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Thread: who would become a dwarf??

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Samahdi: have you read Terry Pratchett's A Monstrous Regiment where a bunch of women soldier, or his book that has a lady dwarf, beard and all, joining the City Guard? These were great stories.
ohh i haven't read them but i could search for them.i hope they would be great and funny with a lady Dwarf. i can imagine. Orc Grinning Smilie
In fact, to be truthful I find the idea of a dwarvish lady with beard difficult to picture as in reality I never have seen that in any book or movie which would have given me an idea of what they might have looked like. Still I wonder if Yavanna had a beard from which Aul’ got inspiration to create the dwarvish women? Very Big Grin Smilie
Yeap i haven't seen too from a movie or from a book. i hope it's better not to direct a film that has a lady Dwarf.if someone is going to direct better to will be very funny !!! ha ha hah Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Aul’ only made seven fathers of the Dwarves. Why would he want to subject his beloved children to the horrors of married life he knew so well?
Well, we can blame the female dwarves on Eru/Illuvatar: When he gave the Dwarves true lives he also created bearded females to ensure the continuation of the race.
I can just imagine...

"Thorin!!!" Shouted Mrs. Thorin Oakenshield as she looked down into the mines where Thorin was tirelessly mining....

"Yes dear!" Thorin said with a sigh...

"Does my beard look big in this?"

"No dear, you are beautiful in whatever you wear"

"You say that everytime, it's like you don't even look at me ever since you saw that photo of Gimli and that elf Galadrool!"

"It's Galadriel!"

"You would know!" runs off crying...

Hmm, I can see your point Vir Big Laugh SmilieBig Laugh SmilieBig Laugh SmilieBig Laugh Smilie
That was great Loss Ha Ha Ha Smilie lol good imagination i see. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
"Now why is she crying?" Thorin thought.

"Does she think an Elf can rival with Dwarvish beauty?"

"Here honey, I'm coming," Thorin shouted.

"Here, here. Stop crying. You look exactly like the wife of Durin the Deathless."
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