer and the lonliness of losing her sister Porridge to an ear infection.Very Sad Smilie
I have a couple large (non-shiny) black spiders that live with me. I have made a compact with them:
They stay out of my people area and live in the corners except around my bed; and I won't kill them, but rather will even help them out of the tub and sinks when they find themselves trapped after going for a drink. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
So far we have gotten along splendidly. I do find a few dried husks hanging in the corners where I guess the males have had a less than happy tryst with their female counterparts. Elf Winking Smilie
You should name them Shelob and Ungoliant!
Seems like a lot of us are into bugs and spiders Big Smile Smilie
Bugs and spiders! *shudders* No creepy-crawlies for me Super Scared Smilie
Aw come on chikakat, they aren't that bad! Big Smile Smilie
I got bit by a spider a couple of months ago, imagine my disapointment when I awoke the next morning with not a single super power in sight. I continue to sleep with as many spiders in my bedroom as possible until I finally get to be a web-slinger. Here's hoping I don't need to break out the plutonium.
No creepy-crawlies for me...not that I have a problem with them-I think they have a problem with me Big Smile Smilie jk
My family has a dog (Autumn) and a cat (Mickey), both pretty boring, so about a year ago I showed them all up and bought my friend's ferret (Al). Cool Smilie He gets pretty stinky sometimes, but I don't know what I'd do without him. Very Mad Smilie
I thought Mickey was the name of a mouse, not a cat. But I guess that is about like us having a dog named after a lion (Nala) from the Lion King.

Ross, my first experience w/rats was my first semester at college. The guys upstairs from me had a rat named Spyke, and then got him a female friend named Roxanne. Well, they had 22 babies, I did not like what the guys said they were going to do with them, so big hearted me took mom and babies. I think 4 ended up dying but I found homes for all the rest and I kept mom and one of the babies. I kept a boy and named him Schokolade. I had him for about 3 years till be moved back to the states.

Then, after we got back here, I got another rat and named her Schatzi, and one named Smokey. They lived for at least 5 years or so, maybe even longer.


I don't really mind spiders outside. They are sooo beautiful some of them, and I can't get rid of Charolotte's Web out of my mind when I see one. However, I do worry about having spider's in the house, especially with an 8 year old son. If they are in the bathroom, I don't usually bother them, and let them stay a bit, but any other room and they are promptly removed from the house. I don't kill them just send them outside.

I do the same thing with geckos and snakes too.
Melly there's nowt roung with being kind hearted to animals. about 50% of my animals are rescued and you just end up loving them to bits.

At the moment near my mum's house I am going to have to kill to animals unfortunately. There are two stray dogs going round killing cats and animals in back gardens.(they also killed my best mates rabbit rebel the other week) We have rung the RSPCA and they just told us that they haven't got the time to go looking for them, so that unless some one actually manages to capture them they cant do anything. So unfortunately I will have to get them with my air rifle.

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You get snakes in your house, Mellie? Super Scared Smilie
I don't like spiders and snakes where I can't see then from at least ten feet away and don't want to be in the same county as a scorpion. Super Scared Smilie
So am I Ringfacwen but they are killing and harrasing other animals, so they have to go.

don't want to be in the same county as a scorpion

I think I have already told you of my fear of these little evil aracnids. I think I also told you all of tthe time i saw one. Super Scared Smilie Shocked Smilie
I don't mind most bugs, but I hate roaches(who doesn't?) there were some in the medicine cabinet last night,my toothbrush is in there and the thought of them crawling all over it??? Mad Smilie
Besides a cat and a dog, the only pet I have at the moment is fish... if you can really call them pets.

In the past I've had hamsters, ferrets, mice, rats and various reptiles and amphibians. No insects, although I've kept crickets as food for the aforementioned reptiles and amphibians, and drosophila which are small wingless fruit flies for the fish.

You won't ever see me near an arachnid of any kind if I can help it. Super Scared Smilie Scorpions verge on a phobia for me- I can barely stand to look at a picture of one. Fortunately there aren't many scorpions in New Jersey Big Laugh Smilie

Snakes don't frighten me in the least. But I feel for you, Allyssa. Living in Australia surrounded by some of the most venomous snakes on earth (at least, that's what Steve Irwin told me)? I'll pass! The worst we have around here are Timber Rattlesnakes (pit vipers so, yeah, they can kill ya, but you gotta really go looking for one) and Water Moccasins which are deadly but shy.

[Edited on 1/14/2003 by ProgHead777]
But I feel for you, Allyssa. Living in Australia surrounded by some of the most venomous snakes on earth (at least, that's what Steve Irwin told me)?

Yes, Prog, we do indeed have some of the worlds most venomous snakes; however we also have a fair number of harmless ones. I for one don't take any chances - any snake is a dangerous snake unless I am quite sure otherwise. Fortunately, snakes very rarely come into houses or near people.
I don't actually mind pet snakes, some of the diamond backs and tree snakes are quite beautiful.

We also have scorpions. Had one or two small ones in the house. Eeek!

We also have some very deadly spiders - The Redback and the Funnel-web. To far south for Funnelwebs, but my back shed is crawling with Redbacks.

I think that I mentioned already that there are only two kinds of creatures that I cannot abide: spiders and ferrits (see the cats thread).

I had a pet mouse once. Very cute. Used to love to run on his exercise wheel. Funny thing was when I got another mouse, and the two of them got on the wheel together. One mouse wasn't as sure footed as the other, and was frequently sent spinning around upside down by his more nimble cage-mate until he regained his footing. Big Laugh Smilie
You're begiuning to sound like the crocodile hunter. ' this snake so dangerous, that even saying it's name 'll kill me!'
animals, I have a few...

I have 4 cats. all females, and 3 siamese.
i have 3 dogs, one big, one medium, and one small Tongue Smilie
I have one Parrot, a nandae conure that loves to scream like crazy.
I have 2 horses, one half arabian, and the other one half morgan,
i have a billion and 2 guppies. (not too sure on that number, could be more Wink Smilie )
And I have one brother and one sister Wink Smilie Wink Smilie


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My dad keeps tropical fish which I think he breeds to die only when he is on holiday, he has six catfish (Grueber, Grueber, Basil, Cybil, Sideshow and Krusty) yes two Grueber's Monty Python, Then lots of Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies and other fish.
It's quite cool you see evolution in it's tracks, the guppies breed like wild fire and the swordtails eat the fry. over three generations the guppies realised that if the fry stuck around the catfish the swordtails didn't eat them because of the spines on the catfish bodies. therefore leading to about 80% of the fry surviing to adulthood.
Apart from that there a bit boring.
My guinea pigs are cool though they now know the sound of the fridge openning and squeak and squeal until you give them some vegtables, but that's why I love them so much they've got such cool personalities and they sulk at you if you dont give them anything.
Apart from my cats and dogs, I used to have silkworms (but only cos it was the 'thing' and everybody had them - I couldn't stand them)
I've also owned a hamster, a budgie, a rabbit, a duck, and a little black mouse named Goblin.
I used to keep Goblin in a fish tank with wire mesh over the top - I came home from school one day and found my cat in the tank (which promptly jumped out and raced out my room - very suspicious) and no sign of Goblin (the wire mesh, cunningly clawed off the tank, was lying on the floor) Very Sad Smilie
Yeh somebody else who has had ducks!
Right now I have Two Angelfish (freshwater) that just laid about 300 eggs. They do this frequently but they never hatch. I think the male is sterile.

I also have two Corydoras catfish but I'm not sure which species... there are scores, maybe hundreds of species of Corydoras. I can't find these little guys anywhere.

I used to have several Clown Loaches but they all eventually died. My fault I'm sure since their about one foot when fully grown and have been reported to live about 30 years. Mine were about 3 or 4 inches... maybe one and a half years old. I have no idea why they died.

My female Betta died the other day too but I'm fairly sure it was from old age. They only live 2 or 3 years... but my niece had a male that lived roughly 6 years! Ancient by Betta standards.

I have three animals all from the same race,Salamanders Smile Smilie
If I may quote myself:

Right now I have Two Angelfish (freshwater) that just laid about 300 eggs. They do this frequently but they never hatch. I think the male is sterile.

The male is NOT sterile... just about every egg has hatched and I have no idea what I'm gonna do with the fry when they start swimming (right now they're physically attached to the place where they hatched... they should drop off in a day or two). Then there's the problem of food... they're only about 4 millimeters long. Now I have to set up a brine shrimp hatchery- a mess I've been through before with guppy fry.

So, I'm a grandaddy of sorts today.

Yay me. Wary Smilie
Congrats Prog, just think this time next yaer when you buy them the Birthday pressents, you'lle be skint.
I have got this boa constrictor a few months ago, man this creature is soooo cool!! it eats live mice. Beware Plast, she love rodents!!! hahahahaha Tongue Smilie
Hullo, We had 2 hamsters in France, though the girl was always beating up the guy, so we had to give her away(we accually found the guy all in blood, one morning- she nearlly killed him). We let the guy run arownd in the living room, and he loved going in the kitchen, though we didn't let him- and one night, he was runing, and when my dad openned the door, he slipped in, but when the door shut, he got skwished in between the door and the wall- ouchy-
Now, we have a cat- without a tail- one day, when he came back from outside, his tail was hanging down, and when the vet say it, he said that it was paralized, and that there was an infection spreading over the tail, so he cut it off- so that it doesn't spread over his body.

That's about all-

Wink Smilie
Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
You get snakes in your house, Mellie?

Sometimes Allyssa, but only when the cats bring them in.

I'm going to my mum & dad's house in france on the 24th and I have to go in the loft to turn the water on. So if when I come back I'm acting even stranger than ussual don't worry I'le just be a bit rabid!
LOL, someone in the socials class simply mentionned chiken eggs, so i got reminded that when i was small, I used to always pretend that i was a blue Tiger that was born from an egg. (i curled up in the blankets, and then i'd be like mommy-pretend i'm gonna be born now- and i'd roll arownd, and come out of that imaginary egg) . So i just thought it would be cool to have that type of Tiger that was blue, and came out of eggs.

And i wanted to mention, that for some reason, i'v always wanted to have a hedgehog for a pet, i really dunno why, but i just do,,, Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
Littleirena so you too had one of the canvas jackets that strapped up at the back and a room were you could bounce off the walls!
It's great to see some other tropical fish freaks out there.
Before I moved house three years ago, I used to have seven tanks of tropical fish. Over the years I have had hundreds of them including a couple of Piranhas.

I think my favourites were a red finned shark, a pair of dolphin cichlids (who would eat out of my fingers), a pair of spanner barbs, and a huge plecostamus. I also had five goldfish which I kept in warm water and fed on raw liver. Within two years they were each about ten inches long.

After a while seven tanks began to be too costly to keep heated, so gradually as the fish died I kept reducing the number of tanks until they had all gone. Now I have no pets apart from the spiders in my bathroom and my girlfriend's little girl.
Yes Val, but when you are on the job you have one humongous fish tank all around you.
I wrote a somewhat lengthy post detailing exactly what fish I've had, have and intend to have in the future and also detailing my opinion on ferrets as pets, but somehow it was lost... AHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, I've had lots of fish in the past. I currently have lots of fish. I intend to have a lot more fish in the future. Ferrets are great.

There. That about sums it up.
I've heard that those red tailed sharks are quite territorial and can be aggresive when they get older in a comunity tank, how did you get on Vale?
The one I was talking about Rhodry was a red finned shark, not a red tailed shark. The red finned sharks are about twice the size of the red tailed ones, and are a silvery colour rather than black.

To answer your question though, and I've had both types...

My Red finned shark was territorial. It lived under a large leaf in a little hollow in the gravel, and rarely came out in the light. At night time it came for short periods to feed before darting back into its home. I had a mixture of fish in that tank, and although the shark was about 5" long it did not bother any of the smaller fish. For a time, however, I had a moonlight gourami in the same tank. It was about the same size as the shark, but it used to molest the other fish (constantly stroking them with its feelers). Whenever it did this to the shark though, the shark would attack it. One morning I found the gourami dead and can only assume it was the shark that had done it. I could not blame the shark, however, as it was always so placid unless the gourami was molesting it.

The red tailed black sharks that I have had (I think I had three over the years) did not appear to be too territorial, apart from perhaps favouring one end of the tank to the other. They too seemed fairly placid although they did not like other fish coming too close to them. They are not suposed to get on very well with tiger barbs, but at one stage I had a shoal of tiger barbs in the same tank as a shark and had no problems at all.

Funny enough all of my fish seemed fairly placid except the piranhas (one of them bit the top lip off the other one, creating a permanently scowling fish) and the dolphin cichlids. The problem with the cichlids was they kept breeding and while they had eggs, they would not let any of the other fish out from under the rocks. Because they were successful at raising their young, at one stage I had about twenty cichlids. Unfortunately they got a disease which seemed to affect them specifically and they all died.
Rhodry, the key is precisely what order you introduce them. When building a community, you should always add the more placid or timid fish first and the more aggressive last. I've never had a problem with aggression in my Angels except when they are breeding. At breeding time they'll defend a large territory with typical cichlid aggression. You don't want to place them with Neons though, since they are a natural prey item for Angels.

Discus are really a whole other ballgame but not as difficult as they're made out to be. For one, you're right, they're expensive. About $50 US. Two, they require VERY clean water. That means frequent testing for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, a really good power filter at least, and frequent water changes. You often read that they need very soft, acidic water, but that's not necessary unless you want to breed them. They also do best in a tank of their own rather as opposed to a community tank. Many people keep them with Corydoras catfish, however.

Actually, here's a really good link about Discus. It cuts right to the chase and doesn't feed you the bull that you'll find on other sites

I currently have an empty 120 gallon (454 liter) tank (from a failed attempt at a marine set up) that I'm seriously considering as a discus tank. I've been researching the topic and the above link is the best I've found. Every other site would have you spending $100's on reverse osmosis systems and wet/dry filtration... not to mention the fish!
seein's how PlasticSquirrel gave him to me and all. I have named him PlasticSam!

And I suppose you think that's terribly funny do you? Wink Smilie

And Ross, you can get one of my marvellous Cuddly Badgers if you repeat this phrase for me:

I love Peter Jackson's work, he has interpreted the Lord of the Rings Trilogy faithfully and in the true spirit of the book, there can be no better tribute to the work of JRR Tolkien that Mr Jackson's films, I would gladly be his willing slave cos he is such a great director and lovely man.

*giggles inanely....*
I am a dog person DEFINITELY! But not those little bitty ones that you have to keep in your pocketses or else you lose them or sit on them. We always had hunting dogs and my father was a wonderful trainer, we had SMART dogs. Mostly labs and spaniels, and they have all been wonderful.

My family actually has run the gamut of animals in my life. We had cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, gerbils, hermit crabs...sometimes all at the same time. My parents raised tropical fish for a very long time when I was little.

My mom thought it would be a nice little income for me and started me on rabbits once. I took very good care of them and they took care of the population of my cages very well. I had raised about 15 of them when my mom said it was probably time to advertise them for sale. So I placed an ad in the paper and when people started calling me and coming to look at them, I FOUND OUT WHAT THEY INTENDED TO DO WITH MY RABBITS. I swear that was the first time the thought occurred to me that when they left my tender loving care, they would become dinner. I was mortified and furious with my mother and I made all the people go away. We started separating the rabbits so they wouldn't breed anymore...and when the last of them died off, that was the end of my rabbit farm.

We also had a ferret...her name was Slinky. She was cute as could be but sneaky and a little naughty. One day she got out of her cage and we couldn't find her by nighttime so we all just went to bed. I found her in the middle of the night...well, she found me...well, she found my be a very good snack whilst I was sleeping. Actually, I think she helped me get rid of some of my rabbits but my mother would never confess that she had anything to do with that.

I think if I was going to have an exotic animal it would be a snake. I love snakes...pythons and such. Or a monkey, cept I have heard they catch their own poop and throw it. Is that true?

I seem to have come by a badger lately...I don't know what his name was before, him but I think I have the right to change it seein's how PlasticSquirrel gave him to me and all. I have named him PlasticSam! Does anyone need a badger? I may be able to part with him. Please do let me know if you need a badger...REALLY.
I want a badger. So you didn't take my advise on the name!
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