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Hey, Id listen to the Residents if half their music didn't make me question their sanity and my own. The other half is just ultra-freaky.

Actually, I've only heard a little of their stuff. I would like to hear more. However, they are completely insane.
And hooray for another Zappa fan showing up here


I just have to say one thing 'LET'S ROCK'
Now how many of you immediatly rased there hand in the sigh of the devil and downed there head?
*Raises hand in the sign of the devil and bangs head frenetically*

Residents grow on you Glorfinel, I had 3 of their albums for a good 4 or 5 years before I finally "got" them if you know what I mean, it's a lot like Trout Mask Replica, one minute you're thinking "what the hell is this noise?" and the next you're screaming "Gimme that ol' Time religion" like a nut. Obviously I got all these albums because I used to do a hell of a lot of drugs, and you need weird-@ss music to freak out to. Amazingly enough, most of it's still really great when you're straight too.
Obviously I got all these albums because I used to do a hell of a lot of drugs

Animal testing is really cruel, is that why you're made of plastic?

Very good, yeah, it was a precaution to ensure I wasn't too badly ****ed up by the testing. Professer Von Haagen did it for me....
It strange being that you're made out of plastic that you played with fire such alot as a kid!
Meltyproof plastic, go Prof Von Haagen (psssstt... not really plastic or Squirelly really)

btw. I'm ****full of Guinness and listening to the Divinyls (remember them?) they're pretty good when you're drunk actually!
are you listening to the Divinyls on Vinyl?
I was watching some chart program on Friday, when a proformance came on that was cool although it was cheesy rave music. It did have the redeeming features of Hot women in hot pants dancing and Zippy and George from rainbow!
Would that be the terrible Rave version of the Rainbow theme tune from about ten years ago? When everything got Rave-remixed badly by substandard remixers looking to get a quick buck and forgetting what the genre was all about in the first place?

Btw, musical gripe of the week. Bought myself a nice shiny new CD of the Residents "Third Reich and Roll" last week, felt very happy about this until yesterday, when I saw a lovely original vinyl, mint condition, with the original artwork (now banned) featuring Dick Clarke dressed as a Nazi offering a tempting carrot (now it merely features Hitler with a carrot) for the knockdown price of ’20, and the guy in the shop (who I've known for years, I'm one of his best customers) said I could have it for ’15. I'm skint, and I can't buy the same album twice in one week can I? Hmmm... maybe I can, it's not like this is something you see every day, more like once in your lifetime, if you're really lucky....
If its a banned cover buy it, buy it now!
Has anybody here heard Tonight It Shows by Mercury Rev or Rocket Fuel by Seafruit? Seriously, I'm begining to think I'm the only one who has, cause when-ever I ask my friends about them all I get is blank stares and people asking "What? Who?"
I've heard alot of Merury Rev but I'm not sure what title's.

How come nobody has ever mentioned the genius of the Pixies on this forum, they were the people part responsible for the Indie genre, along with the Smiths, Stone Roses, Insipral Carpets, James, the list goes on but the Pixies Rule!
Pixies yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Love 'em. Mercury Rev started out good and then turned into whiny crap. Shame really. Dunno about seafruit, never heard of 'em sorry.
As to creating the whole indie/alternative thing, you forgot the true masters and innovaters themselves, Jane's Addiction, oft overlooked and the most important band of the genre. A lot like everyone forgets Dinosaur Jr. And who the hell beleives all that crap they're saying about Nirvana being the most important band ever? Come off it they were **** totally, and they ripped everything (including the name) off from other people. Huh, rubbish, i was glad the guy shot himself.

Oh yeah, and that cover was banned the same way as Clockwork Orange, self-censorship, for some reason the swastika covered version just wasn't selling too well in Europe (come to think of it many of the USA's denizens thought it was a bit KKKish, not helped by the promo vid of them dancing around a fire wearing Newspaper hoods).
Hey Skwerl,
I checked out The Residents on your recommendation. It was weird. I was scared. Never do that to me again.

I confess to liking The Pixies, though I'm really not that much into that sort of music. I have Surfer Rosa and there's just something twistedly charming about it. I wouldn't use the term genius though, but that's just me.

My favorite bit is on Bone Machine:

I was talking to (?????) about (?????) kiss
He bought me a soda,
He bought me a soda, he bought me a soda and he tried to molest me in the parking lot
Yep yep yep YEP!

Big Laugh Smilie It's not so much the words as it is the little-kid-with-ADD delivery... he sounds geeked out of his mind! Those yep yeps are priceless Big Laugh Smilie

Listen again Prog, it takes a lot of listening until you get it.

I had to post today, as Joe Strummer is dead!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I'm quite upset about that. Well, very in fact. The Clash are one of my favourite bands of all time ever.
I heard today about that, lets just hope he was rocking the casbar when he died!
Yeah, I just read that on the ticker on MSNBC. He was just 50 years old. Heart failure they say... sounds familiar...
He was just 50 years old.
These die young rock stars seem to be getting older. There was a time that to be successful you seemed to have to pop your clogs before you were thirty.

Didn't the Clash lose another member about twenty years ago?
First of all I would like to appollogise for spelling casbah wrong.

These die young rock stars seem to be getting older. There was a time that to be successful you seemed to have to pop your clogs before you were thirty.

I know why couldn't Cliff Richard and the Shadows have been a little more rock and roll, they might have done the world some good then!

I saw that Lionel Richie video for Hello again, that should win a comedy award. Its a blind woman he rings her on the telephone 'hello, is it me you're looking for?' Just wrong in so many ways, the crazy big chined ex commadore stalker. Great voice though which is more than you can say for all the manufactured bilge that floats around the british charts.

If anybody hasn't noticed by now I'm having a drunken rant so if anybody is offended by my disrespect to Cliff Richard, the Shadows or manufactured bilge, TOUGH haw haw haw evil cackle Tongue Smilie
As to Cliff Richard, "Move it" remains one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever. Sorry.
Dying rock stars, 27 is the accepted norm (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kurt "I really suck" Cobain, need I go on?)
And dead Clash Members, as far as I know, Mick Jones, Topper Headon and Paul Simonon are all still alive (and working) unless somebody can tell me different?
And dead Clash Members,
Probably my mistake, Plastic. I just had a vague memory of one far distant school day (back in the late 70's/early 80's) when all the punk fans were mourning the loss of a Clash member who had just died of a heroin overdose (I'm not thinking of the Pistol's Sid Vicious here, although it was around the same time)

I think I've just found the root of my confusion. In 1982 Topper was thrown out of the Clash and later imprisoned for heroin addiction. I think this is what they were probably all talking about.... I was more into Prog-rock than the Clash in those days (any day actually)

[Edited on 27/12/2002 by Valedhelgwath]
Prog Rock = music of the gods.

But I guess I'm biased Big Laugh Smilie

Plastic, I trtied to send you Signs via email. Did you get it or is it lost in cyber-limbo?
First of all I would like to apologize for spelling casbah wrong.
Ross: No need to apologize. Just press the edit button at the bottom of your errant posts, change the "casbar" to "Casbah" or "Kasbah", click on the edit post button at the bottom and you're home free. Teacher Smilie
But first of all I deserve to hang my head in shame for such blesphemous mis-spelling, Secondly I dont like editing as it makes me look like a nincompoop!
Prog Rock = music of the gods.

But I guess I'm biased Big Laugh Smilie

Plastic, I trtied to send you Signs via email. Did you get it or is it lost in cyber-limbo?

Prog's alright (bloke anyway, and most of the music)
Dunno if I've got it yet Proggy, haven't checked all my mail yet, only got back last night...
Ah, gee, thanks Plastic. Your not such a bad rodent yerself Big Smile Smilie

I think I may have a new favorite band... maybe. Their called Ayreon. Heard of them? Actually, I don't think it's a band in the traditional sense. More of an Alan Parson's Project type thing. One central musician/song writer with a bunch of guest musicians.

Anyhoo, whatever it is, it's GREAT! Pink Floyd meets Metallica meets ELP with a little Stratovarius (or something) thrown in...and other stuff too. All on a genuine concept album....with a genuine concept! A veritable metal symphony! I am bliss. In Love Smilie

[Edited on 1/3/2003 by ProgHead777]
Hey hey, My dad got woke a two in the morning by the same mad Japanese women who rings him every year. The thing is my parents live in Bury and my dad's name is Steve Diggle. This woman rings him every year convinced he's the lead singer of the Buzcocks. (hum I wonder if it will allow that in case it doesn't Buzphallus')
Ross is testing the limits again. Moderator Smilie
No Grondy, seriouslly it's a true story.
One of the things about progressive rock/metal that some people hate and others rather like (or at least forgive) is that the lyrics are often mediocre, ranging from fantasy epics to platitude-rich social commentary. The usual star of the show is the ingenius, virtuoso instrument playing, odd time signatures and unusual song structures.

That's not the case with a band called Pain of Salvation. While there's enough flashy fretwork, counterpoint and melodramatic crescendos to please any self-respecting proghead, there's also some of the most poignantly disturbing lyrics I've ever heard.

Take, for example, the song "Rope Ends." It's about suicide ... a subject that hits uncomfortably close to home for me. But it's not done in the ubiquitous angst-ridden style of grunge/alternative and post-grunge bands.

In other words, it doesn't sound like whining.

In fact, it's a story told in the third person and is obviously written by someone who knows what he's talking about. And I should know, as I feel I could have written this song myself about someone very dear to me...

Rope Ends by Pain of Salvation

She is still young...

Another day of emptiness
This life is wearing her down
The room around her is a mess
Her children safe with her mom

She is still young but feeling old
Two children with different fathers
She sits on the bathroom floor alone
The shower chain broke
Her neck hurts

Then another night of emptiness to wear her down
Naked to the world she wraps her sadness in a gown
Her children fast asleep, she sears the dark with glassy eyes
Choosing carefully among her husband's business ties

"Over!" she cries through rope ends and silk ties
Beautiful life escaping her young blue eyes
(But life holds her hand, refusing to let go
Leaving her breathing on the floor)

They're still asleep, don't hear her cry
And she's still obsessed with rope ends
This time she picks a stronger tie
With Winnie the Pooh and friends

She is still young but feeling old
A child dying to be a mother
Now she hangs from the ceiling all alone
All pressure is falling from her

Seeing guilt has taught her guilt she's raised on disbelief
Merely twenty - beautiful - but with a taste for grief
She has learned all that there is to know about hopelessness
Seeing that no effort in this world can stand her test

"Over!" she cries through rope ends and silk ties
Beautiful life escaping her young blue eyes
(And Winnie is strong, would never let her fall
Prevents her from breathing 'til she's not there at all
But life holds her hands, refusing to let go
Leaving her breathing on the floor)


Seeing guilt has taught her guilt she's raised on disbelief
Merely twenty - beautiful - but with a taste for grief
She has learned all that there is to know about helplessness
Seeing that no caring in this world can ease her stress

Helpless she lies in rope ends and un-dies
Unseeing eyes fixating Eeyore's smile
"Over!" she cries as she's going unblind
Still in this life
Still in this troubled mind
(The ceiling let go, the old house let her fall
Dropping her breathing to the hard cold floor
Hitting her head - a broken china soul
Red stains on porcelain and she's not there at all)

Breathing she cries for rope ends and silk ties
Beautiful eyes, Piglet stands shy behind
Broken she lies, undead and unblind
Beautiful life
Beautiful crying, young eyes
(Blackened and bruised, learning how to see
Staring at her tooth - crimsoned ivory
Hours, they pass this broken china soul
Red stains on porcelain...)

...And she's not there at all...
This afternoon while working the forum, I have been listening to "Elvis Lives" a two hour music program on "American Routes" on one of my local Public Broadcasting stations.

If you also want to hear the program, go there and look for the "Stations where you can hear us" link and look for "live webcast" link to get the local time at the station when they will be broadcasting the program. Cool Elf Smilie Because of copywrite laws on the music, that part of the program can't be archived and can only be listened to live. Sad Smilie

[Edited on 11/1/2003 by Grondmaster]
Sorry Prog, still sounds like whiny, angsty toss to me.
However, I did get the original of Signs from kazaa today, fantastic! I didn't recognise it for the first 30 seconds or so, great intro! Plus good ol' kazaa has the hugest Residents searches I ever did find WOOHOO! Shame it totally knackered my connection for the whole morning cos it did some weird firewall thing, but it was worth it once I fixed it.
What the hey is going on in this world? First Michael Jackson, now Pete Townsend. I hope his explaination is true otherwise I may never look at The Who the same way again.

For those who no clue what I'm talking about:

Sorry Prog, still sounds like whiny, angsty toss to me.

Really? I figured the fact it was written in the third person took the whine out of it. Maybe the song needs to be heard to be appreciated? I guess that's the problem with lyric quotes... the emotional qualities of the music are lost.

I'm glad you finally got ahold of Signs. Kazaa is awsome, isn't it? Lets hope it doesn't go the way of Napster.

[Edited on 1/13/2003 by ProgHead777]
Prog apparently it's because he was abused as a child and he's trying to research his book.
I believe as he only talks about his (my) generation.
Boom Boom
Nirvana, Blink 182, Box Car Racer og Good Charlotte rules! Big Smile Smilie
Here's a big chunk of posts from "The Party Tree" in "The Forsaken Inn" okay...


Wahey! I get an extra birthday, oh, hang on, that's not such a good thing as it used to be is it? *concerned look*
Oh, and btw, Eminem sucks bigtime, white boys can't rap. (with the honorable exception of the Beasties, and Kid Rock). But nice try Ear....
And I'm with Ross on your sig Prog.

posted on 28/1/2003 at 17:27 You said it PlasticSquirrel!

posted on 28/1/2003 at 17:30 Stonehelm, it's Red Hill Mining Town by U2 off the Joshua Tree album (one of the best the eighties has to offer!)

The Beasty Boys are cool but I can't stand Kid Rock. Eminem is a joke and unless he dies (we all know what sort of effect that has on someones legacy) he will always be remembered as a joke.

Alright, alright, the old sig is back... the new one suckles

posted on 28/1/2003 at 17:57 I really think Beasti Boys is not music at all, not even rap, they really suck, they are this little white guys trying to be evil, to impress with their "rudeness" GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!!!!!! they suck!!!! And as for Kid Rock...... if y ou cannot say sthg nice bout someone, better shut up. NO, he suck too!!! so much!!! why do they have to try to be rude? they canno be rude playing with rap. Eminem is another joke bout it, but at least his songs have godd rythm, and such fun lyrics, i laugh a lot with him. But i prefer hard rock LED ZEPPELIN RULES!!!!!!!!!! hail METALLICA!!! tock rock rock rock!!!!!

posted on 28/1/2003 at 20:16 Way hey it's back, thanks Prog.
The beastie's rule, and they can rap it's just they were origonally a punk band (listen to egg raid on mojo's). Eminem sucks big time, run dmc rule. Ice-t rules, Busta rimes is now known as Busta sellout.
quote:But i prefer hard rock LED ZEPPELIN RULES!!!!!!!!!! hail METALLICA!!! tock rock rock rock!!!!!
Niether of them are really hard rock, Led Zep is what you listen to when lets say you're a bit spaced along with Zappa. Metallica's what you listen to when you goth mates bird turns up, because she's a wuz and wont let you listen to White snake!

posted on 28/1/2003 at 21:03 I agree with Ear, Eminem does indeed rule. Someone has to stick up for him round here and that's me. Don't get me started on the Beastie Boys.

Council Member
posted on 29/1/2003 at 04:59 Hey guys, whafo youse mucking up de parytree wiff tooo loud musiks? Whyn't chah take dis 'scussion over to Music under The Golden Perch?

So I did....

Whitesnake! YES!!!! First album I ever bought was "Whitesnake 1987" cos my ma and pa had got me "Come an' get it" out of a bargain bucket when I told them I liked the snake, not noticing that it was already 11 years old.
Zeppelin can't be beat, and Metallica rocked right up til they sold out with the black album, which sucked royally.

And if you want great great rap music get NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" and you'll never want to hear Eminem again. Btw. The beasties stopped being offensive after their first album "Licensed to Ill" which wasn't terribly offensive anyway (but did have Kerry King from Slayer on guitar, way cool) and stuff like "Hello nasty" is just great, great music.

Btw. I like Kid Rock simply because he's offensive (well at first, then I realised it had some great licks in there, and it just kinda worked for me).
Kid Rock's sorry Plastic He's just abit of a wuz! But you're right about Metallica.

So I did....

You sound like Lloyd Grosseman.

[Edited on 29/1/2003 by Ross]
The Beastie Boys get a thumbs up from me primarily for Paul's Boutique, which I think is a bit of genius.

Eminem is offensive strictly for the sake of offending. Garbage like Bonnie & Clyde '97 show that he's pure shock, through and through. It does NOT require talent to offend someone...

Kid Rock... well, I won't go there.

Zeppelin can NOT be beat.

I don't think Metallica sold out. Ever. Starting with Kill 'em All and up to ...And Justice For All, you see a natural progression, each one becoming more complex than the previous one. But you have to admit, "Justice" almost collapses under it's own weight. It's TOO complex and that's saying a lot coming from a Dream Theater fan!

So what did they do? They beefed up the bottom end of their sound, decreased the riff-per-song limit down to two or three, and made a metal masterpiece. The low E flat chord in Wherever I May Roam is, IMO, the heaviest moment in all of rock history. Sure, there's louder, and there's lower, but the placement of that chord, among the soft, eery arpeggios, hits like a nuclear bomb.

So what about Load and Reload? Surely you must consider those to be sellouts? Right?

Wrong! Think about it- if all Metallica wanted was to sell millions of records, then wouldn't they have just made Metallica II? But they didn't. they completely revamped their sound and consequently, sold a lot less records! They played what they wanted to play rather than what everyone else wanted them to play.

Don't get me wrong, my favorite Metallica album is, and probably always will be Master of Puppets, and I'd love to hear them return to some real honest to god thrash metal. I just don't think it's a terrible thing for a band to play music that they actually feel passionate about rather than what everyone wants them to play.

[Edited on 1/29/2003 by ProgHead777]
Load and reload sounded like everything else that was coming out at the time, they just plain sucked, and that was all. It wasn't metallica, it was barely metal. Black was okay (I have it at least, which is more than I can say about the other 2) and I did see them at Donington in '91 in support of it (before I heard it, so I wasn't quite sure what the heck they were playing). I'm all for playing what you want rather than what you feel the public want, i just got the feeling that that was what they were doing on Justice, which was the first Metallica album I got, way back in '88.
Hmmm... not sure what my point was really anymore, as I've just remembered them in interview at the time of the black album, saying they really liked not feeling pressured to go any further on the "epic" front.
I just think we should see the truth in this:

Generals gathered in their masses,
just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
sorcerers of death's construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
as the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
poisoning their brainwashed minds.
Oh lord, yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away.
They only started the war.
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor, yeah.

Time will tell on their power minds,
making war just for fun.
Treating people just like pawns in chess,
wait till their judgement day comes, yeah.

Now in darkness world stops turning,
ashes where the bodies burning.
No more War Pigs have the power,
Hand of God has struck the hour.
Day of judgement, God is calling,
on their knees the war pigs crawling.
Begging mercies for their sins,
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.
Oh lord, yeah!
--Black Sabbath, War Pigs
I don't I like that tune.

Does anyone like Lifehouse? I really like the song 'Spin'
Ride the Lightning, Oh yeah.... Probably my fave as well, Cliff Burton line-up IS the best.
All Sabbath up to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is classic, after that it gets a bit bleak, understandable why ozzy left and came up with a blinder like Blizzard of Oz.
Yeh but Ozzy's a complete turd now!
Ozzy's no turd!!! His voice is better than ever now! I'll admit that Down to Earth totally blows but Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a Madman, Tribute, No More Tears and Ozzmosis are all awesome!

This is just my opinion though...

Now his kids... THEY'RE turds... but Sharon Osbourne rocks too! Big Laugh Smilie
I dont mean his voice, I'm mean his contrived personality for the veiwing public! Plus the fact he sold out and appeared at the golden jubilee, what was that. I can't stand his kids, the girl using daddy's fame to promote her terrible singing career and the son doing the same to promote his so called record producing skills. I dont mind the other soon though!
Contrived personality?! I would think if Ozzy was going to invent a personality for himself it would be much more flattering and a lot less believable.

I think Ozzy's cool because, despite his wealth, he's just an ordinary guy. I can really imagine hanging out with him discussing music over a few beers. He's just your average joe who happens to be filthy rich.

But yeah, I can't stand his kids. I can't believe their mother (the one with the brains, obviously) allowed them to go off and make fools of themselves like that. Now they'll never be taken seriously in ANYTHING they do.
But yeah, I can't stand his kids. I can't believe their mother (the one with the brains, obviously) allowed them to go off and make fools of themselves like that. Now they'll never be taken seriously in ANYTHING they do.

Well apart from the world champion Turd contest!
My favourite bands are;
Nirvana, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Box Car Racer, Trucks, Sum 41, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Tencious D Big Smile Smilie
My favourite bands are Sublime (Don't laugh: I only found out they broke up yesterday) Tenacious D rock and Rage Against the Machine are the funkiest band in ages. Smoke Smilie
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