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turgon cause then I could meet T’rin

Merry or pippin
Didn't Turgon meet Tuor? As far as I remember, Turin never came to Gondolin. But hey, its been long since I've read the Sil. Gotta take it up again.

Oh, I'd be Merry. More fascinated with Rohan.

Elros or Elrond?

Elrond, no question about it. There's just something so deep and mystical with the elves, their connection to Arda, their relationship with the Valar and Maiar, and plus they have all that cool "Elven magic" as the hobbits call it. Oh and the ones we have nowadays make really good cookies (Keebler, LOL) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(BTW, you're right, T’rin never came to Gondolin. Turgon met H’rin and Huor, and later Tuor.)

Manw’ or Mandos?

Manw’ because he is compassionate and wise; whereas Mandos is inflexible and dispassionate.

The Iron Crown or the Nauglam’r: which and why?
The Iron Crown. If it were in my possesion it would signify Morgoth's downfall. I like seeing the lone Silmaril shining in the sky each evening and would want it to stay where it is. As far as beauty, however, there's no question that the necklace is the lovlier.

Beleg Strongbow or Samwise Gamgee?

Which and why?
With Beleg Strongbow hunting in Beleriand; however, I'd like this to be prior to when he went searching after T’rin.

I wouldn't want to accompany Sam on Frodo's quest; and Sam's later life was a little too boring for me; though it would be just right for a hobbit. Besides, having not accompanied Sam and Frodo on their quest and thus never bearing the Ring; I wouldn't be entitled to acompany Sam to Valinor near the end of his life; which would be the the only part of his journey that I wouldn't mind taking.

With Tom Bombadil and Goldberry for tea?


With the movie Denethor for fish and chips?

Who and Why?
Tom and Goldberry of course!

Denethor is an old, negative, prude. All he'd do would make me feel depressed.

Aragorn or T’rin
With Aragorn whereever he was rather than with T’rin where and whoever he currently was, for T’rin's life was too depressing and Aragorn was a hero most all the time.

With King Brand and King Dain before the Gate of Erabor during the War of the Ring?


With Celeborn and Thranduil at Dol Guldur during the War of the Ring?

Who and Why?
I think help would be needed most at Dol Gulder and so would go there.

Who would you rather fight, Smaug or Glaurung?
Well if I could fly using Harry Potter's broomstick, I'd choose Glaurung because that Great Wrym couldn't fly after me; in either case I'd have to wear my asbestos lined jumpsuit and carry a bigger stick or better yet Beleg's bow 'Belthronding' and Bard's 'Black Arrow' or two. Wiggle Smilie

Hoeing weeds on a hot afternoon in Farmer Maggot's garden with his belligerent youngest son


Guarding Bree's West-gate with the grumpy gatekeeper on a wet blustery night?
Hoeing weeds on a hot afternoon in Farmer Maggot's garden with his belligerent youngest son.
I like farming! Orc Grinning Smilie

A Nazgul or a Balrog?
Balrog, because I would be free and not a slave to Sauron..Also, maybe I could change my evil, fiery ways and become a..nice balrog?? haha. Rather unlikely,I guess, since they're supposedly completely, utterly evil.. A balrog would be a rather fantastic ally for the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, though.

Frodo in Valinor (healing and long, peaceful, intellectual life in an Elven paradise) or
Sam in the Shire (Home, wife, children, mayor of the shire, all the gardens you can tend at Bag End)

Who and why?
I would choose Sam's life because ti live in Valinor would require a certain stature of mind which we would not possess.

Dain's Kingdom or Durin's Kingdom?
Durin's Kingdom, while a little more hectic, I think they would have been more interesting.

Pig's whistle of Cow's Horn?
Cow's horn. You can also use in for self defense, just in case.Elk Grinning Smilie

Chicken soup or fish soup?
Chicken soup: with onion, celery, carrot, and wild rice.

Opps, I think we just reverted this thread to the Duel Chain Game.

With Aragorn on the Paths of the Dead or with Frodo in Shelob's lair?

Who and Why?
With Frodo; he needed all the help he could get, not that I would really have much to offer.

Sting or Glamdring? Which and why?
Sting, because I own two: a small one for when a Man is holding it and a large one for when Bilbo, Frodo, or Sam are holding it.

Speghetti or macaroni? Which and why?
I really like both but i think i'll go for macaroni. It's really nice specially when there's lot of cheese in it!

An orc or an Uruk-Hai
An Orc, the Uruk-Hai are pussy-cats, no matter where they are.

With the Gaffer and his cronies in the Ivy Bush Tavern, or with Lobelia and her women's group upstairs in the Green Dragon Inn.
Definitely the Gaffer and his cronies. I don't fancy old woman's talk!Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Old Bilbo or Young Frodo
With old Bilbo definitly. He has a lot more interesting tales to tell of his adventures with our kinfolk, while young Frodo don't know nothing, having only nightmarish memories left from his only trip out of the Shire.

With the pup-dog Huan when he slew Draugluin or with Beren when he lost his hand?
I'd say with Huan. It would be more interesting watching the fight that seeing Draugluin eating the hand of Beren then running away madly.

Living in Tirion-Upon-Tuna or Gondolin?
Gondolin in its mid-life, when it had been completed and was still secure, because then the creative juices would probably still be flowing into the other arts and entertainments.

Who and why: With Aragorn and the Hobbits on Weathertop or with Aragorn and the Grey Company on the Paths of the Dead?
with Aragorn and the Grey Company on the Paths of the Dead. That would be more interesting as I'd get a chance to see how the dead city is as well as get to know this part of ME which was pretty much unknown considering that most people did not go there!

With Eomer at the Battle of Helm Deep or with Treebeard at the sacking at Isenguard
With Treebeard, I didn't doubt the Ents would be able to handle Saruman, while the Battle of Helm's Deep was a near thing and I'm chicken. Chicken Smilie

Roast beef or pudding
That really is funny Grondy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I'd say pudding as i don't eat beef. In fact the only meaty thing I eat is chicken and fish, but then I'm more than 3/4 Veg. Elk Grinning Smilie

Who would you prefer to serve as vassal; Aragorn or Faramir
Faramir, I feel Aragorn would be a liitle too demanding and there is a lot of work that he needs doing. Faramir has reached the pinacle of his ambition and will just want someone to keep the brush down in North Ithilien.

Who and Why: With Beorn watching for Orcs on the Carrock or with with Gollum digging for grubs in the Dead Marshes?
With beorn. I don't like grubs and anyway I would be safer with beorn wnd there would also be a chance of some action.

Would you rather fight the Balrog or the watcher in the water?
The Balrog, if I'm Gandalf and have the Valar watching my back. Even he ran from the Watcher. Though if I had my cutting board and 10 inch chef's knife from the Kazad-dumish Inn I might decide to make more battered calamari (Deep Fried Watcher Rings).

Who and why:
With Aragorn and Gimli outside the gate at Helm's Deep temporarily protecting it from Saruman's attacking Uruk-hai and Orcs?
With Faramir covering the retreat from the rout at Osgiliath?
With Aragorn and Gimli outside the gate at Helm's Deep temporarily protecting it from Saruman's attacking Uruk-hai and Orcs. It would be more exiting and there would be more action! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

With Finrod in Nargothrond or Celeborn in Menegroth?
With Finrod, as I consider him more heroic: someone to pattern oneself after as a role model.

With Bard as he and his black arrow confronted Smaug? or With Bilbo during his initial conversation with that magnificent Dragon?
With Bilbo during his initial conversation with that magnificent Dragon. The first meeting would be best as you'll get to know the surprising dragon before everyone and will let yourself be surprised by himself! Elk Grinning Smilie

With Thorin in the battle of 5 Armies or with the Elven King
With the Elven King (during one of his forest feasts) Well, it was left open-ended. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

With Bob tending the Prancing Pony's stables or with Nob answering Butterbur's every beck and call?
Well seen:elgbiggrin: With Nob and his horses. At least you'd get a chance to get some rest if needed in the stable away from old Barli's watchful eyes! :elkgin:

With Gandalf facing the Balrog or with Bilbo attempting to rob a troll?
Bagged by a troll, as long as Gandalf was there eventually to pull my fat out of the fire.

Who and why: With Merry and Pippin bored out of their skulls waiting for the completion of the Entmoot? or With Frodo and Sam scared to death watching the army march out of Minas Morgal?
With Merry and Pippin bored out of their skulls waiting for the completion of the Entmoot. I find fangorn forest interesting and would take the time to explore it (ofcourse taking care to stay near the moot).

Soldier of the Witch King of Angmar or Soldier of Shagrat?
Well, seeing as how I don't remember any of Captain Shagrat's boys, other than the captain himself, as getting out of the Tower of Cirith Ungol alive, I guess I'll go with one of the Witch King's guys, for one of them may have been able to retreat back across the river.

Who and Why? With Thorin's Company hanging in spider wraps? or With Bard in Laketown during Smaug's fiery attack?
With Bard during Smaug's attack. At least I would have a chance to escape of if he killed me it would be a once-off death which is better than watching yourself being eaten by spiders.

With Bilbo living in Bag Ends or with the Tooks living in the Great Smials.
Bilbo in Bag End, because except for the occasional Dwarven party, there isn't much competition for the choice bits at meals like there is in the Smails. Besides Bilbo's winecellar is well stocked and he is a great host,

Where and Why: In Rivendell after dinner listening to the Elvish poetry? or In Meduseld listening to the retelling of the Epic of Eorl the Young?
In Meduseld listening to the retelling of the Epic of Eorl the Young. I think Elvish poetry is beyond my understanding and anyway I would like to mingle with them who have a great reputation as described by Saruman "What is the house of Eorl but a thatched barn where Brigands drink in the reek, and their brats roll on the floor among the dog." Buy seriously I would be with them because a man would best mingle with men and I would be able to drink as much as i like and sleep where I am without having to take care that i do not offend any Elvish Maiden. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Being a warrior fighting in the Dwarf-Goblin wars or a warrior of Dain fighting the Easterlings?
Fighting Goblins, because they always seemed eviler to me.

Who and Why: After the War of the Ring: With Kings Elessar and Eomer, mopping up the Southrons; or with Elladan and Elrohir mopping up the Orcs in the Misty Mountains?
Elladan and Elrohir mopping up the Orcs in the Misty Mountains. I don't think I would be noticed with Aragorn and Eomer Elf With a Big Grin Smilie while with the brothers I would be able to enjoy great views as well as fight the orcs. Moreover it would be easier to understand what's happening than in a battle involving ten of thousands of raging lunatics!

With Gandalf on his journeys or with Radagast moving about the Wild and meeting and talking with animals
With Gandalf on his journeys even if I had to be the horse's rear-half; because Radagast reminds me too much of Doctor Doolittle and I could only wade through two of those books.

With who and why? Eating the movie ’owyn's stew with Aragorn or Resting in the Houses of Healing with ’owyn and Faramir.
Resting in the Houses of Healing with ’owyn and Faramir. Though I tend to think that if I had consumed Eowyn's stew I would land in the house of heeling too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

With the Fingolfin in hos battle against Morgoth or with Gil-Galad against Sauron
Gil-galad. To me, he's more of a hero. This is only because since I was little I always seemed to idolise him more.

against the Witch King in the Battle of Pelennor Fields?
Well, I would rather have been with Merry, who got overlooked by the Nazgul Lord until he forced the issue with a pin prick.

With Bill the pony making his way back to Bree? or With Gandalf near Durin's Tower after his battle with the Balrog?
Bill. I have always liked Bill... Not that I don't like Gandalf. He's fine. But he might be a bit grouchy after just defeating a huge monster and exhausting so much energy.

Pippin with Grishnakh, surrounded by Uruk-Hai
Frodo in the Dead Marshes with Gollum?
Frodo in the Dead Marshes with Gollum. I would very much like to hear Gollum's precioussssss and sssssssssssssses, that is, his kettle with boiling water noise! I personally think Gollum has a most fascinating personality!

With Old Toby smoking or With the Old took dining in the Great Smials?
With Gandalf smoking Old Toby; too many peoples in the Old Took's dining room.

Who and why: With Gollum, Frodo, and Sam climbing the straight stairs?
With Frodo and Sam climbing Orodruin?
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