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The thing that made me cry the most of all times, was when Frodo and sam talk, at the end of TTT, and Frodo says "You are leaving out one of the chief characters, Samwise the Brave, (....) Frodo wouldn't have gone far without Sam"

lemme just cry.... again... am listening to the soundtrack of that part of the movie.... I can just picture it in my head... and hear then speak... tehre I go again... *cries* .... sorry....... just can't stop *blows nose*

I had to cry during the movies when my mate put an onion in front of my face.
Shame he didn't stuff it somewhere........

Very Big Grin Smilie
I always cry on the Green Mile. I love that movie, and whenever I'm in the dumps, I grab a gallon of Cookie dough Icecream and bawl over an electricution.
the Green Miles a great movie no doubt,but if u really wanna cry over an electracution try shooting a telephone wire with a bow (the idiot musta thought he was legolas!)
then climbing up and retrieving the trapped arrow from the wire

i dont cry during movies but Braveheart during the exacution, that put a lump in my throat,i love that movie,FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOM! The English will say i am a liar,because history is written by those who hanged heroes.(I dont believe that about British people though)
They fought like warrior poets, they fought like Scots,and won their freedom.
thats also the movie that tought me to laugh,i can copy that irish guy's almost perfect
I cry a lot when watching movies. There's the classics, like Schindler's list and The Pianist and Good Will Hunting etc, but also the Lion King and other Disney movies get me going. When I'm a little depressed I can cry over any movie, trust me. Tongue Smilie

I didn't cry during TTT, but I cried my eyes out at the end of ROTK. By Jove, the whole theatre was sobbing by then. So I saw the end of ROTK through a fog of tears.
Your either a bunch o big girl's blouses or elses watery tarts... Exclamation Smilie Kiss Smilie

Me, I only cry when I get a firm kick in the ... Ooooh that smarts!

Dead Smilie

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if u insult prople like that often aelric that doesnt surprise me that that happens to u often, i usually dont watch sad movies though,i never have been much of a crier,i usually transfer all other unpleasant emotion into anger(i wouldnt recomend doing that)
I loved Braveheart! What was the name of the crazy guy who said it was his island? I can't remember... I'm going to have to watch it again, if not just to stair at Mel Gibson.
Stephen was his name, he was the most wanted man on his island,but he was not on his island, the more is the pity!i can laugh just like him,did u watch the Patriot,i think it was on nationally last night,thats almost as good,but im bias towards medieval times so most people wud probly prefer the patriot.AND IT WAS "HIS" ISLAND!The almighty says this must be a fashionable thread its drawing the finest people!im trying to get 300bucks fer a sword like wallaces(Braveheart)and remember the arrow that hit him,the real William Wallace(Braveheart)took it threw his throat and kept fighting,Mel didnt think people wud believe that though(i know alot of Scott-Irish facts fer an American)i like pie!
Patraiot- oh my gosh that movie is just too much.

ROTK- i balled all thourgh it so my make-up had come off by the end.

Armagedon- when bruce willus is saying good-bye to liv[ his onscreen daughter] i had to leave the room, i was crying pretty bad.

GONE WITH THE WIND- no sane person can watch this movie and not end up with a tear stained face and broken heart.


oh my gosh- when landon carter goes to his dad and hugs him and starts to cry, i cried so darn hard, i cant even tell was so sad.

but this movie made me cry the most and hardest:]

The Passion of The Christ-... i just cried...nothing more or less...tears just flowed from me.
brother bear made me cry Sad Smilie Orc Sad Smilie
and finding nemoSad Smilie Orc Sad Smilie
i cried a lot during The Lion King, and even more during Edward Scissor Hands.
And while watching Night of The Living Dead, not because i was scared, i just have a lot of empathy for people, and those dead peeps must have hated being awaken from their rest ( no wonder they ate people then ) and how scared those people must have been, getting axes and such jammed in their heads. I cry a lot during movies, but those three are the worst for me.
I watched Big Fish recently and that made me cry. A delightful story about a boy's relationship with his father. Good actors, good script, good story, fantastic ending..... sob sob sob sniff....

Albert Finney, Ewan McGregor, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, Helen Bonham Carter and Danny DeVito... WOW..... these people can act.
Watership Down makes me cry every time. Now I get teary if I hear 'Bright Eyes' just as a conditioned response.

My best friend and I got 'Message in a Bottle' out on video a couple of years ago and didn't think much of the story but the ending was so sad that we didn't stop crying for ages. We couldn't believe that the main character was dead and were waiting for him to turn up even at his funeral. It only dawned on us that he wasn't just missing until the credits started rolling and cried for about 20 minutes after the film had stopped.

I'll cry at just about anything.
I nearlt cried during shrek 2, especialy when it looked like shrek and fiona weren.t gonna get that happy ending.
...mind you, I laughed till I cried at the end of House of 1000 Corpses.
The movies that make me cry are:

2.Radio Flyer
3.The Iron Giant
5.Forrest Gump
and last but not least,
6.I am Sam

The two animated ones get to me on a very childlike level.
The others are just the saddest and most touching human stories I've ever seen. And also RF has was the most brilliant performance from a child actor, too! The saddest was his little brother Bobby, though. That poor kid.
6.I am Sam

I love that film! It's the only one I have seen with Sean Penn in and he is brilliant in it.

Big Fish makes me cry every time. Hmmmm.... I mentioned that a few posts ago....
The Yearling, but that's because I was a kid when the father had to put down the pet deer, which was ruining that pioneer family's garden, the produce from which was needed to provide their nourishment through the coming winter.
A couple I forgot are:

Edward Scissorhands and
My Girl. This one is especially sad at the ending... Sad Smilie
For a big tough manly dairy farmer I really am a sook when it comes to movies, I cry every time at the end of Brave heart, no matter how many times I see it, and The Green Mile, I always see John as a child and it reminds me of the suffering of inoccents, I also cry at the end of The Shawshank Redemption, it always makes me feel good to see Red walking towards Andy, and everytime Morgan says, *I can't wait to see my friend and shake his hand* I burst out in tears. And I especially bawl my brains out when Jenny dies at the end of Forrest gump, but oh well, life is like a box of choclates, you never know whatcha gonna get!
*didn't know Rhodry was such a softie..* Tongue Smilie I cried during BraveHeart more than once, too.
Rhodry, my gosh! You are NOT alone on ultimate favorite non-LOTR movie. When Brooks Hadlon kills himself, I always cry buckets. And yes, the last scene where Red finally makes it to Mexico to join Andy is very touching. But somehow, the thing that really gets me in that film is how that kid who heard the real story of who killed Andy's wife and her lover gets knocked off by the Warden-dirty old boogieman...(sorry, don't mean to curse). That poor kid Billy had worked his bum off to pass the GED and learn to read. He had some hope of going somewhere with his life after he got out of prison, then he goes and gets popped. Poor guy. Didn't he have a wife and kid, too? Also it really makes me cry, in a "never give up" kind of way, that Andy never stops trying to improve his fellow inmates or writing letters to the government asking for library funds or trying to prove his own innocence. Very inspiring. That movie is definitely an all-time great. Yes, and The Green Mile, to be sure. Good taste in films, Rhodry, and just because you cry at something truly touching does not make you any less of a man-if anything, it makes you more of one because you are able to express your deep emotions, which is a testiment to your character.

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Not that I have ever cried in a movie (lol), but I'd have to say the saddest were Bambi and Life is Beautiful, but they were also both the happy kind of sad.
Oh yeah, mr king man. That's what you say. I bet you bawl your eyes out in comedies, because it's so sad that they said that joke and the little boy didn't get it. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Makes me WANNA CRY!!!!!!!! But of course I won't, because I'm a dwarf and dwarves don't cry in movies. We're above that. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor little boy!

(By the way, I have never seen such a comedy, and have never cried in a comedy, but I did cry in Hunting for the REd October because that Russian dude got shot. It was SO SAD!!! So I told my friend all day, and she got pretty tired of me saying at random moments "But it was SO SAD!!!!" And by the way, she's sitting right next to me, and she just agreed. Honestly, you should have seen the murderous glint in her eye whenever I say that it was so SAD. But it was! He was my favourite character! And he was the one who was REALLY looking forward to defecting to AMerica. And he was the brainy one, not the captain. The captain who managed to wreck the engines and get a torpedo exploded on their hull, and he wouldn't listen to this dude, and this dude had the ANSWER!!!!! And then he died, the captain didn't, andthe captain was proclaimed as the hero! And he got shot, and the captain came over, and saw he was shot in the heart, and he said "I would... have liked.... to see Montana." IT WAS SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [You had to watch the bit before to understand the bit about Montana.])
Red october... the one about the u-boat and the people and the red light inside and boats passing by with the sonar going dinnng dinnng, and everybody is really scared? Oh wait, they are all like that, silly me Wink Smilie I didn't quite buy Sean Connery as a russian with a scotish accent.

Well I have already said I cried from Bruce Almighty. Still haven't seen Bambi, did try but the movie was ruined. Love Shawshank. Love The Green Mile. *sob*
Did I mention the R2D2 thing? I think I did.... how embarrassing...
I cried during last year's State of the Onion.
you guys are a bunch of cry babies! jk Smile Smilie I don't cry anymore, i can't remember the last time i cried. The closest i come is maybe my eyes getting wet, but i don't have to hold it back, because that's as far as it gets. The only movie the comes into my head, that really made me cry out loud, was a movie about a wolf, which takes place up in alaska or something. It came out over a decade ago now, and i can't remember what it's called. I remeber the part were the 2 dogs are fighting in a ring, and the 1 dogs is pretty much getting killed by the other one, and i was like balling my eyes out tell my parents to make it stop.

But i was about 10 or younger, so whatever... :|
Gump. Forrest Gump. Dang that guy.
I watched that. In French. Literally. (In a French lesson, too! 'Twas when it was compulsory.) That annoyed me. I didn't understand a word. WE'd only been learning a term!!!! (A term is half a semester. Ten weeks usually).
So, how do you say "life is like a box of cherries, chocolates, whatever"?
Hey...I saw that while I was in Germany -- "Lauf, Forrest! Lauf!" (Run, Forrest! Run!) Smile Smilie I found that my American friends and I were laughing at very different parts from the German spectators. I don't know if it's quite the type of humor that carries over into other languages...what do people who are from other countries think?
i'd think different cultures different outlooks on life, so i'm sure their humour is a bit different from the Western culture
Yes, very true, very true. I think I meant that in the case of Forrest Gump though, the movie seemed to be fairly tied into the American culture, which I thought might not translate well, ya know? But it's hard to tell coming from this side of the ocean. Ah well.
So has anyone named the all-time cryfest movies yet: Beaches and Steel Magnolias!!!??? Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Man, those movies had me crying like a baby. Actually, I think they were the first movies I cried at...oh no, I take that back, I actually cried in "Where the Red Fern Grows" first. Does anyone remember that one? I think I was in 4th grade, sitting next to some other 4th grade boy (can't even remember his name), holding his hand and sobbing. Silly, girlie me.
Beaches and Steel magnolias - yes - I cried! I admit it.

Love Story! 'Love means never having to say you're sorry.'

A couple of films that made me cry for different reasons.....

Kill Bill
Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life
Men in Black 2
The Time Machine
Charlies Angels 2

I think "Dude, Where's My Car?" had me crying for some of those same different reasons.
Though many people cried (using unsavory words) at Matrix-Revolutions, I didn't. I thought the ending was rather Tolkienesque. Besides that, I wasn't all that amor-ized with Trinity and Neo.
I know I cried when Neo did that, wait, no spoilers, but if you've seen the Matrix Revolutions, you know what I mean. I cried at the end of Armegeddon, when Harry said bye to his daughter, Grace, because and I my dad are so close.

I cried watching an episode of an Anime, Inuyasha, when they showed him getting picked on and beaten up as a cute, adorable little kid. I also cried during Cadence, when that stupid Sargeant shot Sweet. Aww.... I cried when I saw Blazing Saddles the first time, but I was laughing. *Look at this hand...Steady as a rock...but I shoot with this hand* AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Puppy Smilie Snaps to you, baby... Sad Smilie
Finding Nemo

And speaking of Matrix, I have no words to describe how disappointed i was to see the mess they made of the whole story line in Revolutions.
I have never sobbed more than when I was watching Pearl Harbor. It should've been Ben Affleck... poor Josh!!! Sad Smilie
ROTK!!!! All of the LOTR movies, actually... I cry at a lot of movies, especially if they have good music in the background at the time... I always get teary-eyed when I hear "Many Meetings" from LOTR- my friend plays it for me on the piano a lot. Anyway in ROTK when the Rohirrim charge the orcs in front of Minas Tirith, and they all know they're going to die, but they charge anyway... wow. I was just sobbing. Of course I was also crying when Frodo and Sam are on the rock at the end... at least until Sam mentioned Rosie Cotton! (my friend had had a bonnet on when we picked her up, so we were joking about her dressing up like some people were, and the only character with a name who we thought would wear a bonnet was Rosie Cotton. So when they said her name in the movie, we all cracked up, even though that scene was really sad)Pixie Smilie
Agree on ROTK... when Aragorn says, "My friends, you bow to no one." Very moving scene. Completely different from the book, but read my post in the books vs. movies thread for more on that.

The other tear jerker for me is one of my alltime favorites - "Brian's Song".
I agree on ROTK also, but when Boromir died in the first movie, I nearly fell apart! I loved his last line-"I would have followed you my king." That was done really well. *claps for Sean Bean* Another tearjerker for me is Jaws. That's so good!
The other tear jerker for me is one of my alltime favorites - "Brian's Song".

Oh yes, that one will get you for sure! Very Sad Smilie

Also, even though it's basically considered a comedy, if 50 First Dates doesn’t make you cry like a baby in certain parts (especially if you see it more than once) then you’re one cold fish!
Snowman Smilie
The movie "Lord of the Onion Rings" made me cry alot...
The movie "Lord of the Onion Rings" made me cry alot...

Yeah! I especially cried at the part when Gimme Lee got the crumbs stuck in his beard and could not get them off! What torture!

I normally don't cry at movies. I just get sad. And I got real sad while watching The Last Samurai.
How about TV shows that make us cry? That show -- Extreme Home Makeover -- man, the tears just flow. Those families that they pick to redo their houses have been through so much that I just can't imagine living through what they have! The one two weeks ago about the star basketball player who was shot by mistake and became a quadriplegic...oh man, I was in tears the whole time, especially when they played the 911 call from his niece. Ugh. Sad Smilie
i'm agree with u VIRUMOR !!i' ve seen this film too , it's very very beautiful..and sad...i've cryed a's one of my favourite film..i'm italian so I can tell u that in the original language it's better...roberto benigni it's a great actor....La vita ’ bella is his best movie!! Elf Winking Smilie
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