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Thread: Anyone for Riddles?

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I'd have to second sleep.

If not sleep, then perhaps pride?

Or maybe narcissism. Oh, wait, maybe it's facebook. (Hm, those two things might end up being the same thing...)

Otto please help us out.....!

I never figured out one riddle in all of my life. Even when I look at something unfamiliar I ask myself " What am I seeing?" and as I look at what is all around the shapes change and I see the real finished product. I have no understanding why my brain does that. It can be freaky.

Not sleep, I'm afraid. And not narcissism. This riddle is getting old and since I know for fact that it's not a proper one (I can't really create superb riddles), so may I just reveal something.

Some things go like hand in hand, so how about fear and.. ?

Fear and.......courage.....

Darn, nope. It's not that. Let me add something to that last statement. They go indeed hand in hand, but.. in a negative way.

So don't end up into the clutches of..

Sorrow, perhaps?

I'm blind, I have four legs, two horns and am dear to many.... A character I am in the King's realm under trees of old.

Scroll down for the answer.

















No Idea.

Well LOOK who it is!!! Was wondering when he'd show up...


I think the real riddle is where has Brego been and why has it not been here?!?!

Haha, hello to all my friends. Should have read "no eye dear!"

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