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Sounds a little chaotic, but could be fun! Tongue Smilie
Heehee, yea, it does. Im in!
What shall we base it on? Any ideas?

okay........I`ll start.


Come on help me here please.
There was a beatufull sunrise, to be seen through my window. But I didn't care. I was sitting on the floor trying to figure out what was going on. I just couldn't. I didn't know where to put all of those little small peices of that enormus puzzle. My father wasn't much of a help. He is wise. The wisest I've ever met, but he was silent. I don't know, rather it's because he does not know or is it because he does not wish to share it with me. The result is the same no mather how I put it. I will leave. If he doen't want me to know, fine. But I refuse to stay if what I hear is true. I will not be given away like some good you feel like trading. I am a human being. And in all the land of Gondor there is noone that caould stop me. I feel like a stone just roled off my chest. I have made up my mind. The presure, that I've felt for almolst a moth is gone. But a certain unease crawled upon my mind. I will have to abandon my family. My loved ones. And take the risk of never seeing them again.

offtopic: this is just my suggestion. Take it or leave it. But I'm in for the forum, whatever will end up going on in hereSmile Smilie
So I packed my bags and decided that I would go live with the Elves. Either in Rivendell, Mirkwood or Lothlorien. I`m not sure which one. Whatever one I pass first shall be my new home. I shall write letters to my loved ones, but I shan`t reveal my new home. I`ll have to take some of my treasures but not all of them. I want to travell light.
Let`s see. Food, drink! Can`t die. What can I take that my mother and father won`t notice has gone?

(Lovely idea LadyBlueAutomnSky. Big Smile Smilie Let`s see how much this lovely idea forms. This could turn out to be a good story if we put our minds and imaginations to it.) Big Smile Smilie
I've seen my father pack when he was going off to a trip. I remembered faintly what I is good to carry with you and what is not. But I am not shure. Some bread and water wouldn't be such a bad idea. Oh, and I can't forget my book. It is definitly the most valubale thing I have in possesion. I don't realy know why it was given to me. One afetrnoon I was playing outside of the Minas Thirith and there came a woman. I cannot say if it was of the Elves or of Men. She bore similarities to both. But every time I came to think of it, I got this strange feeling that it was something far greater and more powerfull.
Well I went in to the only elven blacksmith in Minas Tirith and said: "Excuse me my dear lord. But could you make me a sword so marvelous that those I meet in combat, they throw themselves on my sword because of it’s beauty? A sword that is very similar to Glamdring and Narsil but better?" And he said: "My lord you cannot be serious! That is impossible...It is folly to even try!" And I replied: "No my lord Legolamb, it is not folly to try but folly to say against Eldarion son of Aragorn!"
The tall elf looked at me with wonder in his eyes. He then spoke: "Damn Eldar, it’s been to long!" and then he gave me big hug! I told him that I was going to Rivendell or some other place to restore the elven refugees. I explained that I needed a sword made from a numenorean or a noldor. But then he said: "But Eldar I am not of Noldorin bloodline! I am sindar!"

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*confused* SRY! im slow. il be in when i catch up!
Eldarion tells Legolamb that he would like to seek the most cunning noldorin blacksmith in Arda! He wishes to seek: Ailinaleniean

Legolamb asks Eldarion if he would mind the company of a sindar....Eldarion tells Legolamb that he would love to have some company on the way.....They then set of first to.......Osgiliath....because there is where Ailinaleniean can be found!Big Smile Smilie
So they march over to Osgiliath......and they meet him.....Eldarion gets a blade no one else could make.....It was Gurthang....the cursed sword that brought the death of Beleg, Glaurung and Turin Turambar! He grasps the sword and feels the power of this black sword run through his arm like a high voltage current!

They rest at the Dancing Mutt.......the innkeeper was an uruk-hai strangely enough......His name was Snaga....a good chap....trying to live in a world so cruel against orcs.....
Offtopic: now I got lost. I don't know what in the world is happening here. I guess my english isn't all that good. And, are we all telling the story of the same person? I need some explanation please...
That`s what I was thinking, I thought that this person was supposed to scaping from home, I`m just going along with whatever happens. I`m sure we`ll be able to sort everything out so don`t worry for the moment. We`ll have to talk with Aule and see what`s happening.

(I`ll probably get you a little annoyed with this next sentence or two. Sorry!)

While they rested in The Dancing Mutt they caught up and exchanged gossip, one of the latest pieces of gossip was the plans of the wedding of, Legolambs brother, Legoless and Sheryl! Big Smile Smilie

(That`s probably the annoying part for all of you. Sorry!)

Legolamb starts to talk about that for a while just to get time to pass, for he has nothing to do. Legolamb asks if he would like to come to the wedding. Eldor replies,
"Yes I shall if it`s okay with Legolas. It being in seven days time, I shall have to find something very special. Would you like a pint downstairs? I sure do."

Legolamb replies with,
"Ay, that would be nice. Come on then, lets go."

They walked down the stairs into the bar and saw some very, very familiar faces. Gimli know as a very famous axe wielder, Sheryl`s cousin Legolamb had only met a day or two ago, Ross. A right pain. Big Laugh Smilie (No affence Ross.)Also they saw some other friends, Frodo Merry Sam and Pip were in there and some other races. They all seemed to be having a party, I didn`t know why.

They partied all night, Legolamb and Eldar knowing that this would be their last party for a little while. That was an idea that they didn`t like, but they knew they didn`t have any choice. That was how it had to be....................

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OFFTOPIC: I made Eldarion because he is young and wants to explore the world before he takes over the role as king after his father Aragorn II Elessar! He was a royal prince hence being trapped in the casttle and wanting to go to Rivendell and see the works of elves and to other destinations.... BACK TO TOPIC: Then all of a sudden, Eldarion get’s furious at a balrog pulling Legolambs hair and laughing...He startles up and slays the balrog...then it is complete mayhem in the pub...the old uruk-hai’s went crazy and starts slaying men, dwarves,elves and hobbits and orcs...Eldarion runs out of the pub and remembers that he left Legolamb in there with the uruk-hais and starts weeping when he sees Legolamb coming out with his throat cut off!

He then sets off alone on his journey.......
OFFTOPIC: Noo!! Legolamb!! Very Sad Smilie I really like him! Alament la Legolamb....May you rest in pieces, Big Laugh Smilie I mean peace. Wink Smilie
I left yesterday... I only took with me, what I can afford to carry. Nothing too heavy. And I took my fother's sword. I wonder if he'll miss it... I don't realy know how to use it, but still, it makes me feel a little more safe. Right now, I'm walking though the forest near the Minas Thirith... It doesn't feel very comfortable. I mean, there's this strange feeling to it. I don't know what it is and right now, I realy don't feel like walking alone. I regret not taking Manatria with me. That's my dog. He resembles a wolf and he's... he was very protective to me. Well he's not here... I'm in this alone. But I don't regret runing away. There is no chance in the world I would let to be given away to some old sickminded man I never even met. My dear father can just forget about it now. I hope they wont go searching for me. I don't think I'd stand a chance...
Right, let`s see.......Mary, my own little sister searching for me, that`s really strange... Sugar, stupid thorn bush!! Mad Smilie I better get going before anyone that knows me sees me! I hope I can get away without being seen.

Oh no!! Mary`s spotted me! Mary asks me if she can come, I told her yes so she couldn`t tell mother or father, I`d be in deep poop then.Well at least I`ve got a companion now. The only thing is, she`s loud. She shouts instead of talking at an appropriate level. Oh well, it`s bettter than getting found out I suppose.

I just hope that we don`t come accross or make any enemies.........
But now is daylight. I wonder what, how are we going to make it through the nights. I'm not very comfortable out here myself and now I have a liitle sister to watch over. I wonder if she will be even more scared than I am. I wonder if she even knows what is going on. Where am I going and the fact that I have no plans whatsoever of returning. I wonder if she is aware of the fact, that she will never see her parents again. And I wonder how will she take that fact, that tha trip will go on for a very long time, and that we have very little food. I wonder.
"Helm`s Deep. We shall rest here tonight Mary. In the morning we shall make for the gap of Rohan, hopefully no one we know from Rohan shall see us, especially the king. For he shall keep us and take us back home. We do not want that. Yes, Mary, we are not going home. I had to tell you sooner or later. Don`t look at me like that. We`re to far to go back now, you shall stay with me for the rest of the journey." I told Mary.

"But, mother and father shall be worried we`re gone shan`t they? I mean, I haven`t got any of my beloved treasures........." Mary replied. I tried calming her down, it worked. Eventually.......

So we took rest at Helm`s Deep and slept...............
The next morning was quite sunny... I love, I always have loved the sunrises. I woke up, in the twilight and waited for that magnifiscent scene. It was even more beautiful here, In Helms deep. And I was free. Mary way still sleeping next to me. She never was much of the early type. It'll be light soon. Ups, It is light. We should get going.
I knew Mary wouldn`t wake up if I shouted at her or shook her, so I went and collected some water and threw it over her face. She sat upright and had a face on her like this: Paranoid Smilie ! Big Laugh Smilie .........But then she started laughing and I joined in with her and told her we should get going b4 we get hunted down by anyone...

So we set off and made our way to the Gap of Rohan, hopefully we wouldn`t be spotted, or captured....We set off with light hearts, but then Mary started to drag behind, for we had travelled many miles in a short amount of time.

"My legs are aching, my feet are aching, my back is aching and I`m thirsty and hungry..."she moaned.

"I`ll give you a piggy back as long as you walk later on and wake early from now on. okay??"I told her...

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And I did. She wasn't as heavy as I though at all. And I was hoping she'll keep her promise too. We walked for quite some time like this. And than we stopped for lunch at an edge of a forest. It was nice to have my sis with me. Atleast I wasn't alone. We took off again. I was afraid the entire time that someone would find me. Find us. But I guess all my fears were hollow on the inside and nothing on the outside.
You're all doing really well! Keep going, I'm enjoying it! Very Big Grin Smilie
As they walked a figure watched from a hill younder way.
"They approach my lord...what is your command??"
"We shall wait for now...I enjoy watching these haplass fools on their journeys...and once there spirits fail..we will be there to lift the pieces." smiled the cloaked figure.
The two journiers never noticed the black hooded figure. But they kept their spirits high and decided to keep them that way.

Suddenly from out of the blue a troop of Uruk-Hai appeared, luckily they hadn`t seen them, bc they knew what happened to stray people that they found awondering the tracks of nowhere...

I was exhausted! I told my sister so and said I`ll give here another piggy back when I get my breath and strength back. We rested for a while and then walked on for about 1 mile and I decided to give my sis the piggy back she needed to rest her weary legs. She feel asleep on my back and I knew that if I walked for another couple of mile s that we could rest and she would sleep right through, then maybe she would wake early!

So we slept at the edge of a forest that was just before a moutain that stood in front of them, I couldn`t believe how far we had got without being caught yet! My hope had grew stronger! Big Smile Smilie
I felt a bit of joy in the thought that I might even get there. That we might even get there. Than I rememberd of home. For a second I felt sad. But than I thought of what I am suppossed to go through and all the grief fled. And in thoughts such as these, I fell asleep.

I didn't wake up till the next morning and I am embarased to say this, but Mary was awake. I was the one that overslept. I asked her why she didn't wake me up. She told me that she was having fun and fogot. I was just about to ask her, what was she having fun with when ...
...A BALROG APPEARED! I didn`t know what to do, but automatically I grab my sister, threw her over the flames and told her to run and hide.

This was the end, I knew that this would be the way I would die. But, I should die trying to get away, not just giving myself in when there`s still hope left!

But what would I do?
I braced myself and walked straight forth to the Valarauko and told him: "Now why did you have to come here like this? I told you Gandy that I get mad when you put on that disguise and scare my what do you have to say for your defence?!?!"

And Gandalf revealed himself.....saying: "I was bored....I am sorryTongue Smilie but now that I have found you I wish to tell you that I am leaving AGAIN for the far there any fruits or meat or other products and merchandises you want me to bring back to M-E??"

And I said..........

Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie
I sighed, the only choice was to leave and join Balin in his search for moria. I do not know why but the word Moria left a chill in my heart that I could not shake. I fell along with my friend Glirun on the way and was taken for dead, He was badly wounded, where could I find a healer in this deadly land?

Not very good but, I like dwarves.
OFFTOPIC: I`m confused again...I`ll try and catch up.

"Could you bring me back some food and water, Gandalf?"


I caught up with me sister and told her it was Gandalf and that he`s going away for awhile, but he would be back soon enough and we would c him then.

"He really scared me! Next time we should play a trick on him!"

"I don`t think that would be a good idea sis, a man as old as he is would have the conceequence of having a heartattack after! Big Smile Smilie "

We made our way through the forest and picked some berries, we had become desperate, we`d run out of food and we had only little water left, we need to find a stream, it shouldn`t be to hard, but just like always, now that I`d said that, it was ages until we could find a stream, the schorching heat didn`t help.

We came across a stream and my sister jumped off my back and ran into it, b4 I could stop myself I ran in after and rolled around. I knew it was childish but I didn`t really care. I started to drink the water and suddenly felt very sleepy...Was the water under a spell, or was I?
CRACK-a elf mage materializes in front of you ! Pixie Smilie He looks a bit dazed . "Um...hello? Could you tell me where am i ? Iv just been a trying out some new transportation spells but...i think(he looks around) i came in the wrong dimension ."
Another sharp CRACK- the elf mage has brought along a friend, or enemy, or someone. A strange elven girl appeared near him, extremely dazed. She looked at the two in the water, a little girl and an older, maybe teenage, boy, around her own age. They looked like they were asleep. The elven girl, or was she lycanthropic, no one really knew. She had a wolf's ears, tail, and senses, too. She sniffed, smelling magical residue in the air. "Etharion!" she yelled at her friend. "What did you do to them!?" She immediately suspected the twos' tiring state was brought upon by her best friend Etharion's fiddling with new spells. "Well?" she asked, crossing her arms and tapping one of her boots on the ground.
>I didnt do nothing ! Really, i just got here and was waiting for you my lady. They were like this when i came.<
Icey shakes her head, sniffing once more. She walks gingerly over to the two, looking them up and down. Sniffing the water, she realizes that it is enchanted, more sleeping drought in it than water. As soon as she has made the correct assumption that the water is in deed enchanted, she begins to sneeze.

Icefangs sneezes so hard she sends herself flying backwards, where she ends up leaning against a tree. She screams, doubling over. Her sneezing stopped, she stands up and looks around her, her eyes glazed over.
>Ice whats wrong?
Icey shakes her head and takes a deep breath. On taking that breath, she once again begins to sneeze. "I'm a-all-" she sneezes, "allergic ta-to-" she sneezes again, "an in-ingredient in a-a-" she sneezes once again, "sleeping po-potion," Icefangs finishes, with a sneeze. She shakes her head, trying to clear it.

She reaches into a pocket of her cloak while her eyes are watering. Out of the pocket she pulls a small vial. She yanks the top off the vial with her teeth and drinks its contents while scrunching her face up in disgust.
I hope thats gona help you. But i think we should move on, i dont like this place at all. And that wierd tree.
Icefangs breathes a sigh of relief at hearing his words. "Yeah, this place is kinda creepy. But," she says, "what about those two?" she asks, pointing to the young man and the little girl.
>What? Ah yes, those two, i forgot about them.Well ill take them out. < again the disc materializes. >
You see how this is usefull. < The elf hoped into the stream and pulled them out one by one. Then he puted them on the disc. He was carefull not to come close to the strange tree.
> Lets go now, my wolfish lady! < he smiles and starts directing the disc away into the forest.
Icey, always a little unsure of Etharion's driving, waited a second, then hopped on, sitting next to him. She let her hair blow freely as her tail hung slightly over the edge of the disc. Smiling at him, for she was now feeling much better after her allergic reaction, she replied, "Yeah, let's get out of here!"
They zoomed through the forest.>Whops, nearly hit that one...Well we can rest here until these two awake.< They started making camp. The two still slept deply.>These two are really tired. Now, did you ever see a wizard about that lycanthopy of yours, or whatever it is? Because i think it would be OK with some polymorph spells. Hhhmm, maybe later we can hop back to my place and see if i can do something. You would probably keep your wolf senses too. I mean , only if you want to.<
"Well, " Icefangs says, "I haven't ever thought about there being a cure for me. I'll think about that, though," she finished, as she began to unroll her sleeping blanket. She had just taken it out when she said, "Hey Etharion, How 'bout I sleep in that tree?" she pointed upwards, "So I can be lookout."
>Oh no. You go and sleep, ill be the lookout. I have some stuff to do anyway. < He began reading a big book that he seemed to pull out of nowhere, it was glowing a bit. > See you in the morning.<
Icefangs sighed, wishing she could stay in the tree. Ah well, if he wants to stay up all night, then he can go right ahead, she thought. "Okay, have it your way." She replied, nestling down in her blankets, she was seemingly asleep instantly.
The night goes by without anything wierd happening (how odd). Ice wakes up,lookes around, and sees no Etharion. Then she turns again and there he is. "Good morning my lady! Slept well? If your hungry help yourself." he shows on the asortment of food on the floor. There is fruit, butter, cheese, fresh water and some fresh bread ! On the floor nearby there is a octogram whose lines are made of some fine powder. A whisp of blue smoke curles above it. ( i hope those two post something here because if they dont , were stuck with two bodies)
Icey smiles, wide awake now. "Good morning to you, too, sir Ethy!" Her mouth waters as she eyes the food, her stomach growling. She snatches up a piece of fruit and pulls out its stem. While she is crunching on the fruit, with fruit juice dribbling down her chin, she asks, "Ethy, what's that drawing supposed to do this time? Last time it was to keep the fruit stealing birds away, but that was with a different color powder, wasn't it?"

(I agree, I don't much fancy being stuck here with just- *shudder* bodies.)
"What? that, just something of mine...for going here and there. yes that would be it . So now what do we do? I dont feel like staying here anymore. Why dont we go back to my place to see about that thing of yours, the wolf bit. But before we can go (if we go) i must find some more of this powder."
Icey shakes head. "Oh, no that's okay. I like being different. Do you know what the powder's made of?" she asks him as she grabs one more piece of fruit, licking her lips and chin in the process. She takes a bite out of this piece of fruit and wipes her mouth on her sleeve. "Hey Ethy, where did you find this fruit at?"
"I didnt found it i... that is i went home when you where sleaping. I hope you dont mind, but i will have to go soon. I have some buissnes to do. can come too, if you want. I would feel much lonelier without you. " (i dont think these two "bodies" will post anything anymore, what do you say we do?)
Icey shrugs, smiling slightly. "Okay, I'll come, but only if you really want me to.." She moves the sleeping two to a slightly more comfortable position, putting her sleeping blanket over them, whisper, "You guys need it more than I do..." She then moves the fruit over to them, leaving it nearby, and stretches, yawning slightly. "Well, Ethy, if you're ready to leave, I am, but could a put at least a small protective spell over them, so they might be safe 'til they awake?" (I agree with you there, I think we should prolly leave.)
"Oh yes by all means. Ill help too. Nothing shall touch them until they awake. And then we can go. But i need a beter position to make the portal , as i ran out of powder to simply teleport us. Do you know maybe of some place that is maybe on a hill, without evil or human presence?"
Icey shrugs, saying, "I think I saw one while we were flying on your disc. It was back that way," she pointed westward. "I'll know if there is anything evil or magic around, don't worry," she smiled. She gathered her things; a couple more pieces of fruit, and shoved them in her pack. She pulled the bag over her shoulders, glancing around, she said, "Well, if you're ready, I'm ready."
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