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Realizing the hour Evithian sat up, heart torn in two.

"We have sqaundered time," She glanced at Elijah"But it was not in vain. To the stables at once we have a hard night ahead." Evithian and Elijah stayed behind as the company got ready to once agian start on their journey.

"I ..uh...hmm" Evithian began.
"Shh." Elijah put his finger to her lips to quiet her.

He then lifted her face upward and they shared a farewell kiss. Evithian blushed in his arms.

little did either Evithian or Elijah know that all the company[encluding Urulooke] were spying on them. They kissed once more and then Elijah saw Evithian off, as she walked into the blizzardly night.
there was something funny about it, the blizzard, the nite, everything. but urulooke felt odd, like he had forgetton to do something he knew was important...
burn them, burn the girl a voice said
urulooke turned and looked about, no one was talking.
burn them! the voice seemed to come from within his head!
overcome by a sudden feeling of malice, urulooke rose into the air and stirred the winds of the blizzard even more.
"urulooke!" yelled stonehelm "get down here at once!"
but the voice was too strong, and he let out a mighty burst of flames from his mouth, barely missing the girls.
grondy whispered something, and all of a sudden urulooke was frozen in mid-air. he fell to the ground with a thud that rattled the core of the mountain.
"Stonehelm," called Grondy as he and Stonehelm raced to the the downed Dragon, "Urulooke was temporarily possessed. Quick! Put this amulet around his neck to keep it from happening again and then give him a shot of this potion to thaw him out. I'm sorry I had to take him out of the air like that, but we mustn't let the journey end here in flames."

Anilorak continued to scout just ahead of the party looking for any external dangers as Stonehelm and Grondy tended to Urulooke.

Meanwhile the girls looked for singe marks on their clothing but luckily the flames had not quite reached them.
Back in the old womans cabin Elijah sat pushing a pice of carrot around in his bowl of soupe. His bags were all packed and the horse stood ready in the stable.
-"Cheer up young prince, you know she had to go. It is all as it was forseen by queen Arwen, Eru rest her soul, so long ago."
-"But she didn't see it all did she? Who knows what's going to happen over there! And I can't go with her..."
-"Your brother is strong and he is a good and mighty king, but the kingdom will need you both. Your duty is to stand by his side. She got her friends and she got Anya. As long as they stay together, they will find their way."
-"I just wish I could tell her all I know. Don't think she will forgive me for not telling her."
Then a deep rumble came from the mountain and the cabin shooked.
-"Me thinks you should hurry young prince, that sound tells of evil. Your mind needs to focus on your task at hand."

And as Anilorak sees the dark figure in the clouds, Prince Elijah travels home with haste. The presious medicine is packed away securely. Winter was coming and would make the cabin at Ka-ha-dres impossible to reach for months. Every single drop would be needed in times to come.
Quickly Allyssa grabed Anilorak by his feet and the dark shadow he had seen faded. He feel to the ground with a satisfied thud. Evithian felt an awful thud in her chest. and suddenly saw a figure riding rapidly on horse back down the mountain. She ran after him swift as she was and pulling out her bow and an arrow she shot the horse.
Running over to the horse she could see it had bearly missed the rider. Falling to her knees she prayed her eyes were decieving her. This man was not injured but senseless for the time being. and he was her dear elijah.
as tears streamed down her face she cried "no no no..."
how could she had done this? if he dies she though i shall never be able tio live with myself. but what is this she hears? he's breathing.
Grondy quickly runs to Elijahs side. The girls gasped and where unabled to speak. Evithian cried. Anilorak freed himself from the ropes but he didn't lack words. "Evi what have you done? You tried to kill prince Elijah? Have you lost your mind?" "I th.. th.. thought he was the one who..who set up the trap! I.. I.. only shot the horse!" she cried."I didn't know! I didn't know!" Anilorak calmed down a bit, after all she was his little sister and she was only 14. He kneeled beside his sister and held her in his arms.

Grondy stood up. "Well it doesn't look to serious, but we have to move fast. Andrea, go fetch Stonehelm and Uruloke. He should be ok to fly now. They must fly the prince back to the cabin. Urulokes worm body will do him good too. She might seem like just an old lady, but i do belive she knows her stuff. We will come after as fast as we can." Andrea noded and ran as fast as she could. Grondy took the saddlebags of the dead horse. Elijah had come here for a reason, whatever was in these bags was worth the risk of riding up this mountain in october. No way if Grondy would leave it behind and risk it falling into wrong hands. He sighed. Boy, where they in troubble now!
Turning from her brothers arms Evithian watched as snow covered a bag that they had left behind,and it was the one elijah had come to retrive.i hope it was not important, she thought, and boy was she way off. Stonehelm carried elijah as they made theyre way down the mountain to dry ground were they could make camp.
While all this was going on, Grondy wondered, Why had no one suggested Urulooke use short bursts of his flames to help recover the black bag. But it was too late now, Urulooke has left with Stonehelm and Anilorak to scout the area. And if it was so important, why wasn't Elijah broken up by its loss, especially since that appears to be his quest from Gondor. Oh well, this tale, being rudderless, will wander where ever the eddies of the current in the wind have a mind to bear it.

As they neared the area of the loss Grondy said, "When we get to the area, you will have to dig for the bag. My runestones can determine approximately where it now lies under a blanket of three days snow; however, my staff can not melt through snow and ice. As the Great Wizard of yore once said, 'If Elves could fly over mountains, they might fetch the Sun to save us, ... But I must have something to work on, I cannot burn snow.'

"Neither can your humble servant." That said, the wizard cast the stones and pointed to a spot on the hillside, the bag is about there. Then he circled part way around and repeated the cast and on the third time of doing this he said, 'Dig there, it should be within and arm's span of there".
It took some time to get to the cabin. It had been an easy walk down, but the heavy snowfall made the climb so much harder, even for those with elfblood. It was nighttime before they where back up. Uroloke waited for them on the top of the hill. A metled path leaded back to the cabin, he had walked back and forth to see if they were comming. Flying to see them woudn't do much good. Adding a storm from his wings would only have burried them alive. "Don't stop, the lady needs the bags" he said, and they rushed passed him.

The ladys cheers of relife when then came in was soon replaced by a cry of agony. "Ayayay, it is as i feared! It's thi wrong bags! Did you not see the black one?" Evithian had to admit she had seen one but not said anything, and felt her face burn with shame. Tye lady sigh and said. "Well then we have to resort to plan B. Or plan C, as plan A was for noting to go wrong, and plan B was to fix it whit the lost medicine. But now i'm babbling. You can go se the prince, he's awake but in a lot of pain, I've got to pack me bags."
There was a certain amount of tenseness in the air. Andrea, Allyssa and Lady Fea waited patiently around the dinner table, not touching the biscuits and tea the old woman had set before them.
Evithian emerged fom the room where they could hear Elijah groggily moaning in pain. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying, but otherwise she still looked radiant and strong.
"I'm so sorry," the old lady said, "but I cannot let you continue onwards without me. And before that can do that, Elijah must be healed"
Grondy was sitting on the floor with his runes spread about him "Let's hope that happens soon because I see another blizzard coming, and these mountains can get really chilly during the winter..."

And so they waited three days, kept safe from the cold by the old lady's cabin. On the third day, Elijah walked from the back room where he had been, and sat down at the table. "I'm thirsty, will someone fetch me a nice warm brew to start my heart again?"
Within a few hours they were off to retrace their steps and find the lost bag. Extra precautions were taken with Urulooke; he wore a chain leash/ lead around his neck that Stonehelm kept a firm grip upon. The mood was lightened by Allyssa's humming, as they raced to find the bag and continue onwards to Ka-had-dres...
The party reached Ka-had-dres at evening the next day. Urulooke (fully recovered) seemed to feel something in the air, he sniffed and listened. With each moment he became more tense.
Stonehelm said, "There is something out there. Urulooke can smell it. It is rumored that strange beasts roam this area along with many orcs and trolls."

Stonehelm hefts his axe and waves a hand to Anilorak. "Come friend, let's scout ahead to see what is prowling about."
(I was planning to send a groggy prince Elijah and the old lady back to Gondor with the all ingredience to make the medicine in the House of Healing so that he could help out his brother and she could help heal injured soliders from the battle which probably was going to take place somewhere. And then later they would all meet after done their part of the job, and live happily ever after. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we were all a bit clear vioant so we could see what the others had in mind for the quest? Wink Smilie )
[i really like Amarie's idea. How about this for a compromise:

Elijah still a bit sick was not doing well. Evithian nursed him night and day but it did not help him phisclly. The company made camp one day and sent stonehelm and Urulooke to fetch the old woman with some more medicine. Within two days they arrived back to camp with the old lady. She and Elijah were sent on theyre way to gondor which was not far from theyre camp. Soon they were on theyre way agian and Evithian was heartsick more than ever.

[Edited on 21/9/2003 by EvithianEhtmire]
O sorry Amarie! But ta-da! All fixed now!
Lol, yes now everything is alright and I can stop crying and get on with my life. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Ok, let's move on. Uruloke was sniffing around for nasty creatures lurking about and the mysterious black thing in the sky that Anilorak saw is probably not far away.

Anilorak turned to his companions just as a beutiful Red-Tailed hawk swooped in from the folliage above.
"Everyone, meet my trusty Hawk, Karo."

Dragons and hawks where the reason i joined here so let's not forget poor Karo.
Though they could clearly feel the summer was over, the sun still managed to warm their cold bodies. They where sitting in a clearing in a wood a days walk from the foot of the mountain. Food and fire had lifted their spirits. Karo the hawk had brought news for Anilorak of the old lady and prince Elijahs safe return to the castle. Evithian missed him dreadfully, but knew he would recover a lot quicker in the House of Healing than wrapped in a blanket on the ground in the chilly autoum wind. She even smiled at Allyssas tale of the gobblin and the duck. She knew they would meet again.

Anilorak went to scout a head to find a safe path for them to go. Though they hadn't seen or met any people yet, they where taking great precautions. If they just stumbled into a village or camp there would be troubble. Dragons meant death and destruction to all races of Middle-Earth, no-one would think twice about killing Uruloke, and probably the rest of them too because they had brought him there.

Suddenly Uruloke raised his head. "I smell horses." Anilorak came running back towards them. "Five riders are comming, four are chasing the fifth. Can't tell if wether they are men or the elves we are looking for, but they appear to be headin straight for us!"
"Quick! Hurry and hide, and arm yourselves incase there be need for it!" Grondy yelled, pulling out his axe.
Hidden behind writhered trees and boulders, and Urulooke in the skies hidden by clouds, the company watched as the first rider streamed into their site. His horse was gray and dappled, and the rider was cloaked in the furs of the same color gray. Suddenly an arrow streamed through the air, hitting the horse in the flank. It let out a whiny, and bucked the rider from his saddle, taking off down the mountain and leaving his master stranded. The other four riders surronded him, bows strung and aimed at his heart.
"NO!" yelled Andrea, not realizing she had spoken until after she heard her voice in the air. One of the riders looked over to the tree where she hid, and pulled his hood off his head.
"Come forth!" he yelled. Andrea timidly stepped from behind the tree, being sure to cover her elven ears.
"I am Thomalath, Lord of Ciwlonna, these are my brothers, Lonidd, Nardorin, and Gei" he said in a husky voice "do you travel alone?"
"Nay, sir, I travel with my companions" as she spoke Evithian walked out from behind a boulder, followed by the others from their places. Stoney whistled and Urulooke swooped down, landing on his hind legs posed behind Stoney.
Thomalath raised a curios eyebrow. "We seek Ka-had-dres" Andrea said firmly.
The other rider, who for the time was being ignored, began to creep away. Gei let loose an arrow that clipped his foot. He let out a yelp of pain. "This man also sought Ka-had-dres. To reach there you must pass through our city walls. But he seemed up to no good. When we tried to question him, he ran off with one of our horses." Gei explained
"I TOLD YOU! My master sent me!" the man yelled "I don't mean no harm!"
"Who is your master?" asked Anilorak
"Lord Darous" he sputtered.
Urulooke roared, and Allyssa felt ice running down her spine at the name...
(Aside: Grondy is a wise dwarven wizard in this story and has traded in his axe for a staff. Okay because he's a dwarf, he does have a little hatchet he uses to cut his meat at mealtime.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And so then from the shadows lept out a horde of orcs and wargriders armed to the teeth with all manner of nasty weapons.
"The master knows what you seek and knows you shall fail." sneered Gei.
"It is a wasted journey for you... one which you will not finish."
The brothers then surrounded their prey and a foul light poured forth from within.
The travellers could all but watch as the forms of the brothers all but vanished and in there place stood the forms of things which were once men but now seemed empty....hollow as such.
"What foul cretures be these?" pondered Anilorak
And from the sidelines watched Grondy in despair...
"Hollows how in the name of Ulmo did Darous come upon the Hollows...we thought them all but gone. But if he has them truly we our in peril."

And so we look back to Mordor where Darous smiles...
"So they tried to make for the oracle the fools. How there plans open to me like a they not understand... but soon they will and then hahahaha."
The Hollows surrounded the travellers...."We shall lead you to the oracle and you will learn the truth and then you will be ours Lord Darous allows it." and then a hideous cry of joy came from the hollows and they began the journey to the oracle with their guests in tow surrounded with a escort of Orcs and wargriders.
(Aside: Grondy is a wise dwarven wizard in this story and has traded in his axe for a staff. Okay because he's a dwarf, he does have a little hatchet he uses to cut his meat at mealtime.)
Honestly, everybody knows dwaves carry at least two big axes, so there is still one axe to spare even if Grondy did replace one. Gandalf had a sword, Grondy has an axe. Wink Smilie
Not thinking what so ever Evithian pulled out a bow&arrow and shot the messenger. Blood ran to her face turning her a soft pink. Everyone stared at Evithian while she stared at her victom.

"i killed a man" she whispered and she fell back into the arms of her brother completely unconcious.

"Was that man harmful in any way as to stir a maiden's upmost hatetred?"

"Yes" said Andrea, so boldly everyone looked at her."He serves a man so evil that he...nevermind. We know not if you are friend or foe."
The Hollows paid no more attention to the kill. He was of no interest of them. They had their orders. Grondy followed them at a safe distance. The wargs and orcs where making so much noise that a few twigs breaking under his feet made no differance, so he could move as fast as he liked as long he was out of sight and had the wind leading his sent away from the dreadful escorte.

Uruloke and his kin knew of the Hollows. He needed to get to Grondy. Evithians urge to kill first and ask questions later and Andreas sudden change from a gentle maiden to coldheartingly approve of murdering a man because of who he serves troubbled him. The Hollows fed on anger and hate, and they stir it and bring it to the surface without anyone noticing it. It was even sneakier than dragon magic. The only way to resist it was to know about it and our friends clearly didn't. It was impossible to warn them about this now, and even Stonehelm was snapping at his friends.

Low-hanging stormclouds where comming in over them, and Uruloke saw a chance to get away. He had used his magic in secret to confuse the closest wargriders and as heavy rain mixed with snow came streaming down he took of with a burst of flames directed into the army of orcs. He was hit several times, but confusion, fire, blurry sight and a great deal of luck got Uruloke out of sight and out of reach of the arrows befor he got too badly hurt. To sniff out the dwarf would be no problem, to get them all away from the tight sircle of enemies would be a lot worse.
they set up camp that night and though many misfortunes had come upon them and they were not in the best sense of mind they were merry. They recited poetry and sang songs one such song was this:

I see thee,
on woodland shelf,
without me,
by yourself.

I stair at thee,
I love thee so,
break not my heart,
bring not me woe.

i stad alone,
just me, just one,
and i be here,
till you are won.

to win you love,
is hard to do,
so one of my dreams,
may never come true.

Evithian sag as well as she could which amounted to a soft sort of something.

[add a poem or two people! Big Smile Smilie ]

Evithian then saw the profile of someone she had once met. long ago.

Evithian then saw the profile of someone she had once met. long ago.

*While being captured in the middle of an orc army with hollows nearby? Um.. ok. Great poems btw!! Big Smile Smilie *

A human face which would have been young and fair, if it hadn't been for the cold gleam in his eyes and the unpleasant smirk turned towards her. He wore orc armor which made it difficult to seperate him from the army. "Yes, my little elfmaiden." he said in a cold voice. "It's been too long. Haven't seen you since before the 'incident' at your parents house. You should have been there with them, but you where out playing with your brother. Such a shame we didn't meet, it would have been so much more.. revarding."

Evithian screamed with anger and threw herself at Armie but was stopped and thrown back like a rag-doll by the laughing orcs. The others attempt to do the same was stopped by a wall of spears and swords.

There was no more singing in the groupe as they moved forwards still surrouded by the army. Evithian was read glowing with hate, even cheerful Allyssa grinded her teeth and looked at everybody as they where annoying bugs. The Hollows where growing stronger and their grip on thier prisoners tightend. Soon they would be ready to be taken over by the Hollows, and the Hollows would take their bodies and our friends would be no more.
They where now comming close to the city Ciwlonna, where the brothers Lord Thomalath, Lonidd, Nardorin, and Gei said they came from befor they became Hollows. It was easy to see why the brothers had said the only way to Ka-ha-dres was trough thie city. No sane person would try to climb the slick, steap mountainsides in the canyon leading to the citywalls. No paths around it was visible even to elf eyes. But Armie lead the wargriders and the prisoners away from the main path and into a carefully hidden labyrinth of rocky and narrow paths up and trough the hills, avoiding the heavily armed gates of Ciwlonna.

Armie knew that the news of thier arrival had to have reached the city, but that a former ranger was there to lead them trough secret paths only a handful of people knew about would never cross their minds.

Many of the tunnels and paths had collappsed and where blocked by huge rocks, but Armie knew where to go. Moving quitely ahead of the more noicy orcs, Armie and the Hollows took out the few guards they found befor they could sound and alarm. This gave our friends a small break from the Hollows magic and a growing feeling of what the Hollows where began to rise in them and questions began to spin in their heads as reason slowly returned. What was the Oracle about? What "truth" where the Hollows talking about? And where was the wizard and Uruloke?

Suddenly the tunnel trembled and collapsed behind them. There was no way back. Pale light a head told of an exit. Another tremble made rocks fall from the ceiling and the wargriders and orcs grabed their prisoners and ran cursing Armie who had led them in there. As they came out in the open, a single trompet sounded as the entrance collapsed, killing the last orcs trying to get out. The single trompet was answerd by others and on the ridges souronding them appeared about fifty white riders on white horses, and perched on a top facing the evil horde was Uruloke with a very angry looking Grondy on his back. The riders pulled their swords that shone bright blue in the pale evening. The girls, Stony and Anilorak gasped. Could it be...?

Grondys voice thundered into the cannyon. "Release the prisoners, evil creatures of Darkness! You can not win this battle! The Ancient Blades of Ka-ha-dres have returned to shead your blood!!"
All orcs and other foul enimies fell down, stunned. and the company gathered at Grondys side as they ran out of the cave, followed by Armie. After they were all out of the cave, it collasped. with orcs all in it.

"We must know" began Andrea steadily and proud.And turning to Armie she stared intensely"Are you friend or foe. you know what hunts us. you know what we seek, perhaps you could even be of help."

All eyes were are Armie and he answered quickly."friend of course and i can be of help.i am very willing to help lead you to Kahad-dres."

A human face which would have been young and fair, if it hadn't been for the cold gleam in his eyes and the unpleasant smirk turned towards her. He wore orc armor which made it difficult to seperate him from the army. "Yes, my little elfmaiden." he said in a cold voice. "It's been too long. Haven't seen you since before the 'incident' at your parents house. You should have been there with them, but you where out playing with your brother. Such a shame we didn't meet, it would have been so much more.. revarding."

[so Amarie is a boy? i thought this was a gals name. is the "he" in here Amarie? i thought so but am a bit confused.]

[so Amarie is a boy? i thought this was a gals name. is the "he" in here Amarie? i thought so but am a bit confused.]
[EvithianEhtmire: Here is how I see the answer to your confusion. Amari’ is, as you say a gel, a female; however, Armie is her long lost male aquaintence. Two different characters the spelling of whose's names is only similar at first glance. Hope this clears it up for you. Happy Elf Smilie

Read Smilie Now back to our story....]
"The insufferable fools" howled Darous as he sat upon his dark throne high in Mordor.
"That fool Grondy...for too long as wander free over these lands and now he tries this folly of a move against me......" the wind howled and the earth shook as Darous ascended from his throne and the orcs cowered in the seven corners of the strangron room.
"They wish to seek Ka-ha-dres... they wil find no help there the fools that they our. But my patience has ran out and I yearn to feel the blood of heros upon me once again and bask in the glory of death." and a dread silence fell upon the tower and hideous screams came from the pits and a evil stirred and awakened and from it came a horde or Werewolves came forth..
"For too many years had Sauron left you to dwell in the darkness but now I bring you forth to ravage this land and to feast upon the bones of those meager insects....but you do not go alone..." and Darous turned and dark light shot fom his fingers and from the pit came a soul piecring scream and from it emerged the Dark Captain and with him the Nazgul.
"I call you now for we must destroyed these snivilling fools and make certain that none shall come again to challenge my go and prepare yerselfs for we leave at first night and I will finish them off myself."
YEEY!! Someone has written in here!!!
[EvithianEhtmire: Here is how I see the answer to your confusion. Amari’ is, as you say a gel, a female; however, Armie is her long lost male aquaintence. Two different characters the spelling of whose's names is only similar at first glance. Hope this clears it up for you.
Now I'm confused. When did I/Amari’ come in here? I tried to make Armie a nasty evil ranger-turned-evil who had (alone or with someone) betrayed and killed Evithian and Anilorks parents (and maybe Andreas too), which was why Evithian tried to attack him.

All eyes were are Armie and he answered quickly."friend of course and i can be of help.i am very willing to help lead you to Kahad-dres."
This could be Amari’ if you want her in the story (as she was sneaking around in the begining), but some of you must make a portray of me/her as I'd just make her a super woman who eats Nazguls for breakfast and we don't want that.. Disturbed Smilie As the names are so similar Amari’ and Armie could be related somehow? it's up to you, what ever you say I'll play along.
[uh oh me and my spelling mistakes agian. lol. its all cleared up now and Amarie will remain herself and armie will remain his self. i just got mixed up.]

the company stared at armie they eacj knew he could not be trusted. but soon their minds were bent on something else, the singing of a maiden. It was lovely and bitter sweet. while their minds were off wonder what or who it was armie snuck away and laughed as he did so.
suddenly the maiden appear she was....
cloaked in a shimmering gown which sparkled like the very stars themselves...and her song was sweet and coursed through the souls of the company...
"poor souls your path is long and difficult and many burdens you do carry. So please come with me to my dwelling where you will find peace for one night and no shadows shall cross your path."
And so the weary travellers look to each other and as if under some spell they all followed the maiden in a kind of dream walk neither here nor there but just existing.
But all the while a dark force was watchin over them and laughing over the wind.
The White Riders didn't pay any attention to what they thought was mearly an escaping orc, and followed the company they had just rescuded. They where amused at the Oracles effect on the newcombers, not knowing what a mistake they had just made. No orc would find the way out of the Winding Canyons of Ciwlonna, but Armie was no orc. The orc armour had once again saved him.

For the second time had Andrea and her friends Evithian and Anilorak gotten away from him. Armie was angry. His army was gone, but it would soon be replaced. The Pureblood and the Halfbloods had to be killed, none of their bloodline could be alive for Lord Darous' plan to be fulfilled. And then Armie would get his reward.
And so the blackgate opened and poured forth was a sight not seen for many long years a army of orcs and goblins marched and beside them the foul and twisted werewolves who had not been seen for so long some thought them a mere myth. And at the forefront in his iron chariot was Lord Darous and by his side and in the air were the Nazgul ever watching.
Andrea gasped. A sharp pain shot through her head, her eyes blinded bya dark light.
"What's wrong?" Evithian rushed to her friend's side.
"He's coming... the gates are open and all hell is upon us. Hurry! Up the mountain to Ka-ha-dres! Once we get there, we can travel into the parallel universe to ours, a place called Earth..."

{Here's an idea, since our goal is to get to Ka-ha-dres, who's about since we're in ME now, that we travel to Earth, and it's 2003, and the orcs follow us here, starting mass hysteria and a war between good and evil... just a suggestion...}
Umm.. actually as we speak the company is sitting with the Oracle they where seaking, and it would make sense if she told about lord darous' army, or going there would make no sense at all... (at least she should give us some good advise). And since she lived at Ka-ha-dres we have found the place twice(!) as the mountain where the old lady with the medicine lived was also called Ka-ha-dres.

I also wrote earlier that Gondor was preparing to war and that was why prinze Elijah had to go home. Then Evi nearly killed him. But he made it home after all together with the old lady, and would be healed by now, standing besides his older brother the king ready to fight, while the old lady is in the House of Healing ready to help the wounded men and women.

Orc and elves in 2003 sounds interesting and would make a great fan fic or RPG Andrea, maybe you shoud make a new thread about it!!

But since we already have a battle between good and evil standing ready to be played out, I think we should stick to the story we started on.
[amarie is correct, we should stay to our story line. but if you andrea do start another thread with that plot i will definintly join in!]

"wait" began a now confused Evithian"we have already crossed over Ka-had-dres.were the old lady lived, that was Ka-had-dres. So if that was Ka-had-dres, we are in the legendary middle earth! how could we have been so blind?" Evithian laughed to herself.

after some disscusion the company decieded they HAD already crossed over Ka-had-dres, and they already were in the legendary middle earth. And once night came they had decieded to start their journey to Gondor, were they would stock up on supplies and then from there, hopefully with more to their company, they would help gather an army to fight off lord darous, the last dark lord of middle earth.
I think we are missing our dark lord Rhodry... Very Big Grin Smilie
Wait a minute, I'm all lost and confused about the characters... can we review? Teacher Smilie
Ok, trying to make it short (as if that is possible):

Andrea: Young elf maiden, the last elf, hunted by unknown enemies for unknown reasons, but it has something to do with the evil Lord darous.

EvithianEhtmire: young half-elven maiden

Anilorak: her older brother, skilled hunter, has a hawk named Caro.

Lady Feawn: Human

"Evithian and Lady Feawen hugged each other and no words were spoken. They had been thourgh so much together. At a young age their families had been murdered at a feast held in honor of the girls births.For they shared the same birthday. Lady Feawen had been mistaken for Andrea, and so her families death had all been in vain. Evithian though was hunted correctly. Her familly had died with all the hate of murder. And so over time their friendship had grown and to lose one or the other was losing what family they had already lost once."

Allyssa: Close human friend. Ally is a writer with love for stories and fairytales. Writes a jounal on their trip.

Stonehelm, warrior of the Iron Mountains

Uruloki: Wise and mighty dragon, Stonys friend and companion. Friendly towards those he likes, tough as dragon scales against others.

Grondy: Dwarven wizard, and a d@mn god one too.

Armie: Ranger gone evil, betrayed Evi and Aniloraks parents and got them killed or killed them himself. He works for Darous and knows the land and is a great enemy. They can be resisted if you know are aware

Lord Darous, evil, nasty and did I meantion evil? He relieased the Hollows and has sendt out his evil army of orcs and werewolfs and all such nasty beeings.

Hollows: Evil spirit like beeings who feed on fear. Unknown to practically everyone. They bring out hatered and anger in those who are near, and make them turn on their friends and allies. They can take over their victims bodies when the mind has been broken down. They can be resisted to a surtain degree if you know what they are, but very few do.

Prince Elijah. Younger brother of the king of Gondor, decendent from King Elessar.

The Gondorian spies has reported activity in Mordor, and have prepared an army just in case, is unaware of the army marching towards them. Queen Arwen told a prophesy befor she left Gondor to die that only the royal family knows. When Evitihan and price Elijah first meet, they fall in love, though no words are spoken. Elijah gives the ring Anya to Evithian, which she wears day and night. It is part of the prophesy, and the rings powers are still unknown.

The old woman: Wise hobbit woman living on the mountain Ka-ha-dres, friend of the royal family of Gondor. Went with Prince Elijah and is now in the House of Healing where injured solders will be helped by her skills in herb an potions.
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that night they traveled far and soon found themselves in what used to be Lothlorien. there they rested durning the day and each had his/her own adventures. when the met together that night, right before their next voage, they shared those adventures.

"here is mine" began Evithian" i wandered round for hours admiring the trees and flowers , but all to soon i was taken from my admiration. i strayed upon to a hill where as i took a breather. and then, upon that hill i saw a small mound covered with Evermind the cool even ligh of the evening sky the first star, dim as it was shown upon it. only those whom know the old tales may be able to interpet what this is and so i leave it to them. For mine is the same fate as the one whom lay there."
*only cause Darous came in and took over, so i packed a paddy and left*
*only cause Darous came in and took over, so i packed a paddy and left*

Smile Smilie We could have two,it would be more exciting. And I would like to join the darkside,maybe. The more bad guys the better. Wink Smilie
Smile Smilie We could have two,it would be more exciting. And I would like to join the darkside,maybe. The more bad guys the better. Wink Smilie
And I would like to join the darkside,maybe. The more bad guys the better. Wink Smilie
Fea!!! NO!!! Sad Smilie
Evithian would mourn over the corrupt soul of her dear friend!!! only time shall tell, as for now on w/ our stories....

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Andrea smiled sadly at her friend Evithian. Walking in the faded Lothlorien had made her remeber the thoughs she had tried to push away for so long. Even if they all survived this she would eventually outlive most of her friends, but she had always seen Evithian beeing there with her and that had cheered her up.

Evi was like a sister to her, but she had never really connected to Anilorak. He was always roaming around in the woods, hunting. And he didn't speak much, not to her anyway. The three of them where the only of elfblood left, unless the rumors where true, and if Evi was going to leave them eventually... Andrea felt very much alone.

She spied at Anilorak from the side of her eye. He was looking down, picking on a small twig, trowing small pieces of it into the fire. He didn't seem to listen to the others chatting and barly touched his food that the Oracle had sendt with them. She had seen him earlier that day, walking slowly around feeling the tree-trunks with his hands and looking up at what was left of the flets. He must miss his paretens and his kin too.

Andrea looked into the fire again. When she felt so sad about eventually loosing her friends, imagine how he must feel to be loosing a sister as well, his own flesh and blood, the one he had tried his best to take care of and protect since their parents got murdered.. She tried to shake these sad thoughts away, and forced herself to listen to Feawens story.
Darous can't log into PT tonight so he asked me to post this for him:

The wind screamed with a million voices and the shadow sunk over the land pentrating and turning everything it touched and Lord Darous smiled as he rode onward.
"Master" squirmed Ja'var a hideous deviant Darous had created many years ago. A horrid abomination of human, orc and dwarf.
"Master" hissed Ja'var "another army of men approaches!!"
"Send the werewolves this time and tell them to enjoy themselves" laughed Darous he smiled evily.
"Lord Barin.... what to we do" shouted the Captain of the guard.
"We charge and bring these foul creatures to there knees, and send them back whimpering to their master."
And so the horns blew and the riders shot forward and archers fired a bevvy of arrows into the charging horde.
"The fools" laughed Darous
The werewolves charged forward and howled in delight as they tore the horses to shreds and ripped the horsemen apart..
"help me dear god help me!!!!" screamed one of the riders as he was torn limb from limb...
"M'lord the the light what are these foul creatures.. the men are being...its horrible, we must retreat."
"Send the signal tell the men to fall back" barked Lord Barin." as he begun to fall back
"That will not be neccessary Barin isn't it."
And as Barin turned to see who had spoken the colour drained from his face as before him stood Darous.
"Do you insects not understand....send as many as you want but they only add to my cause."
Barin grabbed his sword and roared as he swung but Darous grabbed him by the throat and choaked all life out of Barin.
"send for the Necromancer he knows what to do, and once they have risen tell them to catch up. We have wasted too much time with these fools and I must meet with m'lady.

Feawen left the camp where all the others where but Evi,and came to sit next to her on a tree stump,sitting quietly at first. Then Fea broke the silence,and their thoughts became words:
"Evi,I must tell them,it isn't right not to.If it isn't I who tells them then surely your brother will." said Feawen beginning to cry.
"Fea,don't worry,there is nothing they can do about it now.And my brother would never speak of it--do you not remember that night under the oak tree just a little beyond my mother's garden, before our family's death when we where just but young children?Me,you and Ani swore on our life we would never breath a word to another about you;he's not going to say anything." said Evi quickly,smiling to add encouragement to her kind words and remind her friend that there had been better times then these.

"But it is not that he calls to me,he wants me to come and join him,to..." said Fea quickly stopping,suprised at what she herself had said.Her pale blue eyes became dark as they had once been.
"To what?And who calls you? I've noticed the change in you,what is going on?" cried Evithian,realizing that the once sweet young Fea had been keeping a dark secret all this time,to scared to tell anyone else...

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Grondy o Grondy, wherefore art thou Grondy? Hurry back!

Andrea continued to stare into the fire. Her mind raced with thoughts. The fire played them back to her, the flames dancing about like people. Men and horses on a hunt, their dogs running beside them...
Wait, she thought, this isn't a memory of mine. Andrea continued to watch as the dogs turned on the riders, tearing them to shreds. The flames began to die down, but the vision shone clear in her eyes.
These weren't dogs. They were wolves! They were coming for them!
"Werewolves, sent by Lord Darous are coming our way!" Andrea snapped out of her reverie and glanced at Anilorak. "Where's Evi and Lady Fea?!"
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