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:blush: Thanks Rednell! (late though it is)

My heartily welcome to all the new members around PT whom I haven't greeted yet. And like Val said: keep posting people! Smoke Smilie
Smile Smilie

Howdy. Or should I say "mooo". As I type, I see I'm the "newest member". I've been a Tolkien Fan since the time the good professor was alive. Read the books (Hobbit and the LOTR-- silm was not out yet) when I was a kid, and re-read them many times since.

I have bones to pick with the movie, but liked it overall. Wish it had adhered to the book a wee bit more, but it had stellar moments.

I'm rather excited that people are discovering the books (or re-discovering them) due tothe movie. They are my favorite books, or shall I say "it is my favorite story".

Just trying the Silm now! I bought it when it first was published, and read the Creation story and the fall of Melkor... and then got stuck. But recently I read Beren and Luthien and loved it! Gave me a new love of Dogs, too.Big Smile Smilie So it's time to slog through the rest of it!

I will enjoy chatting with you all about my favorite story.
well come

Smile Smilie...Tigger Smilie and i are new ourselves, but we can assure you this is a terrific site, Tigger Smilie would even say it was tiggeriffic but I'll restrain him Smile Smilie hes jsut happy because he has his own smilie Big Smile Smilie even if some mean dwarves won't let him have it in his signature Moderator Smilie
it doesn't take much to please a tiggy Big Smile Smilie
from my observations this site has more 'older' peole which is nice as many of the sites are being swamped with children.
Swamped with children? Sounds like my house.:-) Big Smile Smilie
Smile Smilie

just wait till they all grow up and leave home, then you'll know how quiet it is. Smile Smilie

Tigger Smilie
Greetings, WawaCow. Welcome, and enjoy.

Interesting nick, how did you come by it? We have a nick thread around here someplace, you really must tell us!

Swamped with kids? me too...well actually swamped with two of them, but they seem like so many more, if you know what I mean.

I have decided not to let them leave home. Just cant do without them! (j.k. really).

Oh, Star: the thing about the "no smilies in your sigs" is kind of a general rule at PT. Nothing against you personally. It has something to do with bandwidth, which is directly related to the lack of width in PT funds. Big Smile Smilie
Alyssha I knew that Smile Smilie, its just my tiggerish humour coming out, one thing you all need to learn about Tiggers is....we are NEVER serious. Big Smile Smilie We NEVER get mad, and we like to tease and have fun.

Tigger Smilie
That is great to know Star. I love people like that, and wish that more people felt the same way you do in the rest of the world. I think it would make the world a better place for everyone involoved.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, WawaCow. Look forward to seeing you around here. Smile Smilie
Hi WawaCow, I seem to have missed you earlier, but seeing as you have been welcomed by others, that's alright then. Smile Smilie
Hey all! I want to tell all of you a bit `bout myself and other boring stuff.

I`m a 20year old female, and I spend most of my time at school, where I study something called Geographic Information Systems. In my spare time, I study Master Tolkien and his work, and I`m trying to learn Elvish ( Quenya).

I`ve always desired to be an Elf, but unfotunatelly I`m way to short Sad Smilie
I have no good explanation why I chose Celebrian as nick, but is was either that or Yavanna..Yavanna seemed like a great nick, but there were something by Celebrian that caught my attention.

Enough boring stuff from me, it will be plenty of time for that later Wink Smilie I`m curious by nature and an Internett-dummy, so you will get a lot of questions in near future Wink Smilie

I`m looking forward to meet you all! do you become a friend? I`m a stranger now, but I don`t want to be that..and how do you get a picture next to your name? As I said, I`m not best friends with the computer, so I would be ever grateful if some of you could answer my questions Wink Smilie

Many thanks to Alyssa for the warm welcome Smile Smilie And all you others of course Wink Smilie

Celeb Elf Winking Smilie
Hi Celebrian. I think I greeted you to the site in another thread, but if not, welcome to our site.
how do you get a picture next to your name?
If you scroll up to the top of this page, just above where you see board index>The Golden Perch>Members you will see a box with Profile \ Member List\ Search etc.... Click on Profile.... You will then go to a page with your personal settings. Half way down, you will see a section named, Avatars. Browse through the list (there are about thirty of them). Clicking on a number will show you a picture in the box next to it. Choose the one that you want, and then remember to save your changes at the bottom of the page. Let me know if you have any problems.
how do you become a friend? I`m a stranger now, but I don`t want to be that
Just keep posting. Eventually it will happen. I think you become a friend after fifty posts. I believe all the titles are soon to be reviewed though, with new ones being added.
I would be ever grateful if some of you could answer my questions
No problem at all. Pleased I could be of assistance. If you have any more queries just ask. In one of the other threads there is a section "Help for Newbies". Many questions have been answered there. If you do have any questions about how to do things, that would probably be the best place to ask them, so that gradually we can build a guide as we go along.
I spend most of my time at school, where I study something called Geographic Information Systems.
That's something I'm currently learning too...Kind of like learn it as I go along. Now that GPS navigation systems have become so accurate, we use GIS in our surveys to draw charts of of the seabed etc, with the layers showing what shellfish etc are living there, year classes, size distributions etc. It's a really nice development that I'm sure will become far more common in the years to come. I know where to come with my problems now Smile Smilie
Thanks Valedhelgwath! Since I`m new here I didn`t know where to go with my questions, so

Don`t count on me to answer if you`ve got any questions about GIS or GPS, `cause I`m new at this and don`t know much Big Smile Smilie Unfortunatelly we have some really lousy teachers, so I feel that I`m not learning much right now Boring Smilie

You can of course ask me. but I can`t promise an answer Smile Smilie

Thanks for all your help Elf Winking Smilie
My warmest welcome to Celebrian and Wawacow! Love that nick, by the way! mooo!!! Very Big Grin Smilie
Hi everybody!!


I just thought I would pop in!! Is there anything to drink around here??? Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie
Hi.I'm new here,as you might have suspected.Wow-overwhelming quantity of posts-hope to keep up!Anyway,for the start:I love all Tolkkien's books and the movie;i have one great question:how can I get one of those images you heve on your left?If there's a topic on it you'll have to excuse me,but i wasn't able to read all stuff in here so if you would be kind enough to explain it to me...That's it for now...and be sure you'll see me arround! Cool Smilie
Nevermind-got it!!! Thumbs Up Smilie
Welcome to the forum raptor Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Yes, welcome to our forum Raptor. Smile Smilie
Hi Raptor. Welcome to our site. Hope you enjoy yourself here. Smile Smilie
Howdo Raptor! Waving Hello Smilie Stroll around and join in the fun!
Hi Raptor.
Hi Elven_Archer! Waving Hello Smilie I'm sure we haven't met before!
Really, I didn't know that Grondy. I just always thought it was just an on going joke between PT and Tommie, that started long before I got here. Well, I feel really stupid now.
Okay Heorogar, here goes:
In today's modern Galaxy there is of course very little still held to be unspeakable. Many words and expressions which only a matter on decades ago were considered so distastefully explicit that, were they merely to be breathed in public, the perpetuator would be shunned, barred from polite society, and in extreme cases shot through the lungs, are now thought to be very healthy and proper, and their use in everyday speech and writing is seen as evidence of a well-adjusted, relaxed and totally un****ed-up personality.


But even though words like "joojooflop." "swut," and "turlingdrone" are now perfectly acceptable in common usage there is one word that is still beyond the pale. The concept it embodies is so revolting that the publication or broadcast of the word is utterly forbidden in all parts of the Galaxy except for use in Serious Screenplays. There is also, or was, one planet where they didn't know what it meant, the stupid turlingdrones.

"I see," said Arthur, who didn't, "so what do you get for using the name of a perfectly innocent if slightly dull European country gratuitously in a Serious Screenplay?"

"A Rory," said the girl ..."
From So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams

And that word, Arthur had just previously discovered much to his chagrin, was "Belgium". And in keeping with the Planet-Tolkien policy on the non-use of swear words, this word should now written as "B*lgium". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
A’y’, Waving Hello Smilie

Just to throw in a short greeting from far and small Belgium.

I was frequenting this site a long time already and finally decided to become a member. No bad choice it appears!

Like all of you I started reading LotR when I was a lanky skateboarding beanpole. Not that impressed I went on reading the great English and German classics. Although when I started listening to Wagner's Ring I felt there was some correspondence with something I already read and I embarked anew upon a journey through Tolkien's titanic epos. I was astonished by the vast amount of European culture and history, especially the references to the Eddas and Celtic sagas, Tolkien used in his magnum opus.

As I am studying germanic languages I was also struck by the formidable genius Tolkien exposed in the creation of the different languages for the races of Middle Earth. This caused my latest obsession: studying Quenya. Are there any people out there who are also trying to speak and write this language (maybe even in Tengwar)?

Mmm, this is coming close to a paper. Better cut off my thoughts by now!


On’no colindor rumba - Thomas Hornblower
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Heorogar. I believe there are several people here who are attempting to learn elven languages, though Rednell will probably have a better idea than myself who they are.

On your right, under the section marked General, there is a link to Web Links. There are several sites listed among those that are dedicated to learning Middle Earth languages.
Aye, welcome to our forum Heorogar. Happy Elf Smilie

Tom Bombadillo, who made the post just prior to yours, is also from B*lgium which makes her your fellow countrywoman. (That's a hint to save you from future embarrassment.)

(Also, when you see the name of your fine country spelled per the above, please don't take it personal, it is just part of a funny story by Douglas Adams with which we to kid around.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Thanks a lot for the info Valedhelgwath and Grondmaster, especially for that hint about Tom Bombadillo!

What's that about the funny story by Douglas Adams? Tell me!
I, too, wish to welcome you to the PT forum Heorogar. Big Smile Smilie

Explore all the nooks and crannies and who knows what you will come up with.
There are members who are interested in studying Elvish and they have a thread in here somewhere. Just click on "search" up above and keyword Elvish language or Quenya. You should then get a listing of the posts.
In the meantime, why don't you try out our Quenya quiz (over on the left, under "General" then "Quizzes".
Thanks Grondmaster,

Should you keep eating our delicious frites then? Big Laugh Smilie

I need to apologize to all of the wonderful new members of PT. I have not welcomed anyone to this terrific site, since I got back from my trip. There are lots of nooks and cranies to explore here at PT. I really do hope you enjoy the time you spend here.
hellow folks! So, I'm a new member. I was told to come here by Heorogar, another lotr-fan. I've joined this page to share my views with you but also to learn a bit more about Tolkien and his works. I adore his work, like all of you I presume.
I come from Belgium and I'm 18 years old. I read the books when I was about 13 years old and now I'm getting the whole collection as a Christmass present from my parents. It was my grandfather who told me how incredebly good this writer was and so now it's my task to convince all the people who haven't read Tolkien yet, to do so asap!!
That's all I have to say for today, if you want to know something about me, ASK!
greetz! k’lie... Elf Winking Smilie
Well done k’lie!

Seems we are getting a B*lgian invasion in here Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Hello I'm new too if you want to know anything just ask
Where are all these members??? If you look at the member list, we have a Gandalf on the forum, a Gabri, a Quickbeam, a Fangorn (oh wait, I saw her somewhere), an Elanor, an Arwen, etc.. Where are they??? Come on people, get your arses over here! Big Smile Smilie

Ya don't think I scared 'em off do you? *insert demented grin and insaine cackleing here* Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

[Edited on 20/12/2002 by Grondmaster]
Welcome to our forum, K’lie. Happy Elf Smilie
Aye everybody!

I've been wandering through Middle-Earth for years, but it wasn't untill very recently I discovered this highly interesting site. And now I'm in! So glad I decided to register as a member! (though, I confess, it took me a moment to find the one and only suitable nick Wink Smilie )

I've been rereading the Lord of the Rings every year since I discovered Tolkien's magnum opus at the age of thirteen. It was quite a revelation. Other SF and Fantasy postAuthorIDs never left such a strong impression as did Tolkien. Though I enjoyed reading Julian May, Frank Herbert or Asimov, they all seemed to be lacking solid foundations when confronted with Tolkien's mythological background.
There's such an incomparable wealth of details, each having their significance, history... I adore it! Probably most of you will easily recognise that feeling, so I better stop my praises right here. Perhaps some more information about myself?

I'm a 21-year old language student from B*lgium (yes, you unleashed the invasion, Heorogar!), literature addict, raised with mythologie in stead of common fairy tales...

I do not fear pain nor death.
What do you fear most then?
A cage.

... and I fear being locked up, indeed!
I hope to learn quite a lot by joining you, reading and discussing... the pleasure is all mine!

Welcome to PT and the forum Kelie and Derhelm. I am so pleased that you have joined us and I embrace this non-violent B*lguim invasion. Cool Smilie
I hope you enjoy your visits here and take part in the various discussions all over the forum.
Sorry I couldn't give more info about myself before But I can now: I live in the U.S. (Maine) I started reading the books when I was 10 and am now 13 I found this site through another site ( But I like this one a lot better. I am now reading the histories and re-reading the entire series.

Smile Smilie
Good for you faramir, it is always fun to re-read LOTR!
Hello I'm new too if you want to know anything just ask

Yeah, why do my feet always seem to cramp up JUST when I'm dropping off to sleep? Wink Smilie

Hi everyone! I suppose I'll have to say greetz to all of you then? (No idea what it means, but Tommy always says it)
What about this Belgium-Invasion? Are there so few?
If there are, I'd like to say that I don't appreciate the Tolkien translations in Dutch! I advise to read the English version...If they did, congratulations...if they didn't, what are you waiting for?
What I hate so much about this translations, is the change they make in the names, like 'Frodo Baggins' turns out to be 'Frodo Balins' in Dutch. Don't ask me why, I haven't got a clue! What I do now is, that is ridiculous.
That's it!
bye bye...x :wavingsanta; a MeRrY cHrIsTmAsS
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, k’lie and Dernhelm. It's good to have you with us here. Smile Smilie
Dernhelm: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

It is good having a few Belgians aboard to act as calming influences on we *****, ******, ******, as well as on our occasional ****, *****, ****, *****, ******, ********* and ****-******* forum members. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(Note: Lest anyone take umbrage on my above selection of nation-hood nicknames, they were used with no malice afore-thought and will be removed upon request, as I do not wish to demean anyone. We Yanks can unwittingly appear to be the Ugly American through our brash choice of the unintended wrong words. So if I have hurt anyone's feelings here, please sing out. Sometimes we learn by testing the limits and by being knocked back a peg or two.) Happy Elf Smilie

After sleeping on this over night, I decided that using the above words was in bad form and have self-censored them. I apologize to any who read it before and were polite enough to ignore my gaffe.

[Edited on 21/12/2002 by Grondmaster]
Super Wow Smilie Invasion of the newbies!!! Orc Grinning Smilie This is great! Hello to everyone who's new around here, enjoy your time around here! Cool Smilie I'm the LADY Tombombadillo, ok? Big Laugh Smilie

Welcome especially to our new B*lgian members (I'm going along with this little joke). We should start a Belgian club! Big Smile Smilie
Start an own inn, were we can drink our own beloved trappists and guzzle down those terribly nice fries?

Up to the roaring fires, red meat and malt beer!
We should start a Belgian club! Big Smile Smilie
You might even consider putting under the Roleplaying Guilds next to the The Khazad-dumish Inn. Cool Elf Smilie Of course, I don't know how you will keep we riff-raff out. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Of course, I don't know how you will keep we riff-raff out.
Make the membership fee payable only in Euros... That'll keep most Brits out Big Smile Smilie
Hi Rhodry,
Welcome to PT. As you have probably already seen, there are lots of discussions in the forum in which you can add your thoughts and opinions.
We also have a chatroom and we would love to meet you in there.
We have quizzes and polls too. Lots and lots to do here.
I hope you enjoy your visits to the site. Big Smile Smilie
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