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Thread: The Return of just what exactly are you reading right now?

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Great pictures anyway.

I am now reading Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer. Going pretty well, only up to the 7th page though......
I am almost finished with two books. Both are slow going: Bored with the Rings Boring Smilie because I've been bored and would rather sleep at nightSleeping Smilie than finish it Fast Asleep Smilie . Reaper Man because even though hilarious, Ha Ha Ha Smilie I only read it while waiting, either in doctors' offices or for taxi cabs. My next TP book won't be read while in this waiting mode; his stories are more fun when they comes in larger chunks. Cool Smilie
You wouldn't believe it, but I'm reading the Sil. !
And "The Nightmanager" by John Le Carre.
I'll beleive it; I'll beleive it.

What period is "The Nightmanager" about?
I just bought "Dune: book 2". Hope I didn't waste my $1. Read Smilie
$1!!! thats like 60p or something! If its no good (which i've been told by friends that its not) then that still makes a real cheap bog roll ,well from Harrods anyway.
Dune Shaking Head Smilie I'm a total sci-fi nut and I had to literally FORCE myself to finish it. I found it to be a little dry (no pun intended). Actually I thought it was nearly as devoid of likable characters as the David Lynch flick. Obviously my opinion isn't a popular one as "Dune" is often placed in top 5 sci-fi books of all time lists. As classic sci-fi goes, I prefer Arthur C. Clark's "Rendezvous With Rama" and "Childhoods End", the former said to be in pre-production as a full CGI film a la Final Fantasy which is really the only way it could be done, Theodore Sturgeons "More Than Human", and Robert A. Heinlein's "Starship Troopers", to which the movie bears no resemblance. Also, Harlan Ellison's 'Repent Harlequin Said The Tick-Tock Man' is THE best short story I have ever read.

If you like sci-fi these are absolute MUST READS! Of course, they also say that about "Dune"...

Anyway, I have no idea why I have rambled on like this. Please feel free to completely ignore this post. Ignore Smilie
I liked Dune muchly, but found the two or three sequels as ho-hum. There was magic in the first; it was gone by the second. Clarke's Rama series was good, but again the first was much better than the last couple.
Actually, since that last post, I've been considering rereading Dune as it has been 10 years since I read it. A book like that was probably a little much for me to absorb when I was 15, but I might appreciate it better now.

Clarke's Rama series was good, but again the first was much better than the last couple

I agree wholeheartedly! The sequels never managed to capture the sense of awe and wonder that made the first such a great book. It must have been Gentry Lee's contribution since 'awe and wonder' is Clarke's forte.
I thought that the whole genius and brilliance of Dune was that Herbert made sure he had no truly likeable characters in it. Each and every one of them is flawed in some way or another. I like that a lot. And I agree that by Children of Dune it was losing it's way a bit, but God Emperor more than made up for that, and with what you know about what happens after, you can go back, and Children becomes a much better read for it.
Last night I started Edward Marston's The Dragons of Archenfield the third book in the Domesday Mystery series which takes place in Wales about fifteen years after the Battle of Hastings.
now as am lazy at reading past posts here...
his dark materials. BOOK II
by Philip Pullman
I have all three of these books (BOOK I: THE GOLDEN COMPASS and BOOK III: THE AMBER SPYGLASS) on tape and enjoyed them--Plastic has previously panned Pullman's writings, but I don't recall his reasoning. Wink Smilie
It was mostly because they really sucked. Bigtime.
Heh, I like my fantasy books childish, makes them better. And the Dark Materials stuff was just so boring it was unbelievable, normally I rush through books to see what happens, but I rushed through that one (the first one, whatever it was called) so I could go read something else. And I think I hated it so much cos someone lent it to me and told me I'd really like it, which is usually the kiss of death to anything.
And I ain't anti-establishment really, am I? Never thought I was anyway...
Right on Tuesday! Supremely dull books aren't they?
I'm back on Arrakis again now, all that talk about Dune made me have to read it again.
As I mentioned elsewhere, I started reading Terry Pratchett's Witches Abroad. I have always enjoyed the stories he spins about these three witches, who also toiled and troubled Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth. Big Smile Smilie
"The Hedgehog can never be B*ggered at all....."

Do you mean the old 80's David Lynch movie of Dune tuesday? Cos I love that movie, well, I love everything Lynch has ever done, the man's a true visionary genius. I suppose you could find it pretty dull if you're not majorly into the sort of stuff he does anyway though.
LORD AND LADIES. Anyway have u master gerund read the DWARVEN SONG or the HEDGEHOG SONG; they're a thread from a pratchett site and they are sooooooooo funny, if u haven't i think u'll really like it.
Lord and Ladies was a fun book, I read it while I was waiting for a few of the older books to arrive from England. Poor old Archmage got spurned by Granny Weatherwax way back when and hasn't been right in the head since. In Love Smilie

And no I haven't read either of those Pratchett song threads, so I guess I had better go do so after I log out of here this evening. Thanks Ms Tuesday. Big Smile Smilie
Ms Tuesday: Try as I might,
I couldn't find the site.
Please post the URL
either here or give a yell
via postBody private,
that I might render
a opinion to the sender
as to which I love or hate.

Very Big Grin Smilie
Tuesday, the reason you never see me in the chatroom is cos I'm hardly ever there. I'm a busy man, so I hardly ever have enough time to sit around in there waiting for people to show. However, if you happen to notice I'm online, most people tend to e-mail me and tell me to get my ass over to the chatroom. It's the best way of grabbing my attention.
may i good sir send it to thee thru e-mail
for naught do i have the url
`twas in like manner sent to me
from pratchett fan he deem him be
but try this instead...
i vouch it stand in good stead
of other songs it sings
of high esteem it rings...

e-mail plastic when he it
email him email email email email....

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Cannot follow this, but interfering and going back to topic ( Shocked Smilie ) I'm reading Animal Farm now. It's all right, just a tiny bit too predictable, I think.
I am currently reading Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. Thoroughlty enjoying it though have felt overwhelmingly saddened by the picture of human nature and relationshis it gives.

To hark back to some discussion earlier in this thread... I love Dune. I have read either five or six of them (I think it was a trilogy containing 4, 5, and 6) a number of years ago. With respect to movie versions, there was a three part version that I watched last year (a new release at the time) that was generally pretty good - much better than the one from the 80s(?) starring Sting. They lost there way a little bit as they progressed, but wereenjoyable nonetheless.
Lets see, Right now I am reading the first book in a trilogy called The Fionavar Tapestry. I am only about a hundred pages into it, but it seems to have many parallels to LotR, and infact, there are quotes on it from writers calling it the best fantasy book since tolkien...

I am enjoying it very much!
... and infact, there are quotes on it from writers calling it the best fantasy book since tolkien...
The publishers of just about every fantasy book in the last 35 years have put blurbs like that in and on the dust jackets or covers of their new books, in hope that they can snooker we the gullible public to buy their wares, in hope that we can find another postAuthorID who can spin a tale like Tolkien. Very Big Grin Smilie
Calm down calm down!! :P

You are correct.. though this is actually a good set of books.. its a good story.. and ive heard many positive things from others that have read them...
I am yet to find any postAuthorID who even comes close to Tolkien - although many have tried!

Personally, as a writer of fantasy, I refuse to even try. Some things are just beyond mortal reach. Sad Smilie The best you can really hope for is to be respected by your contemporarys. Smile Smilie

To be on topic: I have just strated Patricia Cornwell's "Body of Evidence" - my first crime. It is quite a good read actually. I am enjoying it, even though I have guessed who the killer is. I want to keep reading to find out if I am right....

Any one else who has read it: Merino right?
I just finished a Prtricia Cornwell novel too. "From Potter's Field". I love her stuff because it is an easy read and you can finish them quickly. They are good books but very easy to figure out. Right now I am still reading the Silm, and a Dean Koontz book "Strange Highways" It is a bunch of short stories. But since I found PT, I don't seem to have as much time to read for some reason. lol.
I will tell you all something very odd. I didn't read much at all, like 6 months ago, but after reading LOTR, I was sold In Love Smilie.

Now I'm reading even more books, the last one I finished reading was a Star Wars book, called: Rogue Planet. I read the English version, which can be difficult for a Dutch guy like me Wink Smilie. But anyways, I'm going to read Star Wars: Cloak of Deception soon.
I just finished Sharan Newman's The Difficult Saint, the sixth book in her excellent 12th century Catherine LeVendeur mystery series. Tonight I will start TP's Discworld novel, Small Gods. Smile Smilie
My favourite Discworld book Grondy, good choice!
btw Misk2002, have you read Timothy Zahn's excellent "Heir to the Empire" Star Wars trilogy? It is by far the best of all the Star Wars Novels to have come out. Also up to a decent standard is the Han Solo trilogy that starts with the Paradise Snare (the other older one is a bit crap). Golly knows more about these things than me, as she's read more SW novels than I have.
Btw, I'm still rereading Dune, have I got slow or have I got slow?
Well PlasticSquirrel, I didn't read that Star Wars trilogy yet Smile Smilie. I'm sort of going from the 1st books (in Star Wars time) to the last ones, because I think that's a better way to collect them and to understand hints to 'Star Wars history', which happens before that one you're just reading. After I have finished Cloak of Deception, I will buy and read Approaching Storm right away Tongue Smilie. I already did read Darth Maul Shadow Hunter and Rogue Planet. So that's like four books in total, which begin before episode 1 and 2.

I'm also a little slow with reading lately. Not because I'm a slow reader, but more because of the little time I still have to read them. It's like my time is too short. I just want to do too much in one day, a bad habit of me, which results to a very tired Misk2002 :mad.:

Btw, something what really bothered me about Rogue Planet, was the republic using Trade Federation ships. I think that's very odd and not logical. But hey, Star Wars is just sometimes illogical Wink Smilie.
Hi there Misk2002! Nice to meet a fellow SW fan! Cool Smilie

I love reading SW novels too, although I now (since TPM came out) split them into 2 sections - the books related to the original trilogy, and the new, pre-ANH novels. Right now I prefer the pre-ANH stuff - they are fresher, and more interesting with exciting new characters & aliens. I've just finished the Cloak of Deception, and about to reread AotC agaan.

I also liked the Rogue Planet, although it was still (in my opinion) stuck in the post-ANH rut of the Agents of Chaos series since it came out a couple of years back. Cloak & Maul were much better. The movie novels, TPM & AotC are very good too - they give you a lot of details that you won't get in the movies. I also am about to open my spanking new (yippee!) "AotC: The Visual Dictionary", and "AotC: The Definitive Guide to the Craft from Star Wars: Episode II" which has fantastic cross-sectional details. Mwahahahaha!

The post-ANH novels after Zahn's last (& excellent) duology (Spectre of the Past & Visions of the Future) seem kinda jaded, repetitive, with a few bombs thrown in for shock value. I won't tell you the surprises are are if you haven't read them. Wink Smilie

But there are real gems in there too - Plastic's mentioned Zahn's brilliant trilogy (with the best Imperial Grand Admiral in the Empire's service), the Han Solo trilogy (although that wasa bit sappy for me), the Shadows of the Empire (I loved that - all about Vader, set post-ESB, pre-RotJ), the Rogue Squadron series, and a few others.

Uh oh, I'm rambling on about SW again. Visit the SW thread in the Forsaken Inn & talk more about the novels if you want! I'd better get off this thread before I get grondied.

May The Force Be With You. Wink Smilie
Golly: You are in a tavern, only moderation is by the Language Police. Police Smilie
Never read Rogue Planet, but I loved ShadowHunter, even though it didn't tell me as much as I want to know about Maul.
Yeah, it was more on the Jedi Padawan & that other bloke. I liked the ending though. Predictable, but not soppy or corny. Thumbs Up Smilie
Ungoliant, you've got the same taste like me with SW books, I mean the exact same one Big Smile Smilie. I also think the pre- books are better and that Rogue Planet is the least of them.

That part in Rogue Planet about all those seed partners get's boring after like 30 minutes oof reading Very Sad Smilie. But I liked Tarkin Winking Smilie.

hmmm, I have never read any of the star wars book, just seen the movies. I might give them a try too. I know matthew has a few, not many, and a friend of mine also likes them. Which is the best one to start reading first?
Tomorrow I will finish Harry Stephan Keeler and Hazel Goodwin Keeler's The Barking Clock. It is my take to the doctor's office book. Haven't yet decided what to replace it with.

Still reading T. Pratchett's Small Gods for my bedtime story. Some of Terry's books I have stayed up all night and 3/4 of the morning to finish; this one I have been closing after two or three pages. It may be I've been heading for bed later than usual, but I just don't really care that much about "What happens next?", even though it is a fun book. It can't be 'TP burnout' because I've been not reading them back specifically to preclude that from happening.
On one of these lovely threads, (and I am too lazy to figure out which one) Plastic was talking about Bored of the Rings. I ordered last week, and got it Friday. I have read the first chapter. Absolutely hilarous. Thanks for the recomendation Plastic. Oh, no now I have 3 books going at once. I'll never get any of them finished.
Glad to be of help Mellie. As to Star Wars books, I can still only say that Tim Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy is the best (IMHO) place to start with the inordinate amount of SW books that are out there, a lot of which are s**te.
Grondy, how can you not get dragged in to Small Gods? I read it all in one go, not getting to sleep til 6:30 am (back when I was still a man of leisure, mind you) when I first got it, it's still my favourite Discworld book, simply for the brilliant allegory in it. (If that's the right word?)
Right now I'm re-reading the Han Solo trilogy, cos I couldn't remember what Glitterstim was called, had to loook it up and am now stuk reading the whole d@mn thing again.
Thanks Squirrel. I will try to remember that, but my memory bites, (side effect of my medicine) and since I am an official Lazaybones, I won't go back and re-read this page, once we go to a new page. I may have to re-ask this question, when I finish the three I have started. lol
Reading The Hobbit and right through J.R.R's works again Smile Smilie
Yep me too Taz.

I've read Animal Farm, and must say it's a bit boring I think. Boring Smilie

I've read Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Not too bad, but bit old-fashioned I think.

And now I'm reading Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These are really great books! Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie
Taking the idea from Taz, I started the Hobbit last night. Doesn't mean I'll finish...but I started.
I've decided to start packing my leather bound copy of The Silmarillion to the doctors office, which I did today; and since I've been making three trips a week since March, I might get through it by November.

Re: TP's Small Gods: They finally arrived in Ephebe at about 11 PM last night and suddenly the story took off; I had to make myself quit at 3:30 AM in order to be able to get up again before noon. It was a very tough decision and would have been much easier had Terry broken his books up into chapters. It is much easier to say, "Just one more page," than, "Just one more chapter." Smile Smilie
LOL! Too true, Grondy!

I'm also reading The Three Musketeers, by Dumas now. Great book! Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie
Im Reading The Shadow Rising By Robert Jordan (1008 Pages!) Then Im Gonna Read Great Expectations By Charles Dickens! Smoke Smilie
I finally finished the Silmarillion. It was great. Every page got better and better.
I also finished the Dean Koontz book. But I forgot about the Bored of the Rings. Guess i will work on it next. lol

On a different note, the publishers of Raymond Feist's new book had better hope to god they never bump into me, I was sitting on the train this morning when I saw a poster saying:
If Tolkien carried you away, Feist will make you imagination Soar!
This was a poster advertising his new book "Talon Silver Hawk - Raymond Feist". When will Authors / Publishers stop trying to make money off J.R.R. Tolkien's fame!?! Ok yes we all know he was THE postAuthorID and no one can come close to him, so STOP trying to make f*cking money of him with sh*t ads, I swear to god it really p*sses me off big time.
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