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Pronounced as one letter,
And written with three,
Two letters there are,
And two only in me.
I'm double, I'm single,
I'm black, blue, and gray,
I'm read from both ends,
And the same either way.
What am I?
the letter m or w maybe?
W for sure
I've never answered riddles before, but I will take a wild guess at this one. Is the answer "eye"?
Correct answer Terrijayne. Happy Elf Smilie Did you work out each line, or just take a flying guess like I often do?

Anyway it is Terrijayne's turn.
As Terrijayne hasn't returned here; I'll ask another that I borrowed from Christopher Paolini's new book Brisingr.

'I am colored red and blue and yellow and every other hue of the rainbow. I am long and short, thick and thin, and I often rest coiled up. I can eat a hundred sheep in a row and still be hungry. What am I?'
A skein of wool?
That's close Rho: the wool part is correct and I like your answer better that the book's. I'll wait a day or two to see if anyone can come up with a better one before giving the answer.
How about knitting needles?
No, something made of wool. The more I think about it, the more I like the skein of wool better than the book answer, which I'll give tomorrow and then we can discuss which is best.
What about a scarf?
Well a scarf may work, but the answer was supposed to be a woolen rug.

Well, this looks like it's too old to be revived.  Oh wait, I just did!  Mwah-ha-ha! 

Terribly sorry if this one has already been posted; I didn't actually read through the whole thing.  My bad.  Here goes:

I never was, am always yet to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. But I am the confidence of all, to live and breath on this terrestrial ball.  What am I?

Intense!  ^^  Oh, and if this one's too easy, I've got like a hundred more.  So, for now, Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Is it gravity?

No, but it makes sense that you would think of that.  Gravity seems to answer all the questions, but . . . sorry, guess again.  :-)   Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

I never was, am always yet to be.

That's to refresh your memory.  Hint: never in the PAST, always in the FUTURE.  NEVER in the past, for a certain someone who seems to think it's 'Always was, always will be.'       Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Could it be 'Wind' ?

I'm guessing that, 'cause to me, wind is pretty much an unseen force. It's more like energy. You can feel it's presence, but you can't see it with your eyes. You can only see it affecting to certain things, like branches of the trees and waves of oceans and lakes. And it will indeed continue to live and breath on.

That seems to be a well-thought out and intelligent answer, Oerath.  I regret to inform you that also is not the correct answer to the riddle.  Another hint: it is something that is never in the past, always in the future.  What could be never in the past, but always in the future, as the present is always changing?  Sorry, I really like this riddle, as the complexities of time intrigues me     Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

The only thing that seems to indisputably be always in the future is the future, which no one will ever see, and which we trust to let us continue our lives. So my guess is the future. You may want to change the words "Am always to be" because that was misinterpreted at least by me to mean that it is always in the present.

Oh, you do not want to get into THAT with me.  "to be" most definitely means the future.  I would rant ;-) for a few paragraphs, but I'm using a tablet, so it would take a while to write (I winked because have you ever heard me rant in seriousness?). Instead, I'll give you some links that you can look at and figure out the "wills", " tos", and "bes.". Have fun!

You'll have to copy and paste, because as I said, I'm using a tablet, and still figuring out how to do the links.  Not spent much time doing links on this.

Okay, done being annoying.  I realize that if you mistook "to be" as being in the present, other people might also.  So I'll try to find another way of putting it.  Meanwhile, keep guessing!  (Oh, and "future" is SO close!).  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Wait a minute.. Okay, I've three guesses at my disposal, after some careful thinking.

But this feels like something I'd want to try: Reality.

Getting  . . . warm . . . keep going, Oerath!

Cur's last suggestion was so close . . . just not quite it.  Let it suffice to say it's in the future, because I can't think of any hints that won't give it away completely.  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Aw, let's try this one then: Life.

I think I'm getting nowhere though.

Not that one either, but can't wait to see what your 3rd idea is.  Something is up with the wifi in our area, so I might reply late to posts :-(  Cur, you can't give up now!  Keep guessing!  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

After this, I'm kind of out of guesses to throw. I feel like I'm almost getting there. I like of these kind of riddles that make me think like a beast.


My third guess: Eternity.

:'-(   It's not that either!  Keep guessing!  (I'll be nice; if both Oerath and Cur say 'I give up' on their next post in this thread, I'll give the answer and do another riddle, that one easier.  It might be a moot point, however, as Cur probably will never give up, but I might be surprised!)    ;-D    Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

When have I ever surprised you?

I'm going to say the present. There is no instant of time that is the present, one cannot stop time without also stopping all existence. That means that what is commonly called the present is in fact the change which takes place in a given amount of time, which originates at the present instant and ends somewhere in the future. In other words, the present is just the smallest possible measurement of time into the future.

Actually, this was supposed to be my third guess, but another took it's place.

So, Curufinwe, let's figure this out one way or another. My next call is simply: Change.

Not those either, but that would make a good one to form a riddle around.  Keep guessing!  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

I'm going to try sleep. I always look forward to sleep, but I can never remember what exactly it was to be asleep, and so it is as if the sleep has never been. It is something that I always have yet to experience, or at least, it seems that way to me, since I have no clear memory of being asleep. Dreams shouldn't count, they are just very vivid imaginings. So my guess is sleep.


Not that either, much as I hate to say it.  (Also, it seems ironic that you said you look forward to sleep while at the same time you don't need it and go to bed past 3 sometimes ;-)

It seems to me that I'm missing you (Cur), Gror, Oerath, and Amras by hours or even minutes.  I want an app that will alert me when you guys get on!  Wishful thinking, I guess.  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Hey, delayed gratification is always a good thing. By the way, I've been doing a lot of things trying to enjoy the last few days of my France vacation and have not been getting on until past dinner, which is usually around ten.

To stay on topic, my next guess is Tomorrow.

/shaking your shoulders excitedly

You got it!  Hahaha!  That was awesome!  Congragulations, your turn!  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Oh.  I mean, "Tomorrow" is the answer.  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Funny, I wouldn't have guessed that. Oh well, not so far in the future after all, but alas, riddles are riddles.

Good job, Cur. Now, give us something equally as tough in return. Smile Smilie

I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?

I faintly recall something about running but not walking . . . would it be a river?  But thought follows close behind, hmm...  I'm just going to stick with river for now.  That it?  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

A river is not the answer I am looking for. Just being thought provoking is not enough to satisfy the second half of the riddle.

Your nose?  Yes, yes, thank you, I am a genius 

Unfortunately, I remembered this from a book I read a few years ago.  Do another one since this I got this one in two posts ;-)  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

You are correct. I have no riddles that I think it's the right time to give, so if anyone sees this while I'm finding one, feel free to post a riddle.

Unto this you may sink, if you don't handle it with care. Do not think about it too much, don't lose yourself, for the keys to your end can be anywhere.

I have a feeling this is super simple, but it just doesn't make sense!  My mind is just revolving around the 'sink' part, so . . . boat?  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

Not a boat, Nirwen. And yeah, I'm bad at making up riddles. One can tell..

But here goes a hint: While it's not a thing, it's still something you could be ........ from. Wink Smilie

Oh wait . . . Death?  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

And we're drawing close in a way. Smile Smilie

Wrong, but keep guessing. It ... .... to what you said.

I'm being mysterious.

Mysteriousness is working for you, Oerath.  I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing ;-)

Ya know what?  I'm going to wait for Cur to help me out on this.  Cur!  Do something!  Like . . . suggest something, so I'm not the only one feeling like this is so easy and hard at the same time.  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

If you scroll up on the pony for long enough you will come to a few of my guesses and the original form Oerath used. My guess for now is sanity, but only if you're already insane.

Not insanity, Cur, but here goes another hint: Sane or insane, it's all the same. Your mind may not find a way back.

Do you guys mind if I join in here?  Is the answer fear, by any chance?


The wanderer returns after a considerably long break, unfortunately; only to tell someone that: 'No, I'm afraid that's not the correct answer.'

Yes indeed, I'm back, and where's the chat? I haven't been able to access it for a long while now.

And welcome to PT, Russandol. Your answer isn't too far from the truth. Keep up with the good guesses! I want to get rid off my silly riddle. Smile Smilie

Also, look forward to some new text, folks. I'm up for more of that too.

And should anyone guess reasons of my absence, well, it shouldn't be that hard. Smile Smilie

- Oerath.

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