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Rincewind was here to welcome me as a newbie, I think Boring was as well.
WOW! Is PT *that* old? :P
Just curious, how old is P-t?:0
Well it was pretty new when I joined in 2000 so it's around 2 years old now, though Taz may wish to argue with this as he may have been doing it for longer. (There used to be a lengthy history of it around here somewhere, but I think it's gone now.)
I first visited the site at the end of January 2001 and this forum was going strong. This forum was my first, as I had never visited a bulletin board before and still haven't figured out proper etiquette. Very Big Grin Smilie

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What we see as Planet-Tolkien now, first launched in 1998 with the website "". About 1999 we grew extensively and remoulded ourselves into "". Planet-Tolkien became in 2000.
I think I joined PT somewhere in the end of 2000, can that be true? You were there Plastic, and had been around for quite a while, cos I remember your number of posts being very very high. I don't recall Grondy being there though. And one_white_tree was there, just like Boring and Gandalf and Taz, and loads of other people whose name I have unfortunately forgotten. Do you remember onewhitetree, Grondy? If you don't, I was here before you! :grin
Yes Tree was a moderator when I first joined. I suggested she lighten up, and the next thing I remember she was gone to some other board. I still wonder if I chased her away.
Onewhitetree a moderator? Hmmm. My memory's letting me down again. I remember Gandalf NL as a moderator, don't you Plastic? And there was the Karen thing, which I seem to remember as well. (it was Karen, wasn't it? Or was that onewhitetree?) Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Bloody Karen, yeah I remember her...
And Tree used to try to half-heartedly convert me as well, but she gave up. SHe doesn't even post over at Minas Morgul or Fangorn anymore, I think she's dissappeared forever. I never knew it was you that chased her away Grond.
A good test of how long you've been around here is whether or not you remember the infamous Balrog, or my dear old mate Earendil.
Convert you to what Plastic? Just curious. Angel Smilie
The force of evil and Mass destruction which is sweeping the plamet and responsible for more wars and death and unspeakable crimes in the entire span of history than anything else ever. Also known as the Church of Jesus Christ. You can pick your own denomination, they're all as bad as each other.
Earendil, yes I remember him. It's been a while since I saw him though. Isn't he among us now? Shame really.
Grondy, did you say you chased Tree off? I don't remember that either, but you must be right with your memory of steel. :P
I don't recall any Balrog however... Who was he/she?
No, I don't really think I chased off Tree, it just felt that way. I remember Ear, but not Balrog.
Balrog is going back a long way, he disappeared off to Minas Morgul way way back, then he briefly popped up again as Gothmoga (you might remember him then) and then he naffed off again, and has now gone the way of the Tree as far as I know.
I miss Earendil....
I remember all the people you have posted, but then I have been around since the begining. It actually shocks me sometimes how far back PT goes. I have certainly met some characters in that time.

Although I must honestly say that you lot are PT's closest companions by far.
Although I must honestly say that you lot are PT's closest companions by far.
I'll bet you say that to all the girls. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

You only say that 'cause were the only ones left and you have a captive audience. Very Big Grin Smilie

We love/like you too Taz, as well as the rest of this motley crew of weirdo Tolkienites. P-T is a fun place to compare notes whether the discussion gets really heavy or is light and frivolous. Smile Smilie
Ain't that nice.
Kiss Smilie
*wipes tear from eye

I think this calls for a group hug!!!

Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Ahhhh, Taz, are you getting sweet in your old age?
I like group hugs!!!
Me too! Me too! Me too! *joins*
Kiss Smilie @everyone

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