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’pulls out from behind her back a table with all sorts of yummy foods just for Vee’
Here's an idea Vee, you can organize an "Around the World" party, and invite a few friends over. The catch is, each couple has a different country and makes food and drinks from that country. That way, people are cooking for you, it'll be fun and cheer up your blues, and your hubby may even want to try and cook something different for you!
Just an idea
Nice idea Andrea, thanks but none of my friends live close enough to do that. My social life usually takes place about once or twice a month when I disappear for a weekend to slob out with mates or go to a meet, or RPG.
I'm allergic to strawberries. I've had a rash for a week that has got progrssively worse and has been itching like there's no tomorrow so I went to the doctor on Friday and she thinks it's strawberries. Also, the rash has reacted to sunlight on my arms and chest and my left arm in particular is covered from wrist to shoulder in tiny blisters. I hurt alot. I stuffed up a job interview last week and so will be unemplyed from the end of the summer term when my short term teaching contract runs out. Things are looking very down at the moment.
*Grrrr...* Allergies!!
I used to be allergic to grass when I was younger, but that has mostly faded away as I grew older. Instead I have become allergic to apples, pears, peaches, nuts, almonds and cherries. I take a bite and my throat starts to itch and swell up, and everything I eat or drink after that tastes awful.
I used to love juicy and a bit sour green apples... never again...

If they are heated up in some way I can eat them, but... I WANT A FRESH, GREEN APPLE! *sob*
guess what guys my mum is somewhat allergic to sand and dust. but the thing is thats pretty much all that u get in a desert like Kuwait !! Man , i havent seen good , lush greenery for more than 2 years now. i will feast my eyes on some greenery till i am quite tired of it once i go to India. anyway today i have a small building football match at 5 in the evening. and we will be playing in sand (no grass here ) at a temperature of about 44-45 deg Celsius. i dont think u Europeans and Americans can even imagine such temperatures !! (xcept folks livin in California etc.). India doesnt have Kuwait's comforts and luxury but life in India is challenging and spirited. i dont rue leaving Kuwait coz i am going to my country and my people at last and i hope i am tough enough to live in India and that 6 years of constant luxury hasnt converted me into a wimpy, namby-pamby wusskid.
My Hayfever kicked in this weekend, its late this year round which is a godsend so I should really only suffer for about a month or so but knowing my luck it'll be longer

Any fellow Hayfever sufferers out there?

My dog is allegic to grass and she's been sneezing and hacking up lately... not very fun for her and me who has to clean up the snot off the windows.
I'm allergic to dairy... bleh, it kinda sucks sometimes. It's not that bad, I can handle some milk or cheese or whatever, but if I have a glass of milk at breakfast, that's all the dairy I can have for the rest of the day. I saved it for cheesecake today Big Smile Smilie
Any fellow Hayfever sufferers out there?

Yep.... I've just spent the past five days at sea and I forgot to take any anti-histamines with me. For those of you who believe you don't get pollen out at sea, that is a myth. I've been waking up each morning with my pillow stuck to my face and my eyes streaming all day as if I've had an onion smeared across them. Roll on Autumn.
Heehee. It's winter over here in jolly old New Zealand, and it's COLD. Well, everyone else saysa it is, but I'm NICE AND TOASTY WARM!!!!!!! Nice and toasty warm. I'm always nice and toasty warm when everyone else is cold and boiling when everyone else is just nice and warm. I laugh. HAHAHA.
Im allergic to poison ivy so i cant roam the woods freely in spring and summer like i do the rest of the year i wish the weather was 65 degrees fahrenheit year round!
Er, aren't most people allergic to poison ivy? Or do you get a worse rash than normal.

Or are you just acting the orc again? Orc Smiling Smilie

I get this nasty rash on the palms of my hands, I forget what it is called but it never goes away. It gets very tiresome 'cause I get tiny cuts that are a misery from the underworld.
Ouch, Stoney.. Orc Sad Smilie
I get wild parsenip rashes outside when it's hot here and sometimes they form to something that looks similer to a blister. Unfortuntly, it has worse itching affects than poison ivy and it's everywhere (a tall plant with yellow flowers, and thick stems). Only way to keep from getting it is to wear long sleaved shorts and pants. Paranoid Smilie
A friend of mine commented yesterday that I spoil JtC, my 11year old son. So I wonder if I do? The comment came after I had decided to make use of the space in this house for his benefit - we took down the bunkbeds in his bedroom and made it into a games room for him. He usually sleeps in one of the spare bedrooms anyway and this way means the room is manageable from a cleaning and drawing curtains point of view and he isn't sleeping with the noise from PS2 and pc. If we need the spare beds for guests then he can sleep on a mattress on the floor of the games room. It seemed silly to have two spare rooms only being used when guests stay.

The second thing was a mobile phone........ now I hate mobiles and have resisted giving him one for the last year or so because 11 year olds simply shouldn't need them, or so I thought. We recently gave him his own phone line because it only costs an extra few pounds a month and leaves the main house phone free for our use. He has free calls after 6 and at weekends so it works out well for all of us. But...... Paul now has two mobile phones, one personal and one a company phone. He only needs one so he keeps the company phone, I swap my sim card for his and I have his nice shiny silver mobile which leaves my mobile free. So we have given it to JtC so that not only can he phone home but we can get hold of him when he is out and about.

I don't see this as spoiling him. And I don't see JtC as a spoilt child. Is it spoiling him? Or am I just being paranoid over a relatively harmless comment?

And where is my Avatar?
I'm not a parent so I don't really know anything about how to treat those smaller type of humans.

No parent will ever think they spoil their child, and all parents are paranoid. Aren't I helpful? Tongue Smilie

As for mobile phones: Here in Norway I don't think there excist a 11-year old without one. Most get them much earlier.

If the gaming room is an isolated incident, I wouldn't say that is spoiling. If it is a general trend, always something being done for his benefit, then perhaps.. Too little information, and I don't want to be like those old women (like my grandmother) that knows EVERYTHING much better than any involved partys. Wink Smilie

My theory on the subject, the Rema 1000 theory (Rema 1000 is a supermarket chain with a lot of tired, tired parents as customers. Makes me depressed by shopping there)

It is not the amount of things or services to your child that matter the most, but the way he/she/it accomplish getting it.

Typical example:
A child asks: "Mommy/Daddy! Can I have this? Please,please please?"
Tired mom/dad: "No, you got something last time"
Child then starts nagging. And nagging. And biting the product at hand, screaming loud and bothering other customers. And nagging.
Parent gives in: "Ok, you can get it! But then you won't get anything next time!!"

The child has learnt: Be a pain in the ass, and you WILL get your way. Those children are spoiled, and will get into trouble later in life when applying the same tactics on people without the unconditional love of a parent.

The good parent in this situation should, when the child ask for something, consider the wish of the child. Is what he/she/it is asking for reasonable? Is he/she/it asking for something useful? (new football, drawing block ..) Then say yes or no based on their judgement. But when saying no, no should mean no! Not " nag a bit more and I'll say yes". However of course if the child has good arguments in favour of it getting it, one should listen to them. Reconsidering based on arguments is ok, caving in to pressure is not.

Basically what we want to teach the children is how to go after their goals in a constructive manner. That will be very useful later in life. We should encourage goal-getting, but discurage eh.. goal grabbing.

Vee: You were probably not looking here for answers, and I don't really try to give it to you. I think you are infinitely more capable in this field than me. What I wrote is just something that has been bothering me for a couple of years. Parents that are just puppets played by their children, too tired to care anymore. All energy and life sucked out of them. The children are (insert foul language of choice here)!!!!!, and WILL grow up to become (if they are not already) criminals and troublemakers. The type of person you just want to strangle everytime you see them. Grrrr!
Thanks GrevRev!

Your post helped clarify things for me and I am now happy happy happy. Well, smiling, anyway.

JtC is one of three people living in this house and we treat him as an equal. He responds to that by being diplomatic and reasonable, and sometimes as selfish as an 11 year old can be! He knows that 'no' means no and rather than nag for things he has always approached it with thought..... he sets out pros and cons for his requests and is willing to compromise. The cheeky little beggar even called me a goddess the other day....... which was sweet.

He had no idea we were going to change his room and when he came home last night I sent him upstairs to 'tidy his room'. His face was a picture when he saw what we had done, and he chortled with delight.

I've decided, thanks to you, he is not spoilt.

But what about our avatars?
But what about our avatars?

Looking into the invoices, Vee, your last payment towards Community Sponsorship appears to have gone in on the 23rd May. As it is now 27th June, I am guessing your avatar has disappeared because the monthly period covered by your donation has passed. I'm not sure what arrangement you have with your bank etc for subscribing, but maybe it hasn't gone out yet. If payment has gone out, I'd suggest having a word with Taz to find out why it hasn't registered this end.

As far as your son is concerned, I don't think you are spoiling him at all. You are just being a generous and thoughtful parent. Like Grev mentioned, it is when they begin demanding things and playing up when they don't get their own way that something is wrong. As long as they are appreciative of what you give and do for them, I don't think there is a problem.
My avatar has gone too, if I have to re-register every month.. well I don't have time today , just stopping by for a quick look at the forum. Maybe I'll just wait for the pay-once-for-a-hole-year thing if it is not to far away. Anyway, the paypal thing for shiremail is working, so he still gets money from me.

Vee, I have seen plenty of spoiled kids who have no respect for their parents or any adult. JtC does not sound spoiled at all.

Well I'm off again.
The avatars seem to be popping in and out a bit. Yours was gone for a few days too, Val, as was many others. Then some popped back in a day or two ago, and others went missing.. Hmm.
As it is not just mine I will assume there is an error at either taz's technical end or maybe the payment process itself, although the other payment I make seems to have gone through OK. Either way, we shall have to wait for Taz- man-in-here (Taz Mania! Get it?)
So I can whine here? Good.
Btw. Vee, we just spent a fortune doing up my step-daughter's bedroom as a surprise for her 11th birthday. So I'm with you, if we had space it would be good, but we don't.

My whine however is one which anyone who's known me here for a long time will have seen coming a long time ago. Rambo now only has 3 days left to live. Damn, we tried a new set of pills last week and if they haven't worked within that week, then I'm going to have to put him down. Very unhappy Plastic at the moment...
Noooo not Rambo! He is a legend! I'm sorry.. Sad Smilie *hugs Plastic*
Sorry to hear that, Plastic. I hear there are a lot of cats in doggy heaven though.
That's too sad, Plastic Squirrel. Who is going to hold down the rug and drool on your knees and wake you with their snoring in the middle of the night? A wife just can't do that job the way a good dog could. Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
I am so sorry to hear this, Plastic. Rambo seems like part of the PT family, too and I feel really really bad. I can only imagine how you and your family are feeling. *hugs* to everyone.
Yeah, what Nell said, Plastic..... and when he goes let him go with dignity.
Bo says thanks for all your kind words. So do I.
Really it is the kindest thing I can do for him now though, he can't stand up without me helping him. I think the family will do better than me, as they've really only had him full time for a couple of months and me and he have been together for what seems like an eternity.
Probably going to have to lie to the kids about it though, I don't think they'll understand that it's kindest to put him down, so they're going to have to be told that he died in his sleep sometime on Thursday afternoon.
Course there's plenty other things going on to annoy me round here as well, but they seem to have faded into the background.
But you're right Amarie, he is kind of a legend and part of the PT family really.
Ok, people, especially those denizens I meet in the chatroom... Its been commented that Im surly and nasty.

Heres the story.

Most of you who I speak to regularly will know this already.

My mother is terminally ill with ovarian cancer. For the past year and a half, I've lived with the stress of not knowing if she's going to be alive in a weeks time. Its reached a new level recently when the doctor told us "We need to operate, but, the chance is that the operation may well kill you, but without it, you WILL die."

Most of you will have no idea what thats like, having no point of reference to empathise.

To compound matters, the doctor told us he's no longer sure it is ovarian cancer, the nodules found on the ultrasound scan are too small for all the problems they are causing. So it may well be she's going to undergo an operation that may well kill her, for no reason.

So, yanno, if I seem nasty, short tempered, snappy, abrupt or just plain weepy, Im sorry, but I do have a lot of emotional stuff going on that I wouldn't wish on anyone.
*big hugs* Sad Smilie Your mother will be in my prayers, Mil.
I am really very sorry, Mil. I know that sounds lame because I have no idea of what you are going through. But I will pray for you and your mother. I hope the right choice is made for you both.
Sorry to hear that, Milambar. It must be a terrible ordeal for both you and your mother. I hope everything goes okay for her.
I’m sorry to hear about your cat Plastic, my condolences go out to you!

Its reached a new level recently when the doctor told us "We need to operate, but, the chance is that the operation may well kill you, but without it, you WILL die."

I’m very sad to hear about your mother’s condition Milambar, I know that must be extremely hard to deal with. Hang in there, try to stay positive, and do the best that you can, because sometimes that’s all we can do! I wish you and your family the very best!

I’ve been pretty depressed, and upset since yesterday myself having found out that my great Uncle passed away yesterday. I can relate to your statement somewhat due to the fact that my great Uncle had to have an operation just about 2 weeks ago under some similar circumstances.

My great Uncle was 92, and he needed to have a heart operation that if he didn’t get, he was definitely going to die, and because of his age there was only a 50% chance that he would survive the operation.

My great Uncle had persevered through a lot of health problems over the last 30 years (Heart attacks, Strokes), and he was a Great Depression survivor, and a WW2 veteran, basically one stubborn, tough, son of a gun, so I expected that he would pull through the operation, and he did, like a champ!

The doctors said that he came through it, and bounced back as well as a 17 year old would have. They were really surprised at just how well he pulled through, but I wasn’t, because I knew somehow he would. He was doing so well that they let him go home last week, and then all of the sudden, yesterday he was walking across his living room, and just dropped dead instantly.

It really caught me off guard, and I’m still kinda in shock, because honestly he was doing so well with his recovery, and he had already survived so much other stuff in his life, that after he came through this recent operation, I guess I just expected him to live another 10 years.

It’s really tough because I was really close with my great Uncle and Aunt when I was a kid, and spent a lot of time with them. Also, my Grandparents, and my great Uncle and Aunt are all directly related so that makes it extra difficult. My Grandfather and great Uncle were brothers, and my Grandmother and great Aunt were sisters. They were obviously extremely close because of this, and due to that fact, I always kinda viewed my great Aunt and Uncle more like an extra set of Grandparents.

Anyway, the last time I saw my great Uncle was at my Grandmother’s funeral about 12 years ago, and I didn’t get the proper chance to say goodbye to either of them. I’m all torn up to pieces inside today thinking about my great Aunt, because I don’t know how she will get along without my great Uncle. Despite his various health problems, he had been the one taking care of her, and she can’t do much for herself since she suffered a stroke a few years back.

It’s been extremely difficult for me to think of anything other than the pain so many of my relatives, and family members are feeling right now, especially my great Aunt, and my Grandfather. I feel so useless to my family right now too because I’m way out in California, and they’re on the East coast, and I don’t know at this point if I’ll be able to attend the funeral on Saturday.

Financially this comes at a bad time for me due to the fact that my wife and I just moved, and then just paid rent, not to mention that we went out of town for the 4th, and spent a bunch of money over the past weekend. For me to fly from Cali to Florida last minute, and everything else it will entail is just too much for me to be able to afford right now, but I’m trying to figure out a way, because I feel like I really need to be there to pay my respects to one of the greatest men I’ve ever known, and obviously out of respect to my family, and to be there for my loved ones!

I don’t know what I’m going to do? At least I got to talk to my great Aunt today and sincerely tell her how I felt’
Very Sad Smilie
And here was I, about to complain about homework.

Very Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Yes Loni, when we hear that the world is falling apart for others, it kind of puts our own problems in a different light.
I felt sorry that I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.

My condolences, Milambar and Elfstone. Sometime life sucks, but we weren't promised a rose garden; and assuming you live that long, a hundred years from now today's heart aches won't seem nearly as depressing. It is hard to see a loved one suffer, especially when the doctors can't figure out the problem. And loosing a favorite elderly relative is painful. When my great uncle Albert (the husband of my maternal grandfather' s sister) died, I lost my source of stories about the early days in the State of Washington, not to mention a friend.
Sorry to hear that Elfstone. I hope you find a way to get over for the funeral, although don't cut yourself up too much if you can't.

It seems to be a month for funerals here too. Last month one of my uncles died unexpectedly, today I went to the funeral of the ex-Boston Fishery Officer who also died unexpectedly, and now another uncle is on life-support at the hospital in a coma. Tragically for my uncle's family, the hospital told them last week that there was nothing else they can do, his kidneys have failed due to a massive infection, he's had a heart attack, and is tecnically brain dead, but his body is hanging in still. I haven't seen my Aunt, or my three cousins (one of whom has just moved the States to get married, and is now not allowed back out again for six months), but they are understandably distraught. I think knowing there is no hope, but not being able to say, "goodbye" is the worse part. I really feel terrible for them.
I’m sorry to hear about your loss as well Val. It’s just that most unpleasant part of life that all of us have to deal with eventually, and as I said before, all we can do is to keep living, and to do our best!

The older I get though, the more and more I seem to get bummed out. Don’t get me wrong, I love life, and I love living, and no matter how bad things might be in anyone of our lives at a given time, you should never give up, because life is always worth living, and should be celebrated.

Each day we have here is a true blessing, and you never know what tomorrow may bring. We can never give up our hopes and dreams! But sometimes, the more and more I look down the road all I see is pain.

Dealing with my Grandmother’s death back around 1991 was hard enough, and I’ve lost another Grandparent since then. Now this thing with my great Uncle, and I know my great Aunt probably won’t be too far behind. My Grandfather on my Mom’s side is still alive and in good health, but he’s aged quite a bit in the last few years, and father time is really starting to catch up with him. I know that he doesn’t have much time left either.

Then it’s going to be my cat that my wife and I absolutely adore, because he’s close to nine now, and probably only has another ten years. Then it will be my parents, and then the wife’s parents (my father in law is already not in good shape due to various health problems, and I think he will be the first to go out of our parents).

I don’t mean to be a downer, but like I said, sometimes when I look down the road at my life, and what the future holds, all I see is pain, pain, and more pain, and an endless circle of death, sorrow, and loss. It’s hard to think about, and tough to face, but it’s also the cold, hard reality of life.

Btw, I now know I won’t be able to make it to the funeral this weekend for my great Uncle. I was holding out hope that this check that I’m expecting would be here today, but it didn’t show up. The worst thing is I know for certain that I have about $3000 coming in anytime between tomorrow, and next Friday. If the funeral was next weekend, I would be able to make it, and that’s already ripping me up inside.

I’m going to feel so terrible on Saturday sitting out here in glorious Santa Barbara when my great Uncle’s funeral is happening, and I’m not there. The pain of missing this, and not being able to be there is something I fear will eat at me for the rest of my life.

With the way life’s bitter ironies seem to play out, my check will probably show up in the mail on Saturday when it’s too late.
Very Sad Smilie
So glad I could log in here! I have missed you all so dreadfully and it is wonders to see a fermilliar face!
Note: Rambo was a dog. Elf Winking Smilie

I went to the service that was held in western Washington on this side of the mountains for my mother, but had to skip her internment in eastern Washington, as I don't travel well’can't stand sitting in a car, plane, or train for more than an hour at a time.

Missing a funeral of a loved one can be hard. Still, you could spend that particular hour celebrating their life, though you will miss all the food at the gathering of friends and relatives that takes place afterwards. That gathering is the best part of funerals.
You've got it bad, Elfie, if you are already anticipating the deaths of everyone around you. It comes to us all, mate, and there's nothing we can do about it. I'm not religious, but I do feel as though there's a circle of life. Even if we do not rejoin the circle ourselves, we live on in our children and the memories of those we leave behind. I'm not particularly worried about my own death, as long as it's not too painful, but I worry about those I'll be leaving behind. I've worried too, for the past thirty years about my parents dying. I think I will find that particularly painful to bear, but they are in their 70's now. Each time they get ill I fear the worse. I worry, too, about my son having an accident. Twelve years ago one of my cousins lost her 8 year old son when he rode his bike under a car. You should never have to see your children die.

I think it's the finality of death which gets me the most. Knowing you are never going to see that person ever again. Everyone I know who has died has left a hole in my life, like a part of me is missing. The older I get, the more it happens too.

It is a part of life, though, and life is for living. I try to keep death at arm's length and not think about it too much when it's not around. Make the most of my own time here, and appreciate everyone else around me. We don't know how long we have left, or what may be awaiting us around the corner, so I try to enjoy every moment I have. Traffic jams particularly annoy me, because I feel they are robbing me of life.

Like Grondy suggested, spend that hour thinking about your Great Uncle. He is unlikely to know you were not there, and if he does, he's also likely to know that you wanted to be. If you feel the need, you can always visit your Great Aunt later. She'd probably appreciate it more anyway if you went later. Funerals can be overwhelming, while later, once everyone has gone, she may want the company.

My Uncle finally died this afternoon. In the end I think it was a relief for his family because they have been in Limbo for a week. I am dreading seeing them though. You kind of feel so useless because there are no words you can say to them that do anything to help.
My Uncle finally died this afternoon. In the end I think it was a relief for his family because they have been in Limbo for a week. I am dreading seeing them though. You kind of feel so useless because there are no words you can say to them that do anything to help.

I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle Val. My sincere condolences to you and your family! I also want to thank you and Grondy for your support and understanding regarding the difficult issues I was dealing with last week.
Elf Smilie
I've a similar dilemna to you now, Elfstone. Because there had to be an inquest into my Uncle's death, the funeral will not be held until Monday. Unfortunately I'm due to go away to sea on Saturday evening for the start of this years cockle season. This is traditionally our most busy period at work, in which the staff and vessels are stretched to their limits for about a month. It is an unwritten rule that none of us book holidays during this period, and I even worked my girlfriend moving in around it. We cannot afford not to have the patrol boat at sea during this period, and me attending the funeral will necessitate the boat tying up for a day. If I said I needed to have the day off, that is what would happen, and nobody would blame me, but it would start the ball rolling with other people wanting time off during this period too. I am also going to be conducting some important research work over this period. The work can only be conducted in conjunction with the fishery, so if I lose this window, I will have to wait until next year to conduct the experiments.

I feel bad putting work before my family. I should be there for them. At the end of the day it is just a job, but to me it really is a whole lot more. It's not an easy choice though.
Gosh! Compared to you all, my problems seem minute! My latest problem is really long, so just skip over this.
I've always been sorta anti-boyfriend (from the age of 8 until now, 13) but recently, in my club newspaper, I was posted as being in love with a certain boy around here. And I just found out I do really like him. THEN, I found out he KISSED another girl yesterday! I was depressed all day, and cried myself to sleep. No mean comments please, it's a LONG story I don't have the heart to type out.
I am sorry for your loss Elfy and Val.
My dad is a "sparky" on an oil platform in the North Sea. He is out two weeks home for four weeks (used to be three). This causes him to have missed several Christmases and birthdays and holidays with us. And funerals. Not long ago 4 of his aunts and uncles died quite closly one after the other and he only got to go in one funeral. They all lived nearby and I felt really sad that he couldn't be there..

I do not pray a lot, but I have sent a few prayer for Mils mom. I wish there was something more I could do.
Sad Smilie
Nessa, this is something that most people your age go through. It is heartbreaking when it happens, and you just want the ground to swallow you up. It won't help you to know either, that what you are feeling is likely to happen again sometime, and possibly many times.

Does this lad you like actually like the girl he kissed? Are they actually seeing each other? If he doesn't, or they aren't, maybe there is still hope for you. If they are going out with each other, take solace in the fact that most teenage romances don't last for more than a month or so. You may get another opportunity to catch his eye.

Does he know you like him? If he doesn't, maybe you should let him know. That piece of knowledge often sets the seed of desire.

If all else fails, just remember for every single girl out there, there's a single boy. You are bound to eventually find a few that you like. Personally, though, I think you had the best idea when you were younger. Not liking boys at your age isn't such a bad thing. We're made of slugs 'n' snails and puppy dog tails (not really, but we might as well be). You're actually better off without us for a while.

Hope things work out for you though.


With regards my own problem about not being able to attend my Uncle's funeral.... When the lads at work found out, they took matters into their own hands and came up with a solution. To fit windows in the tides and around our work routine, they are going to shoot me up the river in the RIB at 4.30am Monday morning and pick me up again around the same time in the afternoon. They will cover my boardings during the day, and hopefully collect my samples from the experiment I am conducting too. Funerals are obviously not places to look forward to going to, but I feel a lot better now knowing I can at least make it.
I'm sorry to hear about the death of your uncle, Val. Sad Smilie At least your friends were able to make it possible for you to attend his funeral.
Nessa, like Val said, let this boy know you like him, if he is worth it. And if he doesn't feel the same way than I wouldn't worry because he isen't obvisouly the one for you if he doesn't like you as you like him.
I do not pray a lot, but I have sent a few prayer for Mils mom. I wish there was something more I could do.

I know how you feel Ama. I think all of us here that have read about what Mil, and his family are going through right now are very concerned, and we all wish his mother, and the rest of his entire family the very best!

Funerals are obviously not places to look forward to going to, but I feel a lot better now knowing I can at least make it.

Glad to hear you’re going to be able to make it Val! I myself wasn’t able to attend my great Uncle’s funeral over the past weekend, but I did at least get to talk to a lot of my relatives via telephone to express my condolences, and my feelings. I also had a very positive conversation with my Grandfather the day before the funeral that really helped me out a lot, and helped me to feel not so guilt ridden about not being able to be there.

Also to Nessa, hang in there and keep your chin up! As Val said this sort of thing is very normal for people you age, so don’t get to down about it. I myself went through all kinds of the same things when I was growing up. I had a major crush on this girl when I was 14 for example, and I had never in my life before that liked a girl so much. I wanted to be with her so bad it hurt, but she didn’t like me that way, only as a friend, and then she turned around and started dating my best friend at the time. That just about crushed me, and I was so mad at the both of them, and so depressed, but eventually I got over it just fine!

Prepare yourself though, because this won’t be the last time something like this happens in your life, especially at your age. It’s a normal occurrence that we all experience at some point in our young lives, and you need to just hang in there and be strong! The right person will come around for you!
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woah, my problem is so minute I should just leave. But I won't.


Alright, I'll just go away and finish my Science project.

Are you hoping to become a doctor, Loni?
Why is she shouting at us?
Thanks you guys, but like I said, it's a really long story, so I just needed to tell someone. Unfortunately, my brother read my diary with a previous tragedy I had recorded, and blackmailed me with it for a month, so I didn't want to make that mistake again, if you know what I mean. Thanks a lot though!
Why is she shouting at us?

She is pouring at high pressure. She is in a hurry, remember?

Personally, being a lazy student myself, I have come to the conclusion that it is better to spend an extra year (or two, more likely) on the studies than to die from a heart attack at 23. Also some time to actually think through what you are learning isn't all bad either, I think.
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