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Bottom of Page    Message Board > The Golden Perch > This is ONLY for girls!   << [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] >> mean I didn't tell you about this really cute guy who asked me out last week??? Angel Smilie Hehe..oh...she's giving me her outraged, I'll be seeing you all, okay?? *runs quickly, calling for big scary, magical-Council-Power-bearing Amarie*
Me?? Big and scary??? *ROFLMAO* Oh yes, big and scary, that is me in a nutshell alright. I'm famous for that. *vipes tears from eyes* Ahhh well, guess I my Council Powers are a bit scary.

Oh yes, Nil running away from Erbie. Sorry darling, any other time I would have helped you, but you are on your own here. You brought this upon yourself. Pretending you wouldn't tell your friend about cute guys asking you out is totally unacceptable. Hey Erbie! She's over here!! Very Evil Smilie
Thanks Amarie! NIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *stoppms over to where Nil is hideing behind Amarie's computer* Girl I'm seriouse!

Anyway hey Amarie guess what I got asked out! I'm going out with a BOY!!!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP stupid alarm clock!!
I never thought I would get this excited about something I bought, but I just have to and there is no better place then here with the other girls! Big Smile Smilie I just bought myself the most adorable, cutest dress!! It is 60s style, spaghetti straps, wide kneelenght, black with small pink (not neon!) polkadots and if fits like it was made for me! Nothing that is 'in' or cool ever fits me, and it didn't fit my sister so I get to keep it all to myself! I also bought a matching pink scarf and I know what shoes to wear and how my hair should look, I just need a party to wear it to! I'm so happy!! In Love Smilie
You go girl!!!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!!! That's the way to shop!!!! Go find a party, QUICK!!!!!
Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I just bought the cutest sandals and "Hawaii" patterned short-sleeved I got a new, hip haircut. So now I can look all cute when going to all the grad parties I've been invited to!! Wink Smilie Hehehehe - I LOVE shopping!!!!

Wiggle Smilie
Since when has Amarie been scarry, come to think of it since when have you been on the council. You know I'm away for a few weeks (ok maybe months really) and the website is harder to use, everyone has disapeared, PEdro the Gypsy no longer appears when I post, it looks like people have been imagening things at the begining of threads and Amarie is on the concil. The only thing that is the same is I still talk rubbish, constantly get edited or deleted and I still can't spell.
Oh yes what a cool sounding dress!
I became scary about two months ago when I joined the Council and people noticed a lot of editings by me. That is mostly because I am the only CM awake and online in those hours. Wink Smilie But it is very nice to be able to fix things I see are wrong myself and not just yell and complain untill someone hears me. Tongue Smilie

Did you loose Pedro? I can send him back to you, I dug him up from the dark, lonely, abandoned Old PT just to see if if could.

Oh yes what a cool sounding dress!

Ahh yes it is, you have a good eye for fashion Ross! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
This is why I don't have many girlly friends. All the once were braincells have been sucked out, and it's not even my fault! Big Smile Smilie
Pedro! Please, you'll be forever a star in the moonlight of a pig's sty. Or something like that maybe a bit more eloquent than my blessing and insults! :d
Aww that is so.... cute actually! Here you go!
You call that a gipsy? should see my neibghor. just kiding
Thank you little cucumber of the bottomless pond made of melted cheesy nibbles and marshmellow. (no i'm not on drugs it's just fatigue)
See what I'm talking about! Cool Smilie save the sleeptalking for Psycos Anonymous!
No I'm not sleep talking, I'm just babbling more than I usually do. It's on account of me being a pillock.
That's ALL you do when you're "suffering fatigue"? I was SOOOO tired yesterday because of a lack of sleep caused by "the man", and i was, in a burst of energy, skipping around my house singing "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" I'm never doing THAT again!
*Looks around to see if anybody's looking*
Oh, what the heck...
Little Bunny Foo-Foo,
Hoppin' through the forest.
Scoopin up the fairies,
And boppin 'em on tha head.
*Notices my mother looking at me weird*
Uhhhhhhh.... Hi, mom
~*~*~Mother: I'm taking away your Wee-Sings tape
Wait... I'm still typing all this!! Ummmmmmmm, well, bye?
It's Ok I sing all the time when I'm fatigued also some times real songs other times made up. Today it was Men at work.
I said "do you speaka my language?"
He just smilled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.
He said "I come from a land down under. Where beer does flow and men chunder. Cant' you hear the thunder.? You better run, you better take cover."
"I met a man in Bombay..."

Sorry, when I get tired my head gets all fuzzy and I can't think stright. It can get very bad sometimes and I find myself doing things orer and over again.

The last song was some weird rap tune I heard on the radio, dunno what it was.
Yeah, when I'm tired, strange things happen
My friends and I were up Late one night, and saw this chair in the corner, o.k. We SWEAR it looked like Orlando Bloom was sitting in it. It was soo freaky! Then, I finally summoned enough courage to go see what it was, was a pillow. Then, one of my friends said "Man, that thing is, like, the chair of DOOM." and I said "No, Catherine, it's the chair of BLOOM!" Yes, some VERY strange things happen to girls at four in the morning.
When im with my friends in four in the morning you can feel the terror in the air. Because we (and this isnt those fake childstorys) go and talk about really scarry stuff, and all that leftover food that
fell on the floor starts looking very alive. Like one time a friend started talking about this crepy story about him when he was home alone (and hes like..24 years old) when he got these wierd sounds and shadows going around the house. I never belive or let that kind of storys affect me , but when he told it....i was downright terrified. Serrius demon stuff.

Anway i think wer going of topic. Come to think of it....i shoudnt even be here!!!
Yes, some VERY strange things happen to girls at four in the morning.


Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie

Moderator Smilie (Grondy was here!)
Ha Ha! Aelric comes back and gets edited but not by Amarie for a change!

BTW as this thread says 'only for girls' one must assume that Aelric and others posting under so called male names are girls.

I said "do you speaka my language?"
He just smilled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.

Got that track on my car cds... that quote is my favourite line from the song.... I mean rhyming 'language' with 'sandwich' is just brilliant!
Got that track on my car cds... that quote is my favourite line from the song.... I mean rhyming 'language' with 'sandwich' is just brilliant!
Well taking the dialect into account, ' language' was undoutably pronounced 'lang-witch'. So yes, it was brilliant, but if "speaka" had not been used, it wouldn't have worked.
It must be getting near summer. My hair is already beginning to streak its usually chestnut self raspberry ish.
My hair doesnt get "natural" highlights unless i put lemon juice in it but it takes forever to work then lol!!! i get brown put in my hair which is mostly a copperry red. brown only makes my hair look bronzy, but it still looks ok. The only thing the summer does to my hair is make it friz from the humidity!lol
Cool! mine gets coppery at the end of spring, and is almost black in the winter, perfect for Terror In Paradise!(come to papa)

I've been assailed by the Edit-Monster yet again, my perfect innocent and innocuous post is utterly disclaimered by a higher authority - perchance a Godling?

And besides, my secret has been revealed ------------> I AM A LOVELY LADY!!!

Big Smile Smilie
I knew Lord aelric, and he was anything but a lady. Pixie Smilie

However, if you still claim to be a loverly one, I'll accede to your judgement. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I am lovely, and if i were a girl i would be "damn" fine!

Anyways, i'm here to hijack this thread, in much the same way as the EURO 2004 "FOOTBALL" thread has been corrupted by the fair hands of the Angels on PT.

All their talk of flowers, and lost love, and butterfly pressing, and cross-stitching, and embroidery, and blokes, and more blokes, and some stuff about their "feelings", and of talkin about other girlz behind their backs, and of course more about blokes, but this time celebrity ones. - makes one want to switch off and turn on the TV and watch three weeks of Total Non-Stop FOOTBALL, blatantly ignoring their aimless wittering - Gorgeous!
Na-na-na-na-na Smilie

Bad King Smilie
Aelric, sweety, girlfriend, you hijak this thread as much as you like. And you seem to know so much of this girly stuff. But please, watch your language or this Angel will have to unplug your TV and talk for hours about how it makes me "feel" when you use words like that. Very Evil Smilie
You'd miss us, Aelric, and you were getting on so well with the cross stitch. Oh, and the WI want you to pose for next year's calendar - they said the Shepherdess costume is just right!

Before you go off on a hissy fit to your male bonding/rutting sessions can you find time to bake those scones and teacakes you promised for the school fete? Bless you, pumpkin.
Oh yes Aelricka, your scones and teacakes are the best! You just GOT to give me that recipe ! They are just to DIE for! So much better than that Jemmas! She thinks she is SO great. Did you see her dress? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Hehe... funny!
Okie, that was a pathetic waste of a post, but o well Dunce Smilie
Okay this is crazy i leave and everyone stops doing all the fun forums so i have returned!!!!!!!!!! I will be here at least once a week so KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or else
I hate boys.
and i have one next to me, go away micheal!
Well guys aren't that bad. It's just that you know some bad guys, so get to know some good guys like Stonhelm, Tazz and countless others and your opinion on guys will change!!!
Yeah, that's right! Old Stoney is a nice chap! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I may be a boy, but this is one with the capibility to learn, I shall never start a war of words with Silme, Vee or Amarie, It hurt just reading those last few posts. *bows and scrapes to Vee and Ama and runs away to hide under the bed*
Hehe your right about that. But you dont have to do all that stuf. We have our dignity to. *stands proudly against the mercyless goddes know as Vee.* heheh Cool Elf Smilie
I'm back! OOh so good to be back! This time I hope I'm back for good, because the days are so slow withought you girls. (Couldn't get any quilting done in the dorm Big Laugh Smilie )
I think Etharion had better be careful - you never know what might happen to his character in the Quest........

I Very Evil Smilie
You'd better get back and write in the Quest, Ethy, just to make sure... Wink Smilie

Welcome back Erbie and CC Smile Smilie mean...we were supposed to take care of Etharion in the Quest??? Sorry, Ethy, dear... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Very Evil Smilie

Yay!!! CC and ERbie are back!!!! My girls, my girls!!!! Big Smile Smilie *Does a little dance around the room* Wiggle Smilie
I'm going to start butting in now, hope no 1 minds, tell me if u do. (not that i'm likely to heed the warning, but it might be worth the try.) I have a really random question... What is it w/ guys and slapping girls' butts? (maybe it's just a thing @ my school, but if one more guy (whether i know him or not) slaps my butt, all heck is gonna break loose.) maybe 1 of u guys could attempt to explain this to me, cuz i'm completely confuzzled. Elf Confused Smilie
Maybe your butt is so big that nobody can miss it? Who knows.
Actually Arwen, I would imagine the opposite is true of what Virumor said. Pherhaps your posterior is most appealing and that's why they can't resist. Plus it might be the result of one boy daring the other to be so "cheeky" . Either way you should compare notes with your girlfriends and see if there is some way you girls can collectively annoy the boys to even the score a bit! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
In many civilized places, butt slappers can be held up on sexual harassment charges, as well as can be any authorities under whose venue it happens. Tell the perps to stop it, if it doesn't, report it to the administration, and if it still doesn't stop, see an attorney. You don't have to put up with it. Teacher Smilie
now what can you say after that firm but true statement?
Only this:fight fire with fire-do some butt slappin' yourself! See how those pesky boys like it(but watch out, they just might!) Smile Smilie
I'm sorry I am not near your school, Arwen. I would offer my services to beat the h*ll out of any young cad who bothered you. To many young males start at a young age with the impression that they can act in any manner they wish with a girl. It would be in their best intrest (and yours) if you found someone to knock the snot clear in their heads.
Hey thanks for the advice!! Thanks for wanting to protect me Stoney, and I might have to do what you said Grondy. Hey, anyone know why it is that girls hold grudges for sooo long, and seem to remember everything you do wrong? I don't have problems like that with my guyfriends. Boys forget everything two seconds after it happens, I swear.
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