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Oh Grondy, how terrible, may the rains come quickly.
It has been 40 here for about three days in a row, hard to even take a breath in the searing air, no rain in site. Day before yesterday the air was thick with black smoke again and I asked Clayton to listen to the radio, just sick with worry. We did not find out for several hours that it was the burning around the 4400 hectare Terrace fire that we smelled, that is about twenty miles away, but since it was burning an acre an hour that was just too much. Despite the one massive water bomber crashing into lake Okanagan, the fire is miraculously being slowly contained.
It is odd though that this time, though we have sufficient ground crew, they keep being pulled away and the fighting is mostly from the air.
Last time the fires were much bigger yet they used the ground crews despite he fact they were nearly burned to death in a wall of fire I guess they learned something.
This is one of the oddest things I have ever heard.
Travis and Clayton, several years ago, came home very excited and told me that they both, at the same moment saw what looked like a gnome, only alive, sitting on the side of a hill. It seemed really evil to them,well at least made them feel the presence of evil as they understand it. Both of them grabbed a rock and threw it and the thing disappeared into thin air.
I listened to them, both of them are extremely truthful, and did not know what to make of it and presently I forgot about it.
Then a little while ago, they were having coffee with friends and one of them mentioned that hill, the beauty of it. Then he told them he had seen a gnome like creature or person sitting on the hill and it totally freaked him out, then it disappeared.
I still think about that. The friend is such a down to earth person, a no nonsense type and it was years after. Don't you think that is odd?
Well, I suppose the Irish immigrants living in BC may have brought one of their Leprechauns with them, or maybe a gnome escaped there from OZ, or perhaps it was simply a marmot (aka: woodchuck, rock-chuck, groundhog, etc.) dressed up in a gnome costume. What were these gnomes wearing assuming they may not have been the same one and can be differentiated by the color of their baseball hats or tee-shirt wordings? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Knowing you we do, we can be sure they weren't high on the local flora, and probably were not the subject of a mass illusion or hysteria. Thus what they saw was a probably a juvenile Sasquatch, little Bigfoot as it were; though I don't think I have heard of any sightings east of the Cascade Mountains. Teacher Smilie
You , Grondy dear, are like manna in the wilderness to my soul, you are the best.
I honestly don't know what to make of it, it is wierd. And I don't know many Irish people here, the majority now at least seem to be other, a few Celts though, which thrills my soul.
They had a Celtic show here at the new performing arts centre and they were absolutely awesome. And of course there are Irish and Scots galore in the summer who join the Highland bands that parade the streets along with the military vehichles such as the tanks and camoflage trucks. Perhaps one of the , whatever they were , came along with a soldier or two.
Thankyou for your input professor Grondmaster
My daughter and grandson saw what they said was a UFO last week at about 5 AM PDT and it hung in the air for a long time without moving. She took a picture of it and to me it looked like a white dot that moved about one-quarter inch, else she jiggled her camera.

I didn't ask her what direction she was looking and how far it was above the horizon, but this member of the Planetary Society believes it probably was the morning star, the planet Venus, named for the Roman goddess of that name who is undoubtedly the same as the earlier Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Teacher Smilie
I was at a military school this summer, and as we were running a trail in the woods during morning PT (physical training) a huge dead tree branch breaks off, falls about fifteen feet, and hits a guy in my platoon on the head. He was about 10 feet in front of me, and when this branch hit him he just sort of crumpled. He was alright though and so naturally everyone started cracking tree jokes. Just a really strange occurrence.
Nobody here, but us chickens! Chicken Smilie Chicken Smilie Chicken Smilie

There wasn't a single new post since I was here Yesterday. I couldn't even get us back into a tie over at Tolkien Library via VOTE FOR PT, because I seem to have voted to late yesterday, which counted for today, so we are down by one over there. Orc Sad Smilie
Yeah, P-T has sort of died since last I was here. Bit sad really.
I agree Turin! Even I gave up! Too many members gone missing Sad Smilie
just sorting out my life and waiting for the hobbit movies Smile Smilie
don't worry guys and gal's Big Smile Smilie when they come out we're back in business Smile Smilie
Grondy hopes so. Happy Elf Smilie
when they come out we're back in business Smile Smilie

Seems it's more a case of "IF" rather than "WHEN".
Aw, but then I hope the glass is half-full while you seem to assume it is half-empty. Of course I may be wrong. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
The other three movies were such money makers that I will bet The Hobbit gets made eventually.

I haven't forgotten you all here..! Just don't have the energy to visit as often as I'd like.
It's true, she doesn't. Hugs to you dearest girl.
I don't want the Hobbit to be made at all if it cannot be as true and faithful to the truth and spirit of the book. I am hungry for a fabulous true representation with as little space age finery as possible, just a few fabulous 'effects' , probably with monsieur dragon and such, but nothing that takes away the earthy, well Middle-Earthy feel and smell and visual that you get with the book. I suppose what I am saying is not a lot of 'machines'
But, we will see what we will see. Just come on will you or be quiet about it all until it's done. I can't STAND it. Smile Smilie
Have any of you had dreams that reocurred, say over a period of years, almost the same dream , perhaps with a tiny difference here and ther, but basically the exact same thing and then one day, just like that out of the blue it comes to pass?
I was just remembering how I had a dream about getting into a car and away I went and then suddenly I could not remember which was the gas peddle and which was the brake and I was always heading toward a crash.
I only drove for a while in my life when I was a teen, then I suffered an accident at home and had tiny seizures that noone really noticed but which precluded me driving.
And still the dream persisted.
And then when I was pregnant with my second baby my first, just two and a half , and I were sitting in the car waiting for someone to finish buisiness with a client. the day was warm and lovely and then out of the blue my little boy reached over and somehow turned the car on and we started going down a stepp hill. I loooked ahead and to my horror ther was a huge hole that had been dug into the road for some plumbing maintenance. I suddenly could not remember which peddle was which and by the time I screeched on to the brake the front wheels were hanging a little over the hole. And then I never had the dream again.
I had a dream about meeting the ferryman at the river styx quite a few years ago, but it wasn't recurring, but on going over about 3 or 4 nights, I can't remember but I don't think it was one after the other. Can't remember much now, but I remember it started with me walking along a beach at sunset, everything was tinged red, and after a while I remember noticing the water was full of the dead tumbling around in the waves, next thing I remember I walk into a building like the Colosseum, then I'm walking through a wood and up to a river bank and there he is, all hooded and cloaked, standing in the boat. he puts his hand out but I have no coin for him. Then the dreams ended, never had anything like it since, bizzare but true.
Be thankful Rho, that you didn't have a bag of gold hanging on your belt, let alone a copper penny to pay that ferryman. And also that you didn't see the big guy that talks in capital letters. You know, the black cloaked one who rides Binky, carries a scythe, and consults billions of hour glasses, prior to welcoming their owners to the unlife and what comes next. Life may be wasted on the living, but it sure beats the alternative.

I seldom dream anymore, but I do notice I nod off for a few seconds every now and then.
all of what you have said is wierd, truly odd. well , except for Grondy. I smile when I think of you noticing though, sort of watching over yourself, and of course one cannot get into any sort of a dream in only a few seconds, well no one that I know at any rate.
I really hate when I have a de ja veu thingy, you know you see something and you swear you were in that exact place doing that exact thing before. Something to do with brain activity, or lack of it, whatever. But when it happens it is usually something I don't feel good about. Hate it.
Leelee I'm so glad to see you here again! I've missed you! I guess we've missed each other as it seems we've just been here at different times.

I have dreams that happen and give me the deja vu feeling a lot. But these are never dreams that I've remembered having until they come true; if I remember a dream its just that, a dream. They say that most dreams point out things that you are concerned about in real life but its obvious that some predict the future too. Grond, you must either sleep very deeply or have a very peaceful life if you rarely dream..
Oh WOW, sian, my dearest friend how wonderful to see you here as well. I don't know if you heard that my facebook account was hacked into as well as three of me emails, turns out it was a very very intelligent little girl who, in my opinion could work for the White House and prevent hacking from the other geniuses doing their best to wreck things. so I gave up. I have a new email account but I went to another server and so far I am safe. I miss our conversations, I miss you.

Well, if our dreams often are about our concerns I must have a morbid fear of being suddenly naked and without clothing any where in sight! Even in the dance, the ballet, I am the most over dressed person! That is so funny to me. I did not realize it is a real worry for me. I hate those dreams where you are shopping , or at school or at a five star restaurant and you suddenly notice you are in your birthday suit. Those freak me out more than horror dreams! Oh how funny.
It is rather odd, don't you think, when certain numbers come up in one's life and you know you couldn't have planned it that way if you tried.
For instance, a while back my family and went into the seven eleven and each picked out something for a treat. The total came to exactly seven dollars and eleven cents. I kept the the receipt, it was too cool.
And there was the day I looked up at the clock and it said one oclock. The next time I glanced at the clock that day it said one eleven, and the last time I looked over at the clock before bed time it said eleven eleven. Just rather odd that's all.
Have you ever considered buying a lottery ticket. Leelee? Smile Smilie
Your number experience is really cool Leelee!
I had a friend once with whom i had an uncanny connection of the number 11.My birthday month happens to be 11 and his birthday was 11th of some month.Whenever he used to call it was always 11 past.And so we decided an exceedingly dumb thing.We named 11:11 as our moment and i still remember it.Now i am seriously feeling like Miss Havishham Very Big Grin Smilie
And do consider what Rednell suggested.
That is awesome Odette( I LOVE that name) . Just yesterday I was cleaning under the sink and happened to look behind me at the clock on the coffee maker and it said 1:11 again. It happens so much it is rather a dull day when it fails to occur.
Well i don't no Leelee I guess we are so busy with our normality and being who our environment has made us that we try to make our existence a little more novel.Our moment thing for example.Tell me,do you get pleasantly surprised or frustrated when you see that same hour and minute?11:11 gave me a funny connection with my friend.A moment to remember each other without the scream of a ringtone awakening us to each other's existence.Guess i'm weird.And I talk incredible rubbish.Ignore.
Which name do you love,Leelee?And why are there so many 'e's in your nameSmile Smilie?
I often used to look up and see the clock on my digital cable box read 11:11 for many nights running and I had been ignoring the time. I thought it kind of weird. It hasn't happened for a while now. Interesting that other people are experiencing it too.

And why are there so many 'e's in your name (Odette)?

The first e is so her name sounds right and the second is how many words ending in double T are spelled. For instance: Cigarette, Meglette, and Kidlette, that latter two are what I call my daughter and granddaughter.
Odette, I love that name. Hasia and I were just watching the Swan Princess(Barbie) and I so enjoy Kelsey Grammer(Frasier) as the bad guy.
what do I think when I look over or up and see the ones lined up. Not much except I often wonder why I did not look up a minute earlier perhaps. I often look up and see 7:47 and think of the plane. And now I seem to be looking up to see multiples of two as well. wierd. And Grondy, I love your explanation. The double Lee is from an ancient Chinese way of doing things:though I am not Chinese. I will tell you another odd thing that I ocntinually do. I wake up just one minute before the alarm is to ring, and I wake up at say 2:22 or 3:47 over and over. I am beginning to wonder if there is something amiss with me. What do you think?
Dear Leelee stop worryingSmile SmilieThere is nothing wrong about you.
Nowadays as exams are approaching I wake up a minute or so before the alarm is destined to ring and turn it off and sit on my bed and worry about what to study during the day.I am mighty stressed and this place relieves me a lotSmile Smilie
Thanks dearest LeeleeSmile Smilie

and you Odette, just calmed me. Honestly I was thinking some neuological thingey was happenig in my cortex or whatever, that spongey part at any rate and oh dear, with all the other stresses it was too much !  i do understand about exams. Eee, they just freak me right out. I have a natural knack of assuring myself I will do just the worst possible job on one and so  I suppose I have no where to go but up, but it is nerve wracking.

Have you ever seen the Mr. Bean story of when he goes to take an exam. He is so sure of himself and he has like six hundred pencils and is being thoroughly nauseating to the fellow next to him. Then the test starts and he does not know one answer on the paper and begins his ingenious ways to cheat from the other fellow. And at the very end he finds that there is another paper in the envelope for his particular exam. That is the ultimate stressful night mare!

Honestly I was thinking some neuological thingey was happenig in my cortex or whatever

Lol, Leelee you are too cute!

I often notice when the time is something like 12:34, 22:55, or the coolest time, : 0:07.  Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I guess I am easily amused. Wink Smilie 

Geniuses seem to be easily amused, because they have the ability to pick up on minutia and see something a little different That puts you in a high place dear Amerie. Sorry about the rather grade one explanation of my brain, but I have to admit, from the moment I saw one, actually saw a brain sloshing about in a jar full of preservative I immediately felt ill, saw only grey , grey , grey and have to this day a nervous feeling that any real sea sponge I may be using in the bath will suddenly move and emit little words. eeeeeeeeeeeh.

Oh, speaking about brains, I had to help teach at a private school, well let's be exact, it was a practicum and I did terribly. For one thing, I was more naive, Much, MUCH more naive than the students which ranged from grade one to seven I believe. And for another, I thought the other teaches were quite harsh and unkind and so , without knowing it, I rather became an ally of the children. In the end I had to just leave because at Christmas , we had an assembly and each child was to give a gift to a teacher and say a little something nice. Well, I ended up getting gifts from all the children, (I was so aghast and frightrened of the looks of the other teachers I nearly had a kidney moment). It was sad.

And one of the teachers , a brilliant man who had originally studied to be a neurosurgeon, gave me the hardest time. He was amused by my nervous habits and my shyness. I never and still don't really like looking adults in the face.(It is a truly scarey thing to me. Smile Smilie) He would get me to assist in science and just wait to see my reactions to things. Once he disected something or other that had had parents and he sploshed it back into the bucket with one hand while he ate a sandwhich with the other. It was all I could do to make it through the morning. The children watched me carefully for signs of green, he watched me carefully for signs of hysteria. And all the while I kept thinking about the spongey brain. And regretting the time I wanted to impress my family when I was ten and so said I only wanted a dissecting kit for Christmas. and that is what I got. sniff. Me, a ballerina , played classical music and cried over imaginary friends. LIfe can be so cruel.  I am so odd , I myself should be an entire category in the Oddest Things.

Well I'm gone for a few days and Leelee starts.Yet again

You are so adorable when you rant on about being nice and sick at the same timeSmile Smilie but hey I dissected a cockroach,a lizard and a snake(all carefully sleepy) twitching under my fingers while I almost always devoured a snack with my other hand.

I remember during my school finals I got a cockroach to dissect.I was ok with it.Problem was a young man who was a new teacher was standing close to my table invigilating.He went visibly green and I had to ask if he needed some waterSmile Smilie

Oh yes I saw that Mr Bean episode(i still remember my cousin falling off the sofa LAUGHING)

Thanks Leelee for being such a nice human being(moral of kids story)Smile Smilie and congratulations about the moderator thingSmile Smilie

Should I be scared?


I feel so ill at the moment from your descriptions that I dare not move. I think I hear my belly button whimpering.

Should you be afraid, only for my ability to do this. Smile Smilie 

The oddest thing about the neighbor's cat  She was rescued from being put down and for the first few months she was rather a loner, seeking comfort and peace in the woods behind the condo. Gradually she became used to us all and for some reason started acting rather queer, for a cat I mean. At first she was a normal cat, but then she took to scratching on our doors like a dog. when we opened them up to her she would trot into our homes like a dog, sniff about and eventually sit, bottom down in front of the fridge. Only if given a bit of chicken or beef or something like that would she then settle down and perhaps have a little nap before scratching to go out and then disappearing and then go to another's home.

Well, my neighbor finally fulfilled a life's longing and brought home a beautiful basset hound who also had been abused. It is very loving and gets on alright with the cat. Only now the cat has completely stopped acting like a dog and acts only cat-like. What do you make of that odd thing?

Guess the cat got laughed at by the houndcheeky

Jokes apart I have seen cats and dogs behaving unlike their own species...I don't quite know why.

We have an amazing indian author called Ruskin Bond.I read in one of his stories based on his childhood that he had a pet white mouse and everyday he would play with the mouse in his garden.Often the mouse would disappear into a brown squirrel's hole and the two would run on the branches and stuff.One day the boy discovers white squirrels and realizes that the two animals have mated.

When I read this story I was very young,I was shocked and sat in silence wondering.Then I grew up,read biology.hybridisation.

Nothing seems strange once we grow up.

Wow, what an odd and amazing story. What images that prompts, the tree and the little creatures  moving about. Yes I wonder just why certain animals deviate from their kind. I always thought that in the animal kingdom a creature observes and imitates its fellows and then acts like them. It just goes to show how amazing, how mysterious , how profoundly wondrous life is and all the endless little things about life.

I remember our science class learning about an experiment where a fish tank was filled with simulated sea water. The fish were put in and a little while later they started acting as if theywere dying. Then something like a mere tablespoon of real sea water was added and the fish revived. It is miraculous and thought provoking to me.

I think I have mentioned before the odd experience a member of my family had for about three months. Each day as he left for work, he walked for health's sake, he would notice a bird perched in the phone line above. The bird would ignore all the others walking about and fix his little bird's eyes upon Peter. Then as Peter began walking quickly away the bird would fly along with him, all the way to work. Then home later. This happened over and over and then one day the bird was gone. Now that was rather odd don't you think, unless you happen to live inside a Disney full length feature.

Dear Leelee,yes I think that's quite marvellous being escorted by a bird

I wish I had a bird like that or a rabbit or something.But after I murdered a couple of fish by overfeeding them,my mom despaired and said"Thou art destined to be alone"

You know what, I believe we have unearthed only a tiny fraction about animal behaviours and about the animal kingdom as such.That day I opened the newspaper and found on the front page news that 1200 new species have been recently discovered.

I don't know if this will count as odd but I will anyway share it.

My house is a ten minutes walking distance from the nearest bus stop and everyday I catch a bus to my college.Well what happens is everyday,no matter what time I leave home,I miss my route bus by say twenty sprints.It's an awful feeling to be so near yet always missing it and then having to wait fifteen minutes for the next one.So I tried experimenting with the time I leave home.Ten minutes early or five minutes late.But whatever I do I always miss it and by almost always the same distance.It feels odd to me but maybe because I get mad.

P.S: Do read Ruskin Bond.His short stories and poems are like the snow kissed tips of the Himalayas as fresh and as earthy as the deeps of uninhabited places.Do read him.

Oh thank you Odette, I will make a point of reading this author. Thank you, That indeed IS odd about the bus thing. we have had very odd things happen similar, I often think bus drivers get a little wierd just sitting about and putting up with any amount of even wierder people, perhaps they make note of us and purposely play their cruel games! Smile Smilie.  I would ask the driver directly to explain this to you. If he or she notes you need to catch the bus at a certain time, perhaps you would be given a tip of exactly when to be standing there . That is so frustrating, I feel tired for you.

Oh, I just remembered, and I think I mentioned this before, but I think it bears retelling, just this once.

I could not sleep one hot sultry summer night so I arose and wandered about in the kitchen in the dark. Then I felt I needed some fresh air so I opened the door and as there was not even a hint of a breeze to help I closed and locked it again. I wandered into the living room and something out the window caught my eye. I turned and looked out of the curtains.......and felt like I had fallen down the same hole as Alice.

For there on the street were two racoons walking, ON HIND LEGS, and they were chattering to one another. I was frightened, I mean that. I kept waiting for them to fall down on their four legs and run about, but they did not. They lumbered on , still chattering to one another and then at the end of the street they dropped to their feet normally and sped off down the road. It took my just hours to calm down and get past that. That, is one of the oddest things I can remember.

I'm not surprised that raccoons can do that. And google agrees. Wink Smilie (Clever little creatures, quite glad we don't have them here. )

I'd think I'd be pretty amused and happy to see such a thing. I like it when Mother Nature shows me stuff. Again, I am easily amused. Smile Smilie

OOOH! A spooky story thread. What fun.  LeeLee you should write a book! Those stories are fantastic.

This is the best story that springs to mind for me. Not so much spooky or odd, but more funny. I received a phone call one afternoon.

"Is Allyssa (not my real name) there please?"

"Speaking," I said.


I was a little excited by this. I thought I had won something.

"What for?" I asked.

"Congratulations for breaking the world record for the women's over 30s high jump."

Now anyone who knows what I look like will immediately understand my utter confusion. I could no more high jump than I could fly. I am short in the legs and somewhat plump. I immediately thought that someone was playing some kind of prank, but turns out that the record actually was broken by another woman with the same first name and age, who used to have my phone number some years ago. What are the odds?

Alyssa, that is THE BEST ! unbelievable and more than worthy to be an Odd thing. So google agrees racoons can walk on hind legs, but I wonder why would they. It seemed painful to me. Honestly I felt so wierd for days after. Probably had it happened in broad day light I should not have thought much of it. But know.

I had a cocker spaniel cross(I think lab or something), named Muffy . She was given to us by her owner who could no longer keep her. She loved from from the moment she met me and I her. We lived out in the country at the time at the end of a road. Muffy girl would go about the lane, all the dogs did at the time before the law in the country changed and they had to be in the yard or on leash which was right and good. She loved to put her nose in the tall grasses and just sniff and enjoy the lovely world about her.

One day though I saw her very excited and hoped she was not after a poor little cat or something. I stood and watched through the huge picture window and after a few minutes out came a plump mouse. Instead of chasing it , the mouse and Muffy went down the road together and had a lovely time. That was the first of a long relationship until I rather think the next door cat preferred Miss Mousling as an entree.

Now that I have thought about it a bit... I take it back. I think I would have found two talking raccoons, walking about on two legs in the dark when they think no one is watching a bit spooky. 

It was more than spooky to me, it was very frightening, for it challenged my senses, I thought perhaps I was hallucinating or dreaming and I did not know why and I absolutely was shaken.

I think it is odd when two people say exactly the same words together time after time after time, especially when each was thinking a completely different thought from the other at that moment. Clayton and I do that so much it is tiring!

Just remembered another 'odd' story to share.

A little while back, I was walking home and I came face to face with my exact double. She was the same height, age, size, shape, hairstyle and even wore the same style of clothes to me. It was quite a shock! We both stopped in the middle of the street and stared at each other for several seconds and then, having nothing to say, we moved on.

My parents deny that I have a long lost identical twin, but I am not so sure!

@Alyssa:That is so totally unbelievable.I would have shaken hands or something.But I guess I would be totally freaked out too even smile.This is a stunner.Ever seen her afterwards?

Wow, just like the princess and the pauper (Barbie version). Perhaps you are both destined to do something unusual or great together in time.

I used to have this dream from the time I was about ten or so. Year after year I would have now and then this dream . I would be in a car and it would begin to roll down a hill. I would start to panic, I suddenly could not for the life of me remember what to do to stop the car. And I would wake up panicking.

One summer day when I was sitting in a car waiting for someone, the car slowly began to move. we were at the top of an incline and at first I am not sure if I noticed what was happening. Then I was and indeed I did panic.The worst was the car picked up speed and there about thirty yards ahead was a huge crater of sorts in the road with those orange cones all around it and flashing lights to warn people away. At the very last second as it were I stopped the car just as the front wheels were pushing the cones. I remember sitting there a while too stunned to speak. I never had that dream again.

The thing that worries me is that dream you have where you are out in public and suddenly notice you are wearing nothing and have to hide somewhere. And of course you have not the money or means to get clothing. A true night mare. May that never come true, never , never, never,never........

About this number thing, I just don't know how to understand it. Now, in addition to the 1:11 or 11:11 , now I am starting to look up and see 11:22, what's up with that? Maybe like Scrooge said it is a bit of undigested beef or an underdone potatoe, but whatever the cause......I just wish it would ..........KNOCK ..........IT..........OFF! Sad Smilie

Does anyone besides me think it is odd the way dreams go, like sometimes they are so chaotic and scattered they not only don't make any sense and you wonder how our brain actually works during sleep; or you have this one dream and the theme of it just continues on and on throughout the night, no matter how many times your sleep might be disturbed? How odd is that and I wonder why that happens. Last night I had this ongoing dream, honestly I cannot even remember what it was about and I remember consciously thinking in my dream how exhausting it was and how I wished I would just think about something else and rest my thoughts. It was certainly odd and I felt drained when I awoke. Sad Smilie

Lee(2) it might have been because you were really tired and it was weighing down your subconscious too.The need for a rest mentally or physically was becoming a very broad thought band so it surfaced.

Well for me I hardly remember what I dream of but sometimes dreams are so uncanny as in say you dream about a person(a not very close person whom you don't think about a lot) and next morning you hear he's passed away.Happened to me.I got really bothered.

I wish I knew more about my subconcious  but then maybe not

Oh that is very odd. I wonder what it is we sense or hear or whatever to give us that understanding. I very much believe in the angelic and I think they must, when it is their duty, come along side us and tell us something. And though we do not hear them audibly we here just the same.

And , er, yes, perhaps to really understand the subconscious would be rather intimidating and perhaps frightening or despairing. Still, it is odd that the human mind , so at least in appearance seems so rational during daylight non sleep hours; able to think and act with reasonable intelligent responses to things, and yet as soon as you fall into that sleep it would seem all hell breaks loose in a manner of speaking and you become slightly nutty nuts.  Smile Smilie

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