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That is something that I have always noticed. I have never really been able to come up with a good answer to that, except that guys and girls are just different. I think, in general, guys just don't take things as personally as girls do. I guess it is just human nature. (Of course I am generalizing )
In all honesty, dear Arwen, if you ignore the bottom-slapping, then it will just perpetuate the problem. You do have a right to stand up for yourself when it comes to your own body. If you tell these miserable brutes, in a very firm but not aggressive manner, that you will not put up with it and are thinking of taking action, if they have any sense at all(which it sounds like they do not anyway)they will back off. If not, then I agree with both Grondy and Stoney-do something to spare yourself the humiliation and degradation for the sake of ladies everywhere.

As for the question about why girls hold grudges longer than (most) guys, I believe that it may have something to do with our memories. Generally speaking, of course, girls or women tend to have a far better emotional memory-because we are mostly more in touch with our emotions, or at least a bit truer to them than our male counterparts, we retain our emotional experiences far longer than they do. We tend to identify our world and experiences by our feelings, while men tend to live by their physical needs or surroundings. It is like tangible vs. intangible-we are more capable of picking up on the subtleties of emotional undercurrents in any given situation, men more capable of seeing the reality of physical being more clearly-not that we cannot also. I hope that makes sense at all!

Perhaps our retention of emotional things is not always a good thing-sometimes I think that we should let certain things go, for our own mental health! Girl Smilie
Laurelin is probably right. Heh, i keep forgeting why i have to come and see this thread every time i see it. But a LOT of girls are nothing like that. Some of them are plain opositte. Even more forgettfull than boys.
Well im going now. I just cant get rid of that feeling that i forgot something.....
Its interesting that you would mention the difference in girls holding grudges versus boys. I was raised in a totally female household (my mother was a widow, plus I had three sisters). I now live in a house of all males (hubby and three boys). I am constantly amazed at the difference between the two halves of our species. Personally its been an interesting ride so far, getting to see the male psyche up close. My personal opinion on the grudge thing is that boys do carry grudges in some cases, they just don't call it a grudge. If they have a major falling out with a friend it can last for quite a long time, especially if they do not have the chance to resolve the situation. On the other hand, boys are given more leeway to physically express their frustrations without being seen as socially unacceptable. For instance, if two guys have a problem with each other it may resolve itself through a quick exchange of force. Both boys get the toxic feelings out of their system and move on. Girls on the other hand are not expected to vent their frustrations like that and are often left to "stew" about things. Its only one piece of the grand psychic puzzle, but an interesting and important one.
Males often use their fists to get even, while females use their tongues. Because most males don't dwell on their feelings, they get over things quicker. IMHO it takes a major slight to make a male's long lasting vendetta, while a female can carry a minor grudge for years.

Of course all these are just stereotypical; the opposite cases can be found in either gender, however they generally hold true to form.
I once hear it said that, "Men forget, but never forgive; women forgive, but never forget" and have found it to be mostly true.

In the old days the cure for any cad unmannered enough to slap a womans posterior was a slap in the face from said woman. Even the ones with so little decency they'd fight a woman are prevented from doing so in front of men who no better even if they don't. And, of course, numerous authorities including school officials, law enforcement, and, worst of all (wait for it) THEIR MOTHERS are available. Fathers might laugh and say, "boys will be boys," totally missing the point, but most, if not all, mothers would be apalled, and age really isn't in it. In fact, the older the "boys" in question, the more reprehensible the action because, agiain, they should know better (and probably do.) I can't imagine anything like that happening at any of the schools I attended not so long ago, let alone happening twice. As I recall, my HS principal and his assistants (more them I suspect, he was generally a pretty cool guy who once ran down a punk who thought he could bail on a dressing down and forgot that the sixty something year old man was all state track in his youth) gave people detention for holding hands with their b/gf, but then I live in Texas. Point being, most school officials at all levels often lie awake nights worried about raging hormones; they won't need much incentive to nip this in the bud, if it's still going on (again I say, better late than never.)
I totally agree with the quote, Morambar! I may have only seen a few years compared to you guys, but it's enough to comfirm that. High school is pretty complicated, as you all know from watching TV shows. Paranoid Smilie Girls always take stuff too seriously. It's not exactly wise to crack a joke unless the joke is very obvious to a girl. Rolling Eyes Smilie I'm not saying guys are better at taking jokes, but it's just that these little things don't affect them as much. Angel Smilie
I also agree with you Clover.
Girls often tries to find the meaning or the reason why things are said..we often analyze it to death..
Im the youngest sister of 4 , we used to figth a lot and still we disagree on topics , but I often get critics coz I say things out strigth instead of lying...Most of my friends are actually men coz I find them more honest...
Feel free to answer though
i agree with you mellon. most of my friends are guys too, but sometimes its nice to have some girfriends, just to have some girl talks (unless their deceitful, backstabbing, masked B's.) lol
what is this thread anyway?
Well it appears to be a girls only thread as there once upon a time was a boys only thread, but its not a girls only thread as guys are in it, its very confusing unless some of the guys have some secret that they want to share with us??? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
ty for the information loss
Quite alright, anytime Ereinion, anytime................ *floats away into distance*
Ummm... so do we have privacy again? But Elessar you're quite welcome to come back into Girl World, and Ereinion (if you're a guy), too.

Ever seen the movie Mean Girls? It's such a reflection of Girl World, exaggerated to some extent, perhaps, but still the emotions and the quarreling is soo alike to what we see every day. But like Mellon, I find guys easier to hang around. I go bowling with the guys sometimes, but it's also wise to spend some time with girls too, just to catch up with the gossip, know interesting pieces of info, and especially, keep a good bond with your own sex.
No Erenion is a girl Elf With a Big Grin Smilie nah hes a guy through and through

I saw mean girls, i enjoyed it to a point, but the bitchyness in it, are so alike to what i see in youth today, tut tut tut. I thought that the girlgot hit by a bus was most enjoyable Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie
True , true Clover ..I saw Meangirls with my daugthers and I'm thankful that not all the girls are like that..
There was the shrewiness in Mean Girls. It was just like this big fight between girls while boys watched from the sidelines, waiting to see who won so they could date them. I was would be embarrassed to be a girl in their high school, but thank god I'm not in America.

The ending was fitting, though. I'm glad it ended the way it did.

And my apologies to Ereinon. I should've known you were a guy. I actually had a distinct feeling you were a guy, but you never know in this world...
It was just like this big fight between girls while boys watched from the sidelines, waiting to see who won so they could date them.

That reminds me of a certain episode in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, where the Aes Sedai would watch from the sidelines where young men were fighting their butts off, to see whom they could bond as a warder later on.
mean girls was soo funni. hmmm...yup my school aint like dat to the extreme but its there, if u get my meaning. whatever, last year of highschool anyway,,, i dunt think in uni it gonna matter ( if i get in that is Smile Smilie)
boop boop beep boop beep
boop boop beep boop beep

Why, who would've suspected R2D2 is a girl too, or at least the midget inside, is.
hahaha...too funni
Actually not too long ago i was flipping through the channels and on A & E there was a George Lucas/Star Wars program on and they showed pictures and actually had a present day interview with the character that played R2D2 i can't remember his name though.
Mwahahahahahahhahah Girls we are here in retribution for you invasion of our thread. We'll take over this place. Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie
Mwahahahahahahhahah Girls we are here in retribution for you invasion of our thread. We'll take over this place.

You know what that mean girls ..Do not mess with us ThorinBig Laugh SmilieWe'll hunt you down and kiss you....
Someone should tell Thorin that we are not scared... Wary Smilie

How about a makeover? I have a divine shade of magenta lipstick that would suit your complexion so...maybe some violet eyeshadow? A beehive hairdo would look so nice with your beard! Well, if not a makeover, how about we talk about your wardrobe. Do you have a lot of shoes? What do your skirts look like? What accessories do you like to wear? Hey, I know, let's get you set up with one of our guy friends on a blind date! Yeah!

What do you mean no? If you're going to be in here with the girls, you're going to have to act like a girl! And you lose all guyness in here, so if you want to retain your manhood, quick! Get out, or you'll suddenly find yourself needing a bra...
"NOBODY is going to put make up on one of MY mates!!!" roared Etharion, bursting into the Giiirls rooms, waving a flaming burrito.
He grabbed Thorin and dragged him to a safe distance. "Quick!! They'r getting closer!!Pick your nose and scratch your bottom! That should keep them away for now!!" he yelled to Thorin while doing the mentioned above.
"OK men! Here we set up camp! Thorin, give me some fart cover while i get things ready!" he ordered. Pulling a few stuff out of his (magical) bag, he assembled the first line of defense. He knew well the weapons that Giirls cant stand.. He moved with great speed for the females were surounding them..Thorin couldnt keep farting for ever..they'd break through they'r cloud of defense soon enough.. And they had to be ready when that happened..
Soon enough, he tackered up a few posters of sport related stuff, and some lewdly dressed women of dubious moral. Not only that, he positioned the plazma tv and the PlayStation 3, hooking them up to a mini compact fully mobile gas fueled electricity generator to power the lot. Adding a ipod with some big sub speakers he hit play on the entire collection of ZZ Top songs!
Ploping down a few bean bags, he ripped the top of a few crispy chips bags, and teared open some beer and Cola cans. With lightning speed he grabbed a contoler and started playing Halo on the PS, while stuffing his mouth with chips and cola.
"Grondy, guys!!! We need reinforcments quickly!! Grab a controler and some chips and lets go! We need to generate enough masculinity to establish a strong enough base camp to launch a invasion on the Giirls territory!! Dont hesitate to burp or fart excesivly loud as well! In fact, please DO that!! I have some baked beans and burgers nearly ready as well!!" he said, staring at the tv and playing with one hand, and fliping the burgers over on the barbecue with the other hand.
I laughed so hard, I cried. Not a good thing to do at work.
Grondy.. Your a old timer, you must have seen Mel Brooks'es movie "Blazing Sadles"!! Did you?! If you did, the scene with all the mean cowboys sitting around the fire eating baked beans and farting like mad, THAT'S what we'r trying to accomplish here!!!

If any of you giiirls need help trying to imagine us lot setting up base camp, then if you can DO get the movie i mentioned.. You'll have a good laugh while doing so.. Mel Brooks rules!

Ok..back to the invasion of the giiiirls territory..

Etharion swore as he lost a life on the game, picking his nose and at the same time producing a unidentified sound.. "PPrrrrdddd!!!!" A strange smell surounded the vicinity then..that was, up to this day, blamed on a ferret family that lived nearby..
Ladyoflegolas thinks Etharion's means of "attacking" are rather boorish...she looks around for her bow and arrow...
Etharion, seeing LadyofLegolas was up to no good, quickly threw a couple of fresh onions toward her. With teary eyes, she was of no threat to the invasion.
"Common Grondy!! Where are ya??! Thorin! Get over here!"
I am sorry, neither this thread nor its brother is a role-playing thread.
Cough...cough...sorry Virumor...

Getting back on topic. Teacher Smilie
What I really hate is when boys use you to get another girl's attention. THAT really hurts... Very Sad Smilie
Really? I never notice when that happens. Not even after it happens... Gosh but I am slow...
I guess I was thinking of one time in was pretty obvious.
Wow, talk about negativity in the XX sect... What about the nice things that guys can do... we aren't all obnoxious pigs are we??? Well, we could name a few without naming names Orc Smiling Smilie but there's gotta be something 'alrightish' about us???... *awaits an attack of screaming lasses*
Yes...guys can be nice...I like all my guy friends...even when they tease and make fun.
I've come to realize that for some of them...that's how they show that they like you...and I don't mean romantically...just in a friend it's almost flattering...almost.
Okay, here comes brutal honesty. I will confess: I am not really the girly-girl type that it sounded like I am in my reply to Thorin, and most of the females I know that are over the age of twenty-five aren't either. Confession: I fart, too. I love war movies. I like the ZZ Top song "La Grange", among others, so take that, Ethy. I don't cry if I break a nail. I don't like "chick flicks". I think girls can be very annoying, especially with how petty they can be. I like some video games and can play them obsessively. I'll admit, a lot of guys are not as bad as a lot of girls would have you think; it's just that girls really put themselves into some very compromising situations sometimes and it's only natural for guys to react to their actions in a certain way. I do think it's unfair, however, for the burden of creation to rest solely on women: we have monthly cycles from hell, cramps, pregnancy and its horrors, the act of giving birth and the labor that comes along with it, the postpartum healing process, getting our figure back, nursing and rearing the child. Then there's puberty: boobs, breakouts, guys oogling us, gossip, cliques, heartbreaks, so on and so on. Then there's menopause-let's not go there yet. Anyway, maybe if the playing field was a little more level, and guys shouldered more of the physical and emotional burdens, then we wouldn't whine as much. Bottom line: we all have complaints about the opposite sex, get over it.
I couldn't get here yesterday a the server was so slow I kept getting timeout notices; so I left to play Neverwinter Nights for the umpteenth time. Had I had been here, I would have read the above posts rolling on the floor laughing and then proceeded to add a post similar to Virumor's above one.

I know what you mean LadyofLegolas.. but Ellesar is right.

And Laurelindhe.. respect!!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Oh yeah, and OBVIOUSLY, i am not at all, as i humoristiclly portaited myself in the last post's, a typicall male pig. I dont even like football!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie The rest..well ok..maybe SOMETIMES i can be a biiit of a pig, but i try to be alone in such times. Orc Grinning Smilie
I think we should create a boy vs girl war thread in the roleplaying guilds to sort out our problems without annoying the council here. Elk Grinning Smilie
Etharion? Wow, I suddenly know you a lot better. Not liking football? Still cool, man.

Well, I'm not really a tomboy sort like Laurelinde here. But I AM JUST AS CAPABLE OF BEATING A GUY STRAIGHT in a refined gentlemanly manner, of course. It's the old en garde, allez! thing. Still, guys use girls but girls use guys too, and I think we use them a lot more cruelly than they use us. Come on, admit it, girls, we can be quite the little vixens when we have a mind for it.

And Loss, there are a great deal of good qualities about boys. They're straightforward, literal, and analytical. They trust evidence rather than instinct. They like to play macho, and they can be really kind sometimes. Adn when they're kind, you don't feel as if they have some other motives. Not all men are sincere all the time, but most of them I've met are at least chivalrous.

Although sometimes, chivalry can totally tick me off. I mean, why do I always HAVE to be helped onto boat? Why can''t I carry all of my luggage by myself? Why can't a guy hit me if I've offended him? Not that I want to be hit, but it's unfair that we can seek physical retribution on guys when they have to refrain from doing the same to us. And believe me, when it comes to insults, a girl's words can be much more venomous than a guy's. So why do guys always have to act so condescending, with that I-can-hurt-you-but-I'm-not-gonna-because-you're-weaker-than-me attitude?

*shakes head*
Well we don't like fighting weaklings. If for example a guy punch you you'll probably lend in hospital with a broken jaw or in coma or something as bad. So you're pretty lucky as you are...and its not in our nature either to hold grudges for long, as compared to you girls. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Dwarves hit their women. Since they couldn't discern females from males, they often punched a damsel in the face. And since they wouldn't even be warned by a high-pitched shriek, they wouldn't even stop.

This is, in fact, the real reason why Dwarven women hardly ever married.

I mean, why do I always HAVE to be helped onto boat? Why can''t I carry all of my luggage by myself? Why can't a guy hit me if I've offended him? Not that I want to be hit, but it's unfair that we can seek physical retribution on guys when they have to refrain from doing the same to us. And believe me, when it comes to insults, a girl's words can be much more venomous than a guy's. So why do guys always have to act so condescending, with that I-can-hurt-you-but-I'm-not-gonna-because-you're-weaker-than-me attitude?

Simple as smashing kittens : because you girls like it that way.
Very interesting thread. Vir, don't you belong on the boys thread?

Melian, I think that in fact IS a generalization to say that girls take things more seriously. I have counselled both and in fact here in our province at least it is usually a guy that will try to take his life if ditched by a girl. They can take that sort of heartache very very seriously.
I think personally that guys take a lot of things less seriously only because they are'nt important to them. But the things that are they do in fact take seriously.
As for guys hitting or girls hitting, both are acts of violence, both are criminal in content and against the law, at least in free countries. And both are the acts of abusers. Even if girls scream and hit and punch, they are abusers and need to stop it. It rarely gets less as one gets older if th is type of behaviour is not restrained and changed. And it damages little children who have to witness it. I never see it has harmless. And really it is an act of selfishness to get upset and start h itting someone. And really shows a lack of personal self control. There are many other ways of dealing with pressure.
I had to work with a little baby who had seen a girl hit someone and it actually stopped her from learning to speak for a long time. It is never harmless or of no large consequence, believe me.
I have had generally more friends that were guys than girls but I knew that no matter how nice and friendly, how understanding, it was simply because we were FRIENDS and not anything more. I saw them with their girlfriends and was glad I was only a friend! As for the girlfriends I have they have been my friends forever. Faithful and true thru the good and the bad.
I have a couple of guy friends that are keepers though, t hey are good and kind and absolutely who they seem. Such guys are worth more than gold. Smile Smilie
Such guys are worth more than gold.

Yes...I will definetly ditto THAT!!!!! Big Smile Smilie
Weeeell, I don't think Clover means that she wants a broken nose, I think she just wants to be 'one of the guys'. Treated equally. *puts on No Doubt with 'Just a girl'.*
Precisely my point. I mean, violence from either sex is not to be encouraged, but indulging violence from one sex and not the other is not exactly the best way to resolve things, is it?

"Eagles and women can only kept safe in cages".

- Lews Therin Telamon
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