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Okay this should be very fun! I will be back to help start the adventure in a bit. Wink Smilie
As enchanting as she was, Allyssa was no poet. She preferred to write wonderful tales of far away places.
Okay this should be very fun! I will be back to help start the adventure in a bit. Wink Smilie

Yea it should, I'll gladly join in once it gets going! Wiggle Smilie
Allyssa and Evithian were very close for they both enjoyed to write of far off places that their eyes may never behold the sights of and places they wished with all they're heart existed but alas did not....
But one day as Andrea, Allyssa, Anilorak, Lady Feawen, and Evithian sat together under a tree, in there normal spot, something happened. The sky turned black and a swifft wind caught on. The girls huddled around the tree grasping on to each other to make sure none flew away. After the wind had passed and the sky turned blue agian they all fell to the ground exausted from holding on.

"What was that?" Evithian asked still catching her breath.
Shaken, Andrea glanced around. "I don't know, just hope it doesn't happen again! Maybe it was some kind of spell... magic, perhaps?"
In a far off land, many leages across the big water, a simple cow herd named Rhodry, jerked awake from a terible dream, it began to fade imediately, as all dreams must, but one image, that of a group of girls, huddled beneath a tree did not, he saw the terror in their eyes, as he seemed to swoop down on them, he felt an anger towards these girls, how dared they, how dared they..............what?, how dared they what. Rhodry did not know, his anger at them confused him, they had done nothing to him........Yet...........a voice deep in his heart yet, but they will, they'll try to stop you, and they must not be allowed to do so, they mus'nt, they musn't, they......... Rhodry shook his head to clear it, this voice, this evil voice, what is this he asked the shadows of his hut, am I going mad?
Mean while, back with the girls [and 1 boy], there stirred a restlessness, that just ached to be curred. All wondered why, why had it happened? Was some person angered at them? They were but inocent maidens enjoying bliss, but now someone had sparked they're couriousity. And stirred a place within they're heart they had never knew about. They had never knew that deep down, very deep, they all wished to see things people said were not. To go to places people laughed at the mention of. This storm, magic if it was, was a silly thing to learned people. They would shake they're head and laugh ifthey heard tell of it. But each girl knew in they're heart, they had to prove them wrong. But some force stood obviously in their way.

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Feawen was sturred un-easily in her soul by such feelings she had not felt for a long time, and sought advice from a trusted & dear friend that had helped her long ago, deep in the beautiful forest and hills of Amon Anwar...
(THis is a good time for some one to introduce themselves) Wink Smilie

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Rhodry ignored his nagging wife and cared not about the cow, the dream was returning, he staggered from the cot he shared with his wife and walked into the yard, he felt something, something terrible enter him, a force, a darkness, and he excepted it, heart and soul. In his minds eye he saw a mantle and crown, it was being offered to him......Do you except?, do you except? the voice asked, whispered, tore at his sanity........yes yes, i do, i do"
An explosion ripped through Rhodry's mind,then.............
.....nothing, Rhodry open his eyes, but there was blackness where his eyes should have been, and a cruel smile twisted the once kindly features, Rhodry the cow herd was no more................the dark lord had returned!..
"The Dark Lord has returned!" Allyssa cried, startling the group of girls.

Evithian gasped. "This cannot be! The Dark Lord was cursed to be nothing more than a shadow of Malice in the Dark Places. He can no longer take any physical form."

Allyssa shuddered. "Never-the-less, he has returned. He has a new and more terrible form than ever before. And he seeks to destroy us. We who helped vanquish him in the last age of the sun."

Andrea pushed her silken tresses behind pointed ears and shuddered. No one could blame her.

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"See the fire in whos eyes?"Lady Feawen Questioned
Then looking straight at Andrea He answered "You'll soon know" then he rode off.

"A strange lad" Evithian comented. Anilorka nodded and turned to Andrea.
"We know what hunts you. You are the last full blood..."

"no! dont say it! i know tis true but tis a pain to face facts."
Evithian took hold of Andreas sholders"You are the last full blood elf" Andrea shuddered and Evithian continued"I am half elf. I am hunted, but not like you. Long have i lived in exile for my ears bore the shape of my mothers kindred but i face it. You though are full elf, and i believe out there some were is a lost allience of elves, scattered across land and sea. You can find those lands and our people.I cannot.Those lands are those people call a fairies tale, but i call them real. and with our help, if you would allow it, we could help you find them."

Allyssa, Anilorak, Lady Feawen, and Evithian were willing as ever to help. And awaited Andreas answer.

"I would be honored" She began "But you must promise to stick with me to pain of death."

"We promise" They said.

And their pathes were set.

Feawen ran with speed and might with Anilorak to the forest(and hills) of Amon Anwar to find the best abiding & lissome horses for the group for they where only on foot...
Meanwhile Grondy, the wise dwarven wizard who dwelt deep in the beautiful forest and hills of Amon Anwar, and who had once helped Feawen through a difficulty, felt something amiss in Middle-earth. He sought the answer from his rune stones. On the third toss he received the answer and it did not portend good things to come.

'I must leave at once, for the Dark Lord has arisen in a new form. He will seek vengeance upon those of us who had helped vanquish him,' Grondy thought as he packed some necessities, donned his best grey traveling cloak and his old battered hat, and picked up his staff. He took one last look at the interior of this his happy home that was made in a hollowed out tree stump, turned, and crossed the threshold.

As he closed the door he touched it with is staff and mumbled a spell, 'That should keep the nosy parkers out!' and he hurried away from his house, heading towards the village on the far side of the woods where he expected to find those in need of his help. Not that he had much help to offer, for he needed their help as much as they were in need his, but mayhaps, together they could withstand the coming storm.
Very well done Grondmaster! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie
While Anilorka and Lady Feawen were off looking for this "someone" Feawen knew, Andrea, Evithian, and Allyssa, sought rest next to their tree. For what rest in later years would there be? Would this Dark Lord control all? Even if he controlled all physical form he had yet to rule their sprits.
That is unless you let him. Evithian looked at Andrea, she was delicate, fair skinned, with a pale kiss of blush was on he cheeks and battle was not ment for her. Evithian, though beautiful, was not as desirable as her friend. All these girls were lovely but in each her own way, and battle, least of all death, was not ment for them.
The problem with Bob, Knasher decided, was his inability to sit back and take a breather once in a while. Here they where, on lookout duty and he's runnin around and sniffin in the corners, proding and poking while Knasher, who knew better was trina have a kip.
"oi, whatchoo doin Bob. i'm trina get me some rest eere don'tcha know? Knasher finally asked, as Bob's sniffles and snuffles finally got to him.
"Ave a wiff down this tunnel would ya" Bob replied "Tell us watchya smell"
Knasher sighed, got to his feet with a grunt, sighed again and scratched his backside. "ok ok, anyfing ta stop ya restleseness, ya drivin me bonkers so ya are" He walked over to Bob and took a good ole wiff at the tunnel entrance. "Aww, that's manflesh that it is" He said, his mouth suddenly watering
"jus what i was finking" said Bob with a nasty little grin "Dinner fa two ya fink?.
"I reckon" Knasher replied, his own grin widening to show sharp pointy little teeth."les go!
With Knasher in the lead, they snuck down the tunnel, untill, some hundred metres in, the smell of man fleash became overwelming, they hid behind a pile of old masonry and waited, their nasty orc swords at the ready.
After a few minutes, a figure emerged from the shadows, he wore simple peasent garb and was unarmed. With a evil chuckle, knasher jumped from behind their hiding place and rushed at the man. He hadn't gone more than 10 steps when his intended victims hand lashed out and a tremendous force smashed knasher from his feet.
"pethetic worm" the man sneered "I'll not be harmed by the likes of you", and with a kind of horror, knasher noticed that the mans eyes sockets where nothing but deep black holes.....
Amarie had observed the strange cow-riding man as he rode by. His eyes made her heart beat rapidly with fear. This was not good. She had heard the girls chatting under the tree, and saw Anilorka and Lady Feawen run towards her on their way to the forrest. But she desided to keep out of sight. She had a feeling it wasn't her time. Maybe later she could join. Maybe later her limited skills would be needed. But untill then she decided to stay in the shadows and observe. She wouldn't move on untill she knew for sure..
Feawen turned back and looked around. Some sort of movement had caught her eye. Evithian stood up, seeing the question in her friends eye. Their eyes met and talked.
They both said " I hope we make it thourgh this, i hope i see you agian,I..." Allyssa tugged at Evithians arm.

"Whats the matter Evithian?"

"Fea, she saw something." Evithian looked back up, but they were gone. " I hope she comes back. I wish i could tell her how much I..."

"O, dont get emotional,Evi, They'll be fine"
So Evithian sat back down. Soon, out of no were a man appeared. He had no eyes just deep black sockets.
Allyssa quickly cover the sleeping Andreas ears, and told mEvithian to cover hers...

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In Fangorn forest a new and old evil was growing. The trees had all but failed and the very soil was cursed with the vile touch of evil. And in a cavern far beneath the ground there he sat the vile Darous on his throne of skulls awaiting word from his scouts.
"Now my time to rain fire and destruction upon all of middle earth has finally come."
Then from a passageway a warg rider came to the foot of the throne.....
"Master it was as you said it would be" slobbered the orc as he licked fresh blood from his hands.
"The wizard has left his home and begins his journey and yer hollows wander the lands seeking out prey......but we heard no news from The Dark Lands the...."
But before the orc could finish Darous had risen from his throne and grabbed the orc by it necks.....
"No news from Mordor!!!" roared Darous as his claw gauntlet closed round its neck..." Then I must leave now for Barad-d’ know what must be done here. Leave no trace of my being here and ready the troops."
Darous released the orc and made his way to a stairwell which had been carved into the rocks.....
"Your time has come again....I want five of you to travel to Barad-d’r and tell them that I come. The rest will accompany me on my journey. Go forth my Nazg’l and let them know that we our upon them."
"Greetings!" said the old man cheerfully as he passed the girls. Then he stoped and turned back to them.

"You might like to know that the Nazguel have been sent to Barad-d’r ." He said with a smile.

The girls ignored him but they all wondered how he knew. Knew that they were anyone to talk to of evil things. After he was out of site the girls talked for a while, while Andrea slept. All of a sudden Andrea sat up sweat dripping from her horror striked face.

"They are here" she gasped.

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Hey look I'm an elf Big Smile Smilie Sorry, just had to say it!

"What is it?" Allyssa asked Andrea, seizing her shoulders and looking into her eyes.
"I saw, I saw... pain, death. The Dark Lord has returned as you have said Allyssa. He hunts us. But there was an old wizard, and he was with two companions we know as Anilorak and our dear Lady Feawen. They helped us. Something tells me we'll be allright in the end... I hope." Andrea whispered, looking off into the distance.
"I say we make camp for the night" Evithian said, and settled down to rest.
Now we turn our eyes to Fangorn where we find Darous setting forth with his horde of orcs and mighty Nazgul.
"Be quiet foul beast" roared Darous as he grabbed a goblin and munched off its head.
"Have you tried bicarbonate of goblin...." laughed Darous
"It be truly gritty"
As he flung the headless corpse against a tree.
"If we see any elfs, I want them skinned and brought to me......I like to lick their tears." laughed Darous
"Baldrick what news from the Hollows" commanded Darous
"But master I have a cunning plan to capture all of middle earth and all you have to do is....."
But before Baldrick can speak Darous has yanked his head off with a rather sharp frying pan.
"He will never question me again" and then the heavens weep red and then I will drink the tears from heaven....
"Is there nothing more sweet!!!!!"
Stoney must join in.

Stonehelm, warrior of the Iron Mountains, watches as Darous leaves Fangorn. Stonehelm's keen eyes see the countless orcs and evil creatures marching east.

Stonehelm sneaks down as the last orc passes. There is a lone orc that has stumbled in the road. Stonehelm creeps quietly toward it. The orc jumps up and screeches once before Stonehelm's mithril axe beheads it.
Stonehelm takes the head and vanishes back into the woods.

When Evithian, Allyssa and Andrea wake they see Stonehelm sitting in their camp waiting for them to arise. They hear the sound of massive wings overhead. Stonehelm's flying dragon is circleing in the sky...guarding them.
since my name means dragon, ill play the dragon then!
urulooke circled overhead, watching his master below and the 3 girls who looked quite stun. the girls were at their feet, one holding out a sword, and the other 2 with bows. urulooke wasnt sure what this all ment, but continued circle above. he would obey his masters orders, roast them to a crisp if they try to harm stonehelm. Jumping Flame Smilie
Welcome Stoney and Urulooke!Nice to have you join the story.
Now to get the story back on track:
Feawen was enjoying the good memorys that came back to her when she was with this wise and humble wizard Grondy,but they needed to find the group again before it was too late.
Feawen to Grondy:"Grondy,we must head back to the group before they move on without us. I feel that they will need our help in this passing week."
Evithian lowered her bow and arrow, as did both Allyssa and Andrea. They felt as though these two were to be trusted.

" My greetings sir" said Evithian sweeping a vailant curtciey.

" Our deepest appogies if we have starteled you in any way..." continued Allyssa.

"But it is difficult for us to see who is friend and who is foe." Andre finished.
Evithian lowered her bow and arrow, as did both Allyssa and Andrea. They felt as though these two were to be trusted.

" My greetings sir" said Evithian sweeping a vailant curtciey.

" Our deepest appogies if we have starteled you in any way..." continued Allyssa.

"But it is difficult for us to see who is friend and who is foe." Andre finished.

" I see, i know." answered Stonehelm. "Sit now. We will eat in peace, as friends."
(Nice to meet you Urulooke!)

Stonehelm sees carrots and the raw onions that the ladys are eating. Stonehelm decides to eat from his supply of cram, he offers some to them.

Urulooke lands and eats the orc head that Stonehelm brought back for him.

"Well," Stonehelm says to the ladys, "What are our plans?"
"Well..." said Evithian, putting down her half eaten carrot "We're not sure, Stonehelm. We are some how hoping to discover new lands, unite the elves, conquer the dark lord, and build a visible firm door way in each land. So that travelers will be enabled to reconize new tarritorriy when seen."

Allyssa and Andrea nodded in unison.

"So you two are the last elves amoung men?" questioned stonehelm.

" I am" answered Andrea "Evithian is half elf. She
has the ears & eyes of any elf from Rivendale, yet the hight of any human fron Rohan"

"I thought
she was a bit short" said stonehelm with a laugh.

Evithian rolled her eyes and kept eating. She had one of the toughest decions to make. To be that of an imortal being or that of a mortal being. Her heart had already decided in a way. She had met a human. His name was Elijah. But that was a long time ago.
Smile Smilie Feawen ran to catch up with Anilorak’s long steady strides.
She was having trouble understanding this mysterious and strange young man(woman/man?),he acted quickly and seemed to act on impulse,maybe it would be useful in the future,maybe not. Fea had feelings there was more to him then he put on.

( Anilorak if you don't like how I am portraying you then just let me know.

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After they had finished with their meal, Andrea laid back on her elbows and listened. Off in the distance she could hear a familiar voice. It was Lady Fea!
"Lady Fea, Anilorak and another with short hard footsteps are coming towards us!" she said jumping up.
Evithian Ehtmire took off in the direction Andrea was pointing, and soon the other three followed, Urulooke flying above them.
Grondy, suddenly awaking from a stupor, saw Lady Feawen running away from him. Not remembering how he met up with her, but knowing that was what he had intended, he ran after her as fast as his bandy legs would carry him.

He hoped their meeting had been agreeable and all the social niceties had been exchanged, that she wasn't running away from him, for that would not do. Soon he was only a few yards behind her and saw she followed a tall ranger who was unknown to him.

'Hurry," she called over her shoulder to Grondy as she ran, "we must follow Anilorak to where the others are waiting."
Allyssa fell into Andreas arms and the girls squeeled. They had only been appart not much more than a day or so. But knowing the possiblities that they were in such danger it was terrifying. Evithian and Lady Feawen hugged each other and no words were spoken. They had been thourgh so much together. At a young age their families had been murdered at a feast held in honor of the girls births.For they shared the same birthday. Lady Feawen had been mistaken for Andrea, and so her families death had all been in vain. Evithian though was hunted correctly. Her familly had died with all the hate of murder. And so over time their friendship had grown and to lose one or the other was losing what family they had already lost once.

Stonehelm and Grondy reconized each other so it was an easy introduction . Urulooke nuzzled up agianst Grondy, knocking him over. Urulooke was after all a friendly dragon with those he chose to like. The girls[and Anilorak] got over their sentimental greetings and giggled helplessly at the short wizard trying to escape the affection of the huge dragon. It was after all a rather funny sight.

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They travelled for many leagues until he saw the tower before......
"Barad-d’r we have finally arrived, and very soon these fools shall cower at my feet and annoint me as a God or they shall shall suffer for a thousand years..." laughed Darous as he approached the dreaded Black Gate.
As he approached one of the Nazgul came forth and spoke in a quiet hiss.
"So the fools begin to come together...fret not as they have no idea of what transpires now. Now go and prepare for my arrival and send word to all enemies of light. The war is upon middle earth and we shall destroy it."
[please keep it to just a "dark lord" not a god. thank you]

Evithian spoke up all of a sudden.

"We must make for Ka-had-dres [or whatever]"
She began "i here from there we can get to the legendary middle earth."

"Correct, be you half elven" said Grondy while once again ascaping a nuzzel from Urulooke "We should as you said, make for Ka-had-dres."
Stonehelm speaks up," The way to Ka-had-dres is very dangerous, many orcs, trolls, and other evil creatures live near there. Who here will lead us there on a safe path?"
"i know of one" began Evithian but she lowared her head."His name is Elijah." A wistful look filled the young maiden's eyes.

"You have met him!?!" sqeeled Allyssa." He is prince of Gondor"

"No, only his eyes," Evithian turned and walked over to Urulooker.She stroaked the large dragon."I was in Gondor once, not long ago." She turned to Lady Fea"Thats when we lost contact. But while in Gondor i was an honored guest, being half elf, and dinned with the royal, court. I caught his eyes only once but thats all it took. He was sent off to tend to a forgien affair the next day but a gift was let for me the next morn on my candle stand. It was addressed to me and signed with love, elijah..."

"Lady" began stonehelm"What was the gift?"

"Anya." Evithian held her hand up for all to see. There on her ring finger lay a silver ring. Evermind flowes were sculped onto the sufacer. But one stood out with a shard of a what appeared to be a Simril in the middle.
[[**^^ Before I go on...Anilorak is Male! I am a Man...^^**]]
- Allyssa is glad to hear that Anilorak!

Allyssa is troubled. She turns to EvithianEhtmire.

"My friend, you speak of this Elijah with great emotion. But if you cleave to him, will you not loose your elven imortality?"

'But where are we to go? asked Grondy, 'We know the Dark Lord has risen anew and will seek his vengance upon us, but what should we do? My rune stones led me here, but they are at the moment silent.'

'Maybe we should consult the Oracle of the Mount and ask her what fate has in store for us and if there is anything we can do to counter the Dark Lord.' he continued. 'Has anyone a better idea? I think the main thing is not to be caught in this village, where Evithian and her friends are known to reside.'
And so the forces of light journeyed to Ka-had-dres and it was announced that Anilorak was a man and it is here we turn to Mordor where we find the vile Darous high upon his throne lost in his evil thoughts.....
"Anilorak a man, now I thought he was a girl. this does not bode well."
Suddenley a orc scrambled into the throne room.....
"Master master news has reached us from the Hollows..."
"So speak before I tire of your stupidty" snarled Darous
"News comes that some seek Ka-had-res and The Oracle of the Mountain."
Darous laughed..."So that is their plan. It does not matter they will not reach either"
The girls went to their homes to pack for the journey. It was hard to find everything they needed for the adventure that lay a head of them, but the worst part was to leave the town and everybody in it without saying goodbye and without rising any suspicion. EvithianEhtmire was torn between a lovely delicate white dress and a her mothers green and silvergrey dress. She wanted so much to look her best when she met Elijah again, she had dreamt about it so many times. But she had to be resonable. Her mothers travelling dress was made in the deeps of Mirkwood, strong and practival, yet elegant with lovely broderies as only elves can make them. It would be warm when it was cold and cool when it was hot. She sighed as she hang the white dress back in the closet.

Allyssa trew her books on the bed. She had no need for fairytales anymore. It was time to grow up now. She was going on an adventure like she had dreamt about so often before, but it didn't feel romantic and she felt sad and worried, not brave. It's all so easy in the books, at least there we can open the last page and see if all goes well. She looked over the stuff in her backpack once more to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. She lifted it onto her back, a bit heavy perhaps but she'd cope, and opened the door. Then she stoped, went back and picked up her newest bok. It had not been written in yet. She looked upon it and made up her mind. "Nobody knows we are going, if everything goes wrong at least this book could tell where we went and why." She put it in her coat pocket and left her home, not knowing if she would ever return.
Lol Darous! And I love your last post Amari’!

As they left the village, they could not help but look back from the hill upon it. It seemed so calm, so peaceful. Allyssa sighed, and turned away, continuing on. But Evithian was the last to turn. In her hand she held a flower. She whispered to it, and held it to skies above, where a breeze carried off to the village below.
"What was that?" asked Andrea
"A spell. Sort of. The seeds of the orginal flower were given to me from my mother. She said to guard them wisely, for when needed the flower would blossom and it's beauty would protect me from all evils. I lost all but one seed, which bloomed into the flower you just saw. I asked it blossom, and protect our village, guide us home when this is over..." her voice trailed off and mingled with the sounds of Grondy's runes clicking in his sack, the rustle of Lady Fea's skirts, and the flap of Urulooke's wings in the air above.
They were off to Ka-had-res, and although they were few, and did not know the way, Andrea was certain that new friends and courage and love would hold them strong.
[i am SO sorry Anilorak!!!]

Evithian mourned that day over the fact she so feared to stay here with all of her loves. Was Lady Feawen, Elijah, and the others all worth the pain of death? Evithian though proud in site was scared so bad and prayed that her pain would be eased. And each time she bore an embrace from a comrad she wept and despaired. The choice was ever nagging at her and she knew she had to make up her mind.

[Anilorak i will edit your name as a lady to a brother of mine. that way you'll still be in the story]
The next day was October the 22nd[Shire reckonging]
and they company had reached the foot of Kahad-dres.
That day the wind blew violently and Evithian had to keep her skirts from flying in her face as did all the other girls.
Andrea and Evithian quite enjoyed the snow. They loved it for they're elvish [and half elvish] blood alloud the to walk on snow without laeving a single foot print. The others had it easy as well for Urulooke blazed a path with his flames for them.

[sorry agian Anilorak!]
In a cabin at the top of Ka-ha-dres an old woman was stiring in the soupe hanging above the fire. "They move quickly, they do. Didn't forsee the dragon, no I did not. Short time I have, but I'll be ready. Now what to serve to a dragon..?"
As the company trekked onwards, the weather seemed to get worse and worse. A blizzard had come upon them, and Urulooke was tired and couldn't continue to create fire for them much longer.
"Look!" bellowed Grondy above the winds, "a cabin!" They all turned their gazes in the direction of Grondy's finger. Sure enough a little cabin could be seen through the flurry of snow.
"Let's make towards it, maybe the owner will be home and offer us a place to stay until the blizzard blows over!" Allyssa said.
When they finally reached the cabin door, Andrea knocked and then opened the door. The cabin was warm from the fire, and smelled of stew and soup and fresh bread. It was a cozy little place. "Anybody here?" she called out?
"Come in" said an elderly lady."Put That there dragon of yours in that cave left of my cabin It is warm enough for him to stay there a while now come in you all must be freezing." She spoke fastly in one continous string of words. The company entered a little bewilered by the fowardness of the lady. She was 4"5 with white curly hair on her head and on her large feet. She had a warm smile and gladly greeted all her guest.

"Saw you i did that dragon i cleaerly saw hope you all stay a while i be missing company alot up here how long will you all stay?"

"Not long, just a day or so" said stonehelm.

"well that be your choice i have a bedroom for each of you ...."

"We only have time for a nap after dinner." began Evithian."We must make the most of our time. We be... " she corrected herself " We are in a rush. A rush to legandary middle earth."

"Hmm i know of one in Gondor prince be he and he be coming to pick up a healing medicine from me today."

Evithians eyes lit up."Elijah?"
Feawen wonderd off outside to the stables,where she saw a hansome young man putting away his horse.
She gasped,it was Elijah! She ran over to him and hugged him before he knew it was her and screamed with joy "I have some lovely lady who has missed you so much!"...

Prince Elijah smiled slightly bewildered, while trying to come up with something more royal and manly to say than"huh?". He had been here many times and there had never been anyone else here but the old woman, sometimes she wasn't there either, but food was always on the table and the medisine stood ready next to the plate. Lady Feawen draged the confused prince towards the cabin door. The old lady opend the door for them dressed in a thick winter coat. "Oooh my good prince, you just come inside. Me got to offer the kind dragon one of me mountain goats. He be hungry you see! Mustn't mistreat a drogon, no sir." Elijah didn't get to say more than "A drag..?" before Feawen practically showed him through the door and shreeked " Looks who I found!!" and smiled from ear to ear. Everybody at the table stoped eating and chewing and looked at him. Elijah cleared his troght and tried to hide his surprice to see all these strangers. "Greatings travellers. I am Elijah, prince of Gondor here on bussiness for my father. I was unaware of your presens here but company at the end of a long journey is always.." then he spotted Evithian ".. a pleasant thing to see." Allyssa and Andrea looked at eachother and hid their smiles. That was obviously not what he had intended to say.
No longer able to help it, Andrea giggled like a schoolgirl. She nudged Evithian with her elbow, and Evithian rose from the table. Emotions that had swirled in her heart like a raging river, now crashed as waterfalls down Evithian's cheeks. She embraced Elijah in a heartfelt welcome of good friends from long ago and lovers of today.
"Come now, enough of this! It has been a long time since you last saw each other! You don't wan't to ruin it by crying! Let's drink and make merry!" shouted Grondy, raising his cup to the air.
"Here here!" they chorused, and sang, ate and talked long into the night...
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