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Alriyedy- if i'm guessing right, this thread is to find out (stuff) about new (and old) members.

Let's see , I'm 13, i read the hobbit in class last year, and read the LOTR books during the summer, now, i'm finishing the Silmarillion, and the librarian told me that UT is out, but she'll notify me when it's back. I thank LOTR books a lot lot lot, 'cause i used to hate books, though, after reading LOTR, i'v got a book with me every where i go, and i'm eyes first into it. Accually the first thing my friends greet me with is . I like FOTR a lot, though somethings are changed, it's still a nice movie. I havn't seen TTT yet, because we're Jehova's Witnesses, and all that mystical stuff isn't too good, so my mom told me to wait until it comes out on dvd and we'll buy it-instead of whaching it in theaters.
As Tommy asked in the beggining, my nick has been my nick, since 4th grade, when our (at school) English teacher started calling me that, and now i'm known as Littleirena. Though, last year -for a short periode of time- i was though my friends and i considered that to be tooooo long, so we sticked with Irina-my name. Though i also like being called Tiny I (mainly by Grondy Big Smile Smilie ).
(I live in Vancouver BC Canada, though i was born in Russia, then moved to France, and am now here)

That's about all ,,,
Little one. Wiggle Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien again from me Rhodry. In an earlier post I asked if the name was from Rhodry Maelwaerdd of Aberwyn, but seeing Katheryn Kerr among your favourite writers, I now know the answer.

I love her Deverry series almost as much as I love LotR. I've been pulling my hair out for the last year now, waiting for her to finish the final book in the series (the Gold Falcon). It's got to be out soon. In fact I've been waiting for her to write each book since the fifth one in the series (Time of Excile) all those years ago. If I'd known back then it was going to be a twelve volume series, I'd have probably given it a miss until she had finished them all.
Welcome to PT Littleirena and Rhodry!! Big Smile Smilie Nice ta meet ya.
I'm not new but no-one actually ever welcomed me Got The Blues Smilie, but that was probably down to the fact my first post was to insult the idiotic PJ, the evil spawn of a stool sample and a herring that he is!
Lol, that must be the reason! But we like you now! So umm.. belated welcome Ross! Wink Smilie
Why Ross, I remember sending you a welcome email, after which you cleaned up your act. Well, maybe it wasn't a welcome as such, more of an if you didn't you wouldn't be. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Anyway you are now a welcome addition to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie
Ross??? Who's Ross? Big Laugh Smilie
Cheers all,oh yeh I remember the email Grondy I sent you a really freindly email in reply, sorry about that!
Welcome to PT Ross! Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

Maybe it's because you never said "hi" properly. We can't welcome you if we don't know you're new, you know. Very Big Grin Smilie
Well, I am new here too,and though I haven't been here long, its been a fine experience!I never even realized that there were sites like this Big Laugh Smilie The Hobbit and LotR are some of my very favorite books;J.R.R. Tolkien was indeed a master of fantasy,and I like his books because of the characters and their friendships(not to mention the elves,dwarves,hobbits,and ents!)I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you better!
Oh,also,I am 16,a girl(thats kinda obvious),and I live on a cattle farm in Iowa.My family is rather small,what with seven kids in addition to my parents(tee-hee).I have blond hair and brown eyes.I came up with the name 'Elanor' from the little flowers in Lothlorien that Samwise named his daughter after,but a friend and my sister and me all have elven names,and mine is 'Kaleidos'.
By the way,thanks Taz for fixing my problem with putting up posts,I really do appreciate it!
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, LadyElanor. Nice description of yourself. I hope you continue to grace these pages, and that you have a great time here.

If you have any problems getting anything to work, check out My Account > Website Help. Failing that, just ask in Website Talk > Website Help
Oh heck no!I can't miss this opportunity to say "Welcome" to Perwing and Asteroth.
WELCOME you guys Juggling Smilie !!!Uhmmm I am a bit late but "it's never too late" right?
So as you already know PT has it's own chat so I am happy I see you there almost every day Big Smile Smilie
I don't think I can tell you something about the forum you already don't know.
Oh...and Perwing is an @ in the channel(I think I am really late with this welcome thingy)
Well all I can say is:

[Edited on 14/4/2003 by Elda]
My pleasure Perwing!
I wonder if Barli will be fully operational soon?
Well anyway...I like saying "welcome" all the time Tongue Smilie
And I feel like a BOT too(I gotta think of few quotes to say Smile Smilie )
I am here for two that feels so much and so small at the same time.What did PT do to me?You guys created a monster Very Mad Smilie (BOT-like monster that is)
Well I am happy with it anyway Smile Smilie

[Edited on 14/4/2003 by Elda]
Hummm... too bad I didn't found this place before.. but.. Can I get a welcome now? Wink Smilie
but a BIG and above all WARM welcome to all the newbies around here!! Hope you'll like it! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Aire! Big Laugh Smilie I love talking to you in chat as you know. And welcome everyone else (gee I haven't been in this thread for a long time), I've probably already welcomed you somewhere and I enjoy talking with you on chat. Big Smile Smilie
Well, HHHhhhhHHHHEEeeeeLLLlllllOOOOoooooooo there!

Alright, alright - I know I've been here a few weeks, but only just found this thread! There are lots of 'em ya know! Takes a while!!

A few of you know me already & I have been lucky enough to meet all that I have of you & even chatted on occasion which is always fun! I thought I'd give y'all a wee run-down of me, aka Crazy Critter.....

The basic facts:

I live in N. Ireland... Was born & spent the first 16 years of my life in England (London/Kent)... Why move to NI? Well, all my Mum's side are here... parents split when I was younger.. Mum wanted to come 'home' - I was only 16.. tried it out alone... too much for a young girl in London - so I followed! The best move I coulda made. Still very close with other half of family in England.. visit often... er.. Oh, I'm 25.. have a gorgeous son of 6 years.... (Yes, I was young!) .. Single (Don't fret - it's all good! Have an excellent relationship with my ex, he is a wonderful father & friend) ...


I am a student - training to teach IT..... Trying to get a veeeeeeery small business off the ground at present: Presentation Services - sounds posh - just typing stuff really for lazy/busy people/small businesses.....

Books books books.. Love 'em! And I don't just mean reading! I have a 'thing' for books! My dining room is a shrine to them... both alcoves - floor to ceiling... I love to see books displayed - all types! Obviously JRRT.... Dahl... Dickens..... Forester..... Many classics (Not read them all yet, tee hee)..... DIY..... Medical....... Dictionaries... encyclop's..... Reference of aaaaaaaaaall kinds!

Oh the list goes on! I just love the look, feel, smell, EVERYTHING about books. Not to mention the fact ou can LEARN stuff - Fantastic!

err..... Am I taking this a little too far?


Read Hobbit at about 12.... Superb! Working my way through the rest! Done LOTR 3 times sofar... Began the Hobbit again last week so watch out for an 'edit' here soon!

Have yet to get my head around the wonder that is JT's imagination. It's just all so fabulous. I was never graced with the 'flair' for the imaginary. Words can't describe how much respect I have for that man & his brain cells!

I love my son, I love my friends - who I consider to be as important as my family (The close ones), & I love my home. I take great pride in my home. I have something different for every room - I'm still getting all those finishing touches done & loving it. I enjoy planning the rooms & adding that certain something to all that I do.


I should stop... Dunno what the flip I have typed, I'll go back & read, hang on......

Hmmmm. Maybe a tad OTT - But hey, that is me! I love life. It sometimes gets me down, as I'm sure it does everyone. I try to make the most of things (after a brief whinge/cry/rant) - Get it done! Life is a strange thing. But that is a whole thread or 90, so I'll not start with that!!

(I hear the 'phews' flying around PT!!)

I will stop now! Any questions - ask!

I'm so glad I found this site... Yes I am a wee bit looney-tunes but I truly am just like anybody else. I leave you with one thought rattling through this skull....

Are ya scared? HA HA HA Ha ha ha h........

Well...... What can I say?

I certainly feel as if I know you a little better after that, Legolaslass. I know what you mean about books too. I love them myself.... not just for reading, but for being there too.
I see no reason to change my initial impression of Legolaslass - complete turnip! We must be kept apart.

Books....... ah books...... for me it is second hand books, the smell, the feel, the smell, did I mention the smell, the musty smell, rustling of pages and the smell...... I love buying books from charity shops with the sometimes unexpected pleasure of finding some token hidden within pages such as an old bus ticket, a wireless receiving licence (that was fun) or photos forgotten. I love books that have been owned before, books with a history, with their own secrets. And notes in the margin.


Hey Val. Glad it's not just me with the loving books in an odd fashion thingy!

Well...... What can I say?

^^ You could have said a lot more.. You could have run away & said nothing! I am pleasantly surprised that you have responded & that you show no signs of being scared! lol.

And Vee, sweetie...


Indeed! What more can we say about those crazy pieces of pulp that we adore so much!?! But, my wee er... cabbage, what would happen if we were to be kept apart... Oh the sadness of it all! The lack of 'madness' in chat!... Maybe we do need to be kept apart... But let's carry on until we either get kicked out for sending others to Crazy-Ville or until we spontaniously (< spell checker, over here!) combust with the excitement! (Hmmmm, wonder which would happen first - both are likely!!)

Ps. Did I mention I have a dog? - Black, terrier - type - heinz 57 - confused wee thing but adorable! She's 5 1/2 months old & I named her Meg... Or Nutmeg as she's more fondly known! (She is a wee nutcase... Suits old 'Crazy-Critter here!)

That's me... again!

Take care. xxx
Am i hallucinating or does Vee really have 111 posts already?

The blitzkrieg of our two new (active) members continues!
You are hallucinating.
It's true though Vee, after seemingly such a short time here, you nearly have as many posts as I (that is, if you don't count the other 1700 or so that haven't been added to my post count yet Wink Smilie).
You lot need to post more then.

I use to post a lot more but my computer keeps crashing so I don't post as much.
I can sympathise with u, Fea, as I'm experiencing problems myself! Yet, in time...
Few things are more irritating than having your computer freeze when you are in the middle of doing something important. I know how you feel Fea!
You lot need to post more then.

I prefer quality over quantity.

Which doesn't change the fact that my posts suck, of course. What do you want?? it's friday the 13th.
it's friday the 13th.

Very Evil Smilie Wary Smilie Super Scared Smilie


Very Evil Smilie Wary Smilie Super Scared Smilie

I prefer quality over quantity.

I do both.
Quantity has a quality of its own.
I have 100! Am I a friend now?
You were a friend a long time ago; you need 50.
I'm awful...I've only now been concentrating on how many posts I've got and it's not pretty!!!! Got The Blues Smilie
What's the next level? Have I hit that yet?
We aren't usig the ranking system anymore so what does it matter what you were? It's not the number of posts that count but what they contain.
What's that mean?
It means that without the ranking system people will be focusing on making a few, but good posts instead of posting a lot of short and lousy ones just to get to the next rank.
That makes sence. Quality, not quantity.
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