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Thread: The Return of just what exactly are you reading right now?

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Grondy: I think in English most of the time, even when I'm not doing anything in English. Habit of mine. Can't get it out of my head. It's weird...

Got an awful lot more to read then... Very Sad Smilie
Oh well... Can't read every good book, can you? But I'll try to read Dune in English soon, if I can find it, but I won't make that for my exam of next week, so I'll have to do with Hannibal. Have read that one already. Big Smile Smilie
You think in English? I must try that sometime....Animated Wink Smilie

Currently re-reading Rob Grant's "Colony" very funny.
Just finished reading "Forever Free" by Joe Haldeman which follows on from "The Forever War" and "Forever Peace" Awesome! Was worried about reading this one as the first two were so good, but this one truly fits Big Smile Smilie

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I'm about to start the Pratchett's 'Thief of Time'. Finally got it yesterday.
Good move Golly, you won't regret it.
Im reading 4 books at once!

Life Photographers: What They Saw
Unfinished Tales
Romeo and Juliet
Vampire: The Complete Guide to the Undead
Just finished Dougy's Salmon of Doubt and started Bored with the Rings.
Thief of Time was better than the Truth, for sure! I loved Ronnie! LOL!
I got a new one yesterday.. Finding God in Lord of the Rings

it seems interesting...
Must get my hands on a copy of Bored of the Rings. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Shocked Smilie Just realised I'm not reading anything. Shocked Smilie
*runs off to the library* Animated Wink Smilie
reading "Three by Truman Capote" - Something I can't remember the title of..."Breakfast at Tiffay's" (sigh...fabulous)...and "Music for Chameleons" (kind of wierd).
Bored of the Rings is awful Shaking Head Smilie

Now I am re-reading Larry Nivens three Ringworld books Big Smile Smilie
Bored of the Rings is awful Shaking Head Smilie
Of course its awful, that's what makes it so funny. Big Smile Smilie
Now I am re-reading Larry Niven's three Ringworld books Big Smile Smilie
That series is very good, made me use my imagination in order to visulize the strange environment. Smile Smilie
Bored of the Rings isn't awful, it's just out of date and overly american. If you have the time to find all the references it's very funny. However it needs updating, and I'm sure I'll get round to finishing my own take on it one day....
Would love to read your version, Plastic! Very Big Grin Smilie

I got Dune by Frank Herbert from the library. Curious what it is about... But don't tell me, I still have to read it. Got time on my hands now anyway. And I'll also read Allyssa and Eryan's expanded version of Throwback. Big Smile Smilie

Can anyone tell me what the works of Terry Brooks are about?
Terry Brooks...Sword of Shannara, right? Read it once, though it was it twice, thought it was it a third time, never made it through them. Let's see...there's two brothers (maybe half brothers) Shea and day Allanon ( a giant creepy sort of guy) showed up and told them Shea had to go find the Sword of Shannara in order to save the world from the Warlock Lord (who they thought was dead but in fact was just hiding till he could build up his strength - sounds familiar, eh? haha). He does, and there's all sorts of adventures and things...very typical sort of plotline. Worth a try, though.
I almost gave up reading them when I found out the main character was called Flick. I mean, what kind of name is that for the hero of a fantasy book? I don't really recommend the Dragonlance books, but Fistandantales, now there's a name.
Chika: now that indeed doesn't sound vey interesting. A bit too familiar... I'll leave them out then.

Dune is ok though. So far. Big Smile Smilie
All Terry Brooks left out was the Ring. I enjoyed them when I read them years ago but they do not come close to Tolkien's. He also wrote a series "Landover" which started with Magic Kingdom for Sale. I preferred this to Shannara but then when he introduced the river daughter it started to become familiar again. Has anyone read Jane Yolen's Pit Dragon Trilogy? I liked that series (easy read), although nowhere near the quality of Ann McCaffrey.
Rednell Read Smilie
What really bugged me about the Landover books was that he spent an entire book trying to get back an artifact that had been lost, only to have some bumbling wizard go and carelessly lose the thing in the very first chapter of the next book. I just put it down and never bothered reading the rest of it.
Of the Shannara series, I thought the third book (Wishsong of Shannara) was the best of the first three. I see he's written more of the series now but I haven't read them. Did he continue getting better, or was Wishsong a peak?
Wishsong was definitely his peak. I started to read the Scions of Shannara but gave up out of boredom. Boring Smilie
Has anyone read Julian May's Many Coloured Land? If you like the metaphysical, it is a great series.
Rednell Read Smilie
Dune is not at all like I had expected it to be, but it's still ok. About 200 pages far now. Big Smile Smilie

So Terry Brooks is out of the question then... Animated Wink Smilie
Has anyone read Julian May's Many Coloured Land? If you like the metaphysical, it is a great series.
I read them seven or eight years ago, and they are on my list to be re-read again shortly. What a plephora of different characters; and all generally messed up in some way.
A bit like normal people then......

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea- Jules Verne
Wishsong was definitely his peak. I started to read the Scions of Shannara but gave up out of boredom. Boring Smilie
Rednell Read Smilie

You have my full agreement Rednell. Rolling Eyes Smilie

In honour of Mr Books: Boring Smilie
Still working on Bored with the Rings in bed; it has been slow going as I keep falling asleep for the remainder of the night. I started reading TP's Reaper Man as my current 'Take It To the Doctor's Office Book'. I'd swap books for these two tasks, but really need my nightly beauty rest. Big Smile Smilie
No way! I'm re-reading Reaper man at the moment myself! What a coincidence...
Eeek! Tongue Smilie

Is it good? And what does TP stand for? I know, I know, I'm dumb. Rolling Eyes Smilie

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Terry Pratchett?
Read Smilie
That's the culprit. Smile Smilie
I wasn't quite sure where to post this. I considered starting my own thread but then that paranoid little voice in my head started saying "what if no one answers..." upon seeing my name on the thread. Paranoid Smilie
Anyway, the title of this thread seemed like a likely place so here goes...

LotR is the first and only pure "fantasy" book I have read and, needless to say, I absolutely loved it.I've read it three times in the past nine months or so. However, the general concensus is that LotR is the absolute cream of the fantasy crop so I have always been reluctant to try anything else assuming I will only be disappointed. Rediculous, I'm sure, but it's how my mind works. What can you do? Anyway, can anyone point me in the right direction? Is there anything out there in the genre that is at least comparable with LotR? Has anyone read the Otherland series by Tad Williams? That one caught my interest but I couldn't find the first volume in my local bookstores. Is it worth tracking down? This all may sound stupid, but I know all of you have good taste so I'm just seeking recommendations. Big Smile Smilie
There is a lot of good stuff out there, as well as bad; however, IMHO nothing quite comparable. I think someone in this thread asked a similar question a few months back, and got a lot of different answers. It all depends what you are looking for. You can find great gobs of 'Sword and Sorcery' type fantasy that is written straight and some that is written purely for humor. I'm sure some fine examples of both will be posted here soon. And of course 'S & S' is just one form of fantasy.
I've read loads of books and have yet to find a fantasy book to compare with LOTR. However theres still loads out there. A good read is the Ghormengast triology (for black humour and wonderful descriptive narrative) or books by Neil Gaiman (failry easy to read and after all... he did write the Sandman!) Some of the Star Wars novels are really good and well written, Michael Moorcock is a good postAuthorID of sci fi/ fantasy. Herberts Dune is really good if not a little slow going. Terry Pratchett cant be beat for a good laugh! Theres this amazing trilogy (which name i cant remember...) which parts are titled "Taliesin" , "Myrddin" and "Arthur" about the Arturian legends (among my favourites, must find out the name of the trilogy and read again!)
But after reading LOTR's I found any story with the same cast of races a little second rate in comparison (although when I was younger i absolutely loved the Dragonlance books by Weiss and Hickman and some of the Games Workshop novels)
hmmmmmm, theres so many to choose from and plenty more i've never read or heard of no doubt, and as it happens i'm in need of a new read myself... so any recommendations for lil' ol' me too Tongue Smilie ?
Oh yeah! Good Omens by Pratchett/Gaiman is absolutely fantastic!!
Sorry, me aGAIN..... forgot to mention the Dark Tower series by Steven King. Cant reccomend enough!
Thats it, hope its been helpful Wink Smilie

Riding on the coat-tails of Tolkien's success was the postAuthorID Stephen Donaldson. He wrote three (or was it four?) trilogies that I get the feeling you would enjoy.

I read a lot of "The chronicles of Thomas Covenant" whilst I was going through my "dark phase" as a teenager. Good, if you like that sort of thing. Wink Smilie
If you like science fiction, David Brin's two Uplift trilogies are some of the best sci-fi I've ever read. Especially the first trilogy: Sundiver, StarpostThreadIDe Rising, and The Uplift War. StarpostThreadIDe Rising is my favorite followed closely by The Uplift War. If you can only find one go ahead and pick it up. Each book in the first trilogy stands on it's own and is completely independent of the others. Not so with the second trilogy however.

Terry Pratchett? Is that the Discworld series? I almost bought a volume but I wasn't sure if it was necessary to read them in order. What's the first book called? My bookstore is notorious for carrying sequels but not the originals! I loved Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide series! Absolutely hilarious! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
1st Discworld book is the colour of magic. You don't have to read them in the right order anyway, as they are all independent stories except the first two (the other one of which is the light fantastic). There are now 29 of them and you get two new ones a year, most years. IMHO only Robert Rankin and Tom Holt are of comparable funniness (unless you count Dougy, but he's legendary now, rather than straight contemporary).
BTW right at the minute, I'm reading a hell of a lot of old Marvel Comics as I'm really bored of wordy stuff.
You really need to find the money and a source for Gaiman's Sandman series Plastic. Ten thickish volumes and two thin ones all in comic book format. I bought mine new when they were about $12 US each.
not so much reading as lookin.... at a Photography book called Fetish....
Yeah, Sandman is the best graphic novel read i've an absolute must!
Gimli, I've got Fetish, great stuff, really great.
I have always meant to get Sandman, I just never got round to it, always more Marvel and Freak Brothers to buy. Right now I'm just too annoyed about new comics to try and buy anymore. I just found out on monday that they reissued all the old Amazing Spidermans I used to have before my well-meaning mother gave them to charity without telling me. I was so happy I ordered 4 of the lovely bound editions that they had out, then the next day, I found out that they were out of print already. How unhappy am I? Extremely, still I will try and get Sandman if you guys say so.
After a brief conversation with Grondy in the chatroom one night, I've just invested in Karen Wynn Fonstad's Atlas of Middle Earth. Well recommended, Grondy. The maps are very informative and detailed. They are not as pretty as the all-colour maps that come with the Middle-Earth Roleplaying modules, but they contain more information.
I know what I'll be reading over the coming weeks.
Your welcome Val, but I only found out about the Atlas of Middle Earth from Plastic Squirrel and Rincewind about a year ago myself. And that it covers The Silmarillion as well as The Hobbit and LOTR is an even better reason to buy it. Jumping Flame Smilie
While I'm spending long hours waiting for fishing boats to return to port over the coming weeks, I'm going to be re-reading The War of Powers by Robert Vardeman and Victor Milan. They are slightly more "adult" in their content than the average fantasy novel, delving into areas of sexual perversion, sadistic torture etc. It is done pretty much tongue in cheek, however, and the story has a good plot, innovative ideas and is quite humorous. Perhaps not for under-14's however.
Sounds good Val, very good.
I'm reading The Hobbit again now. But only because my Mum got me the Alan Lee illustrated copy for my Birthday, and it seems a shame not to read it.
I don't know the Alan Lee version; I've got the one with the illustrations from the Rankin-Bass movie, as well as some of the storyboards and preliminary sketches along with Tolkien's text. Smile Smilie Hope your book is good if not better. Smile Smilie
I couldn't find The Color of Magic but I got The Light Fantastic anyway. I' m only about 50 pages in and I'm LMFAO! I can see why it doesn't appeal to everyone though. It requires a certain sense of humor. Big Laugh Smilie
At last, a good reason for the excessive moderation, Rankin-Bass. They are an expletive in themselves anyway. Yeah, I love Alan Lee's stuff, though oddly enough his Trolls in the Hobbit are stood in different positions from his Stone Trolls picture in Lotr. I must ask him about it sometime.
Yeah, I love Alan Lee's stuff, though oddly enough his Trolls in the Hobbit are stood in different positions from his Stone Trolls picture in Lotr. I must ask him about it sometime.
He'll probably chalk it up to artistic license, or maybe just forgetfulness. Big Smile Smilie

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