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"Well, since you think I'm a cute little dwarf, I'll just go with you!" said Loni, and barged in between them.

If I don't turn up for a while, just pretend that Loni disappeared, being annoyed because she couldn't annoy Ice and Eth, cause I don't know when i can get back tot he thread again. (All this homework)
"Yes, she's very cute, Eth," Icefangs acknowledged, smiling down at the little dwarf. She patted the dwarf's head with her hand, then moved over to Etharion's other side, and held his hand. When Loni butted in again, Ice just leaned over near Etharion, kissed his cheek, went back to describing how cute Loni was.

Okay, we'll just pretend you disappeared or drowned or something... Just kidding! Right Ethy, that hasn't happened, yet...........

heheh, allright

Etharion asked " Do you want to go somewhere else now? Because im getting tired" It was sundown. " The mages convention always wears me out. if you want, i know a good Inn here. We can sleep there. No! I mean we could go and ....get rooms.. You know what i mean." he said nervously.
Ice laughed. "You're cute when you're nervous," she said, her eyes gleaming ominously. When Loni the dwarf had managed to catch herself on fire after trying to separate a kissing couple a few feet, she ran off into the woods, and disappeared, screaming curses that dare not be mentioned. Ice moved back to Eth's side and nodded. "Let's go find that inn," she said, grinning at him. She was still smirking form when Loni caught herself on fire.

walk walk walk

"Ah here we are." It was a shack. Inside there was enough space only for a staircase that lead down. Coming into a bigger room with normal fournishing, Etharion asked the man at the desk " Two rooms please." He handed over the money and gave Ice her key. "There. Everything allrgiht? See you tomorow..." he yawned widely. Walking away he was mumbling something about incompotent mages.....
Ice waved to him, and walked slowly to her room, looking around the place as she went. When Ice reached the room, she stuck the key into the lock, turned it, and watched as the door swung open forbodingly.
She stepped inside and was pleased to see a cheery fire burning in the fireplace. She explored the not-so-small room and discovered a small bathroom off to one side. Ice locked her door, and was about to undress, when she remembered that Etharion might pop in to see her, and inadvertently see her. She instead scribbled a little note on a piece of parchment and took her bag to the bath chamber.
Ice soaked for awhile in the warm water, and she washed her hair. When finally decided to get out,(most likely an hour or two later) Ice dried off and began rumaging through her bag. She took out small sleeping gown and slipped it on. Ice brushed her wet hair and walked back into her main room.
She saw that her note had not been replied to and shrugged. She threw it in a trash bin and crawled into bed. She didn't pull the covers over herself before she fell asleep.

knock knock knock
"Room service!" the voice was clearly Etharions. As you wake up, a window appears next to the bed, through which bright sunlight poured in.
Ice thought a minute, and didn't remember ordering room service, then she realized it was Etharion. "Hold on, I'm not dressed yet!" she yelled through the door. Squinting her eyes at the window while wondering how it got there in the first place, Ice stumbled over to her bag, and grabbed her cloak out of it.
She put it on, wrapping it around herself like a housecoat, brushed her hair down with her fingers, and walked over to the door. She opened the door and was pleased to see Etharion's smiling face. "Good morning, Sir mage," she said, with a hint of her old attitude: everyone that could help you was a friend, and therefore demanded to be called Sir or Miss, or even Mrs., if that be the case.

"I dont see why YOU keep calling me sir! We know each other a bit better than that. Dont we?" as he came in he putt a plaid with some food next to her bed." There. That should be enough for you. Ah, did you see the windows? Nice little illusion. Well, when your finished come to the front hall. Ill wait there, so i dont disturb you."
Ice shook her head, "You don't have to leave, its nice being in your company, and yes, we do know each other very well, I just use Sir, to be sarcastic, or just for fun, its in my personality, I can't help," she says, smiling.
The elf-wolf looked over the food, her mouth watering. She ate a bit, then got up and walked into the bathchamber. She was in there for a little while, then the door opened, and out walked Icefangs, wearing her usual outfit, a light green shirt, tucked into her trousers, a black vest over that, and black trousers.
She wasn't wearing her gray cloak, yet. With the cloak, a small tattoo, colored dark blue, and in the shape of three little letters, a 'S', 'I', and a 'C', could be seen.
She sat back down and finished the meal, then stood up, smiled at Etharion, and nodded her head towards the door. She picked up her cloak and slung it over her shoulder on the way out.

Etharion was right behind her in his heavy dark blue robes. " So where do you want to go? If you need to get anything tell me, for i really know not any more where to take you, even with all the wonders of the fair. Oh, the fair ends in about two days. I just heard while i was taking my morning walk."
And out popped the annoying dwarf again.
"Don't like those dark blue robes, Eth." she said, wiggling her finger at him in a double-jointed way. "Don't you know they're out of fashion agian, Eth? Such a pity the fair's closing in two days. Thenk you'll just have to move on again, won't you? I suggest you find out a few more things about Ice here. You see, I know more about her than you, and there's more to her than meets the eye. Eh, ICe?" and she disappeared.
Oh yeah Loni. And did you hear? Moronic man looking girl dwarfs are out of fashion too. Heck, they never were popular.
Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! You crack me up, Eth! Moronic man-looking dwarfs!!!!! Classic!!!!

Ice shakes her head. "As long as I'm with you, I don't really care where we go. What interests you in these fairs?" Ice turns back towards him, her cloak swishing on her shoulder, and the tattoo becomes visible once more. She tucks one stray strand of her blueish hair behind her left wolfy ear, and looks at him. "Well?" she says.

"Well the fairs are rare so i mostly come to get special ingridients for some spell or something like that. But i already have everything i need so...I dont have anymore ideas. And could you tell me what is that tatoo you have. Iv been trying to figure it out, but nothing pops up in my mind."
"Oh, um..." Ice looks down at the floor. "I, um, well, lets just say I'm not an only child... and I wasn't totally truthful when I said that my dad had used my mom..." she continues to look away, almost refusing to look into his eyes.

"Whats wrong, tell me? Please, you need not be worried." he said.
"Well, I have two siblings, and older brother, and a younger sister... their names are Sheikyn and Cadin, of course, you know my real name is Icelia, right? I was only worried that I had sort of lied to you when I didn't tell you about my past, or my family..." she sighs, and leans back against a wall. Her dark hair hangs down, blocking her blue eyes from view.

"Dont worry " he said taking her hand." You can tell me now. I wont mind. Please." he said trying to make her more comfortable.
"Well, my dad was a sort of a spirit wolf, he could change shape whenever he wanted. He fell in love in with my mother, and because of that she was shunned by her people. She now lives on outskirts on Rivendell. Together they had three children, Sheikyn, myself, and then Cadin. Because of my father's being a spirit wolf, not just a normal wolf, I know for a fact that have certain special abilities, I just haven't discovered them, yet," she smiled at him, and gripped his hand tighter.

He just stared blankly at her. And then blurted out sudenly "A spirit wolf yes and....Aha.Well i havent seen that before, no offense taken. Its very rare. Maybe even the first time. I should have to check. well...that is interesting." he said thoughtfully.
"Interesting, yes," she said, nodding in agreement. Ice grinned at him. She walked a little farther down the hall, and turned back to look at him. "Well?" she said, "are you going to use your own to legs, or shall I drag you?"

"Ah yes yes. Im coming. Just lead on." he said, still looking rather perplexed.
She nodded and walked down the hall. She turned to look at him, and said, "Ya know, I can't believe you haven't heard of any spirit creatures. There are all kinds. Like spiriti birds, spirit deer, spirit, well, spirit anything."

And then in came the annoying dwarf again.
"It's the SPO... Oh, what's the point, there's no one here except you." she said, and sighed. "And I wouldn't be surprised that he hasn't heard of spirit thingies. Seeing as I haven't either. Educate us. Nah, I'll go ask my mates. I found some, you know. Lying in a field. Oh, maties!" she cried. no one came.
"MATIES!!!! No, they went and ditched me again!" She began to run off. "you'll see! One day I'll prove I have friends!"
Ok Loni.
"Well i have heard of spirits but i havent heard of any of their offsprings you.You are very rare Ice. But i guess you know that all ready. But you dont have to worry. I wont leave you because your diffrent. be pretty alone if people thought otherwise. Im not as normal as they come." he said smiling.
Ice grinned. She moved closer to him and clasped his hand. Smiling, they continued on down the (very, very) long hall.

Aye aye. This hall is unaturally long. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Ok so we finnaly got out."So where to now? the fair is over, tommorow morning nothing of this will be here. They are as fast at going as at coming."
"Do you know of any interesting places to explore?" She smiled and looked expectantly at him.

"No, im afraid im all out of ideas. I was thinking of going home for some while and having some quiet time."
"Hmm... I really can't think of anywhere else to go, either... but some peace and quiet sounds nice," Ice said. She looked around at what was left of the fair.

"Wouldn't it?" said a familiar voice from behind her. It was the dwarf again. "Yes. That's right. THE SPOTTED DAISY!!! See, I said it quieter this time. For the peace and quiet. I'd like some peace and quiet too. It WOULD be nice. I can take you to a place with peace and quiet. Watch this. My maties gave me this." And she held up 'Ye Olde spells, Volume 4.' She opened it at page 875,999 and began to read. "Now then." and she closed the book. "Well, as you will see, I am not a wordwizard, using mere words to perform great feats, and I am not a handwizard either. No, I am a mindwizard. Watch this." And she closed her eyes and looked like she was concetnrating. "Come on, come on...." she said. "Okay, so I can't quite do a mindwizard one of that difficulty. Let's see, where's the handwizard equivalent?" And she flicked through the book. "Here we are!" And she waved her hand. Nothing happened. "Oh yes! I see! And you ought to know that none of the sorts of magic YOU know can penetrate this. So you can ahve your peace and quiet. Like THIS." And she waved her other hand. Ice disappeared. The dwarf bowed. "no need to thank me! Ice is now alone in a peaceful countryside surrounding, and she cannot get out. I have studied her powers for quite a while now, and with expert help, I have discovered a few spells that she cannot penetrate. This is one of them. Goodbye!" and she disappeared.
"Yees..but i can!" and with a smile he focused his mind and with a flash of blue light Ice appeared again."You dont want to make me angry. I think you should have some peace and quiet now.NO no! Dont run away!!" he made a gesture with his hands and Loni came floating back.Then he muttered something and she began shrinking and ..changing.In a second she was a fury little hamster. He picked her up and put her in a small cage he summoned."Now you be good and play with your excercise wheel. Isnt she cute?"
"Oh, she's adorable. You know, I could use a little snack," Ice grinned, her teeth looked sharper and the glistened; the little hamster looked horrified. "Just kidding, I don't eat cute, furry little animals. At least until they make me mad..." she smiled. "You know, right now, peace sounds great. Have you ever seen MY home?" she asked. "It's a rather beautiful spot of forest, a crystal clear spring runs by. I could show you some pictures of my family, If you want to know what they look like..."

"Sure!" he said.
"Okay! Hold my hand," Ice said. She didn't need to say that, for they were already holding hands. She howled, really for effect, than for actual usefulness. She murmered some odd words, and She opened her eyes. The usual dark blue was glowing brightly, they almost looked flaming. Her body began to glow, then the glow spread to Etharion's body. The both glowed brighter and brighter blue, until-POOF-they were gone.
They reappeared an instant later on an odd looking platform in the middle of a beautiful forest. "It was a teleporter," Ice said, the firey glow subsiding. "And here we are, at my home," she swung her right arm wide. "Do you like it?"

What does it look like?
"Open your eyes, silly," she says. Ice playfully punches his arm, "Tag!" she yells, and dashes off into the forest. Following the trail she took, one would see huge, towering trees, very little underbrush, small streams and creeks rushing by. A few beautiful white bird lazily fly past overhead.

When Eth finally reaches Ice's actual home, he is awestruck. She lives in a small clearing in the woods. There is an incredibly large tree, hollowed out, it seems, and Ice's footsteps lead inside.

Inside the tree, there is a small hearth, stairs carved into the side of the tree wind upwards, far up, prolly to the top of tree. There is a table and four chairs in this bottom floor.

Ice rushes upstairs, and comes back down soon, her arms full of plates, cups, and the like. She heads back up the stairs, and this time leaps down form the top, holding a basket. Opening the basket, she sets down all kinds of delicious-looking foods. "So, what do you think?"

"THE SPOTTED DAISY!!!!" said the dwarf, and appeared in front of the door. "A hamster, eh? Darn, I really SHOULD'VE taken Eth into account. And his powers are much more powerful and complicated than Icey's. So I'll just.... try something out. Oh, maties!" and she whistled. Along came a horde of hamsters. "I took a leaf from your book. Here are my maties. We want to try something. I've been teaching them to carve wood. So do you mind if we carve a bunch of beeeeautiful sculptures out of the trees round your house? Of course you don't. Come on, maties! Chomp away and make something nice!" And they did. Trouble was, they couldn't really carve. They got out of control. "Maties! Maties!" cried the dwarf. "Maties! Stop!" and they did. "Sorry 'bout that. Perhaps you could fix it up for me, Eth? I'll just go and give them remedial classes. Bad maties! Bad maties!" and she disappeared, along with the hamsters.
No comment.....
"Its beautifull!. Very...Winnie the Pooh style." he said smiling. "Is there a place where i can rest a bit? I am finished for today."
Oh yes, its the 45.7 acre wood...

"Yeah, follow me," she says. Ice leads him up a flight of stairs, then another, and finally one more. They are in a room with a bed, a desk, and a small table. "You can rest here," she says. "I'll be outside if you need me." And with that, She disappears ina flash down the stairs.

Etharion makes himself comfortable in the little room and sits down to read his arcane tome a bit. He had to leave his staf in front of the room because its too big to fit in his room. Finnaly his head drops into sleep half way through reading the tome.
After she finishes her newest sketch outside, Ice goes back inside and tiptoes up to Eth's room. She sees him asleep, his face buried in large book, and she snickers. She then races back outside, only to find that a huge downpour has started. She couldn't remember if she fixed the leak in the ceiling of the room Etharion was in or not... She could only hope for the best sa she jumped up to a limb in the tree that was her current residence, too bad it belonged to someone else...

Etharion waked up sudenly as he felt a trickle of something wet on his head."What the... OWW!!" he banged his head on the ceiling as he stood up. A good thing he had his hat on, it stoped the water from reaching his precius tome. He secured the tome in his robes and went downstairs to find Ice."Ice! Where are you? You got a hole in your bedroom."
"I thought there was a hole, but I didn't want to wake you looking for it," she said, jumping down to him. "Well, I suppose my guess was wrong, then..." she looked away, slightly embarrassed that her friend's home had proved untrusty (is that a word?) She looked at the sky, the dark, billowing mass of clouds and said, "I jus tlove the rain, how 'bout you?"

"As well. I love the sound of it. And it usualy gives me a excuse to retire into my studys underground. " he said looking out as well." I feel like eating something warm now. How about you?"
"You do?" said the dwarf, who had been spying on them again. "Here ya go!" and she handed them really really hot soup. Too hot. "Soooory bout the burnt hands!" said the dwarf. "Damnit, I'd better cool them down next time." And she disappeared.
Ice dropped the burning bowl of soup and walked inside, leaving the heavy wooden door open so the breeze and the sound of rain could make its way inside. "Well, I could make some stew, or, we could..." she said, browsing around the kitchen. "What would you like, Eth?" she turned and asked him, while setting a bowl on the one of the counters.

"Whatever you feel like. Ill help if i can." he said." Maybe a ...rabbit stew?"
Ice nods. "Okay, if you care to go into that torent to look for rabbits," as he walks to the door, she says, "I'm just joking. I have some rabbit meat right here-" and she pulls a bowl out of one of the cabinets. "If you care to help, then help, but, if you don't please leave my kitchen," she said simply. He walked upstairs to the siting room.

After an hour had passed, a lovely smell was wafting up the stairwell.

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