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Orodruin. Despite the fact that Gollum was a great asset to have on the mission... quest... thing, since they wouldn't have gotten as far without him, he still shadows my mind as an endless threat. Any point in the journey where I could be free of Gollum and still move relatively successfully would be a welcome blessing.

Sam fearing what Gandalf might do to him should he fail Frodo
Faramir being constantly shunned unfairly by Denethor?
Sam fearing what Gandalf might do to him should he fail Frodo. A wizard's threat is more potent that an old man's threats.

Sam living in Bag End or Aragorn living in a palace?
Sam in Bag End. I'd rather be in a smaller place surrounded by well-tended gardens than a huge palace any day.

Voronwe being thrashed by waves and almost drowning in the Great Sea just before he was saved by Ulmo
Merry and Pippin being taken captive by Uruk-Hai?
Voronwe being thrashed by waves and almost drowning in the Great Sea just before he was saved by Ulmo. I would very like to see Ulmo in all his majesty and indeed hold speech with one who is amongst the greatest of this world. Also, I would be able to see what a Valar actually looks like. I just hope he wouldn't take the form of a tsunami wave and stand towering told above me. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Living near the barrows or Living in Archet a day away from foes who would freeze your heart?
Near the Barrows as long as I had Tom's song memorized and stayed inside on foggy days.

Working as a farm hand for Farmer Maggot? or Working as a day laborer at the Sandyman's Mill?
Working as a farm hand for Farmer Maggot definitely. For one I would get plenty of mushrooms to eat and then I don't fancy working with thugs as the employees of the mill are.

An Uruk serving Sauron or an Uruk serving Saruman?
No thank you! Neither boss would be a good employer: after many hard years of service, neither Uruk could expect a pension were he to live that long. I think I'd rather retire to a cave in the mountains and paint pictures on the walls for the peoples to come to discover and wonder over.

Which and why: Talking to a Great Eagle or Talking to one of the Ravens of Lonely Mountain?
Being a Dwarf I will obviously choice talking with one of the Ravens of Lonely Mountain. I would love to have the story of old days taught to me by Ravens.

Mining in the Blue Mountains or in the Iron Hills?
That would depend on the grade of ore and the closeness to a tavern at the end of the shift which served good a ale.

With who and why: Fishing with Gollum at his pool under the Misty Mountains? or Fishing with Tom Bombadil on the lower Withywillow?
fishing with Tom Bombadil in lower Withywindle ,he is a merry fellow,i love to listen to his songs........and i like Withywindle.... Ha Ha Ha Smilie

With who and Why: Dance with Tom Bombadil or Dance with Goldberry ?
Goldberry: it's a guy thing. Happy Elf Smilie
Hey Grondy where's your question?......... Tongue Smilie Did your pussy cat eat it?.....
No I was full of turkey yesterday and was falling asleep. Yesterday was our national annual day of Thanksgiving in the USA; so my excuse was I ate the Chicken Smilie turkey. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Do you have a national/religious annual day of Thanksgiving where you live?

I have probably already asked this question someplace recently, but short term memory being what it is, I've asked it again. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
actually i am not sure........i don't think that we have...... Shocked Elf Smilie
yeah Grondy you have asked this in "person below the game"i think Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Sam would be a great friend for you or Pippin would be?
Sam would be great before or after his great adventure. Pippin only after; though he would have be fun to pal around with before his adventure.

Before the War: Riding horses with Eomer and Eowen, or archery practice with Aragorn and Arwen.
I'll say Archery Practice with Aragon and Arwen. Riding a horse is tough on the ole kaboose, pardon the expression, especially as I cannot ride a horse for toffee, which would make me look really bad in comparison to ’owyn and ’omer. With Archery, I could hit the target at least, maybe shoot an apple off Gimli's head? Seems more fun to me Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Who and Why? Go with Galadriel and look into her Mirror, or, Go with Saruman and look into the Orthanc-Palantir?
With Galadriel and her mirror even though she is more dangerous. Saruman would probably feed me to his orcs when he got bored with me; she'd probably let me crawl back into my hole after we'd finished looking.

With who and why? With Bilbo hunting Spiders? or With Bilbo dungeon crawling under the Elfking's palace?
With Bilbo dungeon crawling. It would be safer than hunting Old Tom noddy and I certainly do not want to be eaten for supper, dinner, luncheon or whatever else...

Who would you rather work for; Farmer Maggot or Farmer Cotton?
Working for Farmer Maggot would probably be more exciting, but he would probably brook no nonsense. I haven't the foggiest as to Farmer Cotton's philosophy, but I imagine he is more laid back than Farmer Maggot, but probably not as good a teacher.

Fishing with Tom Bombadil on the Withywindle or hiking with Bilbo along the backroads and trails of the Shire?
probably hiking with Bilbo along the backroads and trails of the Shire, because i did fishing with Tombombadil already..........Elk Grinning Smilie

Where,with who and why: A holiday with a funny Nazgul(eg:Loss) in Shire or in Rivendell with Elves?
As nice as our funny Nazgul is and though he might be beloved by all the hobbit children; he might scare the bejeebers out of their parents; so I think that I would rather visit Rivendell and the Elvesies.

With who and why: With Gandalf fighting the Balrog on Durin's Tower (Battle of the Peak) or with Gaffer Gamgee digging trenches to plant next year's asparagus crop?
i will chose with Gandalf fighting the Balrog on Durin's Tower. i would like to be with a wizard.........that's because Gandalf the wise.........!

with who,where and why:a journey to Lothlorien with fellowship or a journey to Fangorn with Ents & Entwifes?
I would love to see the reunion of the Ents and Entwives; so a journey with them to Fangorn or anywhere would be preferable.

With who, where, and why: Aragorn on the Paths of the Dead or Bilbo conversing with Smaug under Lonely Mountain?
Aragorn on the Paths of the Dead. a journey with a Ranger would be grate somehow it's Aragorn Big Smile Smilie

with who,about what and why: a discussion with Gl’in about past of dwarfs,their crafts and moria ?or a discussion with Legolas about Mirkwood and it's past?
A discussion with Gimli; I'm not infatuated by Legolas and want to know more about Nogrod (Tumunzahar) and Belegost (Gabilgathod) which were the major Dwarven cities during the First Age. And as they were both located in the Blue Mountains to the west of The Shire, if he ever thought about exploring for the ruins of either of them.

With who, where, and why: With Galadriel looking in her mirror for Entwives or With Bilbo at the three Trolls' campfire trying to cut a purse?
With Galadriel looking in her mirror for Entwives. after Entwifes look themselves i hope i could have a chance from Galadriel to look myself.

with who,where and why:flying with Gwaihir(windlord) to shire,Rivendell,Lothlorien,fangorn to where you like or flying with an Eagle to Mordor,Gondor,Emyn Muil,Rohan to where you like?
Well I like northern Middle-earth better than central so I guess I'll go for Gwaihir's tour.

With who and where and why: With Gimli for a tour of the Glittering Caves (Aglarond)? or With Faramir for a sneak sunset viewing of the Window on the West (Henneth Ann’n)?
i will have a tour with Gimli to see the Glittering caves i would like to see the Dwarfs splendid works.

with who and why:Friendship with Deagol or Friendship with Smeagol?
Friendship with D’agol; I couldn't trust Sm’agol not to want something of mine and try to do me in to get it.

Who and Why: With Bob taking care of the Prancing Pony stables in Bree? or With ’owyn in the Edoras stables looking after her horse?
Surely With ’owyn in the Edoras stables looking after her horse. i like to talk with her,and i will have a chance to see the king........

with who where and why: with frodo and sam going to the Bree for evening tea or with merry,pippin and Ent,Entwifes having evening tea in a Ent house?
Today I feel more hobbyist, so I'll say with Frodo and Sam in Bree having our evening tea.

Who, Where, and Why: Helping Merry prepare dinner in the house at Crickhollow, while Frodo, Pippin, and Sam are having their bath after their escape from the Nazgul? or With Sam and Gollum in the Woods of Ithilien preparing stewed cony for Mister Frodo?
Helping Merry prepare dinner in the house at Crickhollow, while Frodo, Pippin, and Sam are having their bath after their escape from the Nazgul. i do won't to be with Gollum. and i like to see Crickhollow.

with who, where and why: with Bilbo reading his stories in Revendell OR with Gandalf reading ancient books about Gondor in Gondor?
With Bilbo in Rivendell. I think I would become bored with Gandalf, because he would become inpatient with me if I asked him questions, while Bilbo would not, in fact I think he would be happy to fill in what I was missing behind the story.

What's for dinner?

i don't know
Sorry I forgot where I was in my last post. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Who, Where, and Why: With Sam fighting Shelob in her dark, smelly tunnels? or With Sam fighting past the Orcs up the Tower of Cirith Ungol to rescue Frodo?
Fighting orcs because they're smaller than Shelob.

With Gimli in the Halls of the Dead (when he went with Legolas and Aragorn under the mountain)


With Pippin trying to stop Denethor from murdering Faramir?
With Pippin

Would you Prefer being;

Gandalf in Moria


Isildur at the Battle of the Last Alliance?
With Gandalf. I like him better and I'm sure there are more corners to hide in in Moria although getting out of the place again may be tricky.

Would you rather be

with Beleg Strongbow following Turin


with Bilbo fighting the spiders?
That Strongbow Guy. He has a cool name

I will bend the rules, and have 3 people. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie (Where does it say I can't!)


With Elrond, because I have always wanted to see elves and Rivendell (If that is possible for a dwarf to say.......)

With Biblo trading riddles in the dark
With Merry and Pippin trapped inside Old Man Willow while in the Old Forest
Both a bit scary.... but I like Merry and Pippin better.

Fighting on the walls of Helm's Deep?
Charging into the armies of Mordor as a Rider of Rohan?
Oh, I definitely have to go with Helm's Deep, because I've always wanted to know what the fight really felt like.

With Bilbo trying to save his friends in Mirkwood
With Merry and Pippin as prisoners of the Uruk-hai
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