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Good and bad news (click here)

Some good and bad news posted todey, everybody should look.

I guess this is a firm confirmation that there will be a Hoobit movie, and a "second unnamed prequel", which in my opinion is good news.

However, If you are a PJ fan, and like the films dispite there innacuracy, like me, then this can be bad news. Not having PJ make the movie probably means a lower budget, which never helps.

But if you hate PJs films, this could mean good news, and a chance at an unaltered book.

Personnaly, I hope they settle the contract, because I feel that it wouldnt be the same without PJ.

P.S. I hope they dont mess up with the "second unnamed prequel"

What does everyone else think about this?
I read it on the news today ,and I do like PJ work , and what he did making the LOTR Happy Elf Smilieand I think it's sad that he do not make this one too. So for me it's BAD newsSad Smilie
^ Of course, there is still hope that they will setlle the contract. If I was New Line, I would realize that they will easily make back 100 million dollars by having PJ do the film, rather than a mister nobody.
I think I will take this news as only one more broadside in the battle between PJ and New Line; it isn't over until one side actually strikes their colors (or the fat lady sings as in the operatic metaphor.)
Well, it could be both good and bad; what is this "unnamed prequel"? And PJ might not do it, that could be good, at least that way we won't have Gollum fighting at the Battle of Five Armies! Very Big Grin Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
However, I think that PJ should do it,so that it maintains the same film style as the Trilogy, and the same actors and actresses.
I'm a big fan of Peter Jackson, and though some of the changes he made to the books were a bit annoying, on the whole I think he did a wonderful job of bringing Middle Earth to life. It's a shame that making movies is all about making millions, and that the film companies cannot make the public who pay their wages a higher priority. I'd have liked to have seen the Hobbit done in a similar style to LotR, and will be disappointed if it turns out to be inferior.

Oh well, hopefully everyone will see sense, shake hands, and Peter will produce it.

A second prequil, though??? I wonder what story they will use for that one.
I find myself agreeing with you as usual, Val. I also did not like how PJ chopped up LOTR and gave us his version instead of the author's. But as Val said, having him back again for the Hobbit would give it continuity and at least the feel of ME which he did establish quite well. On the other hand, I think the folks who did the LWW and brought Narnia to life did very well too. So maybe if they get that director/producer...
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Here's a petition for those who want PJ, for what little help it can do. Meh.
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