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so Ross, I take it you DONT like PJ?

hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... (breathein)..... hahahhahahahahahaha
hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha...wanna badger?

I also need to mention here, to free my conscience more than anything else, that once I had a goldfish, and I was drinking chocolate milk one day and I got to thinkin'...HEY! I like chocolate milk, wonder if THIS GUY likes chocolate milk...HE DIDN'T like it at ALL. Dead Smilie

Undaunted, in college I got TWO fish and named them Sit and Spin and they went on to live a long (for a goldfish) and happy life!

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...but I still may be stranger than most.
It's said that in our lifetime we will consume at least 12 spiders in our sleep so......

Whawhawhaaat? Shocked Smilie Pixie Smilie
Okay, that settles it for me, I'll NEVER go to sleep again!!
I've got an uncontrolled fear of spiders and it's so strong I won't come near the spot where I latest saw a spider in atleast two weeks. This makes it very hard for me to do my laundry since most of the eight-legged inhabitants in our house decided to settle down there. Sad Smilie

Otherwise I've got a gecko. His name is Lexy and he is really beautiful, he's got a pink stomach, a brown-spotted purple tail, his body is yellow with more brown spots and his head is partially green, partially yellow. He's got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, they are completely grey!

Then I've got three cats for the moment, including all the kittens and the other cats I've had about 30 cats all together (I won't tell you all of their names). But the kittens doesn't count, so that makes it six cats. Smile Smilie
I've also had three rats and four hamsters. Smile Smilie
I have had a sorta pet spider when i was small, he lived in the corner of the ceiling. And sometimes, he came down on my bed(top bunk)and slept on the post, i was like 5 , so i thought he really was my pet.

Then we realized that there were 2 more spiders in the bathroom, but that's when we had to leave for Canada. I accually wanted to take them along, but obviously we couldn't.

Well, now we have cockroaches, thought i'm not as exited about that, accually, i'm not exited at all!!!

Well, that's it Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
I think everybody has one of them sort of pets spider, all mine seem to be called Harry.
I used to have eight European green backed lizards, they crawl all over the place at my mum and dads house in france. One dad I saw tehm burying there eggs only for them to be dug up by the next lizard who would nudge her eggs into the same hole. So I checked that it might be illeegal to smuggal live lizards into the UK but it's not to bring the eggs back. when it happened again me and my dad picked up the discarded eggs and incubated them in lots of socks brought them home and hatched them out.
My brother let loads of the locust that we feed them escape and cause an infestation in my mum and dads estate, but they all died out in winter.
My mother has taken to raccoons lately. She lives in Texas and we have pine trees all over the place here, including behind her house. She feeds them DOG food and they come right up into the garage!

I'm a nanny and between jobs at the moment and staying with her. My mother has those things trained to eat out of her hand! Once, I sat down and put a couple pieces of dog food on my knee and the little guys raise right up on two legs and take it. They are so fun to watch. Very delicate in their motions. I hope I never get bit, seein's how I'm needle phobic.
I received an e-mail from my daughter today:
This is to announce the passing of Anomynous the Black Moor Fish, who was a friend to all who knew him. He died peacefully in his sleep (or at least, my
sleep)in the late hours of Thursday, February 20th, 2003,in his home, amidst the plastic aquarium plant. He is survived by his owner, Bonnie , and the $8 hamster she will be buying to make her feel better. There will be no
viewing, as he has already been flushed on the morning of February 21st. He will be greatly missed. I blame my mother.

Now, in my defense. I was visiting last weekend and didn't notice Anomynous in his fish bowl, I assumed he had passed away. The following morning he was happily swimming around. I made the comment "Oh, I thought he was dead." Apparently I jinxed poor Anomynous and he died 4 days later. So, we all know, Mom is to blame, right? Wink Smilie
Anyway, may you rest in peace, Anomynous. Dead Smilie
Oh! How it jerks the strings of my heart to read such a sad tale of woe. *sniff*

I bought a hamster once while visiting in Seattle as a youngster. It survived the 200 mile bus ride back to my parent's eastern Washington wheat ranch, but succumbed to our cat sometime during the night. The cat was the only one who looked happy, though she never even said "Thank you!"
I've got hermit crabs! Big Smile Smilie
That's cool, but with the way you've phrased it, just don't delete Hermit! Big Laugh Smilie
*Hovering over the edit button with an evil glint in his eye, the Skwerl amazingly resists the urge to delete Hermit*
Hahahaha.....I had a pet lizard ones....well it was a water lizard and I thought he was so cool when he was eating the crickets that we put on his back....but one morning I went to check him out and BOOM! He was completely stiff like a stick....I held him first vertically(by the tail) and then horisontally and he was like a stick....hahaha that was really sad...Very Sad Smilie
I've been given some Sea Monkeys, which are a variety of brine shrimp, to grow in the office. So far I've hatched out about thirty of them, and the largest are now about 10mm in length. I noticed today that some of them have already began breeding.

This will be Val's personal contribution to the Wash Replenishment Scheme. Having taken tons of shrimp out of the equation when I was a fisherman, it will be nice to be able to put a few milligrams back. Big Smile Smilie
All the pets I`ve ever had were:
3 dogs, 2 fish, 2 hamsters.

There you go, a short but loving list. I say that because I loved and I still do, all of those pets. One of my dogs we had to give away. The rest died except the pet I have right now. Sam, my 3rd dog, getting on in age now. He is one of the best pets I`ve ever had!

I love him so much!
I say cook 'em Val Very Evil Smilie
I've been given some Sea Monkeys, which are a variety of brine shrimp, to grow in the office.

Are those the ones that you can order from the back of Comics, and look so interesting, and turn out to be so disappointing? Biggest let down of my young life they were...
Poor PlasticSquirrel! Wink Smilie
Are those the ones that you can order from the back of Comics, and look so interesting, and turn out to be so disappointing? Biggest let down of my young life they were...
Big Smile Smilie I remember those days well, particularly when my Bazooka Joe X-Ray glasses wouldn't let me see through a sheet of tracing paper let alone a brick wall.

Actually, with these little beasties, I kind of knew what they were going to be like, rather than having a preconcieved idea of what I hoped they would be like. Consequently, I have been mildly surprised as they entertain me by swimming round in little circles.... very theraputic.

I'm getting bored of everyone coming in, though, and thinking they are the first person to spark a discussion on whether they realise the universe extends beyond their bowl.
And yet they don't look anything like little people with tridents, as they do in all my old comics, so dissapointing. And ditto with the X-ray spex Val... I've given up ordering stuff from the back of comics now. Nut I might start again now there's such a thing as advertising standards, might be interesting...
I'm distrutful of any pets that are sold on the back of comics, in toy shop's and joke shop's. Plus they maybe monkey's but you sure as Angbad can't spank them! Tongue Smilie
I say cook 'em Val Very Evil Smilie

Yeah I agree! Very Evil SmilieVery Evil Smilie
Very Evil SmilieVery Evil Smilie
Very Evil SmilieVery Evil Smilie
Very Evil Smilie Cook them and feed Gollum precioussss!!!
Yesssss! Gollum likeses the little shripses. Are they juicy sweet precious??
But what if they`re dry and scabby? Big Laugh Smilie YUCK!! But I agree give them to Gollum!
Dry and scabby shrimpses?? Don't want nassssty little shrimpses, make us sick precious.
Yeh someone else dwho keep's Rats, rabbits and Guinea Pigs!
i am right now having very nice "pets" - and they are free and care for themselves!
Well, I always wanted to have a swallow nest at my window - and right now I am having... two nests (!), one in my kitchen window, and one in my room window. They are delightful, it's so nice to see them flying so close to my room, and their twittering is so sweet! They are completely unafraid of me - they know well that I will do them no harm!
I'm currently conducting an experiment testing the effect suction dredges have on the cockles that slip through their riddles. Consequently I now have in my care 400 cockles off two sandbanks, which I am keeping in two protected areas of marsh two miles from shore. I've been visiting them daily for the past two weeks.
Did you give them names already, Val? If not, please call the nicest cockle Belinda - it somehow seems fit for a rally nice cockle! Smile Smilie
No, that name doesn't belong to a rooster. Chicken Smilie

It is the name of the hen in that story with Tik-Tok the mechanical man. Orc Grinning Smilie

Or was Belinda the Good Witch of the North. In Love Smilie

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
If not, please call the nicest cockle Belinda
Sorry, no canna do. One of my exes was a Belinda. I think if I started calling my pets that name, my current girlfriend would flip.

Incidently, of the 400, 41 have sadly passed on to cockle heaven, but the ones which have died have mostly come from the samples in which I expected to see the highest mortality. It's quite nice, on one hand to see your theories being verified, but on the other hand, it could all be quite damning for vessels using suction dredges.

It would have been nice to be right, just not quite so right.
Sorry, no canna do. One of my exes was a Belinda. I think if I started calling my pets that name, my current girlfriend would flip.

Well, it seems that it was a good day for Tolkien addicted biologists! I also learned today that the results of my current experiment on ant behaviour seem to support one of my old, old hypotheses dealing with quite another topic... I never tested it directly, and I wanted to test it on bumblebees in a quite different test situation! Such moments are really very rewarding!

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I have a bird, his names Sam-Wise! I use to have a Guinea Pig, her name was Ruby & the animal lived for 7 years 'till it died.
I have a very cute little chubby guinea pig named Oliver and my sisters rabbit I named (after me :PSmile Smilie. I named her Carie. Smile Smilie (I still haven't seen the horror movieTongue Smilie Smile Smilie) But they are both really cute Smile Smilie

[Edited on 22/7/2003 by LadyBlueAutomnSky]
I'm getting a new addition to my house hold in september. Chip, he's my antie's rabbit but they're emmigrating to Oz so they want me to have him as he's also a house rabbit. Sprout is evil and lives at my parents so he's coming to my house. He will have an addition to his name though. I can't decide between Muffin or Butty!

Go guinea pigs and rabbit's, you two should both train them to go in cat litter trays. there personalities really come out when they wander round your house.
Go guinea pigs and rabbit's, you two should both train them to go in cat litter trays. there personalities really come out when they wander round your house

We use to let Ruby out,but she left us little 'presents', in other words the world was her toliet ground. Hehe,my bro,me and my sister would chase her for like half an hour before we could catch her. She also ate our carpet.
And when we would let her out with our cats(not a good idea ),she would go and lay next to them or on them.
We had rabbits,one use to always sleep in cushions of our seats.I dont know what happend to that rabbit but I have a pretty good idea Wink Smilie
I used to have a Boa. He was about 6 1/2 feet long. I also had some pet rats. One day I proposed and I had to give the snake to my brother because I was informed I could have a snake or a spouse, not both.
Oh yes Rabbits do like carpet and wallpaper. But you train them not to munch on them.
My friend DevilPhil (not a member of this website, his parents refuse to let him have internet acsess) had a gerbil called Gandalf. Unfortunatly, Gandalf the Gerbil (also known as He With The Twitchy Wiskers and Gandalf the Khaki Brown) has resently passed away. He has shuffled of his mortal coil and gone to the big sunflower seed plantation in the sky. Why sunflower seeds? Because they were his fave treat, thats why. Anyways, DevilPhil, also known as SpiderMonkey and Phillis (but only at weekends) asked me to give Gandalf the Gerbil a mention on this site, because he was a brilliant pet and deserves to be remembered, even by people who never even met him. Very Sad Smilie
I am sorry to hear about Gandalf the Gerbil passing away. Sad Smilie
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