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Is it wrong for me to want my books to myself??

I often want to share the story with someone else, just so that I have someone else I can talk about it with, but almost every time I lend a book to someone, that's the last I ever see of it for a few years. I'm very reluctant to lend any out at all now.
I often want to share the story with someone else, just so that I have someone else I can talk about it with, but almost every time I lend a book to someone, that's the last I ever see of it for a few years. I'm very reluctant to lend any out at all now.

I didn't know you were a librarian, Val. Wink Smilie
Libraries are evil places. They expect you to give the books back.

I know which of my friends are OK to lend books to. Anyone else and I will tell them no. If they don't respec the book, and if they don't respect that I have lent them something that means *something* to me then it is tough.

However, if I see a book in a charity shops that I know someone might like then I buy it for them.

One thing which made me cross was being asked by a good friend to lend him a book that another friend had lent me...... and then I saw how he treated it and took it back. I don't think he as forgiven me for that but messing my books is bad enough, messing a book that I am responsible for and that belongs to someone else is a lynching offence.
Did you slay or BURN the infidel?
I have more creative ways of inflicting pain and retribution.
stop it Vee i'm getting excited... lol

I studied Mediaeval History at college, and boy do they know their stuff when it comes to torture and the world of pain... "bring out the GIMP!"

Cyclops Smilie
What the Medieval era did...*shudder* Let;s just say I'm glad I wasn't born back then. I probably would've had my guts torn out.

On books, I agree with Vee. I lend my books out only to those I trust implicitly - about four people. The thing that scared me off was my brand new book - the ones that have the beautiful, new smell to them, crisp pages, undefiled binding - that was lent out to a friend. I got it back and my beauty was gone! It looked like she had bent the book backwards and played with each page before turning it!!!! I wanted to cry! So I don't regularly lend out any of my four hundred books to just anyone anymore...for they are precioussss to me.... Very Evil Smilie
Never, i repeat Never lend your books out to me...

Self-confessed Book Defiler & Lore Criminal----------------------------------------> Moderator Smilie

Probably the only person that'll admit to having a big stack of books strewn around my bathroom, read, unread, sodden with bath-water, mould and detritus. heh!
For the good of humanity.......

Vee slices Lord Aelric's head from his shoulders.........

(Cartoon style)

*Applauds Vee's saving action* Very Evil Smilie

Yeah, that would work too, Erb.
My house!!!! Pleeeeeease - I'll take VERY good care of them!!!
So i'm headless eh? probably deserved it *sigh*

Sad Smilie

But that means i'm kinda scary too... every cloud, blah dee blah
So i'm headless eh? probably deserved it *sigh*

This reminds me of Sleepy Hollow.
Pumpkin? Pumpkin Smilie
Hey everyone this is Erb, Nil had to leave for a while and she wanted me to say good-bye to you all!!!
Tell her we hope to see her back soon! Smile Smilie
I met Tobin's girlfriend. Her name's Shawna Lee. I'm a little down about his flirting without confessing to have a girlfriend, and my college situation hasn't bettered much. Hey Stoney, got any room left on that sholder?
Is Shawna Lee a depressing name? hmm... *tastes...* Hmm.. Ok, if you say so.. Orc Sad Smilie

You could always borrow my shoulder if Stonehelm's is occupied, but it will be very wet there shortly, as I am heading for the shower..

I know it isn't easy always, but listen to Monty Phyton: "Always look at the bright side of life.."
I'm all alone! Were is everybody? (sob)
Don't know... Sad Smilie Nilgaerien is away, and Erb...Lady Erbalwen is also quiet tonight... Sad Smilie Sad Smilie *miss them already* Where the rest are.... Elf Confused Smilie
I am around...Just busy chatting on messenger and working on an essay. Smile Smilie If you are getting really bored you can always private message me =) *loves getting messages!!* :P
I'm here don't cry CC!!!! I love you!!!! Nil said that if you want to send her a message to send it thru me so...........
*imagins getting over a 1,000 messages*
Tank-a M'Lady. I was just starting to get my hopes up about him, and it seems that as soon as I get my hopes up, they get shot down. Sad Smilie
I'm sorry girl!!!
It's ok. I'm just about used to it by now.
WAAAA!!!!!! Two projects are due in on Monday and I forgot to take my stuff out of my locker. The teacher will give me another B detention, and that mean an entire hour of writing out the school rules after school!!!! Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Got The Blues Smilie Dead Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Be strong, school won't last forever, you'll be free of the oppressive regime soon. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
This seems like a good thread to pour out my feelings.

My cat is dying, and I feel very very very sad now. He's got cancer or something very much like it, and they can't do anything about it. He is not in any pain, he just feels a little down and weak now. He can die any day now. I'm really going to miss him.

Sorry. Just had to get that out.
Aww,I am so sorry,Tommie. Sad Smilie *big hugs*
I feel a hatred growing in me towards alot of people. Might be good might be bad.
Hope i'm not one of those people Dar.
What's wrong mate? Why are you angry?

I don't hate you Dar I think your awsome.
Its not at any of you folks in here. Just a general malice towards people
alright, that's just weird. How exactly? In what way malicious?
When I see what some people are capable of.........

makes me ashamed to be part of the human race.

I'll second that!

I was very disappointed in humans a while, until I realized we are actually rather sociable creatures. Dogs, cats, sheep(at least the male variant) goes Grrrrr! immediately when they see someone from their own species.. Strange world...
Its not at any of you folks in here. Just a general malice towards people

That would make you a misanthrope then.
Aha! There's the word I've been looking for; I feel like ripping out someone's innards with my teeth and smearing the gory * never mind....

Anyway, I've been trying to contact a friend of mine from Madrid for a day now; no one's heard from her and I hope she's alright... Very Sad Smilie
Aside from the unconscionable scenes being displayed across the world depicting war, terrorism, brutal treatment of fellow human beings, new & improved anti-simian viruses, ultra-efficient hi-tech killing machines, impending threat of serious consequences relating to global warning, Doom, Gloom and The Utter End of All Things, I think that basically, the human race is... Dead Smilie

F.U.B.A.R.!!! Very Sad Smilie

not to worry, everything'll be fine and dandy to be sure.

Waving Hello Smilie


What does this "F.U.B.A.R." mean?
Okay this is getting to depressing can we talk about something else??
It's foul language, Asteroth, couldn't tell you here!
If you wanna know what FUBAR means, watch the movie "saving private ryan" : it is explained in that movie... (before the Wehrmacht kill them)
Help, I am on a call, and the lady is talking so fast and going on and on. Rolling Eyes Smilie I am going nuts. She is nice, and I am interested in what she is saying, however her voice is annoying Very Mad Smilie
That sounds like the only advantage Dial-up has over Broadband Mellie. At least then you know the telephone is not going to interrupt your browsing experience.
What I would do for broadband...Sadly, I live too far out in the country to sign up for it (of course,I love living in the country,just miss my broadband).
My one brood today is that I was puddering around in the kitchen for a good half of the morning making cookies (chocolate chip,I mind you Wink Smilie)...And,while they were baking I decided to check my e-mail, I forgot about the cookies and over cooked them by about a half an hour. Yuck... *giggles* I am giving them out for free now, a little burnt (ok a lot!) but you can still taste the distinct flavor of chocolate..Elf Winking Smilie
Oooo! Cookies! Tongue Smilie

*want to configure my browser security option to allow chocolate cookies!*
OK then LadyFeawen.......give me the chocolate chips.....don't mind about the rest of the cookie!

I'm not a baker, so this might sound stupid..... How come the chocolate chips don't melt when you bake chocolate chip cookies? Or is it like the jelly in pork pies... something which is added after cooking?
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