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Pardon me, I meant 'hear' not here. That is another thing I do, write the wrong spelling of a thing when I am fatigued. I type sometimes like I knit or crochet, I am looking at something else while doing it. sigh.

So now, in the last month, I have gone from looking at the clock to see 1:11 or such to 4:44, why I have no idea. I wonder how that happens, but I have decided to ignore it, perhaps it will go away.

I have been enthralled by the cloud formations at night lately, but only about nine or so in the evening. For some reason the fullish moon has been shrouded half way only by clouds and not only I , but others noticed that the way they were formed seemed to create an entire scene, rather like stills from a movie. Totally awesome and enchanting.  I cannot recall ever seeing anything like that before, not ever.

come now out there,

surely you too have an oddest thing to tell. Perhaps your left foot, or the way your teacher can talk, chew gum and move his or her ears back at the same time.

Come and share and give us a smile.

Hmm, interesting, I just stumbled upon this thread, and what I find. 'The Oddest Things.'

Well, my life has been full of mysticism and unexplainable situations. And I've managed to gain a lot of experience and knowledge from these events etc,

Here's some of my personal experiences and thoughts, you may comment, but do not doubt my words. All of these things have actually happened.

'I believe to existence of magic and mysticism. I believe to spirits. I believe to the presence of darkness and light.' - Oerath.

Part I : Deja vú-dreams, visions and hallucinations

I've been seeing a lot of 'predicting' / deja vú-dreams for a very long time, and though I haven't seen them presently, I think that it's not the end of them. There has been some cases, in which the event I witnessed in a certain dream - actually happened in reality only after a long period of time. A couple of months or half a year. And most of them had a very lesser meaning to my life, but some of them were more than haunting. And I always get the same strange feel to it once it happens. And these dreams are somewhat very usual, especially to younger people.

And then visions. Well, my visions are usually 'imagined videos', where I can clearly see myself doing something; a song that was never made, or even a music video of it, or just someone else doing something strange, or visual pictures of certain women. Smile Smilie They're kind of usual, and a lot of fun too.

Then, to more pressing things: hallucinations

I've seen a lot of threatening hallucinations, but they haven't effected to my sanity at all. They've only left me to wonder, and fear. Darkness is a magical source of power to night and it's shadows, and if you look at shadows without care, your mind may play tricks on you, or you may lose a great bit of your sanity. These are the examples of situations that left a mark to my life.

1. It was late evening, and I was smoking a cigarette on my backyard, then it suddenly got darker, and I felt the same old feeling and wanted to go inside. Then, I looked at one bush right next to me, and what I saw, was a gruesome and shadowy figure eating a corpse of raven, and then I fell to ground from fear, and after the next look. There was nothing. Just a mere bush.

2. It was evening again, and I was with one of my friends, and we were sitting outside, then I suddenly looked at the hills just behind their shed, and I saw an old woman, whose face was strange and a bit sewed, and he wore old clothes and was moving slowly, then I turned to my friend who also saw it, and only a couple of seconds later, we looked again. And there was none, I didn't hear a single sound from the woods. So, back then we thought that person to be a witch or something ridiculous, but I'm very certain that it was a restless spirit. Because, the following day after that evening, we found a large piece of skull and some bones from under some leaves, they were in a strange place. And oh yeah, we got a bit scared. It was a sign, a bad sign. And I still remember those events as they had only happened just yesterday.

3. This is a long story, I've never got over it completely, it was an encounter with the death.

It was about seven o'clock, but still so dark, and I was staring at the trees up on the cliffs. Wind blew strongly and the sky was dark, and then, I saw something.. I was just leaving, when I thought I heard something strange, like someone had just cut a tree with it's claws, and then I saw a hooded figure standing on the hills, next to a tree, and I froze to that place. It had a black robe, and it's other hand was placed to side of that tree, and it had strangely long nails. In the other hand, it had a long scythe, and it was looking right at me, and then I closed my eyes, and the being was gone, but right after it, a swarm of black raven's flew off from a nearby bush next to that tree. At that point, I ran inside our house, and my mind was a bit mixed up for the rest of that evening. Over half a year passed, until one night, I had a strange dream. I was walking out on the streets, and went to the nearby forest (to place where I go to often), and everything was alright, birds were singing, the sky was clear and there I stood. But then, the same black robed being came from behind the trees, and as he got closer, the whole sky and forest darkened, and then I fell on my knees from fear and pain, and as the being stood in front of me with a scythe in it's hands, it took off it's hood. It was a kind of man, half of his face was bony and without flesh, and the other half was full of worms and some fleshy marks. And as he reached out his hand towards me, I suddenly felt horrorful pain, and I screamed as hundreds of empty and low voices filled my head, repeating the words: 'Do you know the meaning of life and death?', and finally, he released me from his hold, and all of the pain and screams ceased, and the hooded man said: 'It seems that you do know the meaning of life and death. I can see it from your eyes, but remember. Fate is the key, and if the fate changes, so does the truth.'

After that he just put his hood back, and disappeared into the shadows. And I woke up, screaming, and my forehead was wet from sweat. I couldn't sleep anymore, but this left me to wonder: what he meant, was it true or false, was it a sign or will he return to ask the same questions somewhere in the future?

So, this was the first part. If any of you wants to know more, then just ask. And at this point may I say that I'm completely sane, but my mind is surely a beast.

I've been greatly interested in mysticism, occultism and kind of things for the past five years, and my interest grows day by day. And such great mystics as G.I Gurdjieff and Grigori Rasputin are very remarkable persons in the history of mystics.

Oerath thanks and bows. I hope you find this enjoyable to read. And sorry for it's length.

I have to admit, after I read your post I prayed for you earnestly!

That is fantastic, unbelievable and yet absolutely believable. Thankyou very much for sharing.

It's quite common for the human brain to perceive visual things as a threat or a human shape or face. It's called pareidolia, and in evolutionary terms it makes a lot of sense, since responding to a threat, especially in your peripheral vision, could be very important in those times. We also have an innate instinct to project features onto things, perhaps to gain empthatic connections or to make more sense of the world around us. This often takes place when we don't know what we're looking at at first. I hope that made some kind of sense and helped to allow you to understand your visions/hallucinations, Oerath!

Your words are fascinating and yes it helped. I hope you are still having a good time on your holiday. It is rather a modern miracle that one can travel all over the place and yet, we have only to log in and we can be just where you are and listen to what you have to say. love it.

I actually do understand the meaning of those hallucinations I've seen, and though they're not so ultimately connected with mysticism, there's still a link. And there's a lot more to the subject itself. Smile Smilie

If anyone wants to know, I could tell a little more about my perspectives and ideals, and these would be the next things: spirits, communication with nature, cloud images, the dream of life, meaning of night and shadows, and how I meditate at times.

And yes, Fornad, you explained it well, but as I said in my latest post. I find every single mystical or dreamy experience can be very enjoyable and important. And even some dreams can be very mystical.

An example.

I've even written lyrics/stories which were based on a particular dream, and there's been one dream, in which I wrote the lyric itself completely, and went outside to take a walk, and it was night in that dream. And then on the following day, I still somehow remembered the right words and wrote them down, and then took a walk, even as I hadn't indented to, and it was night. And it's very epic and magical to realize that you just did something that was being based entirely on a dream.

I've finally decided to join a certain organization, called: 'Dragon Rouge', it's an organization that focuses on mysticism, occultism and magic. I think that I'll join it when the end of year finally arrives.

I hope it will be interesting journey, and I also have to begin preparations and afterwards I'll have a lot to learn and do. It'll definitely be an experience to remember.

Okay Leelee check your first post in this thread-1st September timed at 111(eleventy oneblush) and you have 1100 posts at the moment.Gosh Leels this is kind of funnySmile Smilie

yikes, I wonder what I can do about it?Perhaps I shall journey to Rivendell and ask Lord Elrond to give me something that makes me think on a slightly higher plane. You are very observant, I did not even notice.

Haha Leels you and your special ideas are rubbing off on meblush

ll it seems I have been spared the 1:11's only to have them replaced by 4:11 just when I was congratulating myself that this nonsense had taken wings and flown away to leave me in peace. I have not gotten rid of the 7:11, it still seeks me out and irritates me, but now 4:11, whether morning or afternoon, there it is when I look up at the clock. I have tried not looking at the clock thinking I have by passed that sequence of numbers only to look up and see it just turning to that. grrrrrrrr.

Does anyone else have any other sort of odd things happen from time to time? Anything without numbers?

Because I live in Canada, it is of course the norm to look up in the sky and see flocks of different sorts of birds in formation, making their way across the wide sky in a southerly direction, heading for warm waters, lots of food and tropical vegetation to take up new posts until we in the far north see the first rays of spring sunshine.

But I don't recall looking up in the sky when it is nearly December and seeing flocks of birds coming from every direction to be here for a while. It is very confusing. I think our citizens have not listened to the warnings on the radio, nor paid attention to the very strict messages on posters and such telling us to not feed the wild life, period. Because the birds are being fed they have become dependant on humans for less than wholesome food and have caused chaos in the bird world. So now people have to rescue the duck and wild geese from starving or freezing to death in the winter months. It seems such an odd situaion.

You should not worry too much about these birds, Leelee.  The geese are migrating still.  One of their main migratory tracks leads directly over our little Kansas town.  During the last two weeks, we have seen flocks great and small, winging their way south in beautiful V-formation.  The honking always catches us off guard, and many people just stop walking to look up and watch them a while.  Frequently enough large flocks land for the night in nearby water, either oxbow lakes or the Kansas River.  Hunting is allowed, of course, within strict parameters, but I have never heard of anyone trying to feed these wild creatures.  We shall probably see a few more before winter weather is upon us here.  The birds know their way well enough, down to South America where God sends them yearly, but back again come spring.

Thankyou for that information! I honestly have never witnessed this at this late time of the year and I was concerned. I had no idea the migration lasted so long. It is not uncommon here to be awakened early morning with a lot of honking and look out and see a goose or two standing on someone's roof walking about and making a loud racket during migration or diving down and walking about looking for food and do to have a long period of nothing and then to see that really took me by surprise. Mystery solved, thank you.

For those of you who have kept up with this odd little thread , you know that I have this silly thing with numbers. Such as whenever I look at the clock, which I rarely do it will say 10:10 or 2:22, that sort of thing, even in the middle of the night. Well I just happened to look at the number of posts I have made to date in a previous thread and there was 1414. sigh. If only one could make money doing it!

I've always had the same thing with numbers than Leelee, such as 11:11, 22:22, and the most weirdest thing ever, was to wake up randomly at 06:00 a.m, when it was 6th of June. Smile Smilie - 666, the number of the beast. And what is also strange is that like I would be waiting for it, and somehow I know that I don't, I usually look at the clock when it's 13:37. Smile Smilie - That is a bit nerdy, I admit, but still so strange.

Usually it's funny, but the 13:37-thingy has began to irritate me a lot.

Oerath, in the whole of my life I don't remember seeing 13:37 on my clock. That is fascinating and forgive me but I did smile when you said it was starting to irritate you. I don't know why.

The 666 thing is amazing as well.

I should just like to say hallo to all who come on to this thread. I hope you are all well and happy. I miss your comments dear Gandalf, I know though that you must be very busy. I still think of your mama and pray for her.

Two odd things today, the number of ml of my new shampoo, 444, and the dosage of the antibiotics I just purchased from the pharmacy-333mgs.

If you are sitting chatting with friends, and you notice a sudden lull in the conversation....take a glance at your watch.....invariably you will see it is either 20 mins to the hour, or twenty minutes past the hour............nobody knows why this happens.......!!

When I lived in the province of Alberta the first day of school could mean anything when it came to the weather. It could be soft and sunny like the first days of spring, or it could be below freezing, or even in one day it could be very hot, then very cold and then somewhere in between.

But as soon as I moved to British Columbia, no matter what city I resided in , especially where I am now, I noticed the oddest thing. Always without fail, no matter if it had been near forty degrees Celcius or around a hundred farenheit the day before school, it would automatically be coolish and out of nowhere would be colored leaves on the first day of school. And if not that at least the week before it would suddenly go from sizzling hot, out on the beach weather to cool autumn temperatures with that awesome 'scent' of the first day of school, new clothes, apples, a rather cool wind from the north despite a sunny day. It just always does that and I can never figure it out, because school does not always start on the same day each year. Whatever the reason it is odd.

I love this thread, I don't know how I didn't find it before.

Well, I have lived some weird experiences that made my heart frozen in those moments. Now I understand them because I have changed my mind about them. I do believe in energy, we all have a power that most of us ignore. Only with the intention we can reach great things but also cause great pain, so be careful what you really wish because it could make real and then, there is no way back.

When I was a child I saw shadows moving at home. By that time I thought they were goblins or something similar. Actually I see shadows and lights and someone with experience in this field, someone serious of course, she told me that I could see angels and spirits. She also told me that I must never feel fear about them because they cannot make any harm. They are maybe dead people who don't realize or don't want to abandon this physical world. So now when I see such things, I listen to my heart and to these "lost" people, I try to speak to them by praying. I mean, I am not a religious person but I try to meditate and tell them that this is not their place anymore and later, I light a candle for them, in order to invite them to follow the light and go towards it.

It sounds superstitious or crazy even, however, I know I am not nuts. Once you understand that they are visible for you, you understand that they are asking for help and my task is to do so. I do really feel great when I do it. It is hard to see these kind of things, people call you names, don't understand, etc. I don't care, I am sure of these "visions" and sometimes I listen to them. Could you imagine how I feel when I am maybe eating my breakfast and suddenly listen the voice of a woman moaning? or some days ago I listened to a child crying? It's painful but they are begging for help. I cannot ignore them. I won't forgive myself for that. Furthermore, in the last 2 years I have met people (few) that are living these strange things so how can someone describe a person -that others cannot see- in the same way that I do? how can we both stay in a room and listen to the same words? Are we both crazy and we feel just the same, casualty? No.

This is a long story. It's difficult to understand and share, it's almost impossible to demonstrate with physical evidence but believe me. Never say that you don't believe what you cannot see. What about god? can you see it? but you believe in him undoubtedly.

Oh i definitely think one can, if allowed see sometimes glimpses of the next world, eternity if you will.

I think it very odd in my life when i dream a long exhausting dream, seemingly nonsensical and then find the next day or days to come that events happen the very same as my dream and because I can see the end from the beginning  when awake I am much surprised at it all.

It is strange you mention spirits, Elbereth. I have had a similar experience. I have always been open minded about things we cannot see etc, and always thought if I encountered a ghost I would say, "hello," and invite them in.

My ex-wife once told me that she had something that followed her around. It didn't appear often, but each time she moved home it would appear after a week or two, hang around for about an hour and then not appear again until she moved once more. One of my friends who dated her before me was present when it visited her once and described it as a dark presence that appeared in the living room and sat in an arm-chair for a while before disappearing. A couple of weeks after she had moved in with me, I was in bed one night when I felt something come into the bedroom. The door was closed and hadn't opened, but I could feel something in the room near the door. It was dark in the room, but when I peeked in that direction I could see something vaguely man-shaped as a darkness against the dark. More than what I could see, though, was the sense of static electricity coming from that corner of the room. Every hair on my body was stood on end. Although i always felt I would invite such a presence in, I lay there terrified, pretending to be asleep until it disappeared a few minutes later. My wife didn't stir, so i figured she was asleep.

The next day my wife was in a very quiet mood so i eventually confronted her in case I had done something wrong. She just said to me, "You didn't see it last night did you?" I told her I had, and she confirmed it was the presence that followed her around, but that she had pretended to be asleep too. Although I had been terrified of it, she told me it hadn't been nearly as dark as when my friend had seen it.

When I questioned her a bit more about it, she said it had followed her about since she was a child - the first time it had sat on bed that she was hiding under. She was a bit evasive as to why it followed her, but thought it was something to do with something she had done. I never questioned her directly, but in another conversation she had once mentioned to me that her and a friend had once broken into a tomb in Cypress when they were children and I got the impression they had either broken or stolen something from there. She never said the two were linked, but I had the distinct impression she felt the two things were linked.

Hi Val!

I had the same opinion as yours. But when this kind of presence come I feel really terrified and simply try to concentrate in another things just to escape from reality.

12 years ago when my grandfather died, everyone was at his house because he was in bed very ill. He had cancer, his last 3 days of life he stayed in bed almost without moving. So, when he died all the family was there -well, his wife, children, my father, my sister-.  My sister and me were his favourite grandchildren because we went to visit him daily; but I couldn't go that day. At midday I was alone at home and a big bright light appeared in my bedroom. I wasn't afraid and I knew it was over. At night my father and sister came home and my father told me: "Your grandfather is dead". I answered: "I already know". When I told my family about the light they were astonished but believed me. The day after that I didn't go to the funeral, I cannot see anyone inside a coffin. It's very hard. At the moment I couldn't do it. I've never been to any funeral. Well, that night I felt how someone sat down my bed and kissed me in the forehead just to say goodbye. In order to confirm that it wasn't a dream, I asked my parents if one of them came to my bedroom at night. None of them, just my grandfather again.

I have another experiences of this kind and why do I see them and others don't I cannot tell. Maybe as you say, we are open-minded to them and that's why we reach to see those worlds.

I had wrote another longer post. But it just disappeared. Sad Smilie

I always look what time it is at weird times. I mean 11:11, 12:12, 21:21(9:21pm), 22:22(10:22pm), and 00:00(12 O'clock midnight) I know I should be sleeping in the middle of the night, but most nights I just can't. Or I sleep a lot or I sleep not, but always tired.(I know it isn't completely good)

I don't really know other odd(weird) things I've experienced. I've quite a normal live. Not much going on.

I hope others will begin posting here again. It's a cool thread.

A member of my family started a custodial business and he has to help and supervise it all right now

until all the places her has are running smoothly and he can trust all the workers to do their work

well and satistfy the owners of the buildings- restaurants, offices, night clubs, etc and about once or twice every week I have been asked to help on top of my regular job and speech therapy for Hasia

an homeschooling etc. I don't usually finish until seven or eight in the morning.

This week I had to get little Hasia up and her little chair and blanket had to do while I cleaned an enormous

pizza place. One bathroom was all digital and I could not get this one toilet to flush, normallyif you walk away from it , it cleans. I was getting rather exhausted from trying so moved away to finish the rest

before I went in search of Trav to tell him.

I heard a noise and looked up and there was Hasia in front of that toilet doing an elaborate dance in three steps over and over. I asked her why she was up and what what she doing

She said she heard God talking and she should dance three times and thank Him for helping me. No sooner had she finished and not even walked away when it flushed. We looked at each other, gave thanks and I went on my way, How very odd!

A very odd thing. Someone hacked into my email and Facebook. So nowsy to get here. I could not remember my password, and even if I did. it would be sent toy email which ,I cannot get into. Tonight I suddenly thought to go on the sight. Shock. My password was on here, never before. How odd. I don't know about tomorrow
The very odd thing I heard was the name of a child as Odd. Just to confirm it I checked it and found its meaning as point of blade, check this out here
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