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Welcome to the forum M. Le Behemoth. Wander around and contribute what you can, where you will. Smile Smilie

Knock Knock jokes are best told in one of the taverns. My signature below, isn't a joke, it is just what my charge says in the course of its occupation. Big Smile Smilie
Hello and welcome M.LeBehemoth and 42 (Dougy Adams fan right?) good to have you both here.
And we need more knock knock jokes! (I'm all out of jokes and have been for ages Sad Smilie )

For the meaning of existence "ye..." under return of the king seems to sum it up quite well! Big Smile Smilie
hi M.LeBehemoth and 42...nice to meet you...

hey, we used to have a great little jokes topic, way back when...maybe we can start it up again...

My signature below, isn't a joke, it is just what my charge says in the course of its occupation.

I don't get it...
Neither did I Chika, I just didn't want to say anything in case I looked stupid. Big Smile Smilie

And the instigator of the old jokes topics hasn't been feeling as funny for a while.....

and still isn't, sorry Smile Smilie
oh thanks Plast...didn't want to look stupid so you let me take the fall...nice... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

I started a jokes topic in the Prancing Pony (or at least I will when I get there...)
hi Friends - welcome along for the ride!
What did the wolf-headed battering ram say to the gates of Minas Tirith? Big Smile Smilie
Ooh! Tolkien themed jokes now Grond? Smile Smilie very nice. (I assume your sig is the answer?)
Grond: I think it said please open or I will get a splitting headache!
Hello MrleBehemmoth


Nice to see a fellow Melbournian online. Do we know each other already?

Boring: Welcome back again. And regardless of what it said, entry was gained just before the Rohirrim sounded their horns.

Plastic: We had been talking about knock knock jokes and Grond was the name of the battering ram, as well as Morgoth's great mace, the 'Hammer of the Underworld'. My signature has always been a joke, to me at least. Big Smile Smilie
oh ok...I understand now...good joke, Grondy... Smile Smilie
**** me! I never realised that about your sig, Grondie. I mean, you've had it for a while but I never really thought about it that way before...Big Smile Smilie

And a hearty welcome to all the new members!
I always thought: what kind of a sig is that??? But now I get it! It's really cool, Grond! And a nice joke as well! Smile Smilie
Welcome ye all!

PS: I can't believe it, P is a moderator!! How did you do that, P-man? Big Smile Smilie
Plastic Squirrel a moderator? Scary...

*Allyssa puts on best behaviour
Plastic Squirrel's 'Moderator' designation is his special reward/punishment for rushing to 1000 posts. One of these days Taz will probably change it back to whatever the program would have designated, had we not decided to hoist the Skwrl on his own pitard. Big Smile Smilie
but i have no powers!!! Sad Smilie
*wonders how come he's missed a weeks worth of replies in this topic????*
Welcome to the forum Galith. Smile Smilie

Newbies can ask all the questions they want and we will try to answer them; there aren't any dumb questions from newbies. We only beat up on old-timers who refuse to read the latest posts before asking dumb questions. Actually we are usually nice with only occasion jibes thrown at those who also dish them out. Cool Smilie
*wonders how she missed so many posts as well*
Luckily for us, P has no powers. Phiieeeuwww! Thank you! Don't give him any, Grondy, don't do that to us! Big Smile Smilie Can't wait till I'm a moderator! Big Smile Smilie
You won't be, observe my newest title (which has led to me changing my sig, among other things, ask me sometime!!) Not unless you ask Taz really nicely and promise only to use your powers for good, like Grondy did (though if memory serves correctly, Taz asked Grondy to do it)
~blinks..~ Mae govannen Mellyn...

be nice to the newbie please...i'm fragile...hehee..
Hello Galith. I'll be nice to you, and try not to break you too quickly Wink Smilie
Hello Galith. Nice to meet ya!

Just curious, what's a envingwen?
Hello to TheNinthNazgul, very cool name.

Good question Allyassa: what is an envingwen?
Agh! A Nazgul! Wink Smilie
How you doing, welcome to our little forum TheNinthNazgul, good to have some more bad guys around Smile Smilie
Hello all newbies! Hey! About time we had a nazgul! Big Smile Smilie
Plastic: what about your new sig? Need some explanation, please! Smile Smilie
The new name's ok. The idea of Plastic being a moderator... *shudder* Wink Smilie
Ive come for the ring Big Smile Smilie
Which one, the one around my collar, or the one around my bathtub? Wink Smilie

Welcome TheNinthNazgul Smile Smilie

I suggest you use a mouthwash or chew some mints as we need no black breath at the moment. Still, you might be able to peddle some to Ungoliant. She might find it a refreshing aroma/flavor. Big Smile Smilie
The Black Breath is a fabulous perfume, popular with the denizens of Mordor and practitioners of the dark arts...smells great......aaahhhhh!

Hi there, Number Nine. Smile Smilie Tell your boss that this dainty isn't for him, so we'll keep it for the moment. How's Number One? Still recovering?

[Edited on 11/2/2002 by Ungoliant]
Who is Number 1?

You are Number 6

I am not a nymber, I am a free man!!!

Tommy, Council member- Jedi Council I like Mace Windu so I am he. And the other thing is that the old "Darth Squirrel (The Master) led to some confusion from someone who was reading the forum and then sent me a postBody, oh how I laughed, then Taz laughed, and I've heard nothing back from them yet.
Who is Number 1?

You are Number 6

I am not a nymber, I am a free man!!!

One of your obscure references again? What is it this time?

Oooh...what did the postBody say? Tell, tell. Big Smile Smilie
Who is Number 1?

You are Number 6

I am not a number, I am a free man!!!

One of your obscure references again? What is it this time?
Plastic Squirrel's quote is from the 1960's B/W TV series 'The Prisoner' which followed 'Secret Agent', both of which were very good and starred that guy who's face I can see and whose voice I can hear, but whose name escapes me--excuse me while I go look up the name--Patrick McGoohan Cool Smilie
People here are able to surprise me at any time. Smile Smilie

Plastic, tell us about that postBody, be a good lad... Big Smile Smilie You got me darn curious now... Smile Smilie

I presume you suppose one of us has the Ring then, number nine? Go and look for Sauron, he'll tell ya. Big Smile Smilie

Okay, but I'm not using any names. The postBody was congratulating me on making such a great site! Big Smile Smilie Unfortunately the person in question was not talking about Squirrelworld, but I suspect had misinterpreted my Master of the Sith persona as being a webmaster around here! Like I could be bothered to put in the time and energy it takes to make a great site like PT Smile Smilie I replied and put said person straight, as nicely as I could, but have had no word back as yet.
Uhm..oops. That may be my fault actually. I got a similar postBody a while back congratulating me - so I wrote back & said I had nothing to do with it, but said that Taz was responsible for the great site, but with help & support from you, Grondy, etc. Did I do the wrong thing?

Besides, the temporary 'moderator' title may have confused people. Wink Smilie
I dunno, but I laughed so hard I nearly cried! Big Smile Smilie
Sauron lost his ring again, always sending me to find it, dark lords these days, they can never keep a hold of their possesions!
Tell me about it, Vader lost his kid, then his hand, then his life! Daft git Big Smile Smilie
Thanks Plastic - ah yes "The Prisoner" - Patrick McGoohan fantastic actor. This series changed TV history. Grondy FYI "Secret agent" was B/W, Prisoner was color. set in that Woderful Welsh village.... Golden age of brit TV followed closely by Mr Steed and Co with The na na. DenaNA! sing it with na na....!
I didn't know any better, because I had to watch the 'Prisoner' in B/W, it wasn't until later that I bought my first color TV. Big Smile Smilie
ooh...check it out...a reference to obscure stuff that I know about... Big Smile Smilie

hi to newbies Galith and NinthNazgul...

Plastic, could you possibly please explain your sig? I don't get it...(but what else is new... Wink Smilie)
Okay, seeing as I'm now a coucil member, I thought I'd pick my favourite member of the Jedi Council, Mace Windu (played by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson in TPM) who interestingly enough was one of the titles considered for the first SW movie A New Hope (originally titled the legend of Mace Windu) Does that help Chika?
I get it now...thanks...
It doesn't help me out... Sad Smilie Sigh... Nothing's changed... Smile Smilie
The problem with reading old posts explaining signatures is when you change your signature, it changes everyplace throughout the forum, old and current, just like your rank and number of gold stars do. Therefore the explanation no longer applies to the newer signature that is now showing.
That's a much better explanation... Smile Smilie
I was wondering what was wrong with me... :P
Your new sig is to frighten off the newbies, Plastic? I somehow immediately knew it was yours, although your name wasn't readable for the well-known reason. Big Smile Smilie
Well who else has been around here that long? Apart from Boring, Rincewind, Taz and me, and where have Boring and Rincewind got to anyway?
And it's not to frighten off Newbies, it's to explain to them why I'm so damn rude to people that according to my numbers I should hardly know.
Where has got Boring to, good question. Send him a postBody, and you'll find out I guess. Maybe he can help me with my essay too. Has Rincy been around as long as you have, Plastic? Surprise me! I don't see him around that often... Smile Smilie
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