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Fea and Evi ran to Andrea.

"My friend what is it? " Evithian lay her hand on andreas."Oh please dont lose hope now!"

"yes Fea?" said Evi turning her red golden head.

"i...i cant fight back...i cant resist..." Feas eyes rolled back into her head and she began to fall. Anilorak was beside her then, catching her.
"Oh, Ani" Evithian stroaked her brothers strong face. a ghoust of a smile crossed his lips and that was such an encourgement to her.

Evi then turned to Andrea, Andrea looked at her and said "gather the company." Evi nodded, and gathered them all, Evithian, Allyssa, Anilorak w/ an unconcious Lady Feawen, Grondy, Stonehelm, and Urolooke.[did i miss anyone?]

"I am an elf" began Andrea, in a strange voice" Elves live longer than normal as you know. he does not like that. for then we may have lived in the past and we may remember the stories of old of how the dark lords[or lord] have been over thrown. he does not want us to hope. nor does he want us to hold the power our race holds..."
her voice broke.

"They are coming"

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(Where has Anilorak ran off to? He's not posted for a bit,hope he joins the story again.)

Fea and Andrea ran to Andrea

Who? I don't quite understand that.
"My friend what is it? " Evithian lay her hand on andreas."Oh please dont lose hope now!"

Well,from the settings as I understand it Andrea was not around.
Fea and Andrea ran to Andrea

Who? I don't quite understand that.

I think she meant you and her ran to me...

"My friend what is it? " Evithian lay her hand on andreas."Oh please dont lose hope now!"

Well,from the settings as I understand it Andrea was not around.

I was around, we were sitting about a campfire, and as of now we're about to be attacked by Darous's werewolves, and you've fainted, having been taken over by the dark side.
and you've fainted, having been taken over by the dark side.

I've been what?It's goin' to take a 'lil more then that! lol
I think she meant you and her ran to me...

But I I dont think I could run to Andrea.

Feawen left the camp where all the others where but Evi,and sat next to her.

We where alone,Andrea.It states that in my earlier post Big Smile Smilie
Ok, trying to make sense of things and sow it togehter.

1. Evi and Fea are talking alone away from the fire and the others.

2. Andrea has her vision: 'Andrea snapped out of her reverie and glanced at Anilorak. "Where's Evi and Lady Fea?!"' So Anilorak goes with Andrea to find Evi and Fea, as he realizes Andrea is upset.

3. Once they get there Fea faints for some reason

4. They all get toghether, and Andrea starts to tell about her vision, beginning with why Darous hates elves. Fea is still fainted. But she will wake up real soon and have something to tell...

So is this correct or have Ii missed out on something?
"I am an elf" began Andrea, in a strange voice" Elves live longer than normal as you know. he does not like that. for then we may have lived in the past and we may remember the stories of old of how the dark lords[or lord] have been over thrown. he does not want us to hope. nor does he want us to hold the power our race holds..."
her voice broke.

"They are coming"
Feawens voice interupted Andrea. Feawen rose from Aniloraks arms a bit light-headed. "That's what you saw! Souls screaming out in agony and fear, calling for help!" She fell down on her knees and Grondy ran to her side. "Andrea was shocked, and so where the others. "I saw warewolves and brutal murders, but I didn't see their souls, but I felt their fear." She kneeled down besides her friend and held her hand i hers.

A moment went by before Grondy broke the silence. He looked Feawen in the eyes and said. "My dear, I think there is something you've been hiding from old Grondy." He looked up at Evithian and Anilorak. "And so have you two." Evithian looked like she was close to tears. Anilorak opened his mouth to defend himself and her sister, but Grondy interupted him. "It was a smart move, you should have trusted me with your secret, but keeping it hidden was the right thing to do. Though it cost you a great deal, didn't it?"

Evithian started to cry. "Yes did." Anilorak had gotten misty-eyed too, and held his sister tight. Andrea looked at the ones she had known all her life and thought of as her family, now they where like strangers. "What.. what are you talking about?" she stutter, a bit afraid to hear what it was they where hiding. Uruloke too asked the same question, though with more suspicion in his voice, he was an inch from loosing his temper and using his magic to lure it out of them. He didn't like the though of them having fooled him all this time. Grondy helped Feawen on her feet. "I see it clearly now, so I will start."

"The Vala foresaw a new dark Lord would rise from Saurons shadow and sent the maia Feawen the be born among them as a human and live as one till the day of her calling shall arise. To prepare her for her task in life they sendt me to watch over the chosen one and those close to her. Her identity was hidden for me untill now, or else I might have been able to stop what sadness had been brought upon the families of these young ones. But Eru has his ways, and maybe me not knowing who the chosen one was, was what kept her alive."

To Andreas surprice Anilorak was the one who continued. "I was the first one of us here to find out about her. Feawens parents was talking to my parents shortly after Feawen and Evithian was born, they had seen in a vision who their first born baby was and told my parents in confidence. The evil powers also knew a baby born on that day would break down the newly risen dark Lord, and assuming it would be an elf they came after Evithian.. and we all know how that ended."
(Amarie,thxs for doing this for me!I have had trouble trying to put it into words myself but you've done it great. *hug*)

(I didn't know that either and my creative juices have dried up. I suppose Grondy could suggest that we melt some silver coins and jewelry to cast into silver arrow heads as a counter to the werewolves? Or were they just in the vision?)
(Darous has released his army and it has werewolves, and the girls are seeing what is happening far away. Silver arrows heads would be a great idea!! I was just betting for the dragon to fry them, silly me didn't remember the silver bullet things. See why we need you Grondy? We forget the most obvious things and we will need a guy to help make a believable battle agains Darous, or else he'll eat us alive. Besides, we need people of intelligence on this sort of Wink Smilie

Now we also have to figure out how to get our fellowship to Gondor fast and without the gondorians wasting precious arrows shooting at Uruloke..)
"So the fools wish to reach Gondor and they hope some foolish child can stop the will of Darous>..I shall rip them apart with my own bare hands" roared Darous as he whipped his wargs ever harder.
"Ja'Var" shouted Darous
"Yes master whimpered the vile creature.
"Send word to the Necromancer and the Witch King. They are to travel onward to the Gondor boarders and meet the wild men. Then they slaughtered all that come. The Necromancer can use the bodies to add to our forces. Send half the Nazgul as well this will be glorious.
Now go I sense the fools our near and then I will have some fun."
And so the Nazgul and Necromancer set flight for the boarders where the Wild men were already gathering with orcs and goblins.
As they continued Darous let hismindflow and reach out to one who was waiting......."the time has come my friend when it shines black you know what to do. And spare no one."
[Allyssa,Where at thou?]

Evithian stared long and hard up onto the hill she had lingered on ealier that day. "Should i stay?" she pondered."I would be leaving Andrea and Anilorak all alone! Feawen & Grondy, being a form of the Istaria, would have to leave middle earth when there purposes had been fulfilled. that would leave just stonehelm,Allyssa, Elijah, and me. Do i really want to lose them?"

she then turned her mind to the sound of wolves howling.

"Stonehelm! Grondy! Anilorak! What are we to do? They are coming so fast!"

Stonehelm whistled and then Urulooke came and landed. Stoney talked to him for a minute then beckoned us to come an sit upon the dragons back. Anilorak young as he was, was desperate to stay and fight. But before any of them knew what was happening they were aflight and making for Osgilioth, were from there they would go to Gondor.

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Ah,looks as if we all have writers block! I don't really know how to pick up on the story but I'll work on it and hope-fully in the meantime everyone else will come up with some good ideas as well Happy Elf Smilie
The wind howled and heavens burned and in the ninth day darous rode with his horde to Osgilioth.
"So they make for city of decay. Let the fools run for all there heart....for I will feast upon them soon. How long I have waited for this moment."
Landing swiftly the compang jumped off the dragons back, armed and ready. Evithian held fast her bow as she and stonehelm exchanged glances. Then she and Lady feawen looked at each other. And so each prepared themselves for what may ulitimately be their ruin. But someone had to put a stop to this chaos Lord Dareos was creating. Or eles it would be them who was put a stop to.

"I am ready" Andrea said whistfully, brushing a piece of hair from her face"This may be our last stand" she sighed "But there is no turing back now."

Everyone smiled in silent agreement. The time had come. They must fight. There was no turning back. they must fight.

and so as the crisp autumn breeze kissed all their faces they charged. each savoring this sweet will to fight, to struggle, to win.
And so the bold few stood ready and the wind swept through the city ruins......
"he comes" Evithian spoke softly here voice unwavering.
And from the east they saw a great darkness sweep over the land and all that it touched decayed, and all that could be heard over the banging war drums was a a roaring laugh....Darous had arrived....
"So this is the might of the Free I quiver at your might." laughed Darous as he stepped down from his charoit.
"So you plan to stop me you pitiful insects???"
"You shall fall this day dark one!!!!" growled Evithian
"You shall fall by my blade" shouted Stonehelm
Darous sneered at them...."I will enjoy this moment"
and Darous raised his sword high into the sky and the drums hammered and the forces of darkness howled and screamed. Werewolves hungry for battle had turned on each other yearning for the taste of flesh and then they fell silent for a cry was heard and then the nine arrived and Darous laughed.
"WitchKing stand by my side and join me as we finally rid ourselves of these idiots."
Andrea rushed forward thrusting her sword into the witch kings long since dead heart. He, hurting from the blow swung up his mace into andres sholder, crushing it inward and letting blood poor openly. Lady Feawen, Alyssa,and Evithian rushed forward defending their hurting friend. While stonehelm, grondy and urulooke rushed forward just to be blown back from darous. They stood up though, for evil, no matter how deep, would not be aloud to endurer
"Hahahaha" echoed the laugh of Darous.
"You our nothing" spoke Darous as he swung his sword fast and hard. Urulooke jumped out of the way but the ground cracked when the sword struck it and a great chasm appeared.
"You wish to stand in my way fools then you shall face all of my minions."
and slowly a low rumble began and then another and soon Osgilioth was shook to its foundations and slowly from the chasm there came a Balrog.
"By all that is evil" spoke Grondy
"A foe such as this is truly mad" he continued
"what shall we do?" spoke a concerned Evithian
"I am not sure but we shall prevail my friends" Grondy spoke with great confidence.
"Even now you bite at my heels like impudent dogs" sneered Darous
"But you shall bother me no more" and then ground exploded and from it shot forth a second Balrog.
"How they thought that the others had been destroyed in The Great Battle. The fools were wrongand now they shall reap all that I want destroyed....."
and slowly Darous's eyes glowed red and a great energy swirled around him
and then the forces of Darous charged with the dark master leading them into the fray.
[come on all ya good guys i need some more heros to banish the darkness!]

Evithian took up andreas blood stained sword and tryed her best to fight darous, but after a few stroakes she was thorwn back upon the others. Noticing horads upon horads of demons coming from what was once mordor Grondy and Urulooke went off to deal with them, grondy swinging his two deadly axes.

Anilorak and Stonehelm raced forward taking darous aback by thweir will to win. Anilorak swung his sword this way and that confusing the dark lord for a mila-second, but that was enough. He thrust his sword into darous black armor. then darous with a new found power fueled by hate threw anilorak from him, along with his sword. Now thart evil was wounded, stonehelm could make his move...
Darous laughed as he watched the animals scrapping away at him.
"My patience is thin enough" roared as he grabbed Stonehelms weapon and shattered it. He then took Stonehelm and hurled him against a fallen pillar, Stonehelms body went limp as he fell to the ground. he then turned his attention to Anilorak.
"you think your meager weapons can harm me hahahahah....I shall enjoy watchin your agony for the next hundred years"
and so he lifted Anilorak high and let his darkness seep into Anilorak. Anilorak fell to the ground and screamed in agony.
Darous laughed as he listened to the screams.
He looked to Urulooke and Grondy and was pleased to see that his trusted werewolves were having such a enjoyable battle.
"All goes well" smiled Darous as he turned to the remaining few who would try him.
Loni was one of the few that would fight. He whipped out his axe.
"Bring it on!" he yelled. "You're not even fit to be hung on a gamekeeper's gibbet, because you would make the gamekeeper's cat sick!"
Darous looked at the dwarf...."you are like a pitiful pup biting at its masters heel and unfortunately for you I am not a forgiving master....." and suddenly Darous raised his sword high into the sky and the heavens rumbled and black lighting shot down from the heavens and struck his sword.
"You wish to throw childish quibs at me will regret the day you crawled out from under your stone."
And so Darous swung his sword and the heavens rumbled and he struck the sheild of Loni which crumbled to nothing and the might of the blow sent Loni hurdilin backwards.
"Enough of this!!!!" roared Darous "I have played long army of death rip these fools apart..." And with his command a horrendous cry came from the heaving army and they attacked."
"Master" hissed Ja'Var
"What now Ja'Var"
"What of the Gondorians"
"We have nothing to fear from them or any others"
Evithians blood ran warm thourgh her golden briads but she still had will enough not to sit and die while such evil still lived strong. Allyssa was firing arrows hard,Anilorak was sword to sword with a Nazguel, and Grondy was hacking away at some orcs[though hurt] but other than that the others were wounded. raising the sword drenched in indigo blood Evithian
stood tall. a strange light shone thourgh her eyes that no evil, not even death could kill. And she laughed, as she staired at the dark lord, she laughed a victorous laugh. No evil could fighten this light though it dearly would like deeply humored her how evil was trying so hard to hurt them
and yet without avail. Closing her eyes then she lifted the sword high into the sky and a ray of gold shone upon it. All those who had been hurt at that moment stood tall with a last will to fight, as the army of Gondor arrived.She lowered her sword then and began walking towards the dark lord,army behind her. She wore a taunting smile.This was going to be fun.
"One dares to challenge me...." smailed Darous as he saw the figure walking towards him.....
"Can I have this one master"
"No you snivelling scab this one is mine" as he sneered.
"i ask you, sir, to leave us in peace, so further death may be prevented."
evithian attamped one last plee for peace, though the want to bring death upon evil boiled madly within her.

"Do you take me for a FOOL?"

Circuling him she answered "How could i not?" Then to the army behind her she knodded and said "This may be our last stand. Fight with the will to make them remember what they have done and the persistance to save middle earth. You cant let these demons rain here, it is not their place. Now let us send them to the only place they may and will rule."

Evithian locked eyes with the dark lord as their armies fought. Her close friends kept an eye upon her, for she would need them before the end.

"i will send you to the place last you came, sire." Evithian smiled knowingly.

"And where is that, girl?" he asked hate deepening his eyes.

Her answer was short, firm, and thick with meaning behind and within it.
"hell." she hissed and laughed once more.

Darous stepped forward...
"I can end yer life like this...." he saw Stonehelm from the corner of his eye and swung round and grabbed him by the neck and snapped it.....
"I am all powerful....I am hate and malice and I cannot be undone..." he threw the lifeless body to the ground.
"This has went on for too long destroy the Gondorians...." and with a cry the witchking led the werewolves in to the army...screams of joy and anguish ran through the ruins. And darous laughed.....
"And now you...." he stared at Evithian and readied his weapon.
"Your time is finished and mines has begun...I would say you were a worthwhile oppenent...."and a sneer crossed his face....
"I hate to tell a lie."
Evithian took the remark lightly as if she hadnt really cared, his intention was to upset her, so she did the opposite. Smiling wickedly, Evithian, clashed blades with him fighting continually for a bit. Soon hours passed and the noontide sun rose high in the dark sky, but still they fought, daoruses hate never failing and evithians light growing stronger, ever stronger.
Steel clashed and wounds bled...."Is this the best you have " laughed Darous as he fought off the attack with ease....
"Look around yer friends have fallen and the mighty Gondorian army is all but a well earned meal for my troops."
Evithian looked to see the others had fallen...but she could not look to the horrors which was the army. She continued her attack....but the blows were nothing to the mighty armour of Darous.....
"I do so tire of this......" Darous punched Evithian away and brought forth his axe....
And though darouses remark boiled the blood in her till she nearly went mad, there was a new look in his eyes. an uncertain, fearful look that blazed with a wild, small light. fear,it was though he would always strive to deny it. the fear was there plain and simple even as he brought forth his axe.

"kill me then." evithian breathed in deep"i will only become more powerful"
he lowered his axe and looked upon her and the lack of fear she held for death, but once agian took up his axe and swung at her. but he was too late. evithian blocked his blow with a unworldly power which sent him spinning. the moment he turned toward her , she slit his side. indigo blood seeped out of the wound. swinging his axe with limp power, he tore pale flesh, now red, from the maidens arm. with one last effort she raced toward him thursting her blade futher and futher into his long since dead heart.

Then all in a whirl wind of blood and dirt the dead and live bodies of the evil ones were taken up into a hurricane. as it neared the dying darous he spoke to evithian.

"i could have won." he spat out a backish red blood"your are such a worthless opponent."

"if that is so, my lord," evithian smiled, the divine light shinning out of her eyes. "then why did i win?"

darous dwelled that moment and forever after in the only place evithian had told him he could and would exist in, hell.
*unfortunately lass ye can't kill me*
Darous rose from the ground "you cant kill me fool.....I have always been here and I will always be here The power is within me the power to shape this world to something else to something better. A pure race and it shall begin here.........."
Darous picked up Stonehelm his body broken...."you will be reborn" and then a light shone from within the chest of Darous and it swallowed him whole....
We see only the world in front of us, but there are countless worlds only a step in another thousand of dimensions weave together, and some have learned how to travel betwen them..... And thus Etharion came in this vile hour to help those in great bring staff and sword...magic and pure destroy evil wherever it stands....

A Portal of light opens close by, and a laugh echoes through, a laugh of hapyness and and the mighty Tulkas that laughs in the face of danger...the mage stept through, smiled at the wounded men and then turned his gaze to Darous. His eyes where sudenly cold as stone.
>What do you seek here foul beast , with your filthy band of mindless flesh?I have slayed things like you. With every one my powers grew , and i continue to seek more of you to end the evil you started.Behold the light and power of GOOD !!!< The clouds part and sun shines on to the dark mases of Darouses armies,and a single ray shines on Darous himself and it burns him.
"It burns me...ahh it burns me.." Darous looked to Etharion and smiled
"did you except that to hurt you not understand...." he knocked Etharion to the ground
" I am creation and with me this world shall fall and make way for a new one, the time of those here is at an end. They have had there chance and now it is time for others do come forward......"
And from the portal a figure moved....the features were none, it awaited form.
>Ahh, so your one of those , eh?< He gets up and wipes his robes. >I dont like all that flashy stuff anyway. Let us cross stell you and i !!!< He pulls out his gleaming sword and with his staff holds it ready. Then he sees the formles thing. >Archers, fire at will!!!< And two dozen more elf archers come out of the portal , and three dozen elf sworsmen. >Let the fight begin !!!
[darous here is a compramise, since 'darous' isnt going to die in the story how about he is banished to another world, and begans from hence on to rule there as the dark lord? that way he isnt dead, but the good has middle earth to themselves]

The otherworldly elven archers whiped out darouses army large as it was, and soon he was alone. But as they fought him, his hate and malice was not to be undone, not yet. and finally after much avail, Etharion, Grondy, Urulooke, Anilorak, and loni thurst the dark lord thourgh another portal, which was black as hate, after this the portal dissapeared.
As the portal closed, a terible scream of anger and hate was heard, and the place where the portal stood was blackned as of fire . The black could not be removed and there was always a feeling of anger and hate on that spot. But the evil was banished , for now...
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