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True Vir Smile Smilie
I'm a sucker for romance and passion ..And I cried while watching Broakback Mountain ,the desperation and denying of their feelings..I felt compassion for them..
One of my favorite movies is Braveheart. It always gets me, especially at Wallace's execution; I always start to cry there even though I've watched 6 or 7 times. The Geen Mile does the same thing to me. Also in ROTK, when Rohan arrives.
I'm a big medieval person, really big, so I like to watch medieval-like films.
I gues that it's pretty much all really good scenes of heroism and sacrifice, and unlooked for hope in a hopeless situation, that moves me, sometimes to tears, sometimes not quite that far.
Gladiator is really good too, after the fight betwwen Maximus and the Emperor, the scenes that follow make a fews tears trickle down my face.
There is this one music video called "Kiss because i am a girl", i watched it bc one of my chinese friends told me to ( i watched it with subs), you should all watch it it's really goood, i cried at the end. i think the video with subs is one youtube still.
The latest film I saw was : S’ SOM I HIMMELEN - PRECISELY LIKE HEAVEN -It was nominated for an Oscar back in 2004 as the best foreign film(a Swedish production/film) It's about an international music conductor who lives a rather stressful life , then interrupt his career and moves back to his childhood place to listen to the silence of the music..After a while he begins to lead a choir and bring them to new heights but at the end he dies..It's so sad and beautiful because he found what he was searching for at the end.. The film also have lot's of wonderful moments filled with music that brought tears into my eyes
House of the Flying Daggers, no matter how many times I watch it, I always hope it will be a happy ending Very Mad Smilie but I cry..... Very Sad Smilie
Me and the bro always get abit teary eyed when ol' Optimus Prime dies in Transformers The Movies. and thats the only time

Wow Darous you rock! i'm serious, i loved Transformers as a kid, i had a bunch of toys and watching the cartoon as a child was religion for me. I remember when Megatron killed Optimus Prime and i cried too when he died. Luckly Optimus came back in the next season or something like that and kicks Megatron's *bleep*

I don't recall Megatron ever dying though, which is no fair considering Optimus deserves some bit of payback cuz he's sooo much cooler!
But a movie that really made me cry was an italian movie, the good life or something like that.

wow fate is weird how i've never heard of that movie before yesterday when i read that post, and suddenly i'm flipping through the channels on Tv and lo and behold! Guess what is on, I'm sure it's not the Italian version because it's called "Life is Beautiful"
'Americanize' an Italian movie.

The only movie where I recall openly weeping was The Elephant Man. I was a little kid at the time and the cruelty visited upon John Merrick was too much for my young sensibilities to handle. Even now I tear up a little when I watch it, though I don't actually cry. The Passion of the Christ got me close to tears but I didn't go all the way. There are all kinds of movies where my eyes get a little damp but it's usually more due to the soundtrack than the movie. A good movie sequence with appropriate soundtrack will get me all the time.

The only movie that has made me properly tear up more than once was ROTK, in the Grey Havens scene. Such an incredibly bittersweet moment... there's no words to describe it.

i wept bitter tears at Boromir's 'redemption' as it were,when he repented his trying to take the one ring from Frodo. He seemed to really understand things in a crystal clear manner while he was dying. When Aragorn put the 'sceptre' as i saw it in Boromir's hand I felt I would die. Also when the two men are together before bed in Lothlorien and Boromir asks Aragorn if he had heard the horns and seen the flag flying atop the White City, calling one home. That broke my heart.

I know what movie you mean about the journey to the death camps. But being Jewish and having lost many of my relatives, ancestorally I could not, I just could not bear to watch it. I watched about  half and hour of Schindler's List and was a wreck.

Also I cried at The Little Princess and two guys in my house who watched it had tears pouring down their faces and are still amazed at that.

"I cant carry it Mr Frodo, but I can carry you!!" That got me in ROTK as well as Theoden and Gandalf after the burial of Theodred.

In the Animation 'UP"  I cried in the flashback about the old mans girlfriend, then wife, it was very embarrassing however half of the cinema were hysterical! 

i was not expecting to cry at UP, but Karl and Ellie's love since children just hurt my heart so much, and also finding out the little Russel had noone. It seemed so heavy for a child's show in some ways. And the bird, Kevin loved her babies so much it was heartbreaking. Russel was such a brave little guy, he risked his life for Kevin in a way his parents never risked anything for him.

And for me, when Gandalf has been pulled into the depth of the earth by the wretched Balrog and everyone is weeping outside, honestly when I looked at Sean who plays Sam I could have sworn his heart was really really broken for real. And I know that the hell his mother went thru with bi-polar must have given him plenty of tearful moments as he watched her in such pain. So he could draw upon this.

You have a good memory for names Lee Lee.

I just remembered as a child I was traumatized by Bambi's Mothers Death, I was too young to understand what death was, however became overcome with emotion and became hysterical and was removed from the cinema.

Recently I saw a part from the sequel to Bambi, and instantly re lived my early Bambi experience.  There is a scene where Bambi is left in the forest by his father to sleep all alone at night and he dreams of his Mother. This was depressing enough as you knew that he would eventually wake up and remember his mother was dead,  When he finally wakes he can hear his Mothers call.  He follows it, mesmerized only to find that its the Bastard hunter who killed his Mother mimicking his Mother to lure Bambi out of the forest.  I was traumatized again!  Just at the last minute Bambi's Father breaks cover and escapes with Bambi.  Shepherding Bambi away back to the Forest escaping the clutches of Hunter and hound.  The look on Bambi's face once he realizes that its not his Mothers call is simply Soul destroying!  I felt sick for the rest of the day.

Damn Disney!

I haven't seen UP or Bambi.So I can't relate.

When at the end of FotR Frodo decides to go alone to Mordor and Sam comes after him and drowns and Frodo saves him etc etc..this part really makes me sad.Earlier I used to howl openly,now it's just a deep-set feeling of pain.Also when Faramir rides into battle against Gandalf's wishes and Pippin sings that song in his quiet voice in that great hall while the music shudders with the horses' hooves.Painful.

 In other movies,I find P.S I Love You almost death-inducing to watch.I watched it once and that is going to be my last time.And Titanic.Why did Leo have to sink cold into the icy Atlantic?why?

Horrific.Why did i even check up on this thread?Sad Smilie

There is a film called "Sophie Scholl"....I can't even bear to talk about it....but everyone should see this film....this young girl personified what real courage was all about.....I am so choked thinking about it, I can't even make any jokes today....

oh Brego, I too was totally traumatized at the death of Bambi's mother. I myself was abandoned as an infant and remember when my mama came back to get me only the people that had adopted me somehow would not let her. It was raining and I heard her sobbing and I was hysterical for weeks after and the grief and loss never left my heart. That is how Bambi and Dumbo which I despise for the cruelty, and an American Tale affected me. I was separated from my only little brother who died last year when we were young. i was adopted into his family and somehow we were separated for years. I could not watch and American Tale because they did not know where Fievel was . I always felt I could not breathe.

So many of those old shows affected me too deeply and actually traumatized me for a long time after.

Lee Lee that is truly awful.  I hope you have now overcome this tragedy which neither Elf nor Man, nor beast nor indeed cartoon character should ever have to face.

There are a couple of occasions in the Sil in which Elf children a badly handled, both times they are sets of twins.  The first time the awful sons of Feanor deliberately left two Elf brothers deep in the forest to starve.  Next came Elros and Elrond who were stolen away from their parents, however thank goodness that Maedros repented and took care of them.  However they never again saw their parents in Middle Earth.  Elrond however would have met his Mother again in the undying lands, many thousands of years later and could see his father as the evening star, to the west, every night.  I think out of all of the Elves Elrond had the hardest life and his story makes me sad.  I think that the professors tragic childhood impacted his writings in a very specific way.  Tragedy upon tragedy compounds the sadness.

Thank you Brego. Iike to fool myself that I am healed of this, but since I dedicated myself to helping other such children, their grief always becomes mine and opens things up temporarily. However the love I bear for the children brings good results and that makes everything worthwhile, their smiles and seeing them a while later and hearing of the hope in their little lives.

And I could not agree with you more about dear Elrond. I have soaked my garments with tears more than once over him.  First , being separated from his wife who was terribly harmed in her mind and then never to see  his little Arwen again after he went over the water. The worst would be to know what she was going through after the King's death, wandering about in grief and dumb sorrow, her children unable to take away her pain.  What a nightmare. I have friends and the woman is constantly in grief of mind because she comes from Malasia, married her lovely husband and they have one child.She is constantly in grief when here because her mama and all her large family are over there. When she goes there to visit , her family here gets sick with worry and lonliness for her and she is in constant mental anguish being separated from her husband and only child here. What a night mare. I actually can see with my eyes this dear lady growing weaker by the day. Elrond surely must have had this same sort of grief.

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